Be the World’s Coolest Intern with Standard Chartered Bank

UPDATE 2: And we have the winners! The 10 best written entries (in no particular order) winning RM 200 each are as below:

– Suzi Fadhilah (
– Izawati Ahmad (
– Gan Vin Tsen (
– Chan Mun Choy (
– Jinni Tan (
– Irene Octoviani Tan (
– Yang Xiting Lynn (
– Clarence Chan (
– Guai Sing Chi Arevalo (
– Jemimah Wei (

Congratulations to all the winners! :)

UPDATE: It just keeps getting better, Nuffnangers :P We’re now also rewarding the first 50 entries received with a RM 20 cash prize each from Nuffnang, so hurry now if you haven’t submitted your entry!

Nuffnang and Standard Chartered are partnering to bring you the coolest news ever. Like EVAR.

If the word ‘internship’ conjures images of poring over newspaper cuttings, making coffee for grumpy cubicle slaves, or blankly feeding documents to the paper shredder you named Bob… STOP! Internships are so much more than that, and it doesn’t any better than this opportunity to be the World’s Coolest Intern with Standard Chartered Bank!

Standard Chartered Bank is on the lookout for the ‘World’s Coolest Intern’ to join the Breeze mobile banking team in Singapore. If Tweetdeck and Facebook are the first things to greet you in the morning and the last things you say good night to, you’re exactly the type of person they’re looking for!

Curious to know what’s in store? It’s nothing short of impressive:
– A 6-month internship programme with total remuneration of SGD30,000
– Perks includes training on social media and online engagement from Standard Chartered’s esteemed partners

If you’re feeling deflated because you’re not in Singapore and you’re not a student required to undergo an internship programme, fear not! Standard Chartered accepts applicants from all over the world, and it doesn’t matter if you’re 19, 29 or 39 – all you need is passion, a thirst for learning, and really fast thumbs to keep up with all the Tweeting and Facebooking.

Come to think of it, the description we just wrote sounds exactly like how we’d describe Nuffnangers – a lively, passionate bunch always ready to learn. We think a Nuffnanger would be a PERFECT fit for the position so yes, we’re challenging all of you to vie for the position of World’s Coolest Intern! Who’s up for the challenge?! *trumpets blare*

It would be totally awesome if all 10 finalists were Nuffnangers, but because there’s only one spot though, we wanna show you how supportive we are and reward you even if you don’t make the cut. :D Here’s what you need to do.

How to Apply:
– Write a blog post titled ‘World’s Coolest Intern‘.
– Tell us why you’re cool enough to be the World’s Coolest Intern with Standard Chartered Bank for a 6-month internship programme and get paid SGD 30,000 for it.
– Use pictures, videos or whatever you can fit into your blog post to tell us why you deserve to win!
– Once you’re done with your blog post, submit your entry by filling in the form below:

Oops! We could not locate your form.

What You Get:
– The grand prize is the chance to be the World’s Coolest Intern at Standard Chartered, of course!
– But not to worry, that’s not all you stand to win, because the 10 best entries submitted will receive a RM 200 cash prize each!
– On top of that, there’s also an early bird promo from Nuffnang where we’re giving out RM 20 EACH to the first 50 entries we receive!

The contest starts now and ends 11.59 pm on 31 October 2010, so get snappy with your entries now!

So go on, Nuffnangers, show us what you’ve got. The internship of a lifetime awaits!

Terms & Conditions:
1. Participants must be registered Nuffnang bloggers and submissions made via blogs registered with the network.
2. Submissions for the contest not made using the form in this blog post will not be eligible to be in the running to win the RM 200 cash prizes.
3. Nuffnang’s decision to award the prizes is final and binding.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. ahm :

    wah banyak pulak contest sejak dua menjak ni.. cuma idea nak buat je takda lagi..huhu

  2. yanmie :

    woww menari…macam biasa nak cuba jugak :)

  3. hamzah :


  4. aReaL :

    Another $$$ From Nuffnang… Hehehe… Gonna Try Create My Entry Now..

  5. aReaL :

    “Woww Menari..” Apa Yang Menari Tu Kak Yan Oii…!!! Hehehe…

  6. suffer8zine :

    wow, rm200 untuk 10 entri terbaek, nice ni,

  7. yanmie :


    hahhaa…adess typo lah *menari = menarik* hahaha :P

  8. haiqal :

    boleh bahasa melayu?


  9. navina :

    what`s the age limit:)

    There’s no age limit :)

  10. apisv2 :


  11. joshuaongys :

    Nice one!!!

  12. MuJE :

    ahhhhh… manyaknya contest… rambang mata nak buat mana satu ni…huhu

  13. vvens :

    woohoo! i’m in for this! :D

  14. Muhammad Amirul Arif :

    waaa hao la…mandarin ke yi?

  15. Vishnudharan Gopal :

    gonna try my luck….

  16. navina :

    heh really? below 18?

  17. engtaukia :

    any six months? or they arranged it?

    Period of internship will be based on mutual agreement between the winner and Standard Chartered Bank.

  18. :

    peraduan lagi..
    apa tunggu lagi.. serbu sekarang… huhuhu :)

  19. shahir :

    i expect the accommodations, foods etc etc is self-paid? :P

  20. Sarah Jenysah :

    nak buat ! tapi , tak faham sangat ==’

  21. joegrimjow :

    haha, i will try to get the rm 200 cash
    got good job alREADY

  22. paes :

    cooL ~! =D

  23. nick chang :

    great for me…have to try for it…but no idea leh!!macam mana leh??

  24. Tan Yee Hou :

    Hahaaahahaha Bob.

    Go ask Wobb or chaychay about the story!

  25. haiqal :

    IDk what to write.How to tell the world that im the coolest person.:P

  26. yangbaik :

    wait, I will the entry is in the making….

  27. Anne Wong :

    I fit all the description you wrote! Yay! But there’s one little problem; I’m 16, am I too young?

  28. benooi :

    Its pretty cool

  29. haiqal :

    Almsot done with my new entry.But then i just merepek-ing.HAHAHAH

  30. haiqal :

    Okay.Im done with my entry.Just try my luck.And take a view.Gu dluck to all of u.

  31. Azizwan :

    menarik.. kalau takde pape.. pasti akan join.. hee :D

  32. Nisa Ferreira :


    :-O *speechless*

    how i wish i am creative on writing..LOL

  33. Nian Tse :

    I’m not able to get the chance but can I blog about whats good about this internship right?

    Of course you can.

  34. Nian Tse :

    actually what is the requirement? to get this internship job?

    There is no requirement! You just need to show how connected to the social media you are to get it.

  35. jard :

    izzit ok? huhu

  36. suzi :

    this is really cool..i hope i could find some time to make an entry :)

  37. hazwan :

    yeah dah submit entri
    saya mmg kool

  38. zaer :

    Yeah! Rm200? Fuh! Banyak!

  39. Rina :

    aduyai.. mcm mnarik.. tp aku x phm la.. peraduan ni nk ape sbnrnye? kalau pulangan tu aku paham la x yah translate ahaks

  40. Maney :

    Is it only for Singaporeans ??
    Or it is open to every one with different nationality ? =)

  41. Rubby M :

    Hey; I hv submitted mine. Hopefully I’ll be choosen to be their Intern! Kalau tak dapat pun, RM200.00 from Nuffnang can be my pengubat hati luka. huhuhuhu! ;p

  42. luckystrike :

    Submitted mine…fingers crossed~!!!

  43. mancai :

    wow.. sempat ke the first 50 entries received ni…

  44. rayyan haries :

    Trying my luck. Loving nuffnang! :D

  45. bryan khoo :

    Submitted last night… what a strong competition out there… haha

  46. bryan khoo :

    by the way… this is mine

    feel free to comment… thanks ^^

  47. Loh Winzhi :

    Hmmm so when will we be informed about the rewards and prizes?

  48. yasmin :

    guys, drop some comment okay?

  49. mr gee :

    masih belum sempat.. tetiba plak jadual jadi pack!!

  50. nurul nadea :

    hye..just try my luck..tak dapat tak pe..

  51. Samantha Sik :

    I have just finally done my entry :)) Better hit the sack now,class at 9a.m
    check my entry out,nuffnangers and all >.< :S

    comments on my blog and post are much welcomed!! tq.

  52. Duane :

    My entry is here:
    Excellent competition!

  53. ainlaily :

    wow… cepat..cepat.. kene try nie…

  54. Caja :

    nak join tp no idea lah..

    hadiah die menarik giler!

  55. Carmen :

    Just submitted a not-so-cool submission. For fun! For experience! For the first time. =)

  56. ...NZC... :

    ikut je ape dia suruh. keh3

  57. NasZ :

    Cool.. love to join.. Thanx Nuffnang..

  58. Lee Tzen Hau :

    it is so wonderful and easy to win the prize !!! so come and join it

  59. wan214 :

    thanks nuffnang..

  60. Jecco :

    all content must be in english ?

  61. Yoganes :

    what is the age limit?

    There’s no age limit :)

  62. GACKY :

    Weeeee I want that i want that i want that!

  63. nurul nadea :


  64. Frazi :

    Submitted already! Did you guys get it! How we gonna check whether it is received by u???

    If your submission was successful, you would have been directed to a confirmation of submission page upon submission of your entry.

  65. Mah@mahu :

    I already post this entry to joint this contest for all visitor please comment to make future advise thanks you…

  66. fliani :

    Done :)…. feel free to comment ^^

  67. yasmin :

    menang memang nak menang. tak apa lah.

    redha aje. taknak tengok contestant lain punya. nanti stress..

    Tuhan tahu apa yang terbaik. :D

    *dalam hati masih berharap supaya Yasmin menang. :P

  68. Audrey Ooi :

    Hey guys!

    I’m not a Nuffnanger, but I do want to become the World’s Coolest Intern with StanChartBreeze. So we share a common interest, yes? (:

    Please help me, not because I’m a Nuffnanger or not, but because I believe I have the experience and skills to be Cool! I’ve dabbled in creating websites and the like since 15, and have chalked up more than a year’s experience in marketing (including directing marketing for a boutique film festival) though I’m fresh out of school!

    Most importantly, I have true commitment and passionate about this position – check out my dedicated website chronicling my steps and obstacles to becoming the World’s Coolest Intern!

    Make OOI the World’s Coolest Intern:

    What I don’t have (yet) is a strong digital presence. Please help me achieve this! If you like what you see please pass it along. Facebook, blog, twitter…every little bit helps. Help make my dream come true (:

  69. Nelly :

    dah join :)
    harap2 menang…

  70. ajie sosondoton :

    *fingers crossed*

  71. lis :

    join contest for the first time. just trying my luck :)

  72. Dya :

    i’ve submitted my entry. feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. thanks!

    Nuffnang is super cool too for having this contest! :D

  73. shahroll photo :

    woohooo~ best nie.. 30K USD Singapore sehhh..=O

  74. Alicia Tan :

    This actually took a lot longer than I thought it would,

  75. Cherish :

    can type in english,chinese or malay?

    All are acceptable

  76. bryan khoo :

    anyone got the free rm100 google adwords voucher?… i got it… but still need to pay rm40 for activation fees… aiks

  77. pinkyberry :

    Check out mine too pls hehe

  78. Vince :

    Completed mine :D Do check it out y’all!

  79. akuzle ayu :

    ok, done mine…

  80. Sing Chi :

    Good luck! I hope that more people apply. If we don’t win this one, at least it might have given some of us more direction.

    Check out Sing Chi’s World’s Coolest Intern Application. Good luck, everyone!

  81. Muhammad Hafiz :

    Here’s my entry :)
    To all Nuffnangers, hopefully can get feedbacks from you :) Well, using this entry, if I can’t win the internship by Standard Chartered SG, hopefully Nuffnang MY will be interested to pick me as an intern/staff :)

    Muhammad Hafiz :)

  82. Cik Su :

    it is not easy to become a winner for this contest…gud luck for u all..

  83. Loh Winzhi :

    Hmm. Can I know when we will be informed about the results? And the reward for top 50 entries from nuffnang?

    Results will be released when they are ready, after the contest has ended, as will the reward for the 1st 50 entries.

  84. Crazier :

    i’ve submitted my entry too…….hopefully i can win


  85. eikin :

    adoiiiiii…….wat entri ni sampai sengal2 pinggang rasa…
    dah la penat rie nie

  86. Suzann :

    Just asking. What is the difference between submitting in Nuffnang and in StanChartBreeze in twitter?

    Nuffnang bloggers stand the chance to win RM 200 for the top 10 entries, and RM 20 each for the first 50 entries in addition to being in the running for the World’s Coolest Intern

  87. TikkoSS :

    Hey ladies and Gents,

    Here is my submission.. Check it out !

    Gluck to all and see you in Nuffnang Events..


  88. AdrianC :

    check me out! :) good luck everyone!

  89. hamsini :

    *fingers crossed*

    godspeed everyone!

  90. World’s Coolest Intern « :

    […] coolest, I ought to be world’s coolest intern. Therefore, I search the web and stumbled upon THIS. Man oh man, could my day get any better? This internship opportunity is like meant for […]

  91. AuNtiE bLiNg-bLiNg :

    JuSt SuBmiTtEd MiNe ToDaY!
    HaRaP-HaRaP CeRaHlaH PeLuaNg UnTuK MeNang.
    FeEL fReE To CoMmEnT~

  92. devi da lil devil :

    submitted yesterday..

    good luck every1!~

  93. Jonha @ Happiness :

    Thank you so much Nuffnang for letting me know about this great opportunity. We made it to Top 23!!!! Way to go! I am currently brainstorming on what video to make, I would truly appreciate your suggestions. Thanks again and best of luck to all of us!

  94. Loh Winzhi :

    The results is out already? :)

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