Go Crazy with Pizza Hut’s Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza


Great news! The judges have chosen the 5 winners! Below are the 5 winners’ blog post in no particular order;

Congratulations to the winners!

Check your email for more information. ;)

Thank you everyone for taking part in the contest!

Are you crazy about cheese? Maybe you’d just like to go wild with cheese sometimes! You know how people sometimes say that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing? Well, it is our unshakeable opinion that this does not apply to cheese, because one can never have too much cheese! Luckily for us, the good people at Pizza Hut read our minds, because look what they just rolled out:

The Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza – a mix of cheese so good, you’ll do anything to get it! It’s a whole lotta cheesy goodness that will satisfy any cheese lover! Don’t take our word for it, watch the adorable children go crazy with cheese in this TV commercial:

If the Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza makes you feel like breaking out into song to express your love for cheese now, you’ll like what’s coming up next. Pizza Hut is offering Nuffnangers the chance to win great prizes just for telling us how much you love your cheesy pizza. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Write a blog post and tell us, as creatively as possible, why you love Pizza Hut’s Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza. Your blog post can be based either on a dine-in or take-away experience!
2. Take plenty of pictures with the Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza.
3. Make sure that all 6 cheeses (parmesan, mozzarella, romano, cheddar, provolone and Monterey Jack) are mentioned in the blog post.
4. End your blog post with the sentence: “I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!
5. When you’re done with your post, submit your entry by filling in the form below:

Oops! We could not locate your form.

The 5 most creative entries will win a RM 2,000 cash prize each! The contest starts 21 October 2010 and ends 11.59 pm on 16 November 2010, so go out and embrace the cheese, for you could just be RM 2,000 richer for it!

Terms & Conditions:

Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza Contest
1. The Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza; “Why You Love Pizza Hut’s Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza” will be held from 21th October – 16th November 2010 ( both dates inclusive ) unless notified otherwise.
2. Contest open to all Nuffnang registered bloggers.

3. Permanent and contract employees of Pizza Hut ® Sdn Bhd (including its subsidiaries and related companies), their immediate family members, its promotion agencies, advertising agencies, PR agencies and its associate companies are not eligible to participate, unless stated otherwise.
4. To be eligible for the contest, all participants must be a member of Nuffnang.

Contest Mechanics
– Write a creative and interesting blog post on “Why You Love Pizza Hut’s 6 Cheese Extreme Pizza”
– Take plenty of pictures with the 6 Cheese Pizzas.
– Ensure all 6 cheeses are mentioned in the blog post.
– Blog post must be ended with “I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!”

8. Top 5 winners will win RM2000 cash each.
9. Pizza Hut ® Sdn Bhd reserves the rights to substitute a prize of similar value at any time without prior notice and without assigning any reasons thereof.
10. Prizes are non-exchangeable for cash and/or transferable to any third party.
11. Prizes will be presented to each winner by the end of the contest period, subject to changes.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. mummy nana :

    wow! big money to win!
    hope can enter this contest. ;)

  2. aReaL :

    I’m Heading Too Pizza Now…!!! Hehehe…

  3. theeggyolks :

    we’ve just wrote about it without knowing about this contest!!!! Gonna write another post again! This is crazy >_<

  4. suffer8zine :

    mcm best je ni, rasa mcm nk try la. entri dalam BM boleh kan?

  5. lAl :

    Wah!!! Kena p makan pizza nih!!!wahahah

  6. talamkeladi :

    wow…really looking forward to it!

  7. leafyan :

    OMG, i want to join, pizza is always my love:D

  8. Anak Perak :

    wah menarik.kena serbu pizza hut ni

  9. ken :

    another 10k by pizza hut!
    tried the fish king contest, but didn’t win.. maybe will try this again? :)

  10. Ruby :

    wow ! Mesti join ! ^__~

  11. che armster :

    open to all NN or open to NN glitterati only?

    It’s open to all Nuffnangers :)

  12. azharie :

    me oso crazy Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzyyyyy

  13. transformers :

    slurrrppppp….!!!!!! next week gaji will taste it…

  14. ahm :

    wah nice ni.. kena g makan pizza dululah ni..hehehe

  15. gaTO :

    Another contest…ah..I love Nuffnang!!

  16. :

    wahhh more contest coming..i wanna win this!! i wanna win this… yahooo!

  17. Nuyui :

    alamak.. baru je makan semalam.. tadek lak pic nye.. huhu……

  18. farra_eng :

    memang teringin nak makan pizza nie (+.^)

  19. Glo-w :

    yeay another great reason to have pizza hut again^^ thx NN <3 u da best!

  20. zuriey :

    lama tak makan pizza..kene pekena pizza la camni

  21. yanmie :

    wah menarik…harus pergi cari pizza dulu nie :)

  22. Nizam :

    idea.. idea.. where are u.. will go to pizzahut this weekend and try to snap a gila-gila pic of it..
    wait ya nuffnang… heheh

  23. Edwin Lee Chee Kin :

    Blogged :P check out :P

  24. zizi :

    woots, RM2000 CA$$$H!! :D

  25. yangbaik :

    alamak… pizza la pulak,
    of course i’m crazy about cheeseeeee

    wait ya i’m doing my entry…

  26. marina :


  27. Khalid Amin :

    Anyone can treats me a slice of pizza?? Will be participate next week.. Wait for me ya !!

  28. Wei Vian :

    my blogging mood is off for now! but what i know is, IM SO GONNA JOIN THIS :)

  29. gnesop :

    lagi peraduan pizza? wau! boleh pergi makan pizza nih.. :)

  30. ummi alifya :

    wowww…makan pun boleh dapat wang…
    pizza cheeeseeeeeee….waiting for me….

  31. Felicia Kok :

    I just ate it on Tuesday, but the contest wasn’t on yet =( sad. Didn’t take any pictures neither.

  32. Kristle :

    wawawa..wouldn’t wanna miss it! awww~

  33. mr curly :

    wow!!!! i love pizza hut… i try to make it…

  34. adahunny abdullah :

    menarik2..nak join ni!

  35. Muhammad Najmi :

    OMG!!! I just ate this pizza for dinner just now!!!
    Too bad I didn’t check this website earlier before I went to dinner because if I did, I had already taken lots of picture with the pizza..
    HMMM!!! I am going to force my friend to go to the pizza hut one more time, this weekend to take lots of picture for this contest!!! I am sooooooooooooooo gonna try and win this time!!!

  36. nur :

    suddenly feel hungry..
    entry in english sahaja ke?

    No, you can submit your entry in BM as well as Chinese

  37. Zaleha :

    Insyaallah ,.,,,I will be selected as one of the winner

  38. JAI :

    OMG..wait for me!!!!

  39. Diana :

    Oh no!.. today is 22nd.. hm.. i’m looser…

  40. rabiatul adawiyah :

    Hi.. Gaji nanti saya serbu Pizza hut.. RM 2000.. Bleh belanja the Nuffies.. Jom..

  41. Izee :

    interesting!!i really love to eat pizza,never ever ever give up!!nak try jugak la who knows i’m the one lucky..InsyaAllah..

  42. maverick :

    wowwww.. awesome contest! i gonna love tis extreme pizzaa wif cheeeeeesssseeee … i want!!

  43. Hasmardy :

    saya memang suka cheeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeee

  44. benooi :

    I Love Pizza ANYWAY! WOOW!

  45. nur misnan :

    i love pizza too…

  46. Metrosexual :

    I’ve tried this pizza last night. Not bad for a change. You can taste the different types of cheese used, quite distinct from the usual Mozarella and Cheddar. You can add other toppings too!

    Love it!

  47. Nadia :

    want to join it~

  48. apisv2 :

    that tasty!

  49. jennifer :

    cheeeezzzeee lover here!!!!

  50. fiqasaleh :

    can’t wait go to pizza hut… nyummm nyummm…

  51. tiha :


  52. hui ling :

    Can I write in chinese?

    Yes you can.

  53. secantikmanis :

    well can’t wait anymore…mesti serbu pizzahut!!
    ohh YEAHH

  54. zakwan :

    actualy, gua tak paham pasal suh ‘take pic WITH 6 cheese’

    You can take loads of picture with the 6 Cheese pizza (not the actual 6 Cheese) but do remember to mention all 6 cheese names in your blog (mozzarella, parmesan, Monterey Jack, cheddar, provolone and romano).

  55. Little Mama™ :

    i love cheese!!!!

  56. shazwani :

    Can i write in Bahasa Melayu?


  57. bee lian :

    i love Cheesy 6 Pizza ANYWAY!

  58. PooiLeng :

    wait for my post!!!!!!!!!!! IM TOTALLY A CHEESE LOVER!!!!

  59. Hui Ying :

    PIzza Hut’s Extreme Cheesy 6! Do check out the whatcked out video, crazy for cheese! :)

  60. beLLa :

    alaa..aritu baru makan extreme piza xamek gambar byk2..ruginya..

  61. NasZ :

    I love pizza hut.. hehe.. dulu hampir tiap2 minggu makan pizza.. gila pizza.. suka cheese dia. syok.. NaK join la..hehe..
    Sesape yang gila pizza juga bleh jd kawan i..hehe..
    nak cari ramai kawan seluruh malaysia and nationwide..

  62. Kak Anie :

    Love pizza… dah lama tak makan.. nantilah kalau pergi makan pizza boleh masuk contest ni…

  63. Sakira :

    I would love to try this !

  64. Wan & Syazz :

    Kena Tangkap Gambar bersama 6 jenis Pizza Cheese ke?

  65. Cik Nur :

    gila dgn pizza mau makan lagi2 bila ada dgn cheese lagi gila dibuat nyer hehehehe

  66. leeza :

    wow kinda of excited just wait for my story k

  67. leeza :

    boleh ke join kalau saya xde real gambr all the 6 cheese tu?meaning that walaupon i xpegi mkn piza ni still can joint or not?

    It’s stated in the requirements that you have to take pictures with the actual pizza.

  68. Kimberley Ng :

    The best one! i love CHEESE!!! :))))

  69. mr curly :

    wa dh join.. jom tgok entry wa..


  70. Alida :

    Yeayyy sudah join…jemput la masuk tgk…

  71. Azwan :

    …crap…no Pizza Hut ‘ere in Langkawi. By the time I went back to mainland, the contest will be over already….huhuhu…. (T.T)

  72. PooiLeng :

    Have a trip on my blog ya =D

  73. atiqahkj :

    bila ye tarikh tutup? nak tunggu balik kampung dan makan bersama mak..
    tak sabar nak masuk contest ni.. :D

  74. Sumijelly :

    Nak tanya satu soklan….

    Cheesy pizza nie kan ada yg leh add topping kan??
    sumi makan yg ada add topping…jadi adakah ia di kira antara chessy gak ker??

    atau kene ambik gmbr yng memang chessy jer?? huhuhuhu

    Ada topping pun boleh

  75. Ida :

    waahh…best betol…hari tu dh makan tapi contest ni blum bukak lagi….
    xpelah….nnt kalau sempat g makan lagi…
    tgh exam ni bz la…xsempat nk makan sedap2!! hehee….
    nak masuk…nk menang…banyak tuu adiahh…
    leh buat bayar yuran next sem… =)

  76. Kayun :

    serius, baru buang jak kotaknya..

  77. haiqal :

    check out my entry.ahhaa.kisah fantasi gua.

  78. nasaoji :

    suker makan pizza!!!hut lagiii…cheese pulak amat ku gilaiiiii..huhhh…

    tapi, ghupe no idea ler pulak nak masuk n3 nih.. ;(

  79. MuJE :

    alaa…. kalo nak buat post cincai2 boleh arr.. tapi kalau actual experience skali ngan real gambar yang susah tu…huhu jauhhh… anyway, gudlark sape yang menang! RM2000 banyak tuuuuu…..

    “I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!”

  80. hob :

    wow! my 1st time to join this contest. very nice.

  81. 3ikin :

    joined for the first time

  82. ..*AnNiE*.. :


  83. akuzle ayu :

    submitted mine… hope 4 the best!!

  84. Little Mama™ :

    Give me RM2,000 please! :)

  85. Nur Solehah :

    saya join…

  86. Nur Solehah :

    opss sowi… ada perubahan sikit..

  87. Nasz :

    Just post my blog post…Hoping to win.. hehe..

  88. Chee Ching :

    Done! :)

  89. atiqahkj :

    dah join! :)

  90. hasmardy :

    harap-harap dapat lah menang kali ini.. dah banyak kali masuk tapi tak dapat..baru sahaja lepas makan pizza… nanti saya post k!

  91. TehTarikDrinker :

    lets hope I have a good shot at this! :D

  92. sumijelly :


    saya suka PIZZA

  93. padel :

    yeaahhh….dah join pon….pizza dengan 6 keju terbaeeekkkkkkk

  94. TikkoSS :

    To Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza Lovers,

    I have successfully converted a pizza-hater to become a pizza-lover. She is now crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

    You are gonna love it too !


  95. 3ikin :

    finally done

  96. farah :

    hey! i already joined this. lets take a look! ^^,

  97. tiefazatie :

    hye there!im done!finally..fuh..still in time rite??but im a litte bit confius…is it we need to submit at the submit entry or here???nevermind!i done both of it!wish im lucky!

  98. adrian :

    this is my cheesy moment at pizza hut..

  99. soo hae daa :

    dah banyak kali mkn..sampai dah muak2..heheh…rs rugi lau xjoin..
    mana tau de rezki…heee..~~

  100. Eevee :

    say cheesy cheese!!

  101. NoktahHitam :

    This took a lot of effort! Hope I win :)

  102. theeggyolks :

    hopefully we’re not too late! >_<

  103. Mah@mahu :

    I already post my entry for this contest. To all friend please read and comment me ok hope can be win.. TQ

  104. ms_sz :

    done too *-*

  105. kelyn :

    Done! :)

  106. JaMaR :


  107. Sarah :

  108. n chan :

    fuhhhh..nasib baik sempat..hoho

  109. aznur :

    akhirnya..berjaya juga sent the entry.

  110. Wan :

    Yes! dah join.
    gud luck all

  111. Joanne :

    I am done!

  112. Jimmy :

    Here is my post hope it is cheesy enough ^^

  113. Ibu Emir :

    Actually I have submitted using the form way back in early november, not too sure if we have to leave a comment here..

    but to play safe

    here is my link….


  114. Wong LS :

    I have mine on

    take a look, everyone :-)

  115. Daleela :


    Me oso want to play safe. better paste here.

    I want 2 be the winner. Creative enough lo~~. Submitted the entry on 8 November, 2010.

  116. niantse :

    my entry :P

  117. Nian Tse :

    my entry :P

  118. FiSh :

    Read mine here, !!!

  119. emaa87 :

    mayb i’m d last person..hihi.
    pliz visit :

  120. eyok wun sim :

    this is my entry ^^

  121. shii teck :

    my blogpost done!!

  122. Eryn :

    Yoo, nuffnanggg! Posted mine on 6th Nov, here I include my link again as double confirmation nuffnangg receive my red hot cheesy post ya! :D do enjoy the cheesiness and cheerfulness from my post!!

  123. jacklyn :

    hope u all enjoy reading my cheesy pizza post~~~^^

  124. eyok wun sim :

  125. Jinwei :

    Nuff! I posted the post but I found out the video of my post got some problem, so I changed it. Can u guys go to see it again D;..Please. thx

  126. hazman aka species1980 :

    hi there….

    Happy reading for my blog post

  127. Fiona YJS :

    When is the results coming out?

    Results are still being finalised, all participants will be notified via email when the results are ready

  128. Daleela :


    it’s been a week already. Still not finalise yet? wowooot….

  129. padel :

    result plisss :)

  130. Eryn :

    Thanks nuffnang and pizzzzzzzza hut!!! I am looking forward for more contestttt in the future!! =)

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