Nuffnang Glitterati Plus Open Meeting

UPDATE: Whoa, the response from you guys has been simply overwhelming! Thank you so much for your interest in joining the Glitterati+ club, however space constraints prevent us from hosting all of you at our inaugural open meeting :( As such, we’ll be sending out event invitations to those who have written in to us earlier expressing interest in attending. If you do not receive an invite, don’t worry as we’ll be putting up information on how to join the club at a later date, you’ll still be able to become a Glitterati+ member if you can’t make it to the meeting.

A while ago, we hinted that we were working on something that we would only be revealing in October. Well, it’s October now so… one surprise coming up for you Nuffnangers! :)

Do you like meeting up with your fellow Nuffnangers at our parties? Can’t get enough of our movie screenings? Crave attending exclusive events – may it be product launches, blogger meet-ups or just awesome parties in general? If you’re going ‘YES YES YES ME ME ME” right about now, let us introduce you to…

Glitterati Plus, a new club we’re putting together for active and outgoing Nuffnangers like yourself!

We’ve been working behind the scenes and recruiting a few bloggers to test the waters for this new club, and because the response so far has been nothing but positive, we’re ready to take the club out of its beta testing stage! Here’s a few points outlining what the club is all about:

– Glitterati Plus is a club exclusively for Glitterati Nuffnangers who are active in attending events and participating in contests.
– The club is now open to any Glitterati Nuffnangers who wish to join :)
– Glitterati Plus members are offered more opportunities to attend events (e.g. press screenings, media launches etc), allocated passes to Nuffnang events, and the opportunities to plan their own events!
– The club will be led by a committee of Nuffnangers elected by club members themselves.

Sound interesting to you? Come find out more about Glitterati Plus at our first open meeting, with the details as below:

Date: 16 October 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 10 am – 2 pm
Venue: Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Lecture Theatre 12, Block D (click here to view location map and here to view parking plans, parking is limited to Zone H only)

Besides, if you’re a student looking to further your studies, even better for you as there’ll be a tour after the open meeting to get to know the campus which just received an status upgrade to become a University :)

If you’d like to join us at the meeting, kindly drop us an email with your name and blog URL at so that we get an idea of the numbers we’re going to see there. See you at the Glitterati Plus open meeting, Nuffnangers! :D

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Nooryati Septembia Sherly Tawith :

    i wish i can come on that day but i have another event for my company as i am the event manager..maybe next time Nuffnang..don’t forget to invite me ok :)

  2. Joey :

    aaa…. y at taylor lakeside campus T____T

  3. Loh Winzhi :

    Oopsss! Sounds really interesting :D I would like to join! :)

  4. h3r0 :

    nak sangat join, tapi tak boleh.
    sebab tarikh tue, kena balik kampung.. jelesnya..

  5. aReaL :

    pick me, pick me!!!!

  6. T :

    OMG. That sounds beyond cool.. But I’ll be in the midst of my finals so it’s a no go for me’. :(

  7. Kin :

    count me in plsss :)

  8. bryanlyt :

    Woots! Taylor’s lol :)

  9. Zon Bebas Blog :

    i will go there :)

  10. ABEL :

    I’m attending! :D

  11. Ronnie :

    Wow… so nice event !!!

  12. Dylan :

    I’m going! =D

  13. kak ina kl :

    sent email already..

  14. daydeck86 :

    menarik nih….

  15. rina :

    rina macam malu tapi mau datang!

    meet me there!

  16. kheirul :

    very interesting event here… must join

  17. shahroll photo :

    superbb! =)

  18. vinnilaa :

    Hehehe… already sent email… am really excited for the inaugural meeting..

  19. icaziesyira :

    owh.this is so sad. Nuffnang event usually attended by KL blogger. I am Johorean. Working at Muar district. It’s hard for me to attend any event held at KL :(

  20. MuJE :

    alaaa…. macam best tapi jauhhh…huhu

  21. shiema :

    I will attend if the activity at Sarawak… Haiz..

    nuffnang, when r u going to go to Borneo? we r waiting u here!

  22. Kie-yu :

    interesting :D

  23. CikLilyPutih :

    wow best! nak send email lah. sekarang jugak. memintaklah dpt invitation nie

  24. zaer :

    Yuhuuu.Nuffnang buat kelab baru untuk para blogger yang aktif! Terbaik!

  25. Joanne :

    I wish to join but I am not in KL :(

  26. Teo :

    Is it open only to commercial Glitterati or personal Glitterati bloggers can also join in the meeting.So if you do not attend this meeting then you can join in this G+ club?

  27. Vince :

    Glitterati ‘PLUS’ like some Mathematics club like that. LOL

  28. orendevil89 :

    i tot taylor’s in kuching, but its not. i wish i could come :(

  29. ahm :

    bunyi mcm menarik je.. nak kena tengok jadual dulu.. kalau free leh joint ni..

  30. Iman :

    man. :(
    i wish i can go :(
    but my mom won’t let me :(

  31. Clon :

    I have my finals on 18th ;( Too bad! Plus it’s a struggle to get to Taylor’s.

  32. Joshualaw :

    16 October?! It’s on my birthday! Hope it will be a great day! ;)

  33. liangzz :

    y 16??? =(
    i got camp.. TT

  34. akuzle ayu :

    sent my details already… hopefully i will get the place…

  35. tekkaus :

    I am in Malacca….no hope for me already! :(

  36. ann :

    woooooooooooooooooowww.. wish to join, but dont know if can make it or not that day.

    When is the last day for confirmation??

    There’s no deadline for confirmation at the moment, just drop us an email if you wanna come!

  37. Frogy :

    LOve to join, but have vacation to go lol..

  38. Muhammad Najmi :

    oh maaaaaaaaaaaan!!!! I wanted to go so much!! But I have my finals on that day!!!!!
    Why can’t you do it on the evening……………..
    I really wanted to go!!!!!!

  39. ken :

    is this for only for students?

  40. Camy :

    i want to join. sadly, i’m penangite. any event in penang?

  41. yasmin :

    hehe. macam berminat nak pegi. tapi mcm tepikir pulak. nanti pegi tak kenal sesape. shy lah. hahaha. lain kali kot. -.-“

  42. Garuda :

    nice invitation Nuffnang, but now i in outstation outside Klang Valley for 3 week. Next time if got change i’ll go there..Thanks mr. Nuffie..

  43. Vyan Lee :

    I wish to attend, but I have to work on that day. Besides joining over there, can we still join in online? I wish to join the Glitterati Plus….

    No worries, there’ll be other opportunities :)

  44. tiha :

    very interesting events..keep up Nuffnang! ;)

  45. toninkush :

    I’ve sent the email. Am I supposed to wait for a confirmation email from you?

  46. mia :

    nak tanya, bole bwk kwn yg bkn blogger ka?

    Due to overwhelming response from our bloggers, only Nuffnang Glitterati bloggers are allowed to come for the meeting.

  47. eyszuan :

    sound good and interesting. buit it’s so far la.
    i really want to go there!

  48. nurul :


  49. Little Mama™ :

    count me in please ;)

  50. Jayleo :

    cant attend !! =\ convocation on 16 oct ! =\

  51. Muhammad Najmi :

    Yeah, yeah. What Vyan Lee said.
    Can we like still join if we can’t make it?
    Because I’ve been waiting for opportunities like this to happen.

    Yes, you can, no worries :)

  52. farra-eng :

    waahhhhhhhh (^.^)

  53. suzzsuzie :

    sounds great…i wish i can join the club…

  54. kebayan :

    i wish i can go to…
    but unfortunately i have my final exam on that day…

  55. feyus :

    Nak pi sgt2 tapi tapi tak dapat pegi.huhuhuhu.

  56. farysa :

    love to join but why taylor?

  57. appledia :

    Count me in oso!^_^

  58. PojiePooh :

    I’m interested to join and hope there will be other opportunities to those Gliterati members like me who cannot make it on that day T_T

    PojiePooh Abdullah

  59. Kristle :

    Aww.. wish I could join! sobs

  60. edy :

    nak pegi ke tak..nak pegi ke tak?

  61. Baboon Tan :

    This is interesting! See all the nuffnang members there!

  62. Goingkookies :

    ooooh this sounds like a really GOOD idea!!!
    i really wished u had this earlier.. i would have joined!
    now i can’t cos moving overseas.. bummer.

  63. Half Naked Latte :

    wee~ will be there ❤ (。◕‿◕。)

  64. darkbatman :

    waaa..dh send email..hope dpt join..hohoooo

  65. Teo Suan Ming :

    i want go :D !!
    do we have to right in anything hehe ? ^^

  66. aidi-safuan :

    wajib ke datang pukul 10AM? Sebab habis kerja pukul 12. then nak join juga. boleh tak?

  67. henry^munkey :

    I would like to be one of the G+ member since I have been a loyal member for Nuffnang more than 2 years. See you all at Taylors on the 16th Oct…


  68. bluedianthus :

    Cannot make it there…I’m at Sabah..huhu…when will Nuffnang do event at Sabah ya? Wonder! Hmm….

  69. Merrinette :

    T^T most events i can hardly join since i’m staying in cyberjaya..fml..

  70. Hazman aka species1980 :

    yeah…. i already sent email for attending this meeting

    I will apply my annual leave for this event…. ;-p

  71. Mohdzaid :

    tak sabar nak jumpa ahli-ahli gplusmy yang lain.. saya juga akan berada disana :)

  72. :

    tak dapat hadir sebab mesy..
    kalau tak boleh calonkan diri sendiri jd AJK ker.. huhuhu

  73. ShinD :

    Do we have to be at the meeting to stand a chance to be a Glitterati Plus member?
    Or is it just a normal meeting?

  74. Nicholas :

    On baby on. So near for me because I just reside in the campus. Woohoo.

  75. yuyu :

    owh sabtu kerja :(

  76. akuwanny :

    macam menarik..tapi tak boleh nak join la plak..sebab ada hal…sedihnya.. :(

  77. Jimmy :

    Nice Nice! If i get to go there it would be a new experience because people keep saying that their campus is the best best! This is the opportunity one in the lifetime to enjoy and experience on the same time

  78. saiful naim :

    sent an email already. i want too.. =D

  79. Takura :

    a cool event, mus be interesting :)

  80. Sue :

    I wish to join it , but im a nobody blogger . Have fun :)

  81. wanzi :

    Nuffnang good with this kind of event, I hope they can bridge between the Malaysian bloggers.

  82. Galvin Tan :

    Good job with Glitterati Plus! Would love to see how it goes. Sadly that weekend I will be outstation.

  83. ila :

    i wish i can go, but that day i still in jakarta. :(
    i hope next activities i can join it..

    have fun guys ;)

  84. azlina aziz :

    interesting. Hopefully, one day, Nuffnang will fly to Kota Kinabalu, to meet us here :p

  85. zeen :

    why choose the day when im not in campus?? :(

  86. Nada :

    can i bring one people to go with me??

  87. Teh Tarik Drinker :

    hope to see more bloggers there! :D

  88. Khalid Amin :

    I wish to join the Glitterati Plus too!!

  89. angahsayang2314 :

    wahh… best nie nak..nakkk

  90. atty :

    dah email..

  91. izatie :

    nak join………

  92. puterinuur :

    i really like to join in, tapi tak sure lagi. will try my best to come.

  93. HaslinaFirdaus :

    I wish i can join on that day…

  94. Sue :

    So its out of space already ? I would like to join :(

  95. +Suresh+ :

    hey there peeps!!

    hope to see all you guys over there.
    will have some smashing fun getting to know one another!!!

    if your a twitterer do include #GPlusMY in your tweets..
    Good Day!!

  96. biskutMARIE :

    I like

  97. WanSsei :

    plz..invite me..yes, me!!

  98. Fantastic Ajane :

    oooo nooo..I’ve got something else to do on that day..tried to postpond it to next time but cannot…sooo sad ..:(..hope to be invited next time..

  99. Chin Fang :

    I wanna go!

  100. Vinnilaa :

    Hi, I’ve already confirmed my attendance to the meeting. But cannot bring a friend as the invitation is a single invite only. I’m a bit shy coz I don’t know anyone. :) anyone who is in the same boat as me… maybe we can teman each other… :P

  101. Victor :

    aww…coming to my campus?! finally but too bad..I’ll not be around cos I’ll be in Penang..=/ I would really want to attend this.. ah well, I’m sure there are more to come right? so, till the next one! see u all soon, fellow nuffnangers! ;)

  102. hazey :

    I have submitted my request. Hopefully I can attend but.. malu lah… he he he!

  103. nadia :

    yes me! me! =)
    da email 2 days ago but since now still xdapat pape reply.
    mgkin kah saya xterpilih?
    sedihnya.. =(

  104. mira_nas :

    me here so far away… I wish I could attend every event that held by nuffnang..
    sadly.. i’m just waving my hand here and pray that all is well there..


    how come nuffnang didnt make any event in Kuching, Sarawak :( veryyyy jealous coz i can’t take part of it coz its tooooo far away from my hometown :( Need a flight to attend it…sobsobosb.

  106. jennifer :

    so wish i can join!:(

  107. ieLah~ :

    i really wish i can go! T___T

  108. HuiJin :

    my exam so happen to be at the hours. =.=
    >.< i want to go~!

    HuiJin Liew

  109. Anak Perak :

    Eh ape ni? Baru perasan :P

  110. casey :

    i wish i can go =(

  111. khairil :

    nak pegi juge

  112. engtaukia :

    clashed with photomarathon ! haiz…. but guess what? IMMA COMING !! woohoO~

  113. xiqa :

    what if I could not make it? Can I still be one of Glitterati Plus club member?

    Yes you can, further information will be provided online at a later date.

  114. lee :

    May I know how do we know get invite?

    I ve sent the email and I get a double confirmation mail.

  115. mira'e :

    i wish i can join but i’m in ipoh n + i had final in juz two weeks.. haihhh :(

  116. Doris :

    I have sent out my confirmation email late. Am i not eligible to attend nuffnang-glitterati-plus-open-meeting ? I really hope I’m able to attend it… PLEASE …

  117. Emeryn :

    Hi Nuffnang, I sent an email today but did not receive reply. Does that mean i’m not eligible to attend tmr?

  118. akuzle ayu :

    huhuhuuh… i didn’t get the invite…

  119. ahm :

    aku ada antar email juga..tapi takda balasan.. aku g redah jelah ye..hahah

  120. eyriqazz :

    Inilah antara gambar2 yang sempat diambil :

    Entry blom sempat buat lagi…hik3,akan dibuat juga nanti…

  121. kaizendeen :

    wah sudah ada kelab…dah bagus ni…tq nuffnang…syok habis

  122. nurulfarid :

    i wsih i wll come..=)

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