DiGi iPhone 4 the Win

UPDATE: The contest is now closed. Thank you for your participation!

Remember this cryptic message from DiGi we posted just a few days ago? Did you try to guess what the message was? :) If your guess was that DiGi would be launching the iPhone 4 on 24 September 2010, you’re absolutely right! It’s available at 45 outlets nationwide (from 24th Sept) and this weekend at Quill Automobiles.

The iPhone 4 – it’s the phone that needs no introduction. We’re sure you all already know about the stunning Retina Display, FaceTime technology, 720p HD video-recording abilities, iOS4 and the all-new iMovie for iPhone video editing software, packaged in the distinctive glass and steel form typical of Apple design. It’s THE phone to be seen with, and after an agonizingly long wait, it’s finally here on Malaysian soil. The best part? DiGi is generously giving away one iPhone 4 to a lucky Nuffnanger, so listen up real closely if you want in on this!

Here’s how the contest works:

1. This contest will run for 8 days, from 24 September to 1 October 2010.
2. In order to be in the running to win the iPhone 4, you’ll have to complete 4 tasks which will be revealed here on the Nuffnang blog.
3. From 24-27 September, one new task will be revealed each day.
4. You’ll have until 11.59 pm on 1 October (Friday) to complete all 4 blog posts, and submit all four permalinks to us using the forms provided.
5. There will be separate forms for all four days and they’ll be labeled accordingly; don’t mix your permalinks up!
6. Only bloggers who complete all 4 blog posts with all requirements fulfilled will be in the running to win the iPhone 4.
7. The blogger with the most creative blog posts overall wins the iPhone 4 :)
8. You can check back on this blog post every day to see what the new tasks are.

Got it? Awesome stuff. Now, on to your task for Day 1 (24 September 2010):


1. Write a blog post with the title, “DiGi iPhone 4 Me”.
2. In your post, tell us why you want an iPhone 4 from DiGi.
3. Choose one of the five nifty badges below, and copy and paste the code provided to include it in your blog post.

Once you’re done with your blog post, submit your entry here using the form below:

We’re not done yet, stay tuned for the updates on Day 2! :)



1. Write a blog post with the title, “DiGi iPhone 4 Play”.
2. In your post, tell us which App from the iTunes App Store that you have seen/tried out is your favourite, and why. If you’re not familiar with iPhone Apps, you could get an overview at this link, or try Googling around; you’re bound to find a few recommendations ;)

Once you’re done with your blog post, submit your entry here using the form below:

Two down, and two more to go. Stay tuned for the next task on Day 3!



1. Write a blog post with the title, “DiGi iPhone 4 Real”.
2. In your post, tell us what you love about the DiGi iPhone 4 Plans. You can refer to this link for more information.

Once you’re done with your blog post, submit your entry here using the form below:

We’re almost there, watch this space closely for the last update on Day 4!


1. Write a blog post with the title, “DiGi iPhone 4 Life”.
2. In your blog post, include a photo of yourself with either one of these iPhone “frames”, like in these examples:

3. You can download the “frames” here and here, and you can use image editing software such as MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop to put your photos in and jazz it up as creatively as you can.

That’s it, you’re all done! Now, all that’s left is to submit the last permalink:

Remember, you need to submit all four permalinks with all the requirements fulfilled in order to qualify for the contest. Hurry and submit your permalinks by 1 October, the iPhone 4 awaits!

For more information about the DiGi iPhone 4, log on to

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
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    i want.. hahahaa..

  3. Azizwan :

    can blog in BM?


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  5. Fara :

    the blog post must be in english or in any language?

    You can blog in any language you feel comfortable with, BM & Mandarin are fine

  6. marina :


  7. zuriey :

    wow!!! want to join..marvellous.. hope i the lucky one

  8. gmoxxs :

    Is it only in English or can mix up with Malay??

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  10. Hadi :

    what is mean !? dont understand ! whether i have to do 4 post ?? anybody can help me !?

  11. Liyana Lunia :

    macam mana hendak decide pemenang? T____T

  12. Stacey :

    Ohhhh myyyy !! I’ve always wanted an i-phone! :(
    I really hope i can get it !

  13. Kancilbiru :

    harap sangat lucky kali ini..nak nak nakkkkk! :P

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  15. Khairi :

    i dont understand the blog post permalink. will this accepted?

    you mean something like this? or I need to get the thing?

  16. Khairi :

    Ok sent!

  17. mamaafzal :

    i’ve join! please wish my luck!

  18. aReaL :

    All Of You Dont Need To Force Yourself To Win This Contest Cause’ I’ll Will Win And This iPhone4 Will Be Mine For Sure… Hehehe… Joke’s Only.. Let’s Try Our Best Guys… Gonna Create My Entry Now… Zzzz…!!!

  19. sarah azzalynn :

    Can write in a short paragraph ?

    You can write in any way you feel comfortable with

  20. aizatshafiq :

    waaa…great prizes…

  21. Sumijelly :

    done my entry….

    already submit

  22. Alan Lim :

    Wish me luck too

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    hope i that the lucky one.. huhuhu

  25. gnesop :

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    ada 3 hari lagi.. setia menanti :)

  26. taufulou :

    woow..a great contest eh~ don mind to participate. . .

  27. hafizmd :

    Best tu dapat iPhone…wish you all..moga ada yang bertuah nanti…ameen

  28. nabilpotter :

    article di dalam bahasa inggeris ke bahasa melayu?
    tiada dlm syarat pon..

    Bahasa Melayu pun boleh~

  29. ahm :

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    iPhone 4 pasti milik aku..hehehe

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    i’ve done mine..

  31. Leza :

    dah join hehe

  32. Aimi A.Z :

    Saya mau! Saya mau!

    btw, how many iPhone to be given away?

  33. nursarah puteri biru :


    today is 24sept!!!

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    Your entry has been submitted successfully. Thank you for your participation, and good luck!

    Yey!! da submit… my post :

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    mahu join!

  38. mrs. farizal :

    same question as Hadi. do we have to send the entry individually ( one by one ) for each task, or we have to wait until 4 tasks completed then only we submit by fill in the form up there?

    thanks in advanced for those who concern!:D

    There will be separate forms for all four entries and they’ll be updated every day. As long as you fill in all forms before 11.59pm on 1 October, it’ll be accepted.

  39. Cammy :

    How many iphone4 is giving away? xD

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    Woots! I want one!!!

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    wish me luck!

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    But sometime competition can become motivation to move on…

  48. miszjue :

    can someone teach me how to insert the badge??please2..

  49. Ladynoe :

    OK dah submit!

  50. Ronnie :

    Does it means we can complete all 4 blogs before 11.59 pm 1 October ?
    What I mean is that I will only write the post on 29 September whereby all 4 task is already given…

    Yes, that is possible

  51. Venus Kam :

    I have done. Wish me good good luck ya.

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    wish me luck please!!

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    saya pun dah submit..teruskan usaha..

    jenguk2 la blog saya:

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    thx a lot~

  61. Amirul Hadi Abdul :

    Done la bro!!

  62. Elvin :

    Done, and good luck to bloggers who are participating as well!

  63. Ronnie :

    the rest of the task, is it writing again on the blog or ?… I am afraid my first post (answering the first task might be overlapping with task 2 to task 4…

    If you find that your 1st post overlaps with the subsequent posts, you can edit your posts before the contest ends on 1 Oct. No resubmission of your entry is needed

  64. Bean Moreno :

    Read My entry :

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    Done!!! Lets all do this!!!

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    ready submit :

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    Can we please trouble you to try again? It works fine for us. If you have any more problems, kindly write in to our helpdesk for assistance.

  80. B :

    Is there going to be only ONE winner? D8

    Yes D8

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    heheh =]

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    >>My Latest Entry<<
    DiGi iPhone 4 Me

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    kinda long but nice to read! =D


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    really need a phone..T_T

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    already submit!


  102. ahm :

    harap semua rakan2 yang telah menghantar link tadi memeriksa semula code badges sebab ada penukaran kod.. nuffnang ada email aku tadi minta betulkan semula.. aku dah tukar guna code yang baru

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    harap2 wishlist tahun ni tercapai dengan iPhone 4 ni :)

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    Next task please..hehehe…

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    this smartphone ever..i luv it and realy want it..

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    hope i got it..


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    this is the correct one.

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    ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~bersamamu DIGI~

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    but i’m so busy…(*_*)

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    Keterujaan bloggers juga menjangkiti Admin!

    jadilah antara yang terawal! jeles kalau korang menang.

  118. Danial :

    may the best one win! =P

    can be my belated birthday present wahaha!

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    just wanna try my luck this time…

    come and see this ;-

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    lama tak buka e-mail…

    i have miss one day for a contest,can i join in?
    sorry to buzy…not have a luck..
    All member, keep it up. show your best post.
    iPhone…my dream.may be next time..

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    wahhhh.gudluck everyone!!!

    sudi sudi singgah :D

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    Yes, you can

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    I’ve sent mine.

    I cant find my identity in writing bila terlalu excited haha sorry T_T

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    Nampak kod url badges tu dah lain.. wajib update baik tak kod tu?

    Yes, please update your codes accordingly :)

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    idea idea come to us..hehe

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    Task 1 complete. : )
    iPhone please be mine. : )

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    At the mean time, do check out mine here…

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    Wah..makin banyak penyertaan..Harap2 nuffnangers nampak saya punya reason kenapa nak Iphone 4..

    jenguk lah blog saya

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    Hopefully ada sinar harapan la ;)

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    i’m join this contest..
    check it out..
    link >>

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    come on !
    ”she” is going to be with me !

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    The iPhone is only for ONE lucky winner…
    susah nak dpt tuh!

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    want for it !!!

  141. Karchun. :

    Just submit, phew!

    Everyone wish ya good luck :D

  142. Nadine :

    This is so awesome. I’ve been drooling over the iPhone 4 for months. Hope i’m lucky enough to win it. :D

  143. Soofrine :

    must i be a Digi user when i participate this contest?

    No, it’s not necessary

  144. ayu :

    kalau xsempat tulis entry for day 1 semalam boleh x tulis entry for day 1 and day 2 hari ini????


  145. Azizwan :

    ayoyo.. why asking about apps?

    anyway, i will try my best and what i can..

  146. Magdalene :

    Must we put the badge again for Day 2’s post?

    No, requirements for each day are separate

  147. Rara :

    I dah submit semalam, tapi takda notification email from Nuffnang pun, agak-agak ada tak entri I?

    Yes, your entry has been received. If your entry has been received, you should see a confirmation of submission page upon submitting

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    Do I need to put the badge for the day 2 task?

  149. Amy Lim Su Yen :

    Hey, the badge code is broken so can I just save the image and upload it direct to blogger?

    Sorry, the codes are a requirement. Kindly write in to our helpdesk for more assistance if the codes still do not work

  150. is :

    macamna nk tgtk entry yang terpilih untuk setiap task? means pemenang?

    The winner will be chosen based on the overall creativity for all 4 blog posts

  151. Nathan :

    I’m not sure if I have submitted my entry for Day 2. So can I resubmit it again?

  152. Amy Lim Su Yen :

    Submitted mine :)

  153. Saffa :


    I’m done with the first day entry but I’m so afraid to publish it, in case people will copy my ideas. LOL. Insecure much!

    So, I’m just wondering when are you gonna review all the entries cuz if you already checking the entries right now, I will publish it and submit the link.

    If you will only review all the entries submitted after the dateline, I’m gonna wait till the last day to publish & submit it. ;)


  154. Joyca :
    Done with the second post :)
    gahhh. I wan a Iphone 4 so badly D:

  155. nur iema :

    2nd day task required us to blog about our favourite app on iPhone. can it be more than one app?? all my favourote! XD

    You can write about a few of your favourites :)

  156. Teloq Sepapan :

    I had done my post for today. Wish me the best yea! =)

  157. Nathan :

    How are you guys picking out the winner? Is it on random?

    As stated in the blog post, the winner will be the one with the most creative entries overall

  158. Ethan Lu :

    Sent my second entry :))) Good luck!

  159. 88凸 :

    tats cool~

    2day do d day2~ohye

  160. ArdiniHumaira :

    dni join juga… hehe

  161. Rara :

    One more thing, DAY 2 – Boleh buat banyak apps atau SATU sahaja ye?

  162. Azizwan :

    can give more details about “DiGi iPhone 4 Play”? i mean about the apps?

    choose from all apps or only choose from apps for games?

    please response ASAP. tq..

  163. orendevil89 :

    ive wrote mine, and sent it, but still the badges doesn’t shown, hurmm~

  164. Baby YiJing ♥ :

    I have edited my post ~

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  166. .:namaku_asumira:. :

    two down..
    two more to go

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    2 days more to go..

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    2nd day joined.
    Gud luck 4 me & u all guys. :)

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  171. azam aziz :

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  172. arkimz :

    great contest…
    check out this

  173. orendevil89 :

    OMG! i’ve done some mistakes here. for the first post, i’ve mistakenly typing my email address, what should I do? but for the second post, I type the right one for my email.Please help me on this :(
    Day 1:
    Day 2:

    the one that I use for my post submission would be on this email (

  174. Miya :

    Join jugak. .

  175. Adrian Sim :

    Omfg, I posted the wrong permalink @.@ CRAP CRAP CRAP

  176. Elvin :

    Is there any requirement on how many apps should we write about?

    No, you can write about as many as you feel comfortable with

  177. sam :

    submitted….iPhone….ure mineee!!!!!

  178. Adrian Sim :

    So what do I do, Nuffnang? Do I re-submit?

    Yes, please resubmit your entry

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    Completed day 2 :)

  180. Miya :

    Wow ramai join. .gud luck !

  181. hafiz :

    Hi! tried to update the badge code but it seems the picture didn’t work at all after i update it. already submit a ticket. TQ

  182. Zizi :

    Sent my entries for Day 1 and Day 2!!

    Day 1:
    Day 2:

  183. Zi Song~ :

    I don’t know why but the badges link (day 1) doesn’t work for me~ ==

  184. Winnie :

    Can i type it in chinese ? :X

    Yes, you can

  185. Joey :

    are the must be for playing purpose (since the title is Digi iphone 4 play) can i talk about an apps that organize tasks?

    Yes, you can

  186. Winnie :

    there’s only 1 winner ? oh my, perhaps more. =(

  187. MonsterEdwin :

    Sorry, just now I accidently sumbit my task 2 to task 1 form .. Then I resubmit my task 2 to task 2 form .. Will this affect my result ??

    Task 1 :
    Task 2 :

    Please visit my blog :)

  188. hopemorroe :

    i’m having problem to attach the nifty badge..when i try to save it in my blog error occur

    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “href”.

    any1 can help me?? thx

  189. Syokzone :

    hey guys… look like a nice contest =)
    by the way, i think that nowadays, written in english language will give u a higher priority rite?
    so better write in english =)

    Hai kawan2… macam gempak je pertandingan ni =)
    Tapi saya rasa, tulis dalam bahasa Inggeris beri kamu kelebihan.. dan digalakkan..
    jadi saya rasa tulisla dalam bahasa Inggeris kalau kamu boleh..

    Gudluck all =)

    Drop by to my site

  190. Syokzone :

    Gudluck =)

  191. Miki Jing :

    Support me, thanks~!


  192. yuyu :

    day 2 ~ done!

  193. LionGirl :

    My Day 2 post is up!

    Yes, 2 down, 2 to go!

  194. Qiren :

    i cant put that badge in my blog post, everytime i go into “edit html” and put in the code, it only display a black box with the word “image” in it, how to post?

  195. fit3 :

    done!!! lagi 2 entry. “my precious” hehe

  196. Alan Lim :

    Day 2

  197. Fiona YJS :

    Must I be a glitterati member to join?

    No, but priority will be given to Glitterati Nuffnangers

  198. akuvision :

    wao, mesti masuk ni

  199. Kenny :

    I have submitted for the first day and paste the code of badge in my blog post. Why the badges did not appear in my blog? I wonder did my entry accepted?

  200. gabe :

    Day 2 submitted! Now I realised there are so many apps for iPhone 4.

  201. nursyazana :

    this is my second post!

  202. mizzura :

    Task no. 2 submitted.. tapi bila copy code tu dari box atas tak keluar gambar..last2 i right click, copy link jelah untuk logo DiGi iPhone tu..

  203. Kenny :

    Day 2 submitted

  204. saimatkong :

    wahh… so many taking part sure no chance for me… sad.

  205. hafizal fahmi :

    settle !!!

  206. Azuan :

    Baru sahaja submit task 2. harap-harap sempatlah..

  207. stephy :

    just curious who are the judges for the contest? Digi or Nuffnanger?

  208. Half Naked Latte :

    this is so motivating for me to get all fired up to get the i phone4 no matter what

  209. nor suriani :

    ini untuk Day 2

    thank you Nuffnang, Digi dan iPhone

  210. ahm :

    entri hari kedua aku datang baca disini

  211. Wzulhilmi :

    Day 1 – Siap!!!

    Next Day 2 pulak.. Yosh!! :)

  212. blurlynn :

    I have done the first post but my nifty badges cant appear in my blog.

  213. sizzling suzai :

    i hve copy n paste the codes of the NIFTY BADGES

  214. Khalid Amin :

    Just finish mine..!!

  215. Joey :

    finally done
    this is a very difficult one =(

  216. joegrimjow :

    sorry, why i cant paste the badges code?
    it didnt appear on my blog post

    so i just copy paste the badges
    hope it ok

  217. roshaliza :

    I have sent mine! excited nyeee…

  218. Joey :

    so means that I can talk about an apps that organize student’s tasks right?


  219. Elvin :

    Done with second post! all the best guys!

  220. henry^munkey :

    Yay! Two down and two to go!

    Good luck guys! :)

  221. shark :

    today is 26Sept..
    so that mean i miss 2 task..
    can i post 2 task in 1day?

  222. Miya :

    Day 3 entry. .im waiting. .

  223. Nathan :

    What do you guys mean by creative blog post? SO do I have to put a lot of pictures or is it about the text?

    It it up to you how you wish to express your creativity

  224. yuyu :

    badges i guna yg 4evah tu still sama so xpayah la tukar kod die eh

  225. Geo :

    If i have done with 1st post,and 2nd post and have been summited..Then on the 3rd day,i could edit them again and need to resummit again?

    No resubmission is needed

  226. Chloe :

    Can I resubmit my post for Day 2??

  227. barbiewaiyee :

    I couldn’t show the badge too .. sob ..

  228. mr curly :

    mmmmm…. nice… nk try laa… luv nuffnang..

  229. Karchun. :

    My 2nd Day’s post:

    Everyone keep it up! :D

  230. Adeline :

    Can I blog on all of the task for each day in 1 day?

    Yes, as long as you complete all 4 tasks

  231. Nadine :

    i’ve submittted entries for day 1 & day 2 but now i want to edit them. Is it possible and do i need to resubmit? Tq.

  232. Henrytan :

    Can i still join today?

    I wrote finish the first post, but only realized that the nifty badge could not show out.

    Is it expired already and i could no longer participate?

    thank you

    There were errors earlier on. We’ve fixed it. Kindly reinsert the codes

  233. Florence Loo :

    Hello there. The badges for the first post doesn’t work so I just copied the picture and pasted it there.. I hope it is okay.

    Anyway I done all the three entries and here are they! Do check it out, wish me luck, and great work everyone else. :)

  234. Bean Moreno :

    MY 3RD ENTRY :

  235. ken :

    Put more pictures and draw comics, your chances of winning should be higher..
    Based on previous contests, Nuffnang love that! =)

  236. nick chang :

    My post here!!

  237. Syokzone :

    But i think write in English give you more advantages..
    And actually for me, if you think deeply, judges are from nuffnang itself and maybe DiGi..
    So that, dont forget to mention nuffnang also in your post.. =)

    Untuk yang buat BM jgn risau..
    Pastikan post tu menarik dan klu bley suruh kawan2 komen apa yang kurang..
    So goodluck all =)

  238. appledia :

    OMG,i missed yesterday!Can i still join???

    Yes you can

  239. LFn :

    3rd day entry. Done!
    What is the criteria to be chosen as a winner?
    can entry in malay get a chance to win?

  240. ahm :

    Akhirnya entri hari ke-3 berjaya aku post..huhu..berpeluh aku memerah idea..

  241. lora :

    why i cant place the pic code in my blog post???!!! the pic din appear…

  242. Karchun. :

    3rd post:

  243. sha :

    hey… can i write all in one day? :D

  244. ayu :

    task 1 and task 2 done….

  245. Rara :

    YAYYYY i’m done with Day 3 ! =DD

  246. hazey :

    Task 2 Submitted :

  247. .:namaku_asumira:. :

    day 3 done :)

  248. Vishnudharan Gopal :

    While i’m submitting my first post had some internet problem. I try to resumbit and it appears you must submit a unique post and the [link]had been used.

    Is it means i had submitted my post?


  249. Azahari :

    Day 3…

  250. akuwanny :

    harap2 tak terlambat nak join contest ni..

  251. LionGirl :

    Yeah, post for Day 3 is up!

    Now, 3 down one to go!

  252. Nor Shakeela :

    ramainyaaaa dah masuk.agak2 ada chance nak menangke ni(~^)

  253. Teloq Sepapan :

    Phew…at last!
    I manage to post day 3 posting. =)

    All the best to me and you guys!


  254. Keiron :

    iPhone 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I want!! I wwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wakakakakakakakakaaa….. XD

  255. Judith :

    let miracles happen..may god bless me..=D

  256. Ethan Lu :

    I sent in day 3!! =)

  257. ArdiniHumaira :

    ^__^ dah siap buat post mengenai Digi iPhone 4 Play..

  258. nick chang :

    hope can get tis iPhone 4 as my lovely present coming this October!!

  259. hafizal fahmi :

    DONE !!!!!!

  260. Zizi :

    do u show how many entries submitted for each task? =D

    No, we won’t be disclosing that. It’s a secret. Shhhh

  261. adn :

    good luck to all… and me also (^^,)

  262. loojiawen :

    Just finished Post Day 1 ! :D

  263. Kenny :

    Yeah, third mission done..^^

  264. Miera :

    Why I cannot post the banner?
    Nuffnang should check it out coz many already complained about it

    Anyway, already did my task 1
    will do task 2 tomorrow

    check out:

  265. Azuan :

    Selesai task 3..tunggu task berikutnya.. :)

  266. loojiawen :

    is it okay if i put more than ONE badge for the Digi 4 me post? cause i submited mine already :S

    Of course!

  267. MM :

    the badge does not work????

    There was a technical error earlier. Apologies for that. Please use the new codes

  268. Fadz :

    done for task 3 :D

  269. Qiren :

    How will i know is my submission is received? will i get a email or something, i have submitted it 3 hours ago buy havent receive any notification yet.

    There won’t be any email confirmation upon submission. As long as you’ve submitted once, you can’t submit under the same email address again.

  270. siewhui :

    why the badge doesn’t appear even though I posted it already?

    We had a technical error earlier. Apologies for that. Please reinsert the badges

  271. hazey :

    Task 3 submitted…

  272. Alan Lim :

    Day 3

  273. kaizen :

    i was missed the 2nd day task because misunderstood how the task is given.. i tot the task will come out in new pages in nuffnang pages (i check it via feeds subscription) and i tot its not come out yet..

    am I still qualified if i just skip the 2nd day task and proceed with the 3rd day task?

    because We just need to complete 4 task right?

    You can complete Task 2 any time actually. As long as you complete 4 tasks then you’re in the running for the iPhone 4!

  274. niel namia :

    menunggu task ke 2… pls help me !!!!

  275. Joey :

    getting there~!! =D

  276. Khalid Amin :

    Done the third post..

  277. niel namia :

    pls sent to me task no 2 …. Hiskkk !!!

  278. Geo :

    About task 4,i got a little thing unclear there..What to write in task 4? Or just put some picture only..

    Main requirement is for the photo to be there, you’re free to write your own content

  279. nazrulhamizan :

    boleh jawab mula dari hari ini tak 27/9/2010 ker dah terlewat bagi saya untuk join ?

    Belum terlewat, sekarang pun boleh join

  280. KANG MEI INN :

    if I have submitted my post yesterday without niffy badges cuz of some technical problem, but now I’m tryung it again and I’m able to put on my this will affect my result?

    No, it won’t

  281. KANG MEI INN :

    if i have submitted my post yesterday without niffy badges cause of some technial problem but I try it again today and I’m able to post on this will affect my result?

    No, it won’t. Sorry for the technical problem :(

  282. Nathan :

    When will the winner will be revealed?

    Will be revealed once the judges decide. Don’t worry about it ;)

  283. khairulnawawi :

    huh! i’m finish the 3rd task now i’thinking to make the most creative task 4 :).. hope can win the iphone 4 yearghh!!

  284. shyyi :

    just done one
    3 more to go!!!

  285. dD :

    woww..kena try nih.

  286. LionGirl :

    Part 4 is up!

    All done! Wish me luck!

  287. Azahari :

    Day 4…

  288. Areef :

    Already sent my 2nd and 3rd task…

  289. vin :

    On the 4th day, what if i draw a face? is it accepted? Or must be photo?

    Yes, it’s acceptable

  290. Saya :

    Gambar tu boleh diedit habis atau maksud edit adalah letak gambar di frame sahaja?

    Letak gambar kat frame je. :)

  291. SaSa :

    I’ve done all the post! God bless me to get the iPhone 4! thx~ feel free to visit my blog too~

  292. ayesha :

    Hurrah!!! finally finished all 4 post! :D :D :D :D

    check out

    Wish me luck! :D

  293. MM :

    akhirnya boleh submit gak penyertaan, jom baca…

  294. Jiayeen :

    Must I paste the URL link at here or just submit will do?

    Submit will do

  295. Miss Moots :

    very nice competition but …

  296. Saya :

    Oh.. Maksudnya gambar tak boleh edit?

  297. Sumijelly :

    Banyak nya SOALAN dari peserta…..hehehehehe……

    SEMOGA BERJAYA untuk semua peserta!!

  298. Che :

    Hiye Nuffnang,

    For Day 4 task, do we have to use the same phrase as the girl is using in the pic, or we can come up with our own phrase? for example, “I really want that iphone 4!” < or something like that?


    You can do whatever you want in your photo :)

  299. SaSa :

    i’ve completed all the tasks but nuffnang emailed me n said i only summitted the 1st task. but i already submitted all. Do I need to re-submit the other 3 task again?

    No, it’s just a gentle reminder to all who submitted for Day 1 to complete all the other tasks to be in the running.

  300. roshaliza :

    Do I get confirmation for each entry submitted? Because I just got one email from Blogger Relation about submission Task 1. Pls help to clarify. To All, good luck!

    No, it’s just a gentle reminder to all who submitted for Day 1 to complete all the other tasks to be in the running.

  301. nikel :

    submit all edy…please feel free to read..

  302. rashatie :

    aiyakk….rugi la..baru bukak laman nuff ni…kalau tak…dah upgrade iphone 3GS aku ke iphone 4…now dah busy lerrr…..sayang…

  303. arkimz :

    I have question..

    Like you say “mail address you used to register with Nuffnang”.
    but I make mistake,I use another email..

    so what I need to do now?need to resubmit my post with the email that I use to register with nuffnang?

    No, it’s not necessary

  304. vernz_08 :

    I had sent all my 4posts.
    Did you receive it?
    Do check it for me…
    Thanks (= (My blogspot link)

  305. kak ina kl :

    done already..all tasks

  306. .:namaku_asumira:. :

    already done all the tasks

    wish me the best of luck


  307. blurlynn :

    Day 2.. :) Good Luck to all!

  308. Mendy.Chan :

    I have summit ALL the task. :)
    Feel free to drop by and have a look.
    You could leave a comment about my blog too.
    Thank you <3

  309. Bean Moreno :


  310. Teloq Sepapan :

    At last!
    My last day posting had been submitted. =)

    All the best to All of us.
    Long live DiGi & Nuffnang.


  311. LFn :

    will entry in malay got a chance to win in this contest?


  312. nuyui :

    Day 2 Task… Done…. ehehehe…..

  313. Teloq Sepapan :

    Hi there,

    This evening I’ve received an e-mail reminder advising me that I only submitted Day 1 entry.
    But when I submit for each day, there is message prompting me that I had succesfully submit.

    So confuse….due to afraid that there is any system error, I had try to submit all of my 4 entry again. Day 1, 3 & 4, system prompt me that my permalink had been use.

    However for day 2, it manage to re-submit. Therefore please advise if there is any system error as I don’t want to miss the opportunity to enter this competition.


    Your entries have been received, the email is just a reminder to those who have not submitted the rest of the entries

  314. fliani :


    good luck people ^^

  315. akuwanny :

    dalam sehari boleh post untuk 2 task ke???

  316. Amirul Hadi Abdul :

    Gempak wehhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  317. Amirul Hadi Abdul :

    eyhh.tertinggal plak lagi satu

  318. Ahnaf Muhsinin :

    finally i’ve finished n submitted all the 4 tasks…

    feel free to read my post :)

  319. Areef :

    Alhamdulillah, already sent my last task… Wish me and all of u all the best!

  320. Areef :

    My last task :

  321. Jiayeen :

    For the 3rd submission, there’s something wrong with my url link even though my blog title is correct. T__T

  322. nurul :

    second entry was done….hahahaha…feel crazy for while.

  323. hazey :

    Submitted task 4

    Good luck to all!

  324. barbiewaiyee :

    I’m DONE ! .. DiGiPhone ~ come to me ~~

  325. beeblob :

    boleh ke letak gambar banyak2 selain daripada yang diwajibkan tu?

  326. rachel :

    i had submitted 3days post, but i received a mail reminder saying that i had only complete 1 task…did Nuffnang receive my day2 & day3 post?


    thanks =]

  327. rachel :

    ops i din view all the comment, my question had already been addressed =]

  328. LFn :

    finished all the task.

    Moga berjaya. Amin~~

  329. zmah :

    dapat DiGI..nak bergaya sakan

  330. ummi alifya :

    syukur alhamdulillah…semua tugasan sudah siap…dan sudah dihantar…so tunggu result nya lagi….insyaallah rezeki ku…amin…amin…amin

    iphone4 pasti menjadi milikku… pleaaaaaaase nuffnang & digi…

    wish me luck..daling…!!!!

  331. pnstoberi :

    Your entry has been submitted successfully. Thank you for your participation, and good luck!

    Huhu. Day 2 task-done

  332. Vicky :

    there are so many people participating and only one iPhone 4 will be gifted out? o.O Wou, my chance of win is like “1/100000000000” lol

  333. Jack :

  334. Jack :

  335. Jack :

  336. Jack :

  337. Cik Su :

    cam mna nk cek permalink dah berjaya dhantar atau belum

  338. nizam :

    Hi all…

    Just submit the 1st entry of this contest.. Gosshh.. Time to sleep..
    Any comments on this one are really appreciated..

  339. zmah :

    seronok kalau dapat dan ada masa boleh masuk contest

  340. henry^munkey :

    Finally, my 3rd post…
    Gonna blog about the 4th one soon!

    Good luck all! :)

  341. beeb beebot :

    Lepas kita letak gambar yang wajib letak tu, boleh ke tambah letak gambar- gambar lagi?


  342. lAl :

    Sent all 4!!! just received 1 confirmation of received entry…

  343. fliani :

    finally done !!! Good luck to all the nuffnanger …..

  344. akuwanny :

    dah buat semua task…

    task 1 –
    task 2 –
    task 3 –
    task 4 –
    bila gabung suma.. Me play real life..

  345. Karchun. :

    At last I sent all 4 posts, good luck everyone!

  346. shyyi :

    Second one
    GOSH I m so slow ;(

  347. yangbaik :

    rasa-rasanya nak juga iphone tu… tapi nampaknya kena beli le… nak masuk contest tak upaya ler..BTQ good luck to all

  348. ahm :

    nampaknya semua task telah aku sempurnakan untuk 4 hari.. last entri aku disini

  349. kolomee :

    how do we know nuffnang have all 4 of our page that has submit?.. can we get a conformation mail by nuffnang if they got all our submission? coz if we try to resubmit again it will become spam oledi.. :)

    If your entry is successfully submitted, it should lead to a confirmation of submission page, and you will not be able to submit the same permalink twice.

  350. zainul :

    saya dah submit sume permalink…tp nape saya juz dapat report untuk 1 permalink je???

  351. nizam :

    The second tales between mom and son had beed revealed

    Hehehe.. continue to work

  352. Ronnie :

    The last task (Task 4), must we need to write something ??… The task did not asked us to write… please advise.

    As long as you fulfill the requirement by including the picture, it’s up to you if you wish to write something.

  353. aizatshafiq :

    Done all of my task…
    gud luck to all contestant…

  354. Ethan Lu :

    Sent in all 4 posts, AWESOME CONTEST BY NUFFNANG! had fun :DD

  355. Ickes :

    Finally completed all the 4 blog posts, enjoy reading!

  356. Ijal :

    mesti cube contest ni..mana tau dapat iphone ni…

  357. Siti Farah :

    I also want iPhone 4

    Kindly visit my blog:

  358. Joey :

    done mine finally~!!

  359. ManjaIxora :

    fuh… siap gak 3 task..

    another one to go… hohoho…

    tp kan nak tanya tajuk en3 task 1 tuh qualified tak?.. or i’ve to change the title to – digi iphone 4 me – n resubmit again?.. huhuhu

  360. YuKiLynN :

    Done all! I hope can win the iPhone 4!!! =D

  361. PuanStoberi :

    Your entry has been submitted successfully. Thank you for your participation, and good luck!

    Done for Day-3.. suprise 4 Day 4. Huhu

  362. nick chang :

    I just done all the 4 posts!!

  363. Kenny :

    Done all task…!!!!

    Here is the photo of me in the fake iPhone 4…

    Hope I will get selected and win the real iPhone 4….

    *Sit by the computer and pray hard….do’h

  364. Xheyl :

    I’d done mine! Please support! (:

    Post One :
    Post Two :
    Post Three :
    Post Four :

    Did I miss anything? Do tell!

    I had fun doing this! Haha, back to study for trials now. Good luck ya’ll! *hearts*

    Thanks! (:

  365. the-eyes74 :

    yeah yesterday i already complete all 4 task.. i forgot it i guess today will have another task.. hehe congratulation to me and to all blooger friends,let’s joint this competition together2..

  366. Joyca :
    4th task done :)

    Welcome to read and steal my idea teehee :P
    Okay Im just kidding , Dont steal my idea :LOL

  367. Elaine :

    Yay. Submitted one. Three more to go. Come support :)

    Good luck peepz :)

  368. yuyu :

    done hihihi wish me luck =)

  369. ila :

    i try!.. pls see my blog. :)

  370. Khalid Amin :

    Just simple post because exhausted of idea.. Huhu..

  371. ain :

    yeeee.. dah siapkn 3 out of 4.. satu lagiiii.. tak sabar!!

  372. zac1987 :

    May I see the term and condition?
    When is the date to announce the result?
    When is the date to release the Iphone4 to the winner? And where is it? Need to travel to KL to take it?

    There isn’t a specific date that we’re putting to announce the result because we’re expecting a lot of entries to come in. With that, we’ll need to have more time to read through all of them. But rest assured that the result will be announced ASAP and all participants will be sent an email when the result has been announced.

    The winner will be required to collect it from KL, either DiGi’s office or Nuffnang’s office

  373. Wzulhilmi :

    I already submitted the first entry. But then I realized the title is not correct. Should I resubmit the new permalink with the corrected title entry? Please do reply..

    You can change your title but the permalink won’t change. So it’s not necessary to resubmit

  374. Muhammad Najmi :

    I’ve done all four~~~!!!
    Hope I am lucky enough to win it!!!!
    *cross finger*

  375. Nadine :

    Submitted 2 entries so far. hehehe.

    I’m still amateur at this but praying hard that my post will be considered for the iPhone 4. *prays* :)

  376. rachel :

    all 4 posts done!!

    good luck everyone XD

  377. anNe :

    Finally I’m done with the last task!

    Do walk thru,read thru,step thru,look thru or pass by to my blog!

    Good luck guys! :)

  378. Wan Anie :

    all entry done!

    last entry

  379. nizam :

    Izzit the end of the tales between mom and her son..?

    p/s: Goshh.. sure my boss will catch me after this.. Huhuhuhu

  380. Fara7 :

    here we go yala

  381. ManjaIxora :

    hohoho.. i dah complete kan sumer task..

    this is my last task…

    fuh kanan, fuh kiri.. huhuhu

    thanks digi n nuffnang 4 this great contest..

  382. Ickes :

    I have joined the i Phone competition, hopefully luck is on my side. Feel free to read my blog! Glad to know you guys!

    Click the link below:

  383. Penny Yiing :

    at last I’m done all 4 task =)
    Wish I will be the lucky one !

  384. Fara7 :

    my next entry hola:

  385. Jimmy :

    This is my post for

    DAY 1


  386. hafizmd :

    aku belum submit semua lagi…hohoho..harap sempatlah..

    hehe..good luck semua :D

  387. Fara7 :

    Mission Accomplish

    Day 1 –
    Day 2 –
    Day 3 –
    Day 4 –

  388. Bean Moreno :

    Remake entry for iphone 4 contest :

  389. kaizen :

    just done the 4th one…

    but the 2nd and the 3rd one is in the process~ wahaa!

  390. kaizen :

    owrait~ done with all the task~ hehehehe

    i complete the first task 1st and then the 4th one, and after that the 2nd and the 3rd~ wakakaka

  391. hafizal fahmi :

    last entry is done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  392. Jo Vi :

    Hey, I accidentally submitted my 3 iphone post and i put the email address to my nuffnang acc which I didn’t use already. because I had already create a new nufffnang acc.. urm..? =\

    Kindly write in to our helpdesk for further assistance

  393. Yoong Jun :

    Hope muh Post is good enuf! Drop by ppl :)

  394. mizzura :

    adoiii…sebuk…tapi tetap mahu langsaikan hutang piutang ku…

    ini yang last wahai nuffnang/digi…

    Thanks for the iPhone 4 (in advanced..hehe)

  395. Azuan :

    All mission complete…:)

  396. huda :

    I’m done with all task ! Hopefully I can win this to make my dream come trueeeee :D

  397. azmie :

    Saya ingin mencuba nasib. Wish me LUCK, yeah!

  398. AYU :

    task 2 done
    wait for my final task…

  399. Jennifer Ng Ai Ling :

    Hi nuffie, did u receive all 4 of my post?
    I only got 1 acknowledgement from my 1st post


  400. Ronnie :

    I have submitted 3 of my post..however I do not know whether the submission already accepted or received because I did not received any email from your side… any advise ?

  401. Ladynoe :

    Hye Nuffies.

    I baru nak submit the second day entry. At first, internet connection in my office was down for a while. but then i refresh the page and try to resubmit, then i dapat notes yang mengatakan bahawa i already submit the entry. Can u please, please, please, check for me sama ada u guys dah dapat entry tu or belum.

  402. malarang-kak :

    entri terakhir berjaya disempurnakan.. mencuba nasib disini

  403. suichi :

    have submitted all… but why no email for me?? =(

  404. ed :

    entri yang tak seberapa dari aku : Digi iPhone 4 Contest versi Melayu

  405. Faizal :

    Hey there nuffies..
    just in case,
    my 1st task entry :

    will submit all other task by tonight!

  406. shidi :

    4 entry merebut iphone 4…
    jom tgok..

  407. Miu :

    done! :D

  408. Alan Lim :

    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4

  409. Cik Aada :



  410. shyyi : 3rd one ;)
    3 down , 1 left! yippe ;)

  411. Muhammad Fikri :

    phew~ sempat gak siap ari ni~

  412. Charmaine :

    Day 1:
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:

  413. autumn :

    My last post:

    Really hope to win. T__T

  414. zmah :

    ada sesiapa nak bagi kat akak tak?

  415. Chloe :

    Good luck!!All the best everyone!Hope you guys will win!!
    Day 1:

    Day 2:

    Day 3:

    Day 4:

  416. amyza :

    waa..i’m so frustrated coz i just read my email today (30/9) at 9.09 pm…i’ve misses the chance to get that iphone 4… =(

  417. bad boy lee :

    I wanna ask that if any of the bloggers didnt follow the rules, will they be disqualify?

    Like for iPhone 4 Life, it stated there that pls include a photo of urself in either one of the frame, but i saw many ppl include more than one photo or frames, and they include their family photo instead of a photo of themselves.

    Bside that, for iPhone 4 Play, I saw some include more than one favourite apps.

    I just wanna ensure the judegment of this contest. Will it be straight or just let loose for those rules? Thanks.

    The requirements stated in the blog post are minimum requirements, meaning that if you fulfill that requirement and wish to further express your creativity, it is allowed

  418. Coco :

    i forgot to put the word “Digi” in my first two entries’ titles, is it alright?

  419. Coco :

    Ah, it’s alright now. I edited the title, but the permalinks remain the same =D

  420. Song :

    why nuffnang sent an email to me telling me that i only submitted for Day 1?

  421. loojiawen :

    I’m finallyyyy done :’) good luck all !

    Post 1 –
    Post 2 –
    Post 3 –
    Post 4 –

  422. Nada :


    Good Luck Guys. :)

  423. Nadine :

    Submitted my 3rd post. Check it out.. but i don’t think it’s better than the others. Everyone’s entries are so good!

    Anyway, will submit my last post tomorrow. Really cutting it close here.

  424. Saffa :

    # DiGi iPhone 4 Life
    # DiGi iPhone 4 Real
    # DiGi iPhone 4 Play
    # Digi iPhone 4 Me

    Please pretty please make it mineeeee! If it’s not creative enough. Do give me some mystery gift laaaaaa. Teheeeeee…..

  425. mommy icha :

    mine done. alhamdulillah.

    related links:-

  426. Nabiel :

    done for task 3!=)

  427. Jo Vi :

    I wrote in to helpdesk to hear back from you guys a.s.a.p. :)

  428. Elaine :

    Finally all done. Good job guys! :)

  429. Jimmy :

    My new post for Day 2

    Day 1 –

    Day 2 –

  430. Sam :

    Joy i’ve finally finished all 4 post :)

    check out the videos on 4 real and 4 life;)

  431. Faizal :

    morning nuffies!,
    just incase you’ve missed my submission (i’m sure i’ve submitted all using the form)

    task 1 =
    task 2 =
    task 3 =
    task 4 =

    might not be as good as others, but i had fun writing all these..hehe

  432. Zizi :

    If making changes no need to resubmit the links, am i right?
    I made changes on my blog already.

    No resubmission is required

  433. pilocarpine :

    a gift of iPhone4 is a gift of love for my wife.

  434. intan :

    hi i’ve submitted mine too!

  435. Ickes :

    I have sent 4 links of my blog posts to Nuffnang but I received an e-mail from Nuffnang stating that I only completed 1 task. What should I do? Can Nuffnang confirmed my entries? Thanks!

    Task 1-
    Task 2-
    Task 3-
    Task 4-

    Yes, all entries have been received

  436. 4east :

    saya dah hantar ke semua entri untuk contest ini tapi belum mendapat emel pengesahan dari pihak nuffnang. Dengan ini saya sertakan permalink yg terlibat..

  437. Elaine :

    I never received one mail at all! =(

    Nuffie. Could you please help me check on it, please please please, pretty please. :)

    Thanks! :)

  438. vinnilaa :

    Finally, successfully finished the postings… I wonder when the results will be announced…

  439. Aini :

    Hope, am still not too late for this ;).

    And good luck to everyone.


  440. nfahk :

    done with all parts!

    wish me luck~ *wink2

  441. Jiemin :

    support me :)

    i hope nuffnang loves me too :) hehehe

  442. nizam :

    Submission Received

    Your entry has been submitted successfully. Thank you for your participation, and good luck!

    Yeahh… I’m done.. Wish me lucks ya guy.. Tq for all the reader of “The tales between mom and her son” .. Continue reading the last episode yaa..

  443. Jimmy :

    Done PART 3

    Day 1 –

    Day 2 –

    Day 3 –

    Can you check if my 3 entry have been submitted because saw some of the comment saying their receive email!! Just curious because i did not get any email. Will submit part 4 before 11.59

    No emails will be sent for any submission sent in. You can check if your submission is successful by sending in again using the same email and permalink. If it’s rejected, then your previous submission was successful because our system prevents duplicate to be sent in.

  444. Farah Dhamirah :

    Here’s mine. I’m done! :)

    Task 1 :
    Task 2 :
    Task 3 :
    Task 4 :

  445. Farah Dhamirah :

    Nuffnang, the first and second task i’d enter my other email (not the one registered with nuffnang) it’s a mistake. but the third and fourth tasks i’m using the right email.

  446. wansteddy :

    Kisah bersiri Kak Wan dan DIGI iPhone 4:

    Babak PERTAMA:

    Babak KEDUA:

    Babak KETIGA:

    Babak KEEMPAT:

    Hai admin, saya ada tersilap send entry Babak KETIGA: DiGi iPhone 4 Real. Tapi dah lakukan pembetulan. harap pihak admin boleh semak dan maklumkan kalau saya tak menepati syarat atau silap letak link ikut kategori tajuk >< TQVM

  447. PuanStoberi :

    Your entry has been submitted successfully. Thank you for your participation, and good luck!

    Yaihh…! done 4 all entry.. yeahuu…

    Gud Luck all.

  448. miszjue :

    done all!!

    wish me luck..gambatee kudasai!!

  449. ~k-vIn~ :

    Submitted all 4 entries.. good luck guys. =)

  450. blurlynn :

    Finally all done!!
    Wish me Luck!! :)


    Wish me LOTssSSSS of LUCK!!

  451. I Wizard :

    Completed mine.. here they are:

    Here’s the message after I submitted all entry..

    Submission Received

    Your entry has been submitted successfully. Thank you for your participation, and good luck!

    So, is is confirmed that my entry is in?

  452. wansteddy :

    me join!

  453. wansteddy :

    harap2 admin moderate my komen n terima my entry.
    cuak je tgk komen still awaiting moderation ><

  454. Miro :

    complete all 4 task..yeazzzaaa

  455. lydia :

    phew I finally finish all my blog post!! good luck to me….*yawn*

  456. Babecoffee :

    CRAPPP !!

  457. Jimmy :

    Finally DONE ALL 4 PART ALREADY! Just want to share my link

    Day 1 –

    Day 2 –

    Day 3 –

    Day 4 –


  458. LFn :

    pls comment on my entry… :)

    What do u say?

  459. Nabiel :

    hope i not to late~hehehe

    last task!

  460. nor suriani :

    submit for Day 3

  461. Wzulhilmi :

    Yatta!!! dh berjaya submit semua entry! :D

  462. Galvin Tan :

    Ok, finally submitted all my post. Good luck to all :)

  463. debbeh :

    if i didnt receive a confirmation of my submission do i have to keep submitting it again until i see the confirmation of submission?

    i got the message for the 3rd post but not the 4th post.

  464. Joanne :

    Finally I am done!

  465. Nadine :


    I’ve submitted all my entries already.

    I’m not sure if you’ve received them coz I may have put the wrong permalink for Day 2 or 3 i can’t remember. Anyway, hopefully it’s correct. :D

  466. MuJE :

    yeay! berjaya jugak akhirnya! Rancangan Sembang iPhone!

  467. penaberkala :

    1 :

    2 :

    3 :

    4 :

  468. nor suriani :

    wish me luck for my besday..

  469. henry^munkey :

    Finally, my last post:

  470. zac1987 :

    I have submitted all 4 tasks at before 11.55p.m LOL.
    Task 1 :
    Task 2 :
    Task 3 :
    Task 4 :

  471. zac1987 :

    I have submitted all 4 tasks at before 11.55p.m Haha. Lucky can complete all in time, wahahaha.
    Task 1 :
    Task 2 :
    Task 3 :
    Task 4 :

  472. lydia :

    blogged! yea…finally phew~

  473. Qiren :

    submitted all last night at 8pm, yay, hope i win, wish me luck

  474. Ashley Thay :

    when we’ll know the result,please?

    Results are still being finalised, all participants will be notified via email when the results are ready

  475. TikkoSS :

    Phew, I finally submitted mine too. check out on (i can tell you, it will not be dissapointed)

  476. sarah azzalynn :

    Wootz wootz

  477. pilocarpine :

    so, when will the result be out?

  478. chekleen :

    omg!!!i missed this…
    any other new contest?

  479. leesa :

    yeahh same question as chekleen . any other contest onwards ?

  480. Em :

    My posts just before midnight of 1nd Oct…

    Day 1:
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:

    There is a problem with the codes in Day 4… Half part of the pictures are gone. Although I’ve already fix all… Is it submitted correctly? It took time to load all though…

    Thanks for your answers in advance…

  481. Janice :

    I’ve submitted all as well but I received an email saying only 1 was received.
    Just in case.

  482. TikkoSS :


    I have submitted all my posts for Digi iPhone4 Contest before the dateline but I noticed that many put up their permalink here, so here are all my genuine posts. Hope you enjoy reading them. CheerSS

    TikkoSS’s Blog

  483. talamkeladi :

    i missed the last one, can I submit it by today…my laptop doesn’t have photoshop so difficult for me to make the superimposed image…please…allow me for this time!

  484. Ali ridha :

    saya dah lama habis.dah hantar semua.sebelum
    tarikh habis contest.

  485. mem :

    i want too

  486. Geo :

    Can i edit the post after the submission date?

    You may edit after submitting, but if you’re to edit after deadline, it will not be valid.

  487. DSvT :

    Result out?

  488. yuyu :

    i can’t wait!

  489. LZY :

    I can’t wait for the results !

  490. ahm :

    bila ye rasa-rasanya result nak keluar

  491. Jack :

    When the results out?
    I hope i can win the iphone^^

  492. Kenny :

    Wonder when the result will be coming out? hehe ^^ can’t wait for it…

  493. iPhone Maniac :

    OMG, I’m too late for this because I have been busy with my work. Will Digi organize iPhone 4 contest again? Good luck to all of you.

  494. LFn :

    the winner already announced ka?

    Not yet. Results will be sent out via email to all participants

  495. ayesha :

    how come still no winners announcement yet. how weird.

    That’s because we had overwhelming amount of entries the Yellow Man is spinning dizzy running them through. Do be patient and rest assured that everyone will be informed of the winner once he/she has been selected

  496. zac1987 :

    I check my email box everyday just because want to know who is the lucky creative winner. LOL HAHAHA.

  497. yuyu :

    congrats 4 the winner

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