Celebrate Amazing Skin with Vaseline

Hey Nuffnangers, got a minute to spare? Try scratching your skin and see if it leaves a line. If there is, your skin is crying out for some moisture, STAT. Our skin is the largest organ we have, and quite possibly one of the most important ones too, but it’s also often the most neglected one.

If your skin hasn’t been properly introduced to the right kind of moisturizers before, Vaseline is on a mission to change that! The expert skincare brand just launched its Amazing Skin campaign which seeks to empower women to love and appreciate their skin, not just the face but the entire body by giving it the care and nourishment it deserves. Along with that, Vaseline also unveiled its new body lotion range catering to different skin needs, with variants like Total Moisture, Healthy White, Intensive Rescue, and Aloe Cool and Fresh.

With four different variants, there’s something for everyone, so you know who to call if you need a lil’ something to get you moist :P We’ve saved the best news for last though – Vaseline is having a contest especially for you Nuffnangers so that you can all celebrate YOUR amazing skin. All you have to do is tell us – Are You Moist Enough? – in the most creative way possible, and you could win invites to the Celebration of Amazing Skin by Vaseline poolside party, exclusively for Nuffnangers!

Head over to and follow the instructions to submit your blog post, and the 75 best written blog posts will win a pair of invites to the poolside party. That’s not the only thing you stand to win; check out the list of goodies up for grabs:

Best Written Blog Posts
1st Prize – RM3,000 cash + Vaseline products
2nd Prize – RM2,000 cash + Vaseline products
3rd Prize – RM1,000 cash + Vaseline products
5x Consolation Prizes – RM200 cash + Vaseline products

During the party itself, there’ll be prizes for games and lucky draws too! And make sure you get some help from Vaseline body lotion to look absolutely glowing at the party, because the female blogger with “The Most Vibrant Skin” will win a Coach Handbag worth RM2,000! Details of the Celebration of Amazing Skin by Vaseline party are as below:

Date: 2 October 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 5pm – 9pm
Venue: Luna Bar
Dress Code: Green, Yellow, Pink or White (Killer heels are optional; elegance is a must – it’s the cocktail party of the year!)

We always go all out when we celebrate the good things in life, and the poolside party is no exception. Celebrity host Jojo Struys will be hosting this celebration of amazing skin, and the entertainment will not disappoint with performances by local jazz artiste Yuna, and stand-up comedy by the charming funnyman (also a big hit with the ladies), Kuah Jenhan.

Finally, imagine the stunning views the Luna Bar has to offer, and there you have it – truly an elegant affair to remember.

Ladies, wait no more! Join us for the celebration of amazing skin with Vaseline, and don’t forget to make Vaseline body lotion a must-have in your beauty stash too :)

Deadline for submissions is 12 pm, 1 October 2010 (Friday).

This is a Nuffnang Community Event.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Simon Har :

    erm… this is only open to female?

    It’s open to all Nuffnangers :)

  2. michellezyenn :

    Can i participate?

    Let us look into our magic crystal ball for the answer…

  3. albalang :

    any deadline?

    Whoops, updated blog post with deadline :)

  4. JolynGoh :

    Wow.. Another awesome party by Nuffnang.. yeay…

  5. aReaL :

    Can I Blog About It On Melay ?? Hehehe….

    Of course!

  6. kelhome :

    yazzzaa! great prizes lol :)

  7. bigxcarol :

    ^^ Can I blog in mandarin?

    Yes, you can :)

  8. TianChad :

    “The Most Vibrant Skin” will win a Coach Handbag worth RM2,000
    How bout guys? Can win extra cool dekstop or not? ;p

  9. Rabiatul Adawiyah :

    Wow best! but for the most vibrant skin is difficult to find la. im muslimah. close all. hahaha. got 1st prize ok gak. yeehaa!

  10. Baboon Tan :

    wow it will be a good experience with the nuffnangers partying at Luna Bar!

  11. sophia tai :

    2nd of oct. pmr. oh bull :(

  12. Afra Yuri :

    Luna Bar! woot woot! wait for my blogpost nuffnang! hehe

  13. hawa :

    2nd 0f oct…oh my..i can’t..i’m doing my practical trainning…so sad :(

  14. joegrimjow :

    the prizes only be given on that party? i cant attend the party (2nd october not in Malaysia) but still want to join, could it possible the party represent by my friend?

    Yes, you may send a representative if you win a prize

  15. Serge Norguard :

    michelle tak boleh participate ! Her skin too damn awesome liao

  16. shahroll photo :

    NIce party! Wanna see Yuna.. =D
    75 blog post will win… peluang cerah! aminn..


  17. cf-ipm :

    mmm saya pernah guna vaseline ni

  18. UtamaOptometrist :

    Excellent! I’m going to take part~ Wahaha…

  19. hamzah :

    the first 3 comment really funny lol.. kah kah kah

  20. Natashae1 : entrytml
    I want to join the pool party
    This is m

  21. garuda :

    wow!!! good news!!

  22. qimie :


  23. Aimi A.Z :

    Yay! Mari kita buat entri. :P

  24. Wanita Tercsntik Di Dunia :

    Jojo Struys? Now, that’s HOT! Nothing like the good ‘ol Vaseline to cool her down.

  25. Dylan :

    poolsideeh. will there be hot babes in biknis? LOL!

  26. lullaby :

    wow….i love poolside party =]

  27. Crystal vern :

    Wow, Vaseline’s new body lotion. I want to buy it..

  28. navina :

    Hey, I cant seem to find the upload picture button to submit my picture?:(

    It’s on Step 1 of the ‘Submit’ tab

  29. caimay :

    Do we have to be 18 and above?

    Nope, under-18’s are welcome to join too :)

  30. sepaku :

    Boleh guna bahasa melayu ke utk tulis kt blog?


  31. Fiona YJS :

    But I live in Penang. =(

  32. navina :

    yeah i know that. but all i see is the browse button. No upload picture button

    Yes, there is, the ‘Submit’ button is directly below. Kindly contact our helpdesk if you encounter any more problems

  33. Bazli :

    hmm.. upload a picture of your skin?

    but I have dry, patchy skin… they want to see that??

    that’s the whole reason to get one these lotion no?

    but if you have great skin, then okay lah upload.. but they want like an autopsy of some of the skin conditions??

    As long as it’s ur skin in your photo then it’s fine. :)

  34. daydeck86 :

    dah siap dah main taram jerk

  35. yangbaik :

    yezza, me love the prizes… but not at the pool side…
    wait for my entry ya… good luck

  36. Glo-w :

    Ah I’m already a Vaseline user^^ Yeay…
    Y must submit photo? then download then upload….?
    Sorry I’m a little confused.
    Does that mean our post must have our picture with Vaseline logo on it that has been done by the company? @_@; HELP! I WANNA TAKE PART~

    Yes, you are right

  37. kaizen :

    rase2nye macam aq jeh 1st lelaki yang join? wahahahhaha nah

    bleh ke tuh? wahaa!

  38. RM :

    y cant i submit my phote? there’s a browse button, but after i attached the picture, there’s no submit button to click. HELP!

    There should be a ‘Submit’ button directly under the field for the file name, if you have any difficulties please write in to our helpdesk

  39. Anak Perak :

    Kena try lembut ckt kulit ni. :)

  40. Glo-w :

    So sorry just for clarification.

    1) Up load a photo (what kind?): see some ppl upload before pics flaky and dry and some after pics with nice skin. Is the pic for the most vibrant skin contest?

    2) Once Vaseline edited with logo, download the pic and use it for the blog post?

    Thank ya for thaking the time to answer my Qs <3 NN

    1. Any pictures of your skin will do, as long as it relates to your post
    2. Yes :)

  41. hazey :

    Boleh ke..??

  42. shahir naim :

    wow!!! way cooler than doing assignments..
    kena start buat research nih… rm3000 oooo~!!

  43. Kelly :

    cool… i like this.

  44. eyriqazz :

    huk3..really want to join but it the same day as GSC 100 Plus Treasure Hunt…

  45. Ice :

    I just submitted my photo, will blog and submit the blog entry tonight =)

  46. Amy :

    Submitted mine and this is the entry ,thanks :-)

  47. hamzah :

  48. physiomom :

    Any restrictions for no. of paragraphs n number of words to write?
    V can post more than one image rite?

    Nope, no restrictions, you can post as many paragraphs and images as you like :)

  49. physiomom :

    do v need to comment here to indicate that v have written the post? Or shall we just submit directly?

    You don’t need to comment, your submission will be enough

  50. Ice Hoong :

    Oh Yes, I have done.
    Do read my blog =)

  51. LionGirl :

    Check out my blog post!

    A winning post for sure! Yeah!

  52. Kellye Tan :

    VASELINE! Done it! :D

    good luck everyone! =D

  53. Antonylca :

    Can i know where can i get the logo link?


    You can get your image with a Vaseline watermark by uploading it on Step 1 of the ‘Submit’ tab

  54. ellyana1 :

    submitted already

    pick me please…:)

  55. Babystar88 :

    the view looks nice from here!isizt the building is at Lot 10 there?

    Nope, it’s part of the Pacific Regency Hotel Suites building :)

  56. Half Naked Latte :

    actually i just started blogging, & my friend recommend nuffnang

    & now im loving ❤ nuffnang (。◕‿◕。) tee hee..


    I’m bringing my aloe cool & fresh to the beach, is it ok if i update my entry?


  57. kilaaa :

    gud luck everyone;)

  58. Kelvin Lee Zi Heng :

    Aiks? Males are not allowed? :(

    Nope, everybody is welcome :)

  59. azieda razak :

    pergi party ni boleh ajak kawan tak??

    Kalau dapat jemputan memang boleh~

  60. deen :

    hohoho…nice! this is interesting…i think i should try

  61. Nana Eddy :

    Am I MOIST enough? well duhh~
    check out just how MOIST I am.

  62. ida :

    I’m totally participating :)
    Can i blog in manglish? LOL
    And what’s the word limit?

    Manglish is fine, and there’s no word limit :)

  63. Jessying :

    Yeh, I’m done ! Hope to be invited to the event!

    Nuffnang moist up my life!

  64. Joey :

    read mine =)

  65. Kim :

    Can write in mandarin?

    Yes, you can!

  66. KIFLI :

    Deadline for submissions is 12 pm, 1 October 2010 (Friday). still have a chance to publish a great entry….weee~~~ :P

  67. CIkLilyPutih :

    hi nuffies,

    here’s my blog post premalink :

    hopefully dpt invitation la ye…. (doa bebyklah)

  68. beLLa :

    done!meh cekidout ;p

  69. shahroll photo :

    Hello My Dear Nuffnang! =D

    here my post with few citation from the expert about “Dry Skin”. Visit

    Thanks you,


  70. Kane :

    Done it!

    Let’s check it out ^^V


  71. Kane :

    It should be like this ^^

  72. eT :

    akhirnyer terjebak dgn contest ini..hehehe

  73. eT :

    cane nk tau entry kite diterima or not?

  74. zara :

    if I’m one of the lucky 75, may I bring a partner to Luna Bar?

  75. ManjaIxora :

    yeay.. i dah buat en3.. hohoho.. ayat x bley blah lah.. huhuhu.. tp bantai jerlah labu.. hohoho

  76. Raymond-Chloe :

    Want to ask, about the skin picture, is it necessary to show face? Hehe~

    No, it’s not.

  77. Khalid Amin :

    I will make my post soon.. Take some time to capture the best picture of mine..

  78. Nicole Chang :

    I want to join too.. This is awesome!! Nuffnang Rocks~

  79. Nowa :

    entry penyertaan saya!!

  80. Derus :

    wat entry pasal competition ni..:)

  81. Kelvin Lee Zi Heng :

    But in the post you said “LADIES…….”
    So which means only ladies are allowed to attend the pool party?

    The prizes offered might appeal to the ladies more, but guys are more than welcome to join too :)

  82. Merrinette :

    What if another blogger copied how a previous blogger that had submitted their entry?
    Sorry if I asked a ridiculous question, just curious bout it.

    We’ll consider the entry submitted first as the original and if plagiarism is found to have occurred that entry risks being disqualified

  83. Muhammad Najmi :

    I’m a wee bit confused here.
    I’ve submitted my entry in the link that you provided above. So, like are suppose to submit it again here in this page?

    No, your entry at the Vaseline microsite will be sufficient

  84. niantse :

    hi… seem like im having problem to submit the photo le…
    any one having the same problem, i cant find the submit button?

    Kindly write in to our helpdesk for assistance

  85. Muhammad Najmi :

    So, I guess there’s absolutely no need to post my permalink here anymore since I’ve submitted my entry at the Vasoline microsite.

    Thanks Nuffnang for giving me this opportunity. I really have high hopes of going to this event as you said that this will be the most happening event in the year. Thanks!

    Wish me luck!!!

  86. Cammy :

    Here is my post:


  87. Bowie :

    I’m done with mine.

    And here it is :

    Thank you, Nuffnang. For giving us a great opportunity :)

  88. Azreen Zunairah :

    silalah baca post saya pasal vaseline nieyh eyh..huhu

  89. Xheyl :

    Done with mine! :D

  90. aini :

    saya join jugak.. But because I am Muslimah, only can show kulit tangan saje lah… =) Lagipun memang pengguna produk vaselin tegar ni… Sila la lihat post ni…

  91. Eisse J :

    I’m thinking of submiting a post too…hmm who can take my photo? =)

  92. Linda Elier :

    Hi Folks,

    Enjoy my interpretation of ‘ Are you Moist Enough’ at:

    By the way, I had the same trouble uploading the pics… I’ve found out that using Mozilla Firefox instead of IE helps. I hope this solves some of our fellow Nuffnangers too.

    Good luck everyone! Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya!

  93. miss ell :

    I love this contest ++++++++ TQVM Nuffnang..

  94. Nian Tse :

    Yup, able to upload the photo.. The trick is.. you have to use firefox.

    Thanks Nuffnang for a great contest.

  95. syidashukor :

    i’ve done mine too ! (:

    happy viewing !

  96. Half Naked Latte :

    Finally back from beach side, updated entry at the end of post plus some photography.

    Hope nuffies will check it out >__<

  97. Nur Fatin Fatihah :

    sudah join :)

  98. Babystar88 :

    Must I blog about Vaseline Total Moisture, Healthy White, Intensive Rescue, and Aloe Cool and Fresh or any vaseline product will do?

    The focus needs to be about the new range as mentioned in the blog post :)

  99. Joey :

    read mine ; )

  100. YEN :

    Dear Nuffnang,

    Here is my post:

    Appreciate the opportunity given and would be extremely happy to be able to win the invites.

    Thank you! ♥ :)

  101. beeblob :

    hai sana..
    kalau dapat pergi boleh bawa teman? seorang diri sangat segan..

  102. Sue :

    Done , please pick me pick me :)

  103. ju juliet :

    2nd of october? i really wanna go but i’m not sure either i can go or not because i think my college will have a MUST activity that we as a student need to attend. oh MYYY!!! i wanna go, i wanna go! what if i win anything? is it still possible for me to get the prize? teheee. :P

    Yes, as long as you can find a representative to receive your prize on your behalf

  104. Shannon Chow :

    Just did my post! <3

  105. NuNu EeRa :

    my vaseline.. done..;)

  106. aReaL :

    Done…!!! Im I Too Late ??

    Are You Moist Enough?

  107. apis :

    its a great contest !

    juz to ask,

    if i already submit the entry, is it applicable if i want to edit again the entry?

    is it compulsory to write any details about this contest as mention above(ex. prizes etc) or i juz create my own story,nothing related to the details as mention above, but it still talk about skin and Vaseline..

    Thanx Nuffnang !

    Yes, you can still edit your entry. It’s totally up to you what you choose to write :)

  108. Miu :


    I’m joining too! :D

  109. Mohd Zaid :

    walaupun lambat submit tapi saya tetap setia menggunakan produk Vaseline … :)

  110. Jennifer Ng :

    Trying my luck

  111. Chingy :

    Done :)

  112. mummyadria :

    saja memeriahkan lagi…saya orang baru…..

  113. viruspadu :

    saya juga sudah join :)

  114. theeggyolks :

    Just finished the post with the animation!! -_-” Please visit us :D

  115. Cheng :

    The 3 best written blogpost winners will be announced during the party? or via email before the party?

    All winners will be announced during the party

  116. Joanne :

    Is that any way to receive the prize other than attending the party (because i am not in KL) or someone to representative me to receive the prize? Can I collect the prize from Nuffnang office?

    Yes, you can send a representative to collect your prize at the party

  117. aidi-safuan :

    are you moist enough?????!!!!

  118. aReaL :

    I Been Summit My Photo And Doing My Post Entry Since 14 Sept, But.. Untiul Now I Haven’t See My Photo At Photo Gallery. Did I Need To Upload The Photo Back ??

    Our gallery is moderated, perhaps you could try again and see if it’s there now.

  119. Nava K :

    After trying for so many days, I am unable to upload my photo on the submit tab. Can you please let me know why?

    Kindly write in to the helpdesk for more assistance

  120. Simon Har :

    i submitted my post to the microsite earlier, but then i edited my post? so do i have to resubmit again?

    Nope, it’s not necessary

  121. Kelly :

    miss sunshine ~ are you moist enough???

  122. sherry fam :


  123. Angeline :

    finally submitted mine. Haha!

    Btw, how will i know if my picture is in the gallery? Will there be email notification?

    No there won’t, you can check back to see if we’ve approved your picture for display in the gallery

  124. Sharifah :

  125. vOon :

    Luckily I still get to submitted mine before the deadline!

  126. Xheyl :

    Just got the email from nuffnang for the invites! OMG, thank you sooooooooooo much!
    will be bringing my cousin sis as her late birthday gift! :) She was so happy when she heard I got it!


  127. lullaby :

    hope it is not too late to submit my entry =)

    Good luck to me!

  128. Fish Lim :

    Done =)

  129. Vince :

    Done mine (:

  130. Raymond-Chloe :

    Hope it is not too late? Spend really a lot time and effort writing this post, hope can be chosen… ^^

  131. lullaby :

    there are some problem with the previous link….

    please check out the new link, thanks!

  132. Actorina Yulia :

    POOLPARTY.. Woohooo!!!
    I love pamper my skin

  133. Baboon Tan :

    Finally I done mine!

    If you are asking me, Are You Moist Enough?

    (read my blog post and you will get the answer)

  134. Half Naked Latte :

    tQ tQ for the invites!!!!!!

    tQ! omg i think nuffnang has lots of good karma already by making people happy like this =)

  135. JunJun-Riko :

    Here’s mine.

    Btw, I know a few others got their invites to the party edi, does that mean I’m too late? T__T

  136. Ijal :

    Warna kulit saya gelap, bleh putih ke?

  137. Daleela :

    submited mine.

  138. haha :

    jeng2…last minute entry…juz try for the first time..:)

  139. Daleela :


    I’m not sure whether my entry has been submitted or not at because i can’t find any submit button to submit the entry at the SUBMIT tab. and same goes to the picture. Please asist me on this matter. Thank you in advance.

    Kindly write in to our helpdesk for assistance

  140. Half Naked Latte :

    Hey I updated my post again (due to constant egging from friends to touch up better) ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!

    I really hope it’s good though.

    & tQ for the invites again.

    Please check out here:

  141. Daleela :

    How to submit the entry?

    1. go to rite?
    2. then go to HOME TAB, at the right side of page there is SUBMIT button rite>Then click
    3. Now at SUBMIT TAB, which there is 2 column (a) upload photo and (b) submit your entry here.
    4. Part (a)browse the picture, Part (b) paste the link at the link column rite?
    5. Then how to submit.. no submit button..

    Kindly contact our helpdesk for more assistance

  142. EdwinCk : my entry is here

  143. Joanne :

    Hope that I am not too late :)
    Good luck guys.

  144. Eevee :

    hope i’m not too late ^^

  145. shahir :

    last minute attempt~

  146. Hooi Nee :

    Check out my Vaseline post, I hope you like it. (:

    I hope I can get the invitation!

  147. Teo Suan Ming :

    hopefully i’m never too late :D
    Check out my Vaseline Post (:

    PS: DO laugh to brighten your day >:D!

  148. Daleela :

    hi nuffnang,

    when can u reply my queries? Due date is around the corner. If successfull why i cant see my picture there…



    Pictures on the gallery are moderated, therefore they might not appear immediately.

  149. shii teck :

    can I join the contest now?? still available? I heard that Nuffnang is giving the invitation out already. Is there 2nd batch of invitation giving out?? thanks

    The deadline for entries is 12 pm on 1 October as stated in the T&C

  150. Joanne :

    Can I place the photo with vaseline logo in my blog without submit to gallery?

    Yes, you can

  151. eyriqazz :

    My last minutes entry..hik3..

  152. contestaddict :

    hi there,

    What is the itenary during the poolside party? I’ve been invited & I’m frm outstation & wish to knw the programme for the night as I couldnt get any accomodation for that night. Any dinner provided for that night? If nt , will hv to hv early meal before v come at 5pm. Appreciate ur feedback.

    No worries, dinner will be provided :)

  153. Daleela :

    Hi there,

    Thank you nuffnang, at last my entry has submitted evendow~ i know i’m not the winner and did not received any invitation for the pool party. I just wanna ask, only blogger dat received invitation to the pool party have the chance to win Best Written Blog Posts and receive

    1st Prize – RM3,000 cash + Vaseline products
    2nd Prize – RM2,000 cash + Vaseline products
    3rd Prize – RM1,000 cash + Vaseline products
    5x Consolation Prizes – RM200 cash + Vaseline products

    Am I rite to say dat?

    Congratulations in advance my friends… Have Fun Ya…

    Yes, all potential winners have been invited to the party.

  154. sha :

    I’ve submitted the post yesterday… any chance of getting the invites by tomorrow?
    please response… thanks ya… :)

  155. sha :

    sob sob. ='(
    why the invites were given days before the deadline?
    its unfair since the evaluation is made before the deadline.
    if i noe it, i might write the post earlier

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