Nuffnang Premiere Screening – Resident Evil : Afterlife 3D

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  1. Jas :

    I love Resident Evil! :)

  2. :

    nice movie and good price too..

  3. Eppy Eoshi :

    ouchhh..i really wanna watch this!

  4. Christopher Neo :

    I wanna watch Resident Evil! But dun think its coming to me anytime soon… I’m in Shenzhen and movies here usually arrive 1-2 months late… sob sob sob…

  5. Jimmy :

    This is my post!

  6. Nuyui :

    fuh.. fuh… fuh……(using all the spell around the world + kenyit2 mata sket…) eheheheehehe…

  7. LionGirl :

    Catch my post! I am Alice in:

    This is a winner!

  8. shahroll photo :

    LOVE the mobile phone!! ahahah.. cool lah.. =D


  9. engtaukia :

    woohoO~ action movie is in 3D now !!!! and yet, it’s Resident Evil ! >.<

  10. taufulou :

    here is my post on the movie. . .

  11. Natasha-E1 :

    I want to watch and win the prize!!!

  12. Jeremy :

    Wanna know how i am going to go against Umbrella corp?,Visit my blog!

  13. salmia :

    huhuhu.. selalu kat KL.

  14. zenghoong :

  15. mx :

    i’m not in KL that time…

  16. WenYi : want those free passes!! I just love Milla Jovovich! Will try to write-up for the contest soon :)

  17. Nikel :

    My favorite movie incoming…excite-ing..

  18. Chloe Lian :

    The movie looks nice and good!Finally the movie I have been waiting for!!the prizes seems good too!

  19. Cweelee :

    here’s mine…:

  20. ainil :

    sorry byk mengarut

  21. ainil :

  22. Chloe Lian :

    I want that prize!

  23. Muhammad Najmi :

    Here’s my entry!!! I hope I could get to see the movie and perhaps, if luck is on my side, win the Sony 16GB Video Walkman!!!!!
    Wish me luck, Nuffies!

  24. Jolyn Toh :

    I’m a big fan of the game itself, looking forward to the movie :D

  25. Siew5 :

    Alice is back again..
    Zombies, be afraid.. BE very AFRAID!! =)

    Check out my post..

    Nothing – ever – changes.

  26. Elaine Hooi :

  27. kit :

    DOne… here my link

  28. zuraida :

    heyya, check out my blog post.

  29. azharie : in 3d..awesome…

  30. zara aluwi :

    Catch my post…

    Nuffnang awesome…

  31. Spectre :

    C4 away!

  32. deen :

    Nice! Some more it will be shown in 3D, I wonder if the zombie will look much more scary and Milla will look hotter in it

  33. ellyana1 :

    i wanna win…

  34. luckystrike :

    Hai…this my entry…

    all the best…

  35. Jian Yuan :

    Nuffnang, the provided link you provided failed to show any photo in my post (as shown at the end of my post). I’ve attached a similar photo from Resident Evil: Afterlife. Thanks!

  36. carmen :

    Here you go :D

  37. shahir naim :

    nak tengok wayang free~ XD


    -shahir naim-

  38. hamzah :

    i just enter this!!!

  39. Liyana L :

    can i bring a ‘friend’? :D

    If you win the tickets, of course :)

  40. shii teck :

    Do check this out! Enjoy~

  41. toninkush :

    This is perhaps my best post ever for a Nuffnang mini-contest =)

  42. joegrimjow :

    raya raya raya

  43. Fish Lim :


    Just wanna inform..there’s some typo here..the third para after the poster of Resident Evil of this post…

    It stated to win invites to the Premiere Screening of Salt..

    To take part in this exclusive contest just by Nuffnangers to win invites to the Premiere Screening of Salt and fantastic prizes from Sony, it is as simple as doing the following;

    ^^…just to highlight with u guys and hope u guys amend the error o..

    Have a nice day.

    Whoops, we’ve amended it, thanks for the heads up!

  44. Long Mun Hoe :

    I love it! Resident Evil.

  45. Sholee :

    Hopefully able to win this ‘fight’!

  46. mizzura :

    oh..i need to miss my tarawih if i join this..will i? errr…

  47. jason :

  48. Edwin Chong :

    Hope I can win the ticket ! :)

  49. Jian Yuan :

    The provided codes doesn’t work on my posted entries. How? :(

  50. Jian Yuan :

    The provided codes suddenly worked. Problems with blogger. Hope it’s alright for me to reattached the photo by pasting the codes.

  51. Li Ting :

    Hi! Here’s goes my link!

  52. Baboon Tan :

    Newly researched vaccine to cure T-virus!

    Check it out at

  53. Yen Mei :

    Alice In The NOT-SO-WONDERFUL-land!

  54. azrinfaiz87 :

  55. zhihow :

    i’m ultimate fans of resident evil
    check it out

  56. aReaL :

    Gonna Create My Post A.S.A.P… wait Me Okey Bebeh…. Hehehe…

  57. albalang :

    my entry for this

    can’t wait to watch the movie!

  58. Jeff :

  59. mushroom :

    Read the blue label english part…..wakakaka

  60. mushroom :

    read blue part only…..sure make u laugh

  61. Jack Ng :

    helo helo … here is mine

    Please choose me ya … :D

  62. aReaL :

    Dear All.. Check Mine Post >>>
    Fighting Umbrella Corporation

    But The Link For Photo Cant Use… Got Error One Laa… Hehehe…

  63. Eppy Eoshi :

    LOL! 3rd one leave comment..
    sorry i forgot to leave the link =)

  64. kongloong :

    I am in…

  65. Milka taniea :


  66. shahroll photo :

    aaaaa.. i`m late post?? hopefully i get the ticket! =D


  67. Joyce Wong :

    I would practice my stealth and assasination skills. Find out who I will target first in my entry!!! Here’s the permalink. :)

  68. Robinboy :

    Wow! Can’t wait for this movie!

  69. Ruby :

    Interesting! Good info untuk kaum2 yang macam i ni, susah nk tahu latest movie. hihi. Btw,try my best.Tq nuff.

  70. bella luna :

    haa i olso. so adore to c dis film nok!!!! hahaha

  71. achmad :

    action movie
    wanna watch it.

  72. Jackie Loi :


    just done mine :D

  73. Charmaine :

    My Brilliant Idea:

  74. Wene-ism :

    My first tryout for nuffnang! I hope I get the passes to watch Milla Jovovich^^ All the best to everyone who joined :)

  75. Babystar88 :

    Here is my post!die zombies…die xD

  76. Clon :

    I waited long enough for this :)

  77. YeeJinLim :

    Weirdest post I’ve written so far. Lets hope it goes well.

  78. Khalid Amin :

    Yes, finish with my story.. Feel free to visit my blog.. Thank you..

  79. Che Armster :

    Moi attempt to impersonate Alice. :)

  80. sulaiman :

    from the 1st resident evil game until the movie, love all of it.. can’t wait for the 3D in the cinema

  81. Pauline Tan :

    infiltrating Umbrella Corp. with clones of Alice!

    my version of saving the day. ;)

  82. chentanana :

    hi semua.. nana nak update blog nana… meh datang singgah.. boleh bagi komen juga ya…

  83. Kevin Teh Yi Ming :

    Yo Nuffnang, I’m done with my story. :D
    Hope to be the chosen one!! Wehee

  84. Norita :

    Good Vision And Good Movie…How You Can get Idea to fight.

  85. TikkoSS :

    Hi Nuffnangers,

    We submit a post because we like blogging or sony walkman or freebies or watching Resident Evil?
    Is it too much to ask for all ??

    Here is my masterpiece. I can guarantee the Strategy 3 (my Favourite) works !

    Btw, TikkoSS’s Blog just started recently .. have a PEEP !

    CheerSS !

  86. Afif Aizad :

    this is my story..hope you like it =)

  87. MRC :

    Just try my luck :D..Thx for organising this contest

  88. Eva Yan :

    Pls read mine and comment on it :)

    Thanks alot.
    High hope on winning tickets to my fav movie series !

  89. daphnepoh :

    Check mine out! ;)

  90. Joel Wong :

    Here’s my entry. Hope I get those tickets. *crosses fingers*

  91. carmen :

  92. Angelztan :

    Hope Lady Luck is on my side!
    Check it out! :)

  93. deen :

    This is mine,


  94. orendevil89 :

    I’ve wrote and posted it!
    check it out :P

  95. orendevil89 :

    i’ve wrote and posted!

  96. Juliana Salleh :

    here are mine..plis2..mao ticket!!!! :) love u NUFFNANG!!! :)

  97. jason :

    Hope miracle do exist~! :D

  98. arul :

    I really want it!! :D

  99. StevenBoy :

    This is my entry! Count me in~

  100. arul :

    Can’t wait to watch next episode…

  101. Steven Boo Chuwen :

    Wants to watch a 3D movie since I had never, seriously never watched a 3D movie in GSC before.
    Thanks and have a nice day.

  102. Q :

    love mila. hahah

  103. reeve yong :

  104. arul :

    Can’t wait to watch..

  105. Yoong Jun :

    I m Lucky! I m Lucky! I m Lucky! I m Lucky!

  106. kweenie :

    here i come~

  107. -Asy- :

    Hello Boss
    Akhirnya saya berjaya mendapat idea :-)
    Sila review bila rajin yer
    give me the sony phone hahaha

  108. Hoong Fong :

    My post :) Hope you all will like it

  109. arul :

    can’t wait to watch it..

  110. FiSh :

    here is mine ;D

  111. Awin :

    its look fantastic…
    i’m love it…

  112. shirley :

    yosh!!!! rock down RE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. GTR :

    can’t wait to watch this movie.
    desperately want to know how alice will destroy umbrella corporation and restore the human being civilisation

  114. shaunbuff :

    i hope can win

  115. Evon :

    Alice is not in the Wonderland anymore! She’s now in Resident Evil 4!

  116. Wan Gerrard :

    Gerrard nak join^^

  117. qimie :

    dah siap.. jom tengok saya punya

  118. lyanamk :

    wah!! best nieeeeeee so meh jenguk2 blog sayaaaa~~~ jgn lupe klik kt encek nuffnangggg ituuu!! heheh

  119. Debbie Woo :

  120. Urbanae :

    Check out my post or I’ll BITE you!!!

  121. arul :

    came to see my blog…

  122. sherah :

    okay done with the how to fight the umbrella corporation :)
    but mine is in BAHASA MELAYU. hope its okay for you. :)

    thanks. and lots of love. here is the link for the entry i post :)

  123. Sanjay Sasietharan :

  124. joey cheong may yen :

    fresh from the oven :D

  125. nizam omar :

    fresh from farm!! :P

  126. WongPF :

    Please check out my blog here.

  127. WongPF :

    Check out my blog !

  128. Punk Chopsticks :

    This are my blog. You absolutely have to check it out!
    Because it is so pathetic that I have to beg. But hey, thats life.

  129. Ruxyn :

    A bit late. Nevertheless, here’s my entry! :)

    Take a look guys. hahah. :D thanks nuffnang

  130. Ck :
    yor yor ..
    hot !! check out

  131. Derus :

    want to see this movie…

  132. wan :

    Finally! :)

  133. Ash Boon :

    Pick me! Pick me!

  134. Rosli :

    Finally,here is my post

    Fighting Umbrella Corporation

  135. Rosli :

    here mine :)

  136. ag :

    im both.. wahahah

  137. aimar sharer :

    Here is my blog post, hope you like it!

  138. Ning :

    Here’s my entry. (:

  139. Joshualaw :

    Yes~ Finally done my blog post! Hope you guys like my story…=)


  140. Reenieho :

    hey, i sent this a few weeks back… it isn’t up!!! Whyyy?!!!!

  141. Rachel Koko :

    Here’s my 2nd try for nuffnang screening !

    your comment, my improvement ! ^.^

  142. Ning :

    Oops. I forgot to drop down my link at the previous post. :P i put it on the website part. xD

    Here’s my entry again! (:

  143. Mai :

    sorry there was an error with the previous permalink of my blog post…

    This is the one… hope there isnt any error…

    ~Thank you =)

  144. Erra Asmuni :

  145. Teh Tarik Drinker :

    Here we go ppl, my own ideas on how to beat them flesh eating undeads. Hope you guys like it!!!

  146. meera :

    i would like to try out :)

  147. Jayren :

    Here’s my post for this contest ,

  148. Pikachu@SaKaI :

    OMG~ I do not expect that this game will become a movie..GONNA watch it!!
    and here is my link..

  149. Eevee :

    yipee.. done mine
    have a look here

  150. pelam muda :

    iwant join too :)

  151. tuls :

  152. Rose Khoo :

    resident evil i like! =)

  153. Alvin Ong Xing Jui :

    this is my post!!! ^^

    i am a big fan of resident evil!!!

    Cant wait to go for 3D movie screening and win the prizes!!

  154. cheryl :

    here’s my post, im looking forward to catching the movie! :D

  155. Josh Tan :

    Sorry there’s an error when I first sent in. This is my real link.

  156. Crystal vern :

    Resident Evil is a nice movie, I want to watch it on Sep.

  157. Joey :

    Resident Evil~~ Here I come~~~

  158. MuJE :

    macam da lambat jer.. first time masuk event Nuffnang. he3..

  159. Josh Tan :


  160. Zi Song~ :

    Thanks for giving this chance

  161. Pikachu@SaKaI :

    sorry…some editing is my latest post..add some edited picture to make the blog post more perfect…thanks nuffnang!

  162. Ruby :

    :( RASA NAK MENANGIS SEBAB TAK DAPAT JOIN 08hb ni sebab kena balik kampung :( nuffnang…….waaaaaaaaaaaa….rugiiii!*sob sob*

  163. Kenny :

  164. Jimmy :

    Just posted my review:

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