Nuffnang Premiere Screening – Vampires Suck

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  1. Ruxyn :

    Oh! I’m the first? :x
    Can’t wait to watch this movie :)

  2. darkbatman :

  3. Shiaulee :

    This movie looks so silly and funny… i want to go!!!!!!

  4. Hui Ying :

    Vampires suck big time! :)

  5. Joanne :

    Please! :)

  6. lanunsepet :

    he3.. this movie macam movie scary movie, stan helsing, love this can of movie..
    sometimes asyik movie series je.. so lets have a break n laugh…

  7. choongsuwei :

    Why vampire sucks!

  8. toninkush :

    My entry for this:

    My other anti-Twilight posts:

  9. choongsuwei : why vampires suck. (:

  10. Aaron :

    this is some funny movie.

    check out the trailer! XD

  11. Aimi AZ :

    Done with the blog post!

  12. annyee :

    what if i am chosen but i am from sarawak? :C

  13. Bazli :

    Vampire Suck because the last vampire contest that you guys held, which I wrote and insanely long post, did not get a ticket. I really want to know, the 50 people that got the movie tickets, how did they answer their questions. So perhaps, Vampire (contest) Sucks, would be suitable for me

  14. Zi Song~ :

    omg!! i waited for this so long!!!

  15. Kenny :

  16. lenglengloo :

    I wrote it.

    Hope can get the ticket =)

  17. Sholee :

    My Hubby’s thought:

  18. Nikel :

    Attn: “Sypnosis” gone wrong on this site

    I Hate I Hate this movie MUCH MUCH

  19. Jimmy :

    This is my post! Hope it is good enough

  20. Yin Ling Wong :

  21. Kicchie :

    Vampires Suck. Do take a look at my post.

    Do view, do comment.

    waiting for tickets : )

  22. jingxuan :

  23. stephy :

    finger crossed to get the passes =D

  24. JaMaR :

    vampire SUCK!

  25. Ji-Ann Chuah :

  26. gnesop :

    great movie.. its fun to watch.. huhuh
    its make me cry..!!

  27. Eric :

  28. Erra Asmuni :

    hope get this ticket because this movie so funny.. =P

  29. xLemon :

  30. akuzle ayu :

    hokeh, setelah bersengkang mata… inilah hasilnyer:

    harap2 dpt berita baik nanti…. chaiyok2!!

  31. xLemon :


  32. rina :

    can i did it in malay?

  33. rina :

    rina want the tickets!!

    please tell me if i cant use bm in my entry. thanks nuffnang! love u all lah!

  34. Anak Perak :

  35. anniey :

    OMG .i’m die-hard-fan of twilight/newmoon/eclipse! but i cant wait to see this! ahah . :)

  36. Bag Brag :

    They spread diseases! That’s why they suck!!

  37. Muhammad Najmi :

    Here is my inside on Why Vampire Sucks!

    thanks for letting me share my point of view!

  38. Baboon Tan :

    Vampires suck! Do you agree with me?
    Check it out why vampires suck at

  39. shii teck :

    done mine. check this out~

  40. Beatrice :

  41. jojobdina :

    Okey, done~
    Check my entry~

  42. Iman :

  43. terbaek :

    Vampires Suck!
    dh tgk dh…very stupid!..funny..
    a lot of fantastic n amazing silly action…haha…

  44. Jeff :


  45. Wan Gerrard :

    Im no fans of Vampires^^

    I want to watch it.hehehe

  46. Shereen :


  47. Black Jeopardy :

    Here’s my take:

  48. amz99 :

    check out my comment at

  49. Teo Suan Ming :

    Hre’s my cute post about vampire sucks !
    Hope to get the Tix for the screenings !!

  50. Jeremy :

    Wanna know why vampire suck?
    Visit my link and you will know the truth!

  51. amz99 :

    i want the tickets…hehe

  52. ReD :

    mine ->

  53. CIkLilyPutih :

    Hey Nuffies,

    Here’s the link:

    p/s: mintak2 dapatlah ye, lama dah tak tengok citer kelakar seram nie tau!

  54. xiiaoyi :

    Vampires suck!

  55. yangbaik :

    another vampire suck… kering la darah… dah la darah tak cukup… huhuhu

  56. engtaukia :


  57. zhihow :

  58. rose :

    once bitten forever damned!!!!

  59. DanielMak :

    Done mine, check it out =)

  60. Merlot :

    Done… gyahahahaha

  61. jason :

    enjoy ;)

  62. cikhel :

    hahahaah!im done!

  63. Beatrice Tan :
    Why vampires suck? Because they do. :D

  64. Jolyn Toh :

    Hi, this is my entry for the contest :)

  65. Charmaine :

    Why Vampires Suck from the perspective of a guy :p

  66. Jack Ng :

  67. Hoong Fong :

    i did a simple post ! :) thanks

  68. Nuyui :

    yess… i’m done….

  69. Shannon Chow :

    Vampire sucks! =) Yeah~ can’t wait to catch it!

  70. peggy low :

    pls give me a chance to watch this movie…

  71. vivian :

    I lurve vampire and i gotta do write something opposite..this is hard..! but i’m dying to watch this movie too! hilarious..! pls give me the tix..thanks!

  72. elaine_137 :


  73. Amir Hamzah Alias :

    Vampires really2 suck!!! check it Out!!!

    pontianak vs vampires…sape menang? ngeh ngeh ngeh

  74. ina_mardi :

    aren’t they sucks? ^.^

  75. Carmen :

    Hey guys, loved the idea!:) Check out mu post!

  76. Galvin Tan :

    Well, they suck!

  77. daphnepoh :

    I want to go see!!!!


  78. Chloe Lian :

    My post of the day…Vampires suck!

    Check it out!

  79. ayuarjuna :


  80. tiha :

    ha…i hope masih sempat…nak tiket tu…ni link post saya

  81. meeyi :

    lol i’d love to.

  82. caimay :

    Hilarious movie and a super funny trailer. Please do read my post (:

  83. zenghoong :

  84. Jackie Loi :

    just done mine :D

  85. Carmen JIahuei :

    Check out what I wrote!!

  86. Cindy :

    HAHA, that movie should be epic XD.

    Here’s my post ;)!

  87. YeeJinLim :

    I want blood, fear and garlic!

  88. Jayleo :

    Vampires certainly suck because……..

    ah…too much to say. check it out here la =P

  89. Ruxyn :

    My 2cents :)take a look guys,

    <3 nuffnang

  90. henry^munkey :

    I hope you guys agree with what i posted. Enjoy reading it ya! :)


  91. electronicfly :

    I just want to say this.

    Vampires don’t suck. Hello, Anne Rice’s version so romantic and dreamy.

    But, Twilight vampires suck.

    Like, WTFFF sparkle in the SUN? WTFFFFFFFFF how embarrassing could that get? Sparkles in the sun? Zomg if I was a vampire like that I’ll gladly drive that stake through my heart myself.

  92. azrinfaiz87 :

    this movie is a must watch for people who might not like Twilight.. Haha.. check out my blog post..

  93. Yi Ching :

    My post on ‘Why Vampires Suck’ . :D

  94. Jessy Long :


  95. Yoong Jun :

    I am Lucky I am Lucky I am Lucky I am Lucky

  96. Jayren :

    Here’s my post and entry for the contest .

  97. ellyana1 :

    nice movie..really wanna see this funny movie based frm twilight saga..

  98. Joanne :

    Have a look ~ a gentle way of criticizing…

  99. Clarice :

    My post

    Check it out!^^

  100. Lian Choy Cin :

    My post…

    Check it out!

  101. firdausberjaya :


  102. krole :

    this is my first try…

  103. LionGirl :

    You read and you’ll be bitten too! Hahaha! Read at your own risk oh!

  104. Cik Norfa :

    this is my entry!

  105. Khalid Amin :

    This is my permalink, take a look and please give comment.. Hehe..

  106. linda :

    why vampire suck..check this out.

  107. shanaz :

    hey guys..

    check out why they are suck..



  109. GACKY :

    I wanna watch how bloody sucky are they.

  110. Joyce Wong :

    I am so looking forward to this movie!!!!!

    Here’s the permalink to my entry:-

  111. Mohamed Fazil :

    2 words.

    This is the permalink to my blogs entry. :)

  112. syaz :

    OH not another spoof film! Making fun of other people’s hardwork and ideas are so uncool!

  113. Sandy Ryan :

    My post is up..~~!
    feel free to visit and leaves some comments..^^


  114. Yatz :

    Vampire sucks because they just do! Vampire sucks blood! And vampire-themed movies suck because they don’t suck blood!

  115. [-suziey-] :

    aisey..cannot join’s Ramadhan..time for Solat Terawikh :)

  116. DanielCtw :

    Hahahahha… I definitely want to watch this movie. So nuffnang please do help me ya.

    I’ve been anti vampires for Twilight for a while. and I am going back home to do my post now. LOLOLOL

  117. carmen :

  118. Hui Wen :

    i worked really hard on this. please take a good look at this. thanks! =)

  119. rabiatul adawiyah :

    mak aih ramainya.. mesti dah terlepas peluang nih.. waaa.. =(

  120. atie :


    Pls check it out!

  121. synical :


    Just tossing my hat into the ring:


  122. Muhammad Usamah :

  123. Izan Ali :

    hahahaha.. can’t wait!

  124. peroz :

    I want to watch vampire suck!!visit my blog ;)

  125. Steven Boo Chuwen :

    Vampire sucks because they are lifeless (undead) literally who hides in the day being anti social.
    Besides, I am Team Jacob. Peace and signing off.

  126. Yu Ying :

    Just ♥ the scene Edward applies make up onto his already-pale face!!!!!! ahahahaahahahaaa~~

  127. Elaine Hooi :

    Why do vampires suck?

  128. MandyChoong :

    Vampires…vampires…vampires… Why vampires?
    read this :)

  129. Sharm :

    i hope i get those damn tickets this time. ^_^

  130. Michelle Madden :

    come read!!! :

  131. yen :

    i want the ticket and watch it free….i love to watch comedy movie instead of wasting time to watch boring-story movie!!!

  132. Reen :

    I love slamming Twilight. ;)

  133. HuiJin :

    Go Go!

    HuiJin Liew

  134. Josee Ng :

    Done! This is the first time I join Nuffnang contest XD
    Hope could get the ticket, please don’t let me down =)

  135. Danny :

    Im a newbie in blogging
    just wanna give it a try

  136. Sanjay sasietharan :

    enjoy my post :D

  137. Xheyl :

    (: First time joining a contest in Nuffnang, hope you like it!

  138. Zi Song~ :
    i’m done =)

  139. Katrina Loong :

    my second contest. never won any before :(
    Hope this works! :D

  140. Winn :

    Check this out

  141. Winn :

  142. Jing :

  143. Rachel Koko :


    I’m a newbie and here’s my 1st blogpost for nuffnang contest!

    Please comment ! ^^

  144. mj :

    hi2.. this is my entry. Writing this entry because I really enjoy watching vampire suck’s trailer and suddenly remember about nuffnang’s offer. so, here is my entry. It is in Malay anyway.

  145. Jiayeen :

  146. joey cheong may yen :

    fresh from the oven post! :D

  147. dreamz :

    hehe newbie here

  148. Kelvin Tan :

  149. zek :

    hahahahaha I’m laughing~
    this is what I’ve waiting for….

  150. aibat :

    look interesting…i need to watch this it can release my stress…:)

  151. julia :

    i so badly want that ticket!
    i agree vampires suck!
    its all over the place
    polluting the mind of youngsters!!

  152. julia :

    oh, btw, lets all salute the director of this movie!
    thanks to him, we can finally shout out loud of how vampires suck BIG TIME~

  153. Angelina :

    Why vampires suck?
    Obviously cause..


  154. MsXeRoZ :

    I am a No. 1 Anti-Vampire fan.
    Here’s my blogpost:

    Pls~ spare me a seat ^^ I wanna join “Vampires Suck” crowd!

  155. dw :

  156. VariasiSimfoni [vs] :

    Looks like scary movie~

  157. Moomoocow :

    hope can get the ticket. :)

  158. luckystrike :

    I am here…

  159. IHSAN :

    i wanna watch this…=.)

  160. Puteri Cahaya :

    wow!.. nice story

  161. xila :

    wanna watch this !

  162. leesa :

    i’m soo gonna watch this movie . HAHA !

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