My Water Moments with Sony TX5

Being the dedicated bloggers that you Nuffnangers are, we’re sure most of you have at least a compact camera that you bring along everywhere so that you can capture memories of the things, big or small, that happen to you every day. And we’re sure your trusty little camera serves you well everywhere…


… except underwater :)

“OMG careful, don’t get my camera wet, it cost over RM 3000 okay!” Sound familiar? Well, chances are that whether you own a big honking DSLR with 43 lenses or a regular compact camera, you’ll require some fancy-schmancy casings for your cameras to survive the perils of water – a lot of hassle, as you can imagine.

We have here something that’ll solve that problem for you though :)

girl in water

It’s the all-new Sony TX5! Proudly bearing the title of the ‘World’s Slimmest Water-proof Camera’, the TX5 is – get this – not only water-proof, but shock-proof, temperature-proof and dust-proof too. And it doesn’t only look pretty; it comes with some awesome functions like iSweep Panorama, Handheld Twilight and anti-motion blur. Yes, the TX5 is not only the ultimate package of beauty and brains, it’s darn near indestructible as well.


Fancy getting your hands on a Sony TX5? We have 3 to give away! All you have to do is write a blog post titled ‘My Water Moments’, and include the following points in your post:

  • Take a picture!
  • Tell us how it reflects the theme of ‘My Water Moments’, and how the photo could have been better if you had a water-proof camera like the Sony TX5.
  • Mention the features of the TX5 in your blog post. For more information, log on to

After you’re done with your post, just fill in the form below with your details to submit your contest entry.

Oops! We could not locate your form.

The 3 best entries will win themselves a brand new Sony TX5 camera each! The contest starts 7 June and ends 4 July, so go out and splish-splash your way to a camera who’ll not only be your fair-weather friend.

*Please note that winners will be required to collect their prizes from the Nuffnang KL office.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Glo-w :

    OMGosh, so pretty o_O”

  2. kak ina kl :

    wah bestnyaaa kalau dapat camera camni..

  3. Awin :

    i love the TX5 with the pink colour…
    its look cute..

  4. Anak Perak :

    Wah, hadiah yang menarik! Nak Join, wait my post! :)

  5. Kancilbiru :

    wah gempaknya hadiah..mahal ni kamera ni…

  6. zazolnizam :

    tgugat jiwa bila tgk cam tu…nak satu…heeee

  7. haslina :

    wow…I WANT IT TOO…

  8. yangbaik :

    wow… so cute … must join…

  9. daydeck86 :

    wow menarik nih
    harus lah ke kolam renang untuk bergambar nih…

  10. maslina :

    ok… baik aku karang sekarang… :)

  11. jolene :

    bestnya if can get it.. :( i dun even own a camera :( :(

  12. Shahroll Photo :

    cool contest! =) nice camera..


  13. neodmarco :

    wow..this is pretty cool :-)

  14. Joanne :

    Can I have more than 1 picture? :)

    Sure, as long as they reflect the theme of ‘My Water Moments’ your entry will be accepted :)

  15. sWeEtDaRLinG :


  16. ayuarjuna :

    adoilllah memang tertunggu….hmmm best2 best2

  17. Kristle :

    cool! =)

  18. Khairi :

    Wah, kontes lagi! Ini nampak macam simple dan best. Nak try jugak!

  19. jard :

    hehe.. must find some place with lots of water!

  20. paes :

    really wow,
    cool man.really wanna join!

  21. carmen :

    wow.. i need the camera

  22. fahmi ibrahim :

    Its finally out! Cool!

  23. coco :

    PINK CAM !!!! I WAN <3!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Edward Poh :

    omgwtfbbq i need that camera!

    i don’t even have one = =

  25. Rara :

    nak try. malay entry diterima ke? hihi. takut tak menang je kalau malay entry T______________T

    Memang diterima! Usaha tangga kejayaan~

  26. Eevee :

    wah wah wah!!
    i wan it so much~~


    Fuyoo!!! MATAKUPEDAS dengan adanya hadiah SONY TX-5 yang baru ni, bolehlah ia menggantikan SONY CYBERSHOT DSC-S600 seperti di laman MATAKUPEDAS sekarang!!!

  28. zee :

    wow. nak jugak! :))

  29. Mohd Zaid :

    Wahhh best ni nak joiiiinnnn

  30. Nicole Chang :

    I want it too~ Can old photo be post it? 1980 photo?

    Anything goes, as long as it relates to the theme :)

  31. lih wern :

    so gonna enter this :D

  32. joegrimjow :

    can write in malay?

    Yes, of course

  33. sharinginfoz :

    I want the camera. Please give it to me.

    My Water Moments

  34. engtaukia :

    i want !!!!!!! i wan i wan i wan !!!

  35. :

    yahh one more contest.. me wanna join lah.. nuffnang rocks! … and Sony rocks too! heh

  36. Mohamad uzair bin othman :

    saya suka cyber shot sony …dulu saya pernah ada cybershot 3.2 pixel..tapi da rosak terkena sepana..jadi harap dapat menang la yang baru ni..heheeee

  37. Qiefly :

    wahhh so next time when i go for vacation no need to use my cellphone anymore…plus i boleh snap picture under water huhuhu cool….kena wat entry nie….

  38. weengorgeous :

    this is so cool! 1 month to go. should start preparing the entry now :D

  39. adrian :

    hey wait for my blogs post ya

  40. JieyiPinkabell :

    omgg, it’s my dream camera ever!

  41. dian :

    OMG!this is super duper cool!

  42. LionGirl :

    Submitted! Yeah!

    Read My Water Moments post at

  43. SeNi ItU InDaH :

    wah, sempoi tol hadiahnya..nak join la

  44. jumei :

    Just curious.

    IF, let’s say, IF, I won the camera, can I send someone to collect the camera for me ?

    Yes, not a problem

  45. zool :

    Cun tapi nak kena carik kolam renang pulok dah

  46. rabiatul adawiyah :

    best ni… i want.. i want..

  47. sop :

    akan aku sertai..
    sedang menulis entry penyertaan.. tunggu

  48. saleh :

    i want it!!

  49. ANaSTaSyeA :

    Wah… hadiah yg menarik… boleh try la. Mana tau untung-untung dapat satu =)

  50. zuriey :

    wow..nak join gaklah..mana tau leh menang kamera

  51. The Six Faces :

    Submitted my entry already. Nevertheless, check out my blog, :)

  52. 4east :

    boleh letak banyak gambar tak dalam satu post?


  53. kozumi_ro@budak nakal :

    huhu ni nak join la :D

  54. syarlilady :

    All these times, dok tolong order SONY camera for office use only. Jarang dapat guna pulak tu. This would be great if I can have lay my hand on one.

  55. fiqasaleh :

    kalu takde camera nih leh join gak ker?? :((

  56. Evelyn C :

    wow! what a nice camera huh!

  57. fazrol :

    Waa!! contest yg menarik..
    Nak try gak la.. kot kot ada rezeki dapat kamera nie..

  58. runwitme :


    Question. I have a photo that fits PERFECTLY to the theme of the competition but it was taken a couple of months ago. Can I still use it for the contest?

    Of course!

  59. Aizat Si Lipan :

    so cool!

  60. benooi :

    I want to join this! I don’t have a camera and I need it!

  61. ailyl :

    WOW! nice digital camera~

  62. Moon :

    Dah buatttttttttttt …thanks SONY ….mmg di perlukan sangat la sebijik kamera yg tahan lasak n ley masuk air cam nih

  63. fiqasaleh :

    mmm..tak kesah lah ada kamera nih ke tak.. i nak join contest ni jugakk.. hehhe… i dah hantar dh.. hehehe

  64. mx :

    nak join…nak join…

  65. momguess :

    saya akan berusaha bersungguh2 untuk dapat kan camera itu…

  66. taufulou :

    woah! cool..i think i will try my luck on this`

  67. akuzle ayu :

    ok, done…. come can read mine, frens….

  68. Scha :


  69. suryati zainal :

    walllaaa..sound great.. will try write an entry about it..

  70. MM :

    entry berbahasa melayu leh x?

  71. fazya :

    sudah tulis dah satu

  72. Emmie Khoo :

  73. ilyana :

    awesome..wanna join this contest!!!

  74. ashkarpenchen :

    cool! i want one~

  75. RS :

    just wondering, when will we be notified who the winners are?

  76. June Tan :

    Hi.. can i use back the same photo that my friend is using for this contest? My friend is using my photo for this contest…

    Need your feedback,

  77. wanie :

    i want it :)

  78. sop :

    My Water Moments –

  79. fazilzurakil :

    hai ,

    wanna try my luck ..


  80. aizuddin :

    waa macam best..nak cuba jugak lah nanti

  81. Cheryl :

    I really need one ;)

  82. Xing :

    Loving that sony TX5 in pink!
    Hope i’ll get chosen >.<

  83. aLeya :

    Boleh tak saya nak letak gamba saya posing underwater?? It was captured by my friend underwater camera.

  84. ata :

    yezza,already submit just now about my water moments…hope Nuffnang will accepted me as the winner..wakaka….
    read this:

  85. ainulhasnida :

    the pink one plz~~

  86. nadia :

    interesting!!! nuffnang and sony memang best… akan buat entry bout the gorgeous camera..!

  87. Miro :

    nak tanya sikit, kalau tuan blog tiada dalam gambar boleh join jugak tak..sebab tuan blog tu jadi cameraman jer…huhuhuhu

  88. DaHLia :

    wow…this is great!!

  89. The Six Faces :

    So we’ll only know who the winner is after July 4th? Aww, what a bummer :(
    Submitted my entry on the first day itself though. Check it out at
    LOL, I stayed up until 1.30 last night to finish it XD

  90. Lala :

    Yess. . .da siap . .

    ade kat sini . .

  91. Dream Catcher :

    woo….. camera camera!!

  92. diana malek :

    harus dapat gitu……

  93. lydzar :

    best hadiah tu!!

    nak nak! ni dia my link :) hope ada luck

  94. nadhirah :

    i dah join tapi xleh submit the details..
    when submitted, the address is wrong..but the same add with my nuff acc..
    then i copied it at my profile details at nuff account to the box of details..
    also have a error..
    i don’t know why..

    can i submit here??
    my blog post permalink add:

  95. Mohd Farrid Noordin :

    I like this camera.
    if i have it i can take picture when im going to Australia :p

  96. fatin aliyya :

    terbaeklah kalo dpt camera ni..=D

    i like.

  97. adrian :

    hey i finally submit my entry…

  98. aion :

    wah, nak join jugak!

  99. Xing :

    Loving that sony TX5 in pink!
    Hope i’ll get chosen >.<

  100. Amir Izzat :

    wah…saya nak! hehe…tapi tak paham laa..nak nak ambil gambar la lepas nie. hehe.. cantik!

  101. Jemari Seni :

    OMG… The camera that I really want!!!

  102. mummyalesya :

    brainstorming now. i love the camera!

  103. PoJiePooH :

    OMG, just done my entry with my own idea without knowing that Sony is giving out this superduper lovely digicam. Need to do some amendment ;p

    PojiePooh Abdullah

  104. hazarimi :

    cam besh jerk…
    alamak…boleh ke aku wat ni…
    mari cuba kawan2… =)

  105. shirley :

    yo!!!!! If i get it!!! will not scare of the WATER anymore….yo…man that is awesome!!!! just bring wherever i am…even i bathing too!!! LOL

  106. PoJiePooH :

    Crossing my fingers..
    Wish I can get it.. Really² want it!

    My Water Moments

  107. Izahusni :

    Yeahhh!!!! I want ! I want!DONE :D

  108. Shinnaz :

    1stt ime join Nuffnang

  109. Aisha :

    okay i join..bestt

  110. Zam :

    Adakah gambar yang diambil perlu dari kamera sahaja? How about photo taken from handphone? Need you confirmation.

    Any picture will do, as long as it’s related to the theme

  111. eja :

    bestnya …..hadiah yang menarik….mesti join nie?

  112. Cik Ruby :

    NICE! (^___^)
    Thanks nuffnang. Ni bukan sekadar contest je, tapi dah jadi info untuk blogger. Keep it up all~

  113. stormz :


    wanna join too :)

  114. nadhirah :

    hye admin..
    can u plz check my addmission is submit or not??
    coz my add bfore this not valid and i can’t key in the details..

    Your submission has been received.

  115. yati :

    best.. best… kena carik idea gempak nie..kalau tak tak menang la…

  116. Inka :

    Hello please have a look at my blogg entry

  117. by :

    wah macam nak join je!!! sempat lagi ni :D

  118. ppgplusone : prize!!!

  119. v!vi@n :

    done done with my post!!!

  120. Koh Ewe Jon :

    Must the pictures only be related to water? Or can my pictures have a relation to all the features of the camera when I mention them?

  121. hafiz :

    waahh!!awesome present..=)nuffnang, wait for my post okay..

  122. ~ain :

    Semoga saya boleh pergi mandi sungai dengan Sony TX5..

  123. benooi :

    Here’s my entry.

  124. camwhorder :

    Do I need to be a nuffnanger to join this competition?


    Yes, all our contests open to Nuffnangers only

  125. hanef h :

    Done with the post entry. :) its okay right if i did not link the post here?

  126. chenta nana :

    hi semua.. nana dah submit nana punyer… singah-singah la ke blog nana ya.. kalau rajin, tinggalkan la komen yerr..

  127. yanamib :

    i wrote in malay…hope it will be accepted =)

  128. ita :

    woww memang best.. i suka colour pink gitu.. memang sesuai untuk ladies- ladies diluar sana…

  129. Daphne ♥ :

    I want the camera!!!!
    after post up to my blog,i’ll tell you.

  130. peggy low :

    pls choose me…
    i need it so much..

  131. syahrilhafiz :

    yes done…
    enjoy it..hehe..
    hope can win in my first contest..=)
    gud luck all

  132. mummyDarin :

    sungguh hebat camera itu.. please.. please…

  133. mummyDarin :

    sungguh hebat camera itu.. please.. please…

  134. AzyM :

    Wah..nak join jugak!!! :D

  135. szeyee :

    can i write it in mandarin? or only english/malay?

  136. bai :

    best ni! nak join!!!! i sooo want the camera!

  137. yauhui :

    How biased with judging be? I am a Nuffnanger, but not a Glitterati.

    Will that affect results in any way?

    Glitterati members are prioritised when it comes to prize allocation. Nevertheless, if your entry is of high quality, it will not be discounted just because you’re not a Glitterati Nuffnanger :)

  138. hanef h :

    Hello admin, can u recheck whether my submission is already received by the admin or not?

    Yes, it has been received

  139. Tracy :

    Can I blog it in Chinese?
    I <3 & want the camera!!!

  140. Nurule :

    i am writing it now!! ;)

  141. Nisa :

    Dah submit. Pray hard to win the camera. Hehe! Fingers crossed :)
    Come visit my blog at

  142. Rabia Sensei :

    All the best for all! May the best man (or woman) win =D

  143. The Six Faces :

    WOW. So many entries :) Check mine out at
    You will surely die of laughter XD

    Or, if you wanna follow my Project 365, just go to


  144. Ah Moy :

    so cool…let me write one…hehhee

  145. randomjoe :

    Will photoshopping of images permitted?

  146. mermed Z :

    have submitted ;)

  147. Bear :

    about “take a picture”?? do it need a real picture? or can i draw to submit to the contest?

  148. Effie :

    so cool~

  149. everydayonsales :

    Awesome strategy and awesome camera…so many blogger’s want to get it.

  150. kambingbujang :

    nice red colour..i want it

  151. Nurul :


  152. Joanne :

    Do I have to involved in the photos?
    Can I use the photos of my relative (they’re not involved in this contest)?
    Thank you!

    As long as the photos are related to the theme, they’ll be accepted

  153. Hafiz :

    nk join gak….. \(^_^)/

  154. Simon Har :

    my entry! hope i can win a waterproof camera :)

  155. Akira~chan :

    I’m done with mine

    Check it out guys!

  156. nrshasha :

    ekk hadiah kena amik kt opis kl???jauhnye

  157. toc :

    My dream camera!!!! Hopefully can win it =D

  158. Arun :

    I really hope i get this camera lol…

  159. Diaznu :

    Wau!!! I’m really want to have one. Interesting.

  160. sevuntion :

    can i use malay instead of english?

  161. namzaman :

    contest ni bleh hantar dalam semua bahasa ke..?

  162. ayoikema :

    alamak…kalo ambik gambo dalam tab mandi leh x..hehe…tab bdk la…tp cm best jer…nk try gak la…

  163. Liz :

    sweet letter from my daughter to Nuffnang! =)

  164. Cik Ruby :

    Done. :-)

  165. adrian :

    hey admin…
    can u check got receive my blog post…
    that day i submit then is invalid

  166. feyus :

    best tul nih. camera plg berharga tu..Jgn lepaskan peluang.

  167. Komeng :

    pergh…giler kentang…esok gali lobang buat swimming pool…

  168. Dya :

    This is my unfortunate water moments without Sony TX5. TT

  169. Sumijelly :

    hai..saya pun dah join…
    meh la baca entry saya

    di alu-alukan datang………

  170. ally :

    dah submit! moga diterima. :D

  171. lydia :

    blogged about my water moment and hope to win it!! I simply love sony tx5!!

  172. ifatasya :

    boleh tak kalau saya ambil gambar dari google??
    sebab saya tidak mempunyai gambar yang berkenaan dengan air.

  173. cik aidacomei :

    dah buat entry pasal giveaway ni
    semak sya punye blog jugak okeh..! =)

  174. PuanStoberi :

    My first attempt in NN contest. Sekadar mencuba..mana tau kalo ada rezeki. :))

  175. TTJL :

    OMG! i’ve been wanting this camera monthsssss before nuffnang came up with this contest!
    refer here:

    I want this so badddd!!
    i’ll write up an entry 4 u, TX5!! ^__^

  176. JyeSze :

    The pink one is so sweet!!

  177. syahirul :

    Hi.. I already post a blog entry.. Sila baca ye..

  178. nfahk :

    check out my worse water moment WITHOUT Sony Cybershot TX5!!

  179. Shuning :

    hey, i wonder if my pic isn’t take underwater but related, will it be accepted?

    Of course!

  180. kerjasanasini :

    camera penting lebih-lebih lagi bagi blogger-blogger mesti nak rakamkan gambar bagi mencantikkan blog

  181. atiqahtuty :

    ehe entry da siap!

    semoga berjaya semua =)

  182. mx :


    dah 181 comments…
    i’m gonna be 182…

    sempat lagi ke nak join?…huhuhuhu…

    this is my entry…

  183. Lye Yoke Fei :

    my post is about waterfall.. is it related and can be accepted?

  184. chew :

    i wonder can i write my blog in mandarin?

    Yes :)

  185. aazek :

    wow…such a nice camera..need 2 get my creative juices flowing..not much time left …aarrgghh..gud luck guys…

  186. eykameow :

    i NAK SONY TX5 pink ! entry akan di post selepas balik bercuti nanti. 3 camera free untuk direbut ni.. malay entry boleh kan? TQ

  187. Kong Loong :

    Look like a very nice camera. Have to give it a shot to win it.

  188. stormz :

    Ok, done :)

    hopefully the camera will be mine ;p heheh

  189. Izahusni :

    Done…do visit

  190. sofia :

    did my part…

  191. kakngah :

  192. azila raffie :

    1st timer..

    visit mine too.. heheh!

  193. fara :

    just wondering, can use photoshopped pics or not?

    Only basic editing of photos is allowed, e.g. resizing/cropping.

  194. raiiny :

    omg…finally i done the 1st english post in my blog and the 1st time for nuffnang contest!!!!
    happy now^^wish i can truly get that camera!!

  195. Kreuger :

    already submit…. thanks guys.
    you can check it here:-

  196. Jynn :

    Is it alright if my photo that was required was not related with water moments?

    Photos must be related to the theme or risk being disqualified.

  197. eugene yeoh :

    Rily hope i can get one of it…MY DREAM CAMERA!!

  198. VioPipe :

    Good Luck to everyone. If you have time, visit mine.

  199. muhamad hazmi :

    best jgak
    klu dpt hadiah nie
    tpy skrg x da idea aa
    nk tulis psal bnda nie
    help me plzzzzzzzz

  200. nolin :

    mine :, ok kot… i want i want!

  201. Wan Anie :

    My Water Moments

  202. heygirl :

    oh..alhamdulillah..i got one…hehe

  203. Yoganes :

    i want the black one. T_T

    buy me?


    whose kind enough and rich enough to sponsor me one? =)

  204. nrshasha :

    i’m done..

    just visit guys..!! ;)

  205. mrs jamal :

    hmm comey giler kan

  206. Herman :

    can I use fake effect of water by using photoshop? but related to title.

    Only basic editing of photos is allowed, e.g. resizing/cropping.

  207. Noni Safuani :

    Done my part! Do drop by, yah? ^_^

  208. Sarah :

    woots .. wrong link

    This is the one

    sorry :P

  209. Khalid Amin :

    Already participate in this contest, bese2 je.. Take a look..

  210. Little Mama™ :

    waah..will enter this too

  211. daydeck86 :

    just wan to try my best luck here

  212. Kreuger :

    typo and resubmit… goshhh again.. lol : –
    sorry for that.

  213. Bree :

    Sad it doesn’t come in DSLR. I already have two compact cameras.

  214. Shannon Chow :

    Excited! I want it I want it!!!

  215. aishah :

    already submitted my entry…cool contest…

  216. khairina kamal :

    submitted..hope not too wanna win it!!

  217. Nad :

    when and how the winner will be announce?

    All participants will be notified of contest results via email when the results are ready

  218. Ashley :

    Hi admin, I am a nuffnanger, but my WordPress blog doesn’t support 3rd party Java script and I couldn’t insert my Nuffnang code as I did before(in blogspot). Would I be disqualified from this contest?

    Thanks in advance.

    If you’re porting your blog to WordPress permanently and are no longer using a blog supporting Nuffnang ads, we regret that we would not be able to accept your entry.

  219. syahira :

    i spot the pink color. and here is my link,

  220. Ashley :

    Ohhh…. that is just so sad to hear…. :(

  221. Ashley :

    Hmm… Can I then import all my blog posts back to blogspot and create “My Water Moments” in Blogspot (with Nuffnang Ad)? Is there any requirement that my blog must be active for the past how many months?
    I’m sorry to ask so many questions. But I seriously love to try my luck here. Thanks. :)

    Yes, you can

  222. Izahusni :

    Catch my post!

  223. syafiq ridhwan :

    mencuba yang terbaek..wee~

  224. Noni Safuani :

    Here’s my link…do drop by and comment yah? Thanks…

  225. hazey :

    Here’s my entry :

    BTW im having trouble to submit via the entry form above !

  226. Sarah :

    Can i edit something after i submitted ?

    Thanks :)

  227. The Six Faces :

    If I win, I want the black one :)

  228. Kreuger :

    I’m joining for the second times: –
    thanks all~

  229. Hassel :

    i’ve done with the post, like finally.
    feel free to view my blog
    or at least sneak a peek! :P

  230. Mr Coffeebean :

    I am just came back from Sunway funpark, and didn’t notice this great news before, should i go again and spend more money? so expensiveloh!!!

  231. Mr Coffeebean :

    Hi, me again!
    I just wonder that judges can accept chinese post or not,
    because my English is weakloh and so great that my wife and friends have taken the photos at Sunway funpark. I want to participate this.

    Can, can!

  232. sue :

    summited already my entry on “my water moment” hehehe

  233. Jessyca :

    Here is my contest entry.. HOpe you guys enjoy reading it ^^

  234. Ashley :

    Thank you Admin!! Love ya. :D Haha. Now let me go write My Water Moments.

  235. Skutik :

    Read my experience with a waterproof camera – which is NOT MINE!!!
    I hope i’ll get this SONY TX5, so i can call it my own!

  236. viruspadu :

    ok saya juga join

  237. miya_hana :

    boleh tak dalam pic tu ada 2 atau 3 orang?

  238. Jessyca :

    I edited my blog site again just moment ago…you guys will only ‘examine’ the posts when the deal date is close?? and I posted 17 pictures! Is it too much??

  239. nick chang :

    I had do it….please visit here too.

  240. carmen :

    can post video & picture ?

    Yes, you can

  241. BabyGirl :

    Admin, I’d submitted my entry.
    Please check.

    Guys, do support. :)

  242. ANA :

    selesai mengarang.

    lawatlah jika ada masa!

  243. Jonha @ Happiness :

    Nuffnang is such a darling, I want these cameras!

  244. Skutik :

    Come and read my experience with a WATER-PROOF CAMERA!!

    The camera is unfortunately NOT MINE! I had so much fun though! I hope to get one of the 3 SONY TX5 offered by Nuffnang!

    Kalau tak dapat pun, takpe, janji y’all singgah my blog ok! Don’t malu to leave a comment! I love comments! Cheers!

  245. Ryehanna :

    OMG. My dream camera… a camera by SONY and waterproof at that!

    I’ve joined! check out my entry

  246. Mon :

    Hello there!!I’m half way doing my post. I’m worry I will be disqualified because all the pictures have been photoshopped. I mean the colors of the pictures have already changed and I lost all of the ORIGINAL pictures!! =( So should I continue or just give up? Admin, please tell me…XD Thanks!!!

  247. June Tan :

  248. Jensen :

    I just blog about it.
    Hope you guys like it. <3


  249. Nada :

    Ive submitted my entry. :p
    Thanks NuffNang, Youre The BEST!! Good Luck Guys!!:)

    here you go.

  250. Ashley :

    Dear Admin, I’ve noticed that you mentioned the blog post must reflect the theme “My Water Moments”, does that mean I have to have my post titled as “My Water Moments” too? Or I can actually get creative with my post title, like “My Wet Moments”? Thanks.

    Blog post should be titled ‘My Water Moments’ as well

  251. nadia :

    hi…. saya pun dah join….!!!


  252. Jue :

    I just blog about this too! My water moments with my son… this camera is one of my wishlist :D

    Take a look at my blog post here

  253. En. aMin @ Lompat TiKam :

    look like a cool contest… kena masuk nih…
    hurm, tengah cari idea ni… hehe.. :)

  254. CaDLyNN :

    join already!!

  255. Ashley :

    Finally, submitted my entry! :D

  256. Libra-Ge :

    seriously i never had a digital camera…
    this Sony TX5 will be very cool…
    great if i can get one…
    but not that easy huh…

    Also Take A Look At My Blog…

    I Welcome U…U Welcome Me…

  257. Kreuger :

    Dear Admin,
    Just a question:- Am I need to be a glitterati to join this contest?

    Yes, only entry submitted by Glitterati member will be valid

  258. joey cheong may yen :

    Here’s my water moments post!

    hope its mine! :D


  259. CaDLyNN :

    hye admin..
    can u plz check my addmission is submit or not??

    If you have successfully submitted your entry, then you’ll not be able to submit under the same email address anymore.

  260. goolooloo :

    I’ve show my support to Nuffnang and Sony!
    This is my first time , hope that its a good start.

    Thanks Nuffnang , Sony & my readers =)

  261. Elaine Hooi :

    here is my post on my water moments..

  262. hajarDK :

    i’ve submitted my blog post too.. :)
    feel free to visit

    thanks.. =)

  263. Kreuger :

    OMG… Gliterrati is required. Try to reach the status asap….
    ok thanks for feedback.

    Hope its not to late for me. anyway…
    if right now I’m not gliterrati, but soon enough will be (maybe)
    is that can consider my submission valid for the contest?
    (as long as it was not due from the date given) is that count as a valid submission?

  264. mj :

    got my entry? just curious :)

  265. kareldanish :

    just try my luck…hehehehe…

  266. jehanH :

    done my part…crossing my fingers..

  267. J_Fish :

    hey, do we need to post the link here after we submit?

    No, just fill in the form in the post

  268. Nada :

    OMG I really want this camera!! >…<" Good luck guys!!!

  269. Mai :

    may i know how many entries can we submit ?

    Only one per blogger

  270. Zhi Shan :

    submitted mine!

    hope i get it!XD

  271. mummyalesya :

    submitted..wish me luck

  272. shii teck :

    can I edit the photos and post in my blogs make it more interesting and creative??

  273. papabear :

    Finally, I completed my water moments…

  274. BlakeYJM :

    Hey! check out my water moments post.
    Hope you guys like it! xD

  275. feyqa maria :

    dah join jugak contest ni!
    jemputlah baca ye..(:

  276. Skutik :

    i took photos underwater with a waterproof camera! Great experience, but UNFORTUNATELY the camera is NOT MINE! :(

    read them here…

  277. fatin atiqah :

    i’ve posted my water moments, berkelah with my big family at sungai congkak without waterproof camera…

    read it here…\(^_^)/

  278. Daleela :

    hi.. just try my luck here..

    my waters moment without water proof camera.. auuww.. hate it..

    Thanx for visit.

  279. Monica :

    I submitted my entry too..

  280. GiaM :

    I might have accidently submmited my entry twice….is it alright?

  281. theeggyolks :

    finally!! it’s done after weeks of delay -_-” hope you guys enjoy our hard works :D

  282. ANA :

    submitted already but not with tittle my water momments.can u check my admission plz?

  283. oli :

    try my luck!!!

  284. Noriece :

    i’ve submitted mine….enjoy!!!

  285. Zam :

    I received an error message regarding my submission. Can you please check.

  286. Back :

    wow…I WANT IT TOO…

  287. linn :

    is it too late? no, i hope.

    please check my blog ;)

  288. Fiza :

    I baru join hope tak terlambat k…

  289. autumn :

    the photos MUST include the photos that you’re in water moments?
    what if you don’t even have one? =(

    The theme of ‘My Water Moments’ does not necessarily mean that you have to be in the water. As long as you are able to relate the photo with the theme sufficiently, it’ll be accepted

  290. philippecr :

    Entry submitted. :)

  291. ieda :

    my entry is here,

  292. Yoganes :

    ermm…i submitted my entry..but then i edited my post a bit…so does that still counts? =)

    black one soo soo pweetyy!

  293. Esther :

    Finally completed. *Satisfied* :)

    All the best to the participants!

  294. Michelle Madden :

    come come read!! woot!

  295. Monica :

    I was wondering, after submitting the post, can I still made an amendment?

    Yes, you can.

  296. sofia :

    this is how i water and camera got related and chemistry..check it out

  297. Ratuhati :

    helo..juz submitted mine..jangan lupa baca ye and choose me! hihihi :):):) tq…

  298. rani :

    Just sent in one. WAkaWaka!

  299. Ridzwan :

    Wahh.good camera.

  300. ryne :

    mine done!

  301. Huey Nee :

    Had my best time in Pulau Payar, Langkawi on January, but too bad I didn’t own a water-proof camera. The underwater world is superb!

  302. azlina :

    nak cuba jugak, mana tau ada rezeki ~agaga~

  303. peiwen :

    I also take part in the game , here is mine link !

  304. Teh Tarik Drinker :

    Lets hope I’m not too late!

  305. Glo-w :

    woot! finally taking part. Fingers crossed, and so are my arms, knees, fingers, toes and EYES! NN n SOny, I want one please.

  306. yuzie :

    SONY CYBER-SHOT tuuuu…. nak satu. dua..tiga..empat ????? waduh bestnyerrrr

  307. sharinginfoz :

    very competitive as so many people entering this contest. even the chances is very small, it is ok

  308. Shu Yi Yong :

    tee-hee =)

  309. shii teck :

    finally done my post. phew..

  310. nurulazham :

    join jugak…
    mana tau rezeki anak anak..hehehe…
    kalau menang,boleh amik pic bulu kaki en.hubby menari2 dalam air..ekekekk

    here’s my link!

  311. Yee :

    Get mine ady?
    First time take part. Hope I can get it!

  312. nynaa :

    dah post dah..cuba nasib..berusaha sudah..sekarang bertawakal sahaja..amin..insyaAllah~rezeki terletak di tanganNya~

  313. Mindy Cher :

    I’ve posted the blog entry.

  314. shii teck :

    can help me check tat my post submitted o not?? thanks alot

  315. thetraveljunkielady :

    from the frustration in here:

    to the begging part in here:

    pls nuffnang, gimme that TX5!! i want it sooo bad!! ^__^

  316. Jasz ♥ :

    submitted my entry. hopefully i can win it ♥

  317. ahlang :

    i am newbie here. just saw this contest ….

    pls take a look ^^

  318. heygirl :

    mine done..

    feel free to read mine

  319. Little Mama™ :

    Give me my SOny TX5 ;)

  320. joegrimjow :

    check mine ;)
    click here : 5 sebab cool tx5

  321. deanzofQue :

    hi all.. im also newbie here.. wanna see my blog? just go through
    hope u will be my followers… TQ kamsahamnida…

  322. azie :

    menarik nie..nak cuber nasib la..

  323. Mr.Homosapiensz :

    Here my Wonderful WATER MOMENTS that you MUST read!!

  324. Jackie Loi :

    wee just done mine :D

  325. Cassie :

    Submitted mine! I really like the pink TX5.. haha.. ^.^

  326. jam :

    Had just done mine too – Have a nice day!

  327. Abby :

    How will I know if you guys have already viewed my post?

  328. akuseniman :

    hi guys!
    feel free to read my water moments post:)

  329. M-Knight :

    here is mine

  330. Trushal Vora :

    I had to do this contest!

  331. Joanne :

    Do the both dates inclusive?

  332. Eliza :

    hye ppl,

    do read my water moments =)

  333. lov_note :

    urm xprnh ada kamera cnggih cmni…kalo dpt mmg GILER R!!!!! kompol doposen shari ckop x? :P sgt cute!!!!! i want it…. <3

  334. Burasa Hangus :

    Salam n haii nuffnangers..
    dah participate… jom2

  335. momguess :


    i pon nak join

  336. paes :

  337. June :

    have a try on it!
    hope the lucks come to me and you too, hehe!

  338. Eila :

    A must see….

  339. hbz :

    im in..haha… so late ~

  340. Kyun :

    check out my blog post!

  341. Kyun :

    hmm how do i know ive already submitted my entry?

    There’ll be a notification where the form is stating that your entry has been submitted successfully

  342. runwitme :

    Check out my post. No bikinis by the pool but we have some firemen and their hoses…LOL!

  343. Loo Han :

    Check mine out here:

  344. aLeya :

    Just post this entry. Macam dah ramai je masuk ni, masih bole diterima ke? Do you received my entry, I already submitted it few second ago?

  345. carmen :

  346. wanita mustanir :

    Just post the entry..

    this is my link, have a read.. =) thanks..

  347. MsXeRoZ :

    Here’s my entry:


  348. hbz :

    not sure my post dah submit ke can u inform me by email?

    If your submission is successful, you’ll not be able to submit under the same email address again.

  349. Orkachan :

    I’ve send in mine

    Sure took me a long time to do this… Hope you guys like it ^^

  350. Orkachan :

    um… can anyone confirm my submission, cos after I press submit entry, something wrong with the connection and the page didn’t load…

  351. Anak Perak :

    Ya anak perak kembali untuk join contest :)

  352. orange :

    so here’s my post, hope u get my entry~

  353. orange :
    is this how it’s done?

  354. Aimi AZ :

    Walaupun lambat, tapi harap2 menang. :P Better late than never, rite? :P

  355. Jannah Raffali :

    Teringat zaman university suka hantar assignment last minute. Lol.

    Saya mahu camera itu boleh?

  356. devi :

    submitted mine..:)

  357. Hweeen :

    Did you get my entry??

  358. MHH :

    this is mine.

  359. Hafizah :

    i was join this contest.. when the result..

  360. akmardean :

    i’ve just submit my entry! hope i’m not too late for this awesome contest! :)

  361. Hweeen :

    I didnt realise that my status have been change to Ordinary(non-exclusive).
    i just notice it.
    so, do i still qualify for the contest??

  362. AiXy :

    my redang happy hours =)

  363. chekgu naman :

    my late partipation ;)

  364. chekgu naman :


    **participation ;)

  365. linus chung :

    guys welcome to read my water moments on my blog…I am sure it probably give you ideas for your next water moments holidays too!!!!

  366. eyriqazz :

    My Last minute entry :

  367. ms Chelle :

    Gosh! hope that i m nt too late..jus finished bloggin!

  368. Carmond :

    how do i noe whether i have summited my entry?

  369. w3ndee :

    Let’s see how my fabulous water moments work out with Sony TX5.

    hope it keeps you entertained =)

  370. zara :

    hope it’s not too late ;)

  371. Galvin Tan :

    Better late than never indeed :)

  372. Loo Han :

    Here’s my entry for the contest:

  373. Faizal :

    hopefully sempat :)

  374. chekgu naman :

    malam semalam saya ada submit entri , tapi tak pasti sama ada berjaya submit kerana masaalah internet. Adakah penyertaan saya sudah diteriman?

  375. pamsong :

    Here’s mine:


  376. Loo Han :

    Hi nuffnang mods,

    I was just wondering when and how will the winners be notified?


    All participants will be informed via email on the result of the contest once the judges have chosen the winners. Winners will be further contacted via phone for prize collection information

  377. Loo Han :


    Thanks for the quick reply, moderator!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for a phone call then!


  378. PuyuTheLensa :

    I juz do wat it takes..”take a picture” means A PICTURE = 1 PICTURE rite? @@

    I’ll juz keep it simple but nice..Thx everyone especially Nuffnang teams tat bring this contest!
    Thumbs up to you guys!

  379. Mrs Imran :

    I submitted mine too, since there is no confirmation email for the submission, i have no idea whether not my submission manage to get its way to the admin. Hope my submission is well received.

  380. joegrimjow :

    ok ok,
    still waiting the email form nuffnang

  381. The Six Faces :

    What if I’m in school when they try to contact me?

  382. joegrimjow :

    still waiting with smile

  383. Dya :

    Hello admin, I posted my entry on June 10th ..
    can u check whether it is submitted or not?
    also, when will you guys announce the winners?

    Yes, your entry was submitted. The results are still being finalised, and all contestants will be notified of the results via email

  384. Simon Har :

    hoping i can win a TX5 ^^

  385. Kev :

    May I know when will the winners be notified?

    All contestants will be notified via email when the results are ready, which there is no confirmed date at the moment

  386. marina :

    seems like I wasn’t in the winner list.. :'(

    Please be patient, the results have not been announced yet. All contestants will be notified via email of the results

  387. marina :

    tq.. :D

  388. Grandpa :

    Dear Moderator. This grandpa blogger is anxious to know if his entry: My water moments: Pulau Redang Family Holiday is in the running to win that much desired Sony TX5.

    If you’ve submitted your entry previously, please be patient as the results are still being finalised

  389. Miss Lemonade :

    patiencely waiting for the result (n_n)v

  390. Daleela :

    Hah… de result came out aledy.. I told u aledy.. if ur entry in Malay ya.. sure u tak boleh menang….prove me wrong le~~

    That is not true. There have been contests in the past where winning entries were written in Malay.

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