Nuffnang Premiere Screening – Toy Story 3 in 3D

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  1. Tifa :

    At last, i’m waiting for Toy Story 3

  2. Tifa :

    Hi, Here’s my link

  3. Beatrice Grace Chan :
    HERE GOES!! Please please… i want :)

  4. Faizal :

    Ooooo I can’t wait to see this!!!!
    To Infinity..And Beyondd!!!!

  5. Jackie Loi :

    i wanna watch toy story 3! :D

  6. Anak Perak :

    here my post. *wink*

  7. Victoria :

    I wanna watch this badly

  8. Joanne :

  9. sue :

    wow!!..Toy Story 3 in 3D

  10. Atika :

    I want! I want! I’ve posted a lot of entries bout Toy Story 3 before. here is my submission:

  11. mx :

    wanna to watch it again…
    yeah !!!

  12. khairina kamal :

    *jumps with excitement!*

  13. khaisim :


  14. LionGirl :

    The quickest blog ever written!

  15. Jeff :

  16. Yih Yann :

    Hi…I wanna watch Toy Story 3 in 3D :D

  17. ainul : waiting for thiss….

  18. Pris :

  19. engtaukia :

    toy story 3, come to papa’ XD

  20. spectre :

    to infinity and beyond!

  21. [-suziey-] : done…hope to get is my link:)

  22. carmen :

    i wanna watch :)

  23. Bernard Chung :

    I love WOODY and BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!!

  24. Nadia Is Cute :

    My blog about it is up!

    Really caan’t wait to see KEN!

  25. Jack Ng :

    Hey hey … here’s mine ….. hope to get the tickets and i really cant wait to watch it :D

    Thank You ….

  26. Afra Yuri :

    Man, I cant wait!!

  27. hazey :

    I want to participate too…

  28. Glo-w :

    Prefer toy story over shrek anyday for clean wholesome goodness^^ (sound like i’m selling bread/milk ;p)

  29. sop :

    we want to..
    my entry:

  30. nick chang :

    Finally,I get to watch Toy Story 3!!!Yeepee!!

    I done it!!

  31. v!vi@n :

    this is my post!!! cun wait to watch Toy Story 3!! i wanna wanna watch it so much!!!

  32. Shereen :

    Here you go ~~

  33. DeeDee :

    give me the tickets pretty pretty please?!! ;)

  34. YiWern :

    There you go =))

  35. DeeDee :

    give me the tickets pretty pretty please?!! it would be a perfect birthday gift for me ;)

  36. noor syafiqah :

    cant wait to see handsome Ken!
    please please, let me have a pair of the tix ;)

  37. Bean Moreno :

    beep beep…read mine :

  38. noor syafiqah :

    cant wait to watch Ken in Toy Story 3
    please please let me have a pair of tickets *wink*

  39. Sher Chew :


  40. hazarimi :

    sungguh2…i pun nak…tapiiiiiiiiiiii….

  41. JaMaR :

    Really wanna watch ToyStory3…

    I like to see KEN!!

  42. henry^munkey :

    mine mine mine!

    I wanna see TRIXIE! Such a cute blue triceratops! :D

  43. adam :

    Good luck to us…and beyond!!!

  44. CIkLilyPutih :

    im done. Do check mine.

    Hopefully, dapat ek, lama dah tak dapat tiket wayang free nie ek

  45. Tan Boon Wei :

    Here is my link! =)

  46. shii teck :

    blog updated!! cannot wait until 14 june. lolx

  47. myza :

    Yeay..I hope to get te tickets yuolss!~~
    Here my entrance.

    Love you TOY STORY 3
    Cant wait!!

  48. daydeck86 :

  49. JaSoN LCE :

    Here goes mine… :)

  50. kak ina kl :

    This is my N3 and permalink

  51. Joshualaw :

    ok, done! I’m waiting to watch Toy Story 3!!! ;P

  52. Jacquelyn :

    Here’s mine!

    *fingers/legs/arms crossed*

  53. Natasha :

    check it out mine!!!!!

  54. beaniewhut :

    Nostalgic Toy Story that bring back some good childhood memories.

  55. Dorothy H. Yap :

    My favourite “child’s play thing” :)

    Thank you nuffnang!!!! :D

  56. Puteri Bahiyah Muhammad Johan :

  57. Koh Kian Fai :

    Here is my link

  58. Kak anie :

    Please Nuffnang really wanna watch this movie with my kid…Thans…

  59. Whitey Mommy :

    this is my post… i really2 wanna see that movie… give me…give me…

  60. redfingger :


  61. anilah :

    cant waitttt =)

  62. tracey :

    can’t wait to watch Toy Story 3!! :DDD

  63. kath :

    I wanna watch, I wanna, I wanna….

  64. Nicole Chang :

    Toy Story 3 the new series!! :) Glad I can join this!! *smile*
    Here’s my link!! Simple and easy to know!! :)

  65. jard :

  66. taufulou :


    my post ~ hope to see you guys there~

  67. hizami :

    hey hey hey.
    i wanna join too.
    say yeah to Toy Story 3!!!
    check this out.

  68. Jimmy :

    Here is my post

  69. mx :

    My entry…Hope to watch it on my birthday…hehehe

  70. luckystrike :

    Here is my try…

    Hope I can get it *fingers crossed*

  71. Sholee :

    I hope it’ll be third time lucky for me ;-)

  72. Tan Ai Wah :

    Hip.. Hip.. Hooray….!Hopefully I can get free tickets…. wink* wink*

  73. JnSy :

    Here’s mine. I think it is too long. It is my first time participating. Could learn from more experienced people. Thank you. (^_^)

  74. JeM :

  75. Voon Pui San :

    Hope I get a pair of ticket.. ehehehheehe

    here’s my POST!!!

  76. FiSh :

  77. rosmaniza :

    i need the tickets..please give me…

  78. lydia :

  79. ieja :

    tak sabar nak pergi tengok !! give me tickets !!

  80. Harry Gan :

    Man this is gonna bring back memories… I wanna watch!
    So here’s my link!

  81. ayseah :

    Hi!I already done with my post..

    Hope i can get the tickets…:)

  82. Jiayeen :

    Please please please. *praying* =) Cheeeeers~ ^^

  83. Stacey :


  84. e-Lena :

    I really do hope I can win these pair of tickets so that I can use it as an excuse to go chill for at least ONE night. I’ve been so busy, I hardly have time for movies. :)

  85. mama hardy :

    here’s mine…. :)

  86. nadzirah :

    hye..this ismy post for i wanna watch toy story 3…tq…peace:)

  87. Masturah Idrus :

    Really wanna watch it! REALLY..hehe
    check it out

  88. ayd :

  89. ain :

    i want it sooo badlyyyy, i love u Ken,

  90. Jiayeen :

    Please give meeeeee. =) *hoping* =D

  91. nurul kahar :

    please click click here!!

  92. Atika :

    how will u choose ya? 1st 50 entries? or randomly? i really wish to win this…….

    Criteria to be selected is in the T&C

  93. huda :

    I’m waiting for this for the entire life ! :D

    Dolly is such a cutie, aww <3 <3

  94. huda :

    i love toy story a lot ! :)

  95. Su Ann :

    Here is my entry. :D

  96. Calvin Cho :
    TS3 rocks !

  97. adrian ng :

    hey is my blogs post..

  98. Sam :


  99. Julian :

    A children classic with a modern twist. pick me and you have a friend in me ;D

  100. Kenny :

    aArghh!! i wan TS3 Ts3 ts3!!!

  101. emjay :

    This is my entry. I love toy story.. Been watching it since my kids time..
    anyway, this is my entry..

  102. Po Leen :

    here here here!

  103. Nazri Ahmadeus :

    great! i made it. go read something about my Ghostbuster Sticker Album from the 80’s in my Toy Story 3 post. :)

  104. azham :

    question : how many tickets? is it one or two? Huhu.. If one I don’t want ler.. Plan to go and watch wit my gurl :)

    We always give out a pair of tickets :)

  105. Liz :

    oh, please count me in!

  106. yangbaik :

    this is my entry
    enjoy it….

  107. Kong Loong :

    this is a must watch movie..

  108. Wei Wei :

    Hi Nuffnang!

    ^_____^ (with dolly winks :p :p)

  109. Alin :

    i wish it could be one of birthday presents for him!!

  110. Hidayah Ismawi :

    Come see the new cast of Toy Story 3 ..hehe

  111. Azymechanical :

    Nak tengok!!!!! :D

  112. Yvonne :

    Finally Toy Story is back =D
    I want i want i want!!
    i want to watch it~

    Here’s my post about Toy Story 3

  113. Afidah :

    done !

    want it very badly , please….. ( with puppy eyes..)

  114. linn :

    my post :

  115. JoJo :

    top fans of TS Movies!

    please give me a chance to watch! thanksss!

  116. Carenne :

    I wanna watch Toy Story 3. Here is my url:

  117. Sam :

    HAHA i’m soo gonna wanna meet ken =)

    thx nn =)

  118. karen :

  119. wanzi :

    Why I will watch “Toy Storry 3” because I really like the movie in 3d. For your information I must watch this film because the characters are funny and cute actor ….

  120. Veron :

    Here ya go!

  121. Soofrine :

    my post =D

    hope u will like it ^^

  122. pengkoh :

    i wanna watch toy story 3 with free tickets!! hopes that i can win!!

  123. mama hardy :

    here’s mine

  124. copykate :

    can’t wait! *excited*

  125. Noor Afzan :

    Saya join.
    Ini link saya.

  126. Jennifer :

    Here’s my entry!!I can’t wait to watch it!!=)

  127. sweetheart :

    Can’t wait to watch Toy Story 3 in 3D.

  128. sweetheart :

  129. Jason Loo :

    Woohoooo … childhood favorite Toy Story !!!

    enjoy my blogging toy story :P

  130. Minmin :

    Here’s mine!!1

  131. Azryn Aziz :

    I want it! I want it!

  132. Ajie Sosondoton :

    I’m writing on behalf of my little daugther :-)

  133. Actorina Yulia :

    its lunch time lets update blog!!
    saya nak Toy Story 3

  134. Diyana :

    Pick me :DD

  135. legend :

    check mine out..

  136. cik qiqi :

    can write in malay or english only?

    You can write in BM also :)

  137. chung :

    Chunk!!! Wait for me!!!!!!!! Weeeeee~~~~

  138. Galvin Tan :

    I was there for Toy Story 1 & 2. Now it’s time to catch Toy Story 3. It’s about time.

  139. vvens :

    me wanna watch toy story 3!!

  140. FuHui Yew :

    Please visit my blog and i’m joining this contest

  141. Hui Ying :

    TOYS STORY 3!!! I want! :D

  142. Nazri Ahmadeus :

    stretch actually reminds me of wacky wall walker, if you read my post. Dr. fad rules!

  143. JieyiPinkabell :

    WHen’s the due date for this? Hope im not late!

    Here’s mine ..

  144. myamry :

    I can’t wait!

  145. Zenghoong :

    Hope I get this. Here’s my entry :)

  146. azham :

    reaallyyy??!! Ooolalalala!! Kay2 :) Gona sleep and ask for a dream. Hehe.. Unlock my ideas :p

  147. May Woon :

    Toy Story 3 Toy story 3!!!!!!<3

  148. Bella :

    Hope it’s not too late for me.. Wanna watch this! Been a while since I last join any premieres by Nuffnang..

  149. Kevin :

    Toy Story 3 with more toys!! Latso, one of the new characters, is so cute. It’s a furry, pink bear with a walking stick. I wonder who’s doing the voice-over for him. I’m not a kid, but there’s a child in me always.

    – Cheers –

  150. Algin@Cartoon :

    hope will get the tickets so can watch with my nuffie friends. :P

    thank nuffnang.

  151. Audrey Chew :

    Here’s my url! :D

  152. Sandy Ryan :

    omg.. So excited..cant wait for it..!! <3

  153. Sandy Ryan :

    omg.. cant wait for it.. so excited..

  154. bat3sya :

    waaa….sO fast!! macam gOreng pisang panas!!! (“,)
    this mOrning when i Open my nuff, Only 39 cOmment and nOw i’m the 135!!
    clap!! clap!!

    btw, feel free tO visit my pOst! (^v^)

  155. Nikel :

    incoming blog…

  156. eyriqazz :

    is it for the first 50 entry or the best 50? planning to do mine but see more than 50 entries already…

    Creative entries will win the invites

  157. Kev :

    Well, what do you know? An animated trilogy just like Shrek but this time is the TOYS!! :-) Cute little speaking toys! I wonder if the toys ever age :)

    Do drop by my blog here:

    I’ll still watch TS 3 whether I get free tickets or not.

  158. Jlcc89 :

    This is the site for the post..! =)

    *crossing fingers*

    I really wanna check out this new toystory 3 in 3D..!

  159. Jlcc89 :

    This is the link to my post..!

  160. fazilzurakil :

    hai ,

    FULAMAKKKKKK ramai nyeeeeeee, sure ramai suke kartun ni kan .. so glam

    wanna try my luck

  161. nadeera :

    1 dah,dua dah..skrg tuk toy story 3..leh rehat2kan minda tgk citer ni..bestnyerrrr

  162. nadeera :

    jom kita tgk ramai2..

  163. nadeera :

    jom kita gi wayang tgk ramai2..hahahah

  164. louis :

    could’ve swore i posted it when it was at 30+ people… :(:(:(

  165. Doris Lee :

    Cant wait for toy story 3!! =)

  166. talamkeladi :


    Very2 hot man. Need a cool water!!!

    Go go go nuffnang…gimme the tickets please.

    Frens, do visit my post and please leave your comment on it ok.

  167. Dinisha :

    It’ll be the greatest birthday present to win invites! :D woohooo!

  168. Mady :

    I dah send my entry about this movie i love it…

  169. LiHui :

    Toys are awesome!

    here is my blog post! =)

  170. nick chang :

    I wanna to watch!!

  171. Jaime Liew :

    Hey, pick me pick me!

    First illustrated blog entry by me =D

  172. MamaDamia a.k.a Haiza :

    come visit my blog…

    this my link

  173. Zala Wajik :

    I wanna watch toy story 3, in 3D! :D

  174. ezy :

    i want!

  175. Shu Yi :

    please =)

    i really wanna go watch the movie =)

  176. Mai :

    this is my blog post… have my finger cross for it!!! xD

  177. I'm a full-time mummy :

    Ooo… I want to watch it! This is my 1st Nuffnang review post! Let me win the free tickets and give this stay-at-home-mummy a chance to relax! :P

  178. I'm a full-time mummy :

    My review:

  179. Hoong Fong :

    My post ! Hope that im creative enough! really wanna watch this pls nuffnang :)

  180. Ruxyn :

    Here is mine!

  181. cranberrypuddy :

    wow. 169 already. Oh well, lets try my luck here.

    Heres my link. Enjoy! =)


  182. toninkush :

    My first time participating a Nuffnang contest! Sure hope I’m CREATIVE enough. =)

  183. Azmir :

    Here’s my entry – :)

  184. Fellxion :

    Here here…

  185. Melodie Yap :

    OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH~~~ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH~~~ *voice-over by cute little aliens*

    You won’t regret clicking the above link! ;P

    I promise I won’t be wasting your time^^


  186. Joel Wong :

    Better late than never.

  187. nesca :

    My entry for the contest. Make it happen nuffnang! Oh guys, do visit mine too :)

  188. PoJiePooH :

    Can’t wait for the movie..
    Wish I can get it :)

    I wanna watch Toy Story 3

  189. hidayat :

    Tak sabar nak bawa 2 org anak aku pegi tengok TOy Story -3 … kitorang mmg tak pernah lepas tgk toy story dari yg mula lg… citer ni mmg best . Tak kering gusi di buat nye… kelaka, lakaran kartun yg genius dan saya salute kat org2 yg buat citer nie. Kalu ada kesempatan , saya akan bawa famili tgk citer nie…..

  190. Lullaby Ling :

    I hope I am still on time for the contest, sorry for the late posting because I was in Langkawi for the last three days !

    here’s my link :

  191. Muhammad Usamah :

    I hope this will be enough^.^

  192. daphne :

    I just loving this Toy Story!

    Here’s my link:

    hope you enjoy it!

  193. Joel Wong :

    Better late than never. =)

  194. Lim Ooi Yuan :

    Here is my contest link

    Toy Story 3 and Sparks, here I come!!!

  195. Fiefa Husain :

    weh bes giler citer ….moh g tengok…

  196. Aivin :

    Hoping for some good news :D
    Gimmeeee the tickeeeeeeeeet!

  197. Yasmine :

    can’t wait to see the movie and also the wonderful bloggers that’s going :D

  198. Sarah :

    I wanna watch Toy Story 3’s post.
    Enjoy friends.

  199. Bay :

    is the competition still on.. :O

  200. Kelvin Tan :

  201. Vanessa :

    This post is a little different from the norm. Enjoy and good luck to everyone :P

  202. huda :

    i thought i already post my url but seems it did not appear on the comment, so i post it again ! :)
    really hope I can watch this, childhood memories ! :D

  203. Normie :

    give it a try girl. yehaa. hello toy story 3 !

  204. Choong Kin Hoe :


  205. Choong Kin Hoe :

    This is my site :)

  206. Diana Naubi :

    I love Toy Story 3! :D

  207. Charissa Chan :

    i wanna wanna wanna watch toy story 3!!

  208. Alicia Tan :

    To infinity and beyondddddd , i’m very excited for this one ;)

  209. tom :

    hope i can win this..

  210. Jayleo :

    wish me luck ! late comer’s luck? =D

  211. Anne Khor :

    I really, really wanna watch Toy Story 3…

    Wood and Buzz with his buddies provides a world of fantasy for all of us young and old alike! Bravo to Pixar for making it more exciting in 3D…

  212. Iman :


  213. Adrian :

    I love CHUNK.. Nice little adorable character..

  214. Mady :

    Nak tgk gak hantar lagi yahooo….

  215. DSvT :

    Go buzz lightyear go…

  216. Bay :

    :) bring on the toys!!

  217. Tan Hui Xian :

    I really want to watch this Toy Story 3 movie. :)

  218. ita :

    this is my entry about TOY STORY 3!!

  219. Nurul :

    Done!! =))

  220. Alphaeus : Hope I’m one of the lucky 50 Nuffnangers who win this =D ! It’ll be awesome to catch Toy Story 3 before its released date in Malaysia!

  221. Alphaeus :

  222. lienz :


  223. Chloe Lian :

    Hope I can win this movie!!^^.Here’s my blog post>>>>> \

  224. carmen :
    love Toy Story 3

  225. carmen :
    here is it

  226. Adrian Ung :

    Pls do let me win this one. I am sure my daughter would love this show!!

  227. rasyidah hamzah :

    hit me nuffnang!!

    i’m realllllyyyy want it..

  228. rasyidah hamzah :

    i wish i one of the them..

    creative is my life!!

  229. Fara.Rahman :

    i so wanna watch Toy Story 3!!!!

  230. akimsah :

    i want also…

  231. Eric Lai :

    my turn….

    toy story 3….

    im coming!!!!

  232. eleng :


  233. Jasmine :

    Hey Nuffnang!,
    Here’s my entry. :)

    It would be such an awesome birthday gift to be able to catch the premiere two days before my birthday. :D

  234. lisa717 :

    I wish I do not miss this out~~~
    I wish I can still can participate in this contest~~~
    Here is my permalink for this contest:

    Thanks NN team^^

  235. Joanne :

    **pray hard hard**

  236. denise :

  237. "I" the writer :

    Here’s all or nothin’

  238. Aimi A.Z :


  239. jojobdina :

    I hpe i can watch this movie with nuffnanger~

  240. Loma's :

    Can’t wait!! 3D must be AWWWEEESOOMEEEE!!!!

  241. Ning :

    Hope it’s not too late. >.<

    Do check it out!

  242. Senri :

  243. haslina :

  244. Kritz :

    Hopefully not-too-late post. Here goes nothing *crosses fingers*

  245. Alyza Fisol :

    i want it…i want it…i want it…hehehehe

    here’s my entry 4 dis contest

  246. Josh Tan :

    TOY STORY 3!!!

  247. Blake :


  248. June Tan :

  249. Emmie Khoo :

  250. Huda :

    i want it toooo~!!!

    I wanna watch Toy Story 3

  251. najwa az :

  252. contestant :

    It says in the Terms and Conditions,

    4. Invitations will be sent out via email on 9th June 2010 which would require bloggers to reply for confirmation of attendance. If an invitation sent out is not confirmed by 12pm on 11 June 2010, it will be declared void and passed to the next blogger in line.

    But I’ve already received the email and it says there that a confirmation is required by 9th June?

    Oh btw, thank you guys very much :D
    So darn excited right now.

  253. Via :

    Wishing for a wonderful day out for my family and I, watching this The Toy Story 3

  254. Jamie :

    Here’s my post! :)

    I also included pics of my uncle’s toy collection. He’s the ultimate fans of TOYS. Read to believe!

  255. Jamie :

    Hmm, I posted earlier but I think it was deleted?

    Anyway, here’s my entry!

    Hope you enjoy my writeup that also features the biggest Toy fan ever! Check out my post to find out why!

  256. Valerie :

    im sorry im late!!!! BUT pls reconsider!!! thanks!

    cant wait for my invitations to meet Woody in 3D style….

  257. Anabelle Ong :

    Oh dang. Please, please say it ain’t too late Nuffies. This would literally make or brake my 15th birthday coming soon. Thanks a bunch for reading if ya’ll do (:

  258. Ashia :

    i love so much this film

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