Nuffnang Premiere Screening – Toy Story 3 in 3D

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  1. najwa az :

  2. contestant :

    It says in the Terms and Conditions,

    4. Invitations will be sent out via email on 9th June 2010 which would require bloggers to reply for confirmation of attendance. If an invitation sent out is not confirmed by 12pm on 11 June 2010, it will be declared void and passed to the next blogger in line.

    But I’ve already received the email and it says there that a confirmation is required by 9th June?

    Oh btw, thank you guys very much :D
    So darn excited right now.

  3. Via :

    Wishing for a wonderful day out for my family and I, watching this The Toy Story 3

  4. Jamie :

    Here’s my post! :)

    I also included pics of my uncle’s toy collection. He’s the ultimate fans of TOYS. Read to believe!

  5. Jamie :

    Hmm, I posted earlier but I think it was deleted?

    Anyway, here’s my entry!

    Hope you enjoy my writeup that also features the biggest Toy fan ever! Check out my post to find out why!

  6. Valerie :

    im sorry im late!!!! BUT pls reconsider!!! thanks!

    cant wait for my invitations to meet Woody in 3D style….

  7. Anabelle Ong :

    Oh dang. Please, please say it ain’t too late Nuffies. This would literally make or brake my 15th birthday coming soon. Thanks a bunch for reading if ya’ll do (:

  8. Ashia :

    i love so much this film

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