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Remember the Evangelist program that we launched a while ago? Back then, we promised that Angels would be the first to find out about product launches, press conferences, events, freebies, promotions and lots more, and we always keep our word :)


Nuffnang together with DiGi is having a fun and cool party themed “Break Free with DiGi” this month! We’ve got good news, and we’ve got great news. The good news is: it’s a costume party with the theme of Prisoners and Villains, so it’s bound to be extra fun on top of the great parties we always have. The great news?


Yup, you’re looking at the prizes that DiGi is so generously giving away for the categories below:

Best pre-event blog post – Blackberry Bold 9700
Best-dressed blogger at the party – HTC Legend
Best post-event blog post – Blackberry Bold 9700
Runner-up for post-event blog post – Blackberry Curve 8250

Wanna get your hands on one of those? All you have to do is become a DiGi Angel through their Evangelist page, and check out this blog post for details on how to score yourselves invites to the party. You have to be a DiGi subscriber to be a part of this great event.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, don’t miss your chance to be part of the first ever DiGi Angels party! Many have sent their entries and we have limited seats, so hurry and send your entries now. The closing date for entries are on the 25th of May. Here are some fun entries we have so far:

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. :

    If I can’t go to the event, can I write a blog post to participate this blog contest??

    Yes, you can, but if you can’t attend the event, you can’t receive your prize and it will be passed to the next winner

  2. ainul :

    i want HTC lagend.

  3. Joanne :

    Yoohoo~ Mind adding me to the list also? :D Thnks!

    The list is only meant to give example on how to write the required posts. It’s not a full list of participants

  4. Ellis Suriyani :

    okay done!!!

  5. Ellis Suriyani :

    am i eligible?

    If you have submitted the link to the DiGi Evangelist page, then you’re eligible

  6. kak ina kl :

    saya dah submit dulu di digi..kena submit lagi ke ke sini.

  7. El-Zaffril :

    I should write like them two… sight… chances to win that HTC are very low… sight again…

  8. Kie-yu :

    can i post my entry in Bahasa Malaysia?

    Yes you can

  9. nemomimosh :

    good luck to everybody ! =)

  10. daydeck86 :

    already create a blog regarding this party but not so sure already send mail to Nuffnang or not.

  11. Kie-yu :

    Pls review my entry @ HERE

    Tqvm ;)

  12. Kie-yu :

    Sorry, please ignore the provious comment.

    Pls review my entry @ HERE

    Tqvm ;)

  13. Natasha :

    You have to be a DiGi subscriber to be a part of this great event. >>>> wut about if i m not a digi subscriber……

    Perhaps it’s time to change? Lol

  14. Shahroll Photo :

    i have wrote this post… why not in listed?

    thank you.. =)

    The list is not meant to show all participants. It’s merely showing examples of write-ups

  15. eyriqazz :

    You have to be a DiGi subscriber to be a part of this great event.Is it??

  16. eyriqazz :

    Is it Digi Prepaid Subscriber is also count?by the way,digi subscribed to internet, phone or anything that related to Digi?

  17. Bean Moreno :

    is it compulsary to subscribe digi for this event?if not can i participate?

  18. darkbatman :

  19. nemomimosh :

    diz is mine!

  20. Kylie L. :

    Can we bring a guest along or we’ve to be individual?

    Yup, you can bring a guest, it’s invites for 2 as stated in the blog post :)

  21. Kylie L. :

    ok an invite for two.. HAHAH! thanks!!

    This is mine blog entry!

    Please remember to submit your permalink as a comment on the DiGi Evangelist blog post, or we won’t be able to process your entry! :)

  22. wan9 :

  23. papabear :

    too bad that I am not a DG subscriber. Anyway! All the best to all particpants!

  24. joysan :

    Here it goes……

    I wanna win it!!!

    Please submit your permalink in the DiGi Evangelist post

  25. eyriqazz :

    This is my entry :

    Please submit your permalink in the DiGi Evangelist post

  26. Sheila :


  27. Deeecupps :

    hi, this is my link. :)

  28. fieqa :

  29. Aus MeLankoLik :

    hye nuffnang , if i have already comfirmed that i will attend to the party , but in case that i have a some kind of problem and cannot attend on that day , would anything will happen to me ?? hahaha , just asking before i made a decision . thank you .


    Not sure still got seats or not..jsut give a last minute try hope i’ll get those lucky ones GOOD LUCK..

    here my entry

  31. taufulou :

    post done….

  32. Adam Roslan :

    Terbaek lah. Dah lama tunggu pesaing kepada Maxis sebagai pengedar rasmi iPhone di Malaysia. Pakej dengan harga yang tertarik ;)

  33. mahiramorrison : my 2 free tickets confirmation..thankss!!

  34. haslina :


  35. Daphne :

    I’m going too! =D

  36. Calvin Cho :

  37. Samuel Vun :

    Just submitted today.. Hope I can get in..

  38. bat3sya :

    omaigod..tOday is 26 Oredi aaa??
    haiyaaa!!!! i missed to leave a post about this!!!!
    this is what you get when you have a dumbphones like me!!!!

  39. aidi-safuan :

    ahhh! miss the dateline. sob2… :(

  40. JolynGoh :

  41. Sumijelly :

    when we will get our tiket for the movie??
    how to know we are first 50 submissions?
    Thanks you….

    We’ll notify all winners through email

  42. Shahroll Photo :

    Enjoy everyone! im cant attent lahh.. huu sedih! **sob*

  43. cranberrypuddy :

    Hi there, I have submitted my entry and was rewarded the tickets. But will I be able to get my tickets even if I sent in my confirmation reply shortly after 12pm on thursday itself?

    Yes, you are eligible

  44. Samuel Vun :

    Hey I’m just posting here to find out if there is anyone interested to join me for this party. My friend couldn’t make it.. drop by my blog if ur interested…

    Guys, I seriously am not trying to promote myself or what.. just that I think it’s a waste if i just turn up alone.. two’s a company..

    Preferably female la :P just kidding.. all welcome..

  45. Fiefa Husain :

    i want this blackberrryyyyy…pls

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