iPhone Guru set to shine at 6th Malaysian Media Conference (MMC) on June 9!

Remember this?


The MMC is back this year and they are having the Senior Director of Worldwide Product Marketing for the Apple iPhone, Bob Borchers as their main draw this year.

Bob has been in Apple since 2004 and as part of the original iPhone team, he was instrumental in the development, launch and global expansion of the revolutionary iPhone, iPhone OS, App Store and launch of the iPhone 3GS. At Apple he also led the Nike+iPod partnership, expanded the iPod accessory ecosystem and forged relationships with every major auto company to provide iPod integration.

Other members of the stellar cast assembled for the day, which has been themed like a party with the Let’s Get Social mood, are thought leaders from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the US….
* Andreas Vogiatzakis, Managing Director, OMG Malaysia
* Matt Sutton – Managing Director, Aktiv Digital
* Lee Smith – CEO of Digital, OMG Asia Pacific
* Ian McKee – CEO, VOCANIC
* Prashant Kumar – CEO, Universal McCann Malaysia
* Roy Tan – MD, Carat Malaysia
* Ranganathan Somanathan – CEO, StarcomMediavestGroup Malaysia
* Henry Tan – COO, Astro TV
* Ruben Eduardo Maislos – Founder & VP, Pudding Media
* Christian Cadeo – AdMob, Asia Pacific

Check out this link for more information about the MMC 2010. It’ll be a conference you don’t want to miss especially if you’re in the media industry. ;)

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Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. AL :

    Great!! This will be an awesome event that I shouldn’t miss out! Thanks for the info!

  2. Jard :

    i wonder if IPAD will be brought up during the conference

  3. Mohd Zaid :

    yes bagus nih.. lagi pun saya baru menang iphone heheh..

  4. ainihussin :

    thanx 4 da info!!

  5. rabiatul adawiyah :

    awesome!! Bob team was brilliant and I’m totally salute to them. Hopefully i have time to join this event. =D

  6. halimah :

    Nak joint sebab tak pernah ikut…

  7. haslina :

    look great…insyallah i will join the event…

  8. Chloe :

    the entrance fees need top be paid?

    Check out their website for more details

  9. Chloe :

    who should attend this event?any iPhone user?

    Marketeers actually

  10. zures :

    yes….jom kita join ramai-ramai..meriahkan lagi ye…

  11. hazarimi :

    everyone can join mehh?

  12. cik qiqi :

    wow..its really great …but…
    This Conference is ideal and timely for all professionals working in Media, Marketing, Advertising, Newspapers, Television, Outdoor… in fact, every facet of marketing communications! But just to be sure:
    Media Planners, Media Buyers, Media Managers, Media Directors, Advertising CEOs, Advertising Account Management, Advertising Creatives, Brand Managers, Marketing Managers and Marketing Directors

    I’m not like the above..hehehehe

  13. nemomimosh :


  14. bekok :

    woooo.. kaloo dpt hset nih

  15. soclose :

    nak join gak..:0

  16. honey ns :

    eeee…..nak join gak…

  17. sue :

    cm best jerk..

  18. dewi :

    best nyer..nk join..

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