RM10,000 Cash Up for Grabs from Pizza Hut!!

We bet all of you remember how delighted you always were when our parents took us to Pizza Hut for dinner during our childhood days! Being a wholesome family restaurant, Pizza Hut has kept many Malaysian families happy and full all year round.

If you’re a fan of Pizza Hut, you’ll probably like what we are about to tell you next. Pizza Hut is introducing a new pizza this month! Behold the Fish King Pizza;


We don’t have to describe what’s on it because as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words (of which two of them are probably “EAT MEEEE!”). Excuse us while we take a moment to keep our saliva under control.

In addition to kicking off the Fish King Pizza in Malaysia, Pizza Hut is also having a blog contest exclusively for Nuffnangers! The mechanics of the contest are pretty simple;

1. Write a blog post titled ‘Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut’ and share your Fish King Pizza experience at your favorite Pizza Hut outlet or during delivery. Be sure to include lots of pictures to describe your experience. ;)
2. Once you’re done, just fill in the form at the bottom of this blog post

The 5 most creative blog posts will each win RM2,000 cash from Pizza Hut! This contest kicks off on 6 May 2010 and ends 30 May 2010.

What are you waiting for? With the contest, you get to enjoy your favorite food of all time and stand a chance to win a RM2,000 cash prize at the same time. Tell us about your experience with the Fish King Pizza now!

Umpan dah kena nih, jom lah makan!


For more information, kindly logon to

*Terms & Conditions:

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Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. :

    wah contest baru! nak join ar! RM2000! mana boleh lepas kat orang lain hehe :)

  2. daydeck86 :

    menarik nih
    tali barut Kak Ina KL jom g pizza ramai ramai…

  3. coco :


  4. Jimmy :

    Wow!One in a lifetime experience

  5. KY :

    was yummehhhh!

  6. ReD :

    whoahh!! x rajin la nak candid2 gmbr ni..haihhh,,

  7. Puiyeng :

    Wowwwww ! (y)
    Gonna try try ! :)

  8. mummynana :

    oooo taste nice tak? ahahahahahaha….
    let me see if i go dine pizza hut
    i will take part lor….

  9. CikLilyPutih :

    ok okeh, geng2 tali barut k ina jom pi pekena pizza. tapi bile ek

  10. eyriqazz :

    Wow, RM2K each?Lumayannn….

  11. jolene :

    sedap tak? lama tak order pizza hut since the last bad experience.

  12. F@DH@MD@N :

    Hushh…Dah kecur air liur aku ni….nyam..nyam..=)

  13. lydzar :

    baru je lunch kt pizza hut tp tak makan pulak this new pizza.

    will try soon :)

  14. Adrian :

    Hmmmm…it’s been a while since I went to Pizza Hut. Perhaps I’ll give it a try and see if the taste is fit for a King and write a blog post about it too. =)

  15. qist. :

    ooo, yess!! i’m drooling already..

    wow!! best contest ever!
    i wanna join.
    thumbs up, nuff!!

  16. diana :

    it taste nice…u should try it…:)

  17. DaHLia :

    wahhh,,best ni…mesti joinnn :)

  18. aibaks :

    i’ve tried it.. it is seriously different from the hawaian seafood..
    give a try!

  19. nick chang :

    I want RM 2000!!!Must join la…should take pizza hut tomorrow!!wakakakak…

  20. Happysurfer :

    Instead of RM2k for 5 winners only, why not have smaller prizes and more winners?

  21. zac zirwan :

    waa..mesti try ini kontest..

  22. carmen :

    awesome :D

    GONNA tryyy :P

  23. papabear :

    alaaa… nak kena gi makan dulu ke?

  24. eaTEN :

    alright i’ve decided to win this contest. xD

  25. eT :

    waahhhh pizza….
    suka bangat nih…
    time ngandung kalo xder selera p mkn pizza..hehe…lawak jek..:p

  26. zoyah :

    aku slalu wat entry makan pizza….kalini wat n3 makan pizza blh dpt duit.. x menang pun xper.. dah hobi wat entry kat pizza jerla kerjanya.

  27. aini :

    mak aih best ni.. makan pizza, bergambor, blogging, dapt duit.. itu memang superb best =)

  28. Dheepan :

    Would love to win the moolah! Game on!

  29. JieyiPinkabell :

    whee, i wanna join. gonna pull my dad to pizza hut tonight! :D

  30. silampuneon :

    wow, nice one! gotta go to pizza branch!!!

  31. Aus MeLankoLik :

    wow , rm2k for each blog post
    kena cepat ni , hihik .

  32. tifa :

    nak nak :)makan pizza bolej aje :)

  33. wanshah :

    jom kita gi makan pizza ramai² kat alamanda. bleh wat gathering skali. =P

  34. ApekHensem :

    adeh..apek mau join…tp xdak olang mai amik gambo apek….huhuhu

  35. Sky0ne :

    lumayannn….sambil makan2, ada chance menang duit…heheh

  36. azaziah :

    wah!!!! lumayan tueeee…
    SO….ape lagi tunggu…JOM g PIZZA HUT

  37. tom :

    whoaaaa.. gotta participate in this contest.. i might be the lucky winner!! =P

  38. annisa :

    enak tuh buat acara ultah….mmmmmm…I love it

  39. aku indie :

    pizza pe pling best………………Pizza Hut la…kat mane lagi kan…

  40. rabiatul adawiyah :

    bestnyer.. on the way!!

  41. Master :

    Is it for dine in and delivery only? what about take away.. bcoz i’m think of eat them somewhere else..

    please reply admin.

  42. Zaid :

    huhu nak join… tengah cari idea.. hehee

  43. haslina :

    wowww…kena join nie..

  44. jard :

    I’ll wait others to join to see how. ehehe

  45. gnesop :

    bukan jer hadiah best tp pizza king fish memang sedap.. baru test tadi.. mmg best

  46. Shahroll Photo :

    Dah mkn! mmg sedapp sehh.. will posting k! =)

  47. NiZaM Limited :

    wahh..mesti mau join ni. not eaten at Pizza Hut for a long time.
    this might be the greatest chance. hehe..

  48. feyud :

    Macam Best je..

  49. alimaz :

    Yummy pizza…boleh ajak cik abg pi la petang nih……

  50. alimaz :

    teringin gak nak join…untung2 ada rezeki…

  51. omar : kena join..
    go go go..lets compete.

  52. yuka :

    best kontes ni…harus join ni…

  53. zuriey :

    memang best pizza baru ni..

  54. Qee :

    nak try nih hehehehe…memg best!

  55. faye :


  56. JaMaR :

    nyumm..nk kena try nih..blanja me pls…

  57. anastasyea :

    yum… sedapnye… Mesti kena join nie =)

  58. Bean Moreno :

    submited already this is my permalink :

  59. zeyma :

    wah…mana bleh lepaskan nih…my 1st try…

  60. adukaperkasa :

    bestttt..memang best…

  61. Kancilbiru :

    dapat Rm2 ribu kerana makan pizza? Menarik….hadiah lemayan nih…

  62. xiiinam :


  63. Mohd Johari Rosli :

    Nak try jugak…..uhuhuh

  64. Dream Catcher :

    wohoo…. eat eat eat….!! but have to eat only can do posting and take part on the contest.

    too bad….. :(

  65. zulkbo :

    i will join..
    sok nak gi makan lah
    la la la..

  66. arie :

    pizzaaa huttttttsss emmmm yummy ape RM10,000.00 mana leh jadi saya pun nak menang gak…. sekarang gak nak g restoran pizza hut yeahhhh

  67. ahm :

    wah menarik ni..kena g makan fizza dulu baru leh masuk ni..hahaha..jom serbu fizza

  68. khakishopping :

    nak kena cepat2 carik idea nih…hihi…

  69. ctnurkhijah :

    haduh!…Kat langkawi mana ada Pizza Hut. Cam na nak join nih!!! kena p alor star or perlis la jawabnya..

  70. zahari :

    kener cuba ni….jom…..

  71. aima syazwani haron :

    demi pizza…yuhhhhuuu!!

  72. araleling :

    Wow, RM2k, so much

  73. kisahsensasi :

    Hmmm…. nie yang buat teruja tak nak makan pizza fish king nie…. yehaaaa

  74. ainihussin :

    dats great..

  75. zulkbo :

    jem la pulak pizza hut
    hari ni..sok la pulak

  76. Yatre Hayati :

    damn! nak join…

  77. azharrudin bin senin :

    Great deal, Great Fish, Great Deal..Yummm!
    Come And Join Me..

  78. Newbie :

    interesting contest… huhu

  79. akuseniman :

    If I have a dslr,I’m 100% sure I’ll join this contest:(

  80. halimah :

    Hmmm….best ni, lapar pulak…Jom makan ramai-ramai…tapi kemas sorang-soranglah…hee…

  81. aqeel :

    nak guna coupon akak beli pizza nihhhh !!! xDD

  82. Mr.K :

    Wah ..2k..kene join gak nie…asyik asyik bagi can kat org lain jer huhu

  83. relevan :

    ..Very nice ni..meriah ni sungguh meriah..boleh saja makan pizza..

  84. meowwmania :

    kebetulan pulak

    baru je buat post pasal pizza raja ikan nih

    try jelah

    blom cuba blom tahu huhuu~

  85. leily :

    kena ajak hubby pi cuba try test..:P

  86. Ayu Firzara :

    Whoaaaa…i just published my blog post about this pizza. Seems like i’m advance. But maybe have to do another one.

  87. nanahana :

    ayokkk bile mau pegi nih…. :P

  88. nisa :

    wow.. bestnya..

  89. saiful amri :


  90. cikgu din :

    Menarik dan tertarik!

  91. haslina :

    kena makan pizza dulu baru boleh tulis cerita…kan kan…

  92. Mia Liana :

    Hmmm…really nice… Wanna join this contest.. give myself a try….

  93. cik qiqi :

    nk join…tp kna p mkn dlu..kompom xde duit g..huaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  94. nurul :

    menarik nk join

  95. hazarimi :

    wahhh..awesome…kena g cpt ni…
    tak sabar!!!

  96. sarah :

    this is delicious!! its so tempting.. everyone should try else regret oh…dun wait too long.. pizza wont wait..

  97. runwitme :

    Question! Write a blog post titled ‘Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut’ and share your Fish King Pizza experience at your favorite Pizza Hut outlet “or during delivery”. – this mean must feature the delivery guy???

  98. kak ina kl :

    jomm kita gi..sape nak belanja..cisss bean dah buat rupernya..

  99. kyuubi_85 :

    wah big money is here! 2k woo

  100. nisa :

    Hah?? Kena gi cepat ni n snap pict…wohoh pizza!

  101. abad :

    ni wat hati xsabar ……hehehe

  102. pizzahut fan :

    this is good fish pizza i ever eat. smell fish smell pizza.

  103. Akhmal :

    huhuhuu…. done uploading pic.. agak2 boleh menang ker nih..?? just give it a try..

  104. muse :

    hmmm….look like we gonna eat tons of pizza wakaka…

  105. kue :

    nak j0in gak delivery..

  106. mummyalesya :

    wah…must join contest nih!

  107. nemomimosh :

    udah di submit !

  108. ekyn :

    wahh..nak menang..

  109. faez :

    yum…yum… sedap tuh. lagi enak kalo mkn pizza sambil baca novel aku ^^v

  110. kenwooi :

    okay I will try my luck =)

  111. hilmi :

    bleh try nih…mana tahu kalau ada rezeki yg ALLAH nk bagi…~smile~…
    sambil makan pizza,snap gambar, sambil cuba nasib….~~~~

  112. Bento Malaya :

    Ini takkan dilepaskan peluang untuk mendaratkan pizza..haha

  113. amy :

    hehehehe… best best memang kegemaran kami sekeluarga terutama suami… nak cuba lah mana tau rezeki! …

  114. nick :

    wow wow wow.. gonna try it =D looks awesome and tasty !! Pizza hut’s food never fails !!

  115. amin92 :

    try la..cbe nasib..memang sedap..

  116. nova :


  117. Captain :

    cambest je.. contest cambest,, pizza tu pun cambest.. gonna try both~

  118. mimi :

    adoi……lapornya tengok pizza tu sedpnya..

  119. Afyrd best :

    ermmm..afyrd da try..korg kne try gak skali..
    sedp..x penah rasa lagi b4 this..
    nway have to try first..nyum2..;)

  120. muhamad aidil :

    yummy………….. slurp hehehe

  121. Nor :

    wah…lapar giler nampak pizza ni..kena pulak tak breakfast lagi

  122. ianyusof :

    no problem, eating is what i’m good at, and writing is what I’m best at … perfecto … :)

  123. nash :

    tak makan lagi fish king…x leh join lgi…isk2x..

  124. Michelle :

    Finally I done mine!!

    Come read:

  125. mizayusof :

    entri ni boleh tulis dalam bahasa melayu tak ?
    ataupun kena tulis dalam bahasa inggeris jugak ?
    first time nak join contest ni. hehehe :D

    Boleh. nape xleh lak?

  126. BadBoy :

    wah..banyak tu…nak join ke tak….nak join ke tak……!!!

  127. aili :

    wahhhh..beshnye..nk p mkn piza arini jgak!!!yehuuu..;))

  128. megawati :


  129. Blogku Gosip-Gosip :

    aku pun nak gak RM2000 tue…
    Jom makan pizza~~~

  130. nanahana :

    adus… tgok pizza ni pagi2 buta lapau la mummy haha…
    tak pegi lagik la.. nk juin contest nih tp tgh bulan lak nih…

  131. Neon Lamp !!!!!!! :

    Hihi…dont forget to check out our entry yah!

    Thanks nuff ! ~weee~

  132. rosmaniza :

    alahai..camner nie..baru jerk g mkn pizza aritu..lupa lak bw kamera…hmm nak kene pegi lagi ler nie..aduiii…

  133. fizatan :

    mcm best jer contest ni..walaupun br nk berjinak2 dlm dunia blogging ni, nk try gak..

  134. iwan :

    I want to join….

  135. Mohd Zaid :

    yahooooo best sungguh Pizza Fish King ini… saya dah cuba anda bila lagi…

  136. redriben :

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. hadiah berupa duit. actly saye tak suke pizza. tapi kerna ingin try peraduan ni, kena p makan dan post dalam blog secepat mungkin nih!

  137. zahari :

    Memang best……nyam..nyam..nyam..nyam..

  138. azham :

    Hehe.. TO all, this is my ideas. Like it? Use it! Hehe.. Will do it today. If God permits me to do so.

  139. theeggyolks :

    Here’s our entry!! A special Fish King Pizza’s advertisement (interactive flash version) was included!! It is our best animated flash so far!!

    Remember to watch!! XD

  140. aishah :

    Menarik nie, nak cuba ler,
    mana tahu ader rezeki boleh dpt RM2.000O

  141. Bowie :

    submited and this is my permalink ;

  142. cikgusaiful :

    menarik ni…tapi bila nak gi mkan pizza yer????

  143. Ken Jun :

    Submitted my contest form entry!

    This is my Big Fish moment with Pizza Hut permalink:

  144. Umie Gigi Rabbit :

    Best nyerrr…but xde masa lah skrg..:(

  145. mar :

    i wanttttttttt !

  146. Ain :

    Sayangnya kat sini tak ada Pizza Hut. Tak ada chance la nak join. Huuuu huuuu…. sedihnya.

  147. Rozeylawati :

    WOW!!!!!!!! bestnyerrrrrrrrrrr, boleh try ptg nie….bkn jauh pon, x sampai 1 km…lg beshhh kalau g ngan hubby….hu3….

  148. omar a hasssim :


  149. Olivia William :

    love pizza hut so much…

    trying the contest…

    kalau ade rezeki..thanx God la kate org…x salah pun kalau mcube…btol x?

  150. Miss Mirror :

    Ya dah makan, dah shooting2 dan dah join pun!! Memang lazat!

  151. Hazwan Hakim :

    wa..I must join!

  152. Chee Ching :

    Hehe done!!!

  153. kenwooi :

    In case the submission has not been received properly, here’s my entry. =)

  154. Kylie L. :

    Here is my entry!!


  155. Eevee :

    finally done mine ^.^
    feel free to have a peek here:

  156. lydia :

    yahoo..finally i passed up my bloglink! Love this contest so much…

  157. wanita mustanir :

    i pun dah makan, sedap sangat..
    and also dah join..

    here my experience eat the pizza..

  158. detective conan :

    I’ve tried before,the taste so amazing,really unforgetable^^

  159. sillylupie :

    Trying to leave a reply … again!

    The comments section does not count. You’ll need to submit using the form

  160. dye :

    uish..2000 sape xnak!!

  161. skyphotoshop :

    i want win $$$$$$$

  162. daydeck86 :

    sedap bangat seh…

  163. Ju@LuckyMummy :

    menarik contest ni.. nak join!!

    cravings 4 pizza lately..


  164. ArdiniHumaira :

    dni join sama! yahu… Fish King Pizza sangat lazat. nyum3 ^___^

    Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

  165. shii teck :

    done with my post,

  166. kak ina kl :

    This is my N3

  167. TcrAin :

    Hmm… dengki sungguh dengan orang yang dapat pergi Pizza Hut hari-hari. Pizza hut terdekat dengan tempat saya 119km jauhnya. Sedihnya saya… Jadi tak dapatlah nak ikut contest ni. Sedih!

  168. Mia Liana :

    wow! you guys so damn good! very creative entry… I am in progress doing it….

  169. ohmywtf :

    My fun entry!!

  170. faina :

    dah submit!
    harap2 menangla rm2000…aminnn..=)

  171. donad :

    i’ve submitted too ^^

    crossing fingers X)

  172. nesma shahu :

    pls pls give me that 2k!! I need to pay my master fee…

  173. cyclonmaster :

    Looks worth to join. Mesti join ni :)
    Hopefully menang ;)

  174. Bit :

    mine! =)

  175. HW :

    just submitted my entry!

  176. Neon Si Lampu Neon :

    Hye nuffnangs, i just wanted to inform you guys that Ive add something new in my entry(special thing to dedicate to pizza hut)! FYI, I still use the same permalink ;) Heres the link, and thanks you guys for all the support…and thanks nuffnang because this contest is great!

  177. kyosingcat :

    Yahoooo…..Jom pizzaaaaaa~~!! :P

  178. Hasmardy Hashim :

    Yes! At last I tried the pizza and enter the contest! Hope to hear a good news!

  179. Indukden :

    yes….induk dah wat posting utk contest nie…

  180. azham :

    question : DO WE NEED TO CAST A VOTE? huhu.. or you guys held a voting contest?

    The entries will be judged by judges from Pizza Hut. There will be no voting

  181. Monica :

    I submitted my entry too. Just trying luck.

  182. Tcr Ain :

    Hmm … so envious of people who can go to Pizza Hut anytime. Nearest Pizza Hut is 119km away. So sad … I do not want to let go my contest. Sad!

  183. Baboon Tan :

    In case the link doesn’t work! =)
    here is my entries!

  184. Baboon Tan :

    This is my entries! in case you all didn’t receive my entries!


  185. Baboon Tan :

    In case the link doesn’t work!

    here is my entries!

  186. PoJiePooH :

    Wish to win this time >_<

    Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

  187. maverick :

    Hi there fellow nuffnangs…
    This is my entry for this big fish contest!
    Don’t want to miss this golden opportunity..

    Kindly submit only using the form and not through comment

  188. vivianltk :


  189. azham :

    Hehe.. Finally.. My 2 days journey for the sake of Fish King Pizza FINALLY COMPLETED!! READ HERE!! :)

    or at here to start from the first day :)

  190. Afra Yuri :

    My entry! :D

  191. kRaZy :

    finally my entry is done! hope u guys will enjoy it =)

  192. M-Knight :

    my entry

  193. mia liana :

    Sedihnya. Baru je siap buat entri. Tengah submit ada internet problem. Lepas tu, submit balik semula ada error.

    There was a problem with your submission.Errors have been highlighted below.
    This field requires an unique entry and ‘*removed*’ has already been used.
    This field requires an unique entry and ‘’ has already been used.

    Maklumat yang dihantar:
    Full Name : Juliana Binti Ngahdirin
    Email : *removed*
    Blog Permalink :

    Dahlah harini hari last. Pening gak.. Cuba sekali lagi dengan link baru la. Ada sesiapa boleh tolong?

  194. mia liana :

    Alhamdulillah.. dah boleh submit guna link lain dan email lain *removed*

  195. Ayu Firzara :

    Nasib baik sempat jugak publish hari nih…fufu. Last minute betul. Ingatkan saya sorang yang lambat ada juga yang sama macam saya hehehehe….

  196. Orkachan :

    Phew… I made it… Check it out…

  197. cikhel :

    dah submit!org terakhir kot..

    harap diterima!

    terima kasih nuffnang n pizza!

  198. Joel :

    Hey check out my post =)

  199. Lyda :

    All the contestants are rawkksss…

  200. Lyda :

  201. Bella :

    Guys, I have already sent my entry but something wrong with my blog.. My latest post is not coming out.. Will be fixing this by today.. :( Because of the html code la.. Uwaaaa…

  202. azham :

    hurmm.. when will the result come out? :(

    Don’t worry, the results will be announced once the client makes the decision. Once that happens, all participants will receive an email from us stating who the winners are and the winners will be contacted further on how to collect their prizes

  203. azham :

    hahah! turns out the waiting worth it!

    WE WON!!


    Cheers =)

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