Nuffnang Launches the Evangelist Program (Beta)

Hello, it’s Sara from Nuffnang here!

Most of us swear by particular brands, expressing our everlasting loyalty and vowing never to stray, till death do us part. In fact, some of us brand loyalists are so passionate we become brand Nazis, spreading ideologies of brand superiority or going the extent of conjuring certain theories (don’t they all?), whether or not they make sense (by Isaac Newton standards? er.. you get the drift).

I for one, have a confession to make. I’ve always been a DiGi evangelist, and though I’ve never actually checked out the rates offered by the other telcos, I’ve preached the low rates of DiGi like it was my report card. And as with any projected ideas with some sound merit, I’ve successfully converted my peers and colleagues alike just so I could contact them for less! Many of my other colleagues though are Maxis or Celcom evangelists and they all have their own reasons for loving their own telco brands.

Now since I’m on a roll, I might as well also reveal some brand Nazis in the Nuffnang office. Robb is one Gatsby wax Nazi. Speak of his hair only in positive notions. SLR-wielding Fresh swears by Canon cameras, and only uses Canon for the many beautiful pictures you see on her blog. Michelle gets a kick from Maggi cup noodles, and our boss Timothy (and arguably the rest of the Mac users in the office) swear by the efficiency and stability of Macs (even if they crash sometimes huhu).

For the longest time, we Nuffies, as well as many of the Nuffnangers out there who wrote in, have longed for a platform to get close to our favourite brands, just so we would be among the first to know of new product launches and latest offerings (cos we’re kiasu like that).

Introducing the Nuffnang Evangelist Program, designed and created just so Nuffnangers can keep tabs on the happenings and updates of their esteemed labels.

Evangelist Page

Be the first to find out about product launches, press conferences, events, freebies, promotions and lots more. Connect with other Angels and be part of an exclusive community, and enjoy the perks, benefits, side dishes (whatever you want to call it) which comes with being an Angel. Express your everlasting loyalty and show your unwavering support. All you have to do is sign up!

DiGi is one of our esteemed clients well known for its generous treats to loyal users, and it is proud to be the first brand to kick start the Evangelist program. Check out the spanking new DiGi page here! If you’re a proud DiGi user like I am, look no further and sign up as DiGi’s Angel through the Evangelist program page here, and be among the first to enjoy exclusive promotions, screenings and invites to events organized by DiGi!

digi evangelist page

If your favourite brands have yet to join the Evangelist Program, just suggest them to us and we’ll do our best to work our magic for all you Angels-to-be! afterall, unexpressed love gets no reciprocation *winks*

Note: this is a beta release and we’re taking baby steps. But if everything takes off, be sure to see us stride with more brands in the future!

For more information on the Evangelist Program, please check out the FAQs on this page.

– Sara signing off :)

*Please note that the Evangelist Program is only open to Nuffnang Glitterati members.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. vivian teng :

    this sound fun~!

  2. Kay :

    Sounds liked a really innovative idea! :) Go nuffnang!


  3. Kay :

    Sounds like a really innovative idea! :) Go nuffnang!


  4. Jackie Loi :

    wohooo digi rocks!! can i have nokia and nikon as well? XD

  5. Jimmy :

    Wow! Great Stuff

  6. puterinuur :


  7. Sky0ne :

    this is good news!! but iim no DIGI evangelist. when will celcom jump in the bandwagon?

    Drop us a note via the form on the Evangelist page and we’ll try our best to get your favourite brands on board :)

  8. Nikel :

    yes..i guess me can join it..hehe

  9. yangbaik :

    walla…. have to take time to understand…

  10. tekkaus :

    Gonna check it out. :D

  11. Penton :

    Sara rocks! ^^

  12. CikLilyPutih :

    i put P1Wimax in the broadband category. it’s ok?

  13. jipp :


  14. Mae Vin :

    That’s awesome!! Thanks nuffnang!!! =D

  15. aida :

    so i like this……….

  16. joe :

    i like this so much

  17. Edward Poh :

    go maxis anyone?

  18. Edward Poh :

    oh wait! how about a nuffnang angel? hahaha
    is that possible?

  19. AL :

    Haha! Not only interesting, but this is awesome! I’m gonna love the brands which I’ll be tied up with. =)

  20. Anie :

    This is awesome & interesting….

  21. ShiN :

    seems nice~~great

  22. Bay :

    great way to keep me updated! Nuffnang! woohoo!! okok.. i am so going to put my brand on the list.. :D

  23. Joshualaw :

    This is just great! Interesting~

    p/s: I’m a DIGI user too! ;)

  24. Kelvin Tan :

    Great that DiGi’s the first. :D

  25. anNe :

    Sound cool!Starbucks BIG fans here :P

  26. Bazli :

    oooooooooooooh this sounds interesting

  27. kenwooi :

    looking forward to more brands =)

  28. adrian :

    digi rocks my world

  29. Qiefly :

    yeah am already be one of those angle…..

  30. dGeothite :

    Sounds great!

  31. jojo :



    Sound interesting..

  33. Shahroll Photo :

    just update about this program.. good Nuffnang! :D


  34. Khairi :

    Well, one question.

    As one of Digi users, I am curious to know how to make ourself special on the Digi evangelist page? I registered just now, with only one click. Everybody can do that. Well, can’t we, Digi user’s, be a little bit like glitterati?

    You can only be an Angel for 1 brand under the same category. At this moment, there is only DiGi for telecommounication provider, but in time there would be more. ;)

  35. Kak JA :

    its ok love DIGI…..

  36. Wen Veron :


  37. Nick Chang :


  38. sop :

    Interesting! Lets join it!

  39. nia :

    woooh. this sounds cool ! :)

  40. asiatica herb :

    apa la tak paham aku bahasa orang putih ni tak da ker bhs melayu.huhuhuh…apa nak jadi kecik-kecik malas nak blajar bhasa orang putih ni sekarang dah menyesal.huahuhauhuahua

  41. aud :

    i will be a hello kitty angel!!

    That’s the spirit! :)

  42. nabil :


  43. nemomimosh :

    How to be Digi Angels??

  44. marccus :

    Joined! =D

  45. diea :

    i’d already suggest two brand..kfc and pizza hut =D

  46. Allison :

    this is awesome. Can we have McDonalds for french fries, Radley for handbags and Hersheys for chocolates? hehehe

  47. STENNY :


  48. Anak Perak :

    haha..btl kata asiatica herb tu. X der bahasa melayu ker.jenuh aku mengeja satu2..

  49. Mann Rui :

    Sounds freakkin fun
    I am in it now XD =)
    lets join peeps ~ !

  50. aisyah^^ :


  51. henry^munkey :

    NICE ONE! Let’s support digi! :D

  52. qist. :

    it’s seem fun, but i don’t know how to join.
    u c, i did not understand about the brand and how to fill the form..

    Please refer to the FAQs on the Evangelist page for instructions on how to join the program.

  53. Caffery :

    Wow, interesting!

  54. cynthialisu :

    looking good ..keep it coming!

  55. stephy-nie :

    woots! awesome program!

  56. hazet :

    wow good job cant wait to join.

  57. Mandy :

    looks cute…

  58. moots :

    This sounds so cool.

    I’m in!

  59. eT :

    menarik kan…memula nengok icon tu..ada tanda soal gak..hape la nih..hehe

  60. florence :

    I think this is a good idea! keep it up nuffnang ;D

  61. miszTERRA :

    its great..really excited to sign up but im not DIGI user
    can make it for NOKIA @ ACER @ SAFI??

  62. Amiru Razwaree :

    hye…I really wanna join it..but how?

  63. ::Ida:: :

    I was quite surprise to see new stuff on the main page. anywho, ive suggested few brands too. hopefully there will be more because we are all brands enthusiast arent we? :)

  64. am : would be great if there is nokia brand as well..
    luv it..

  65. Soundscape :

    What about concert tickets giveaway? Would Nuffnang be interested in doing co-promotion?

    Please write in to our helpdesk regarding this matter, thanks

  66. imaazza nazri :

    hummmmmmm…sounds good… very interesting… go nuffnang

  67. imaazza nazri :

    boleh join ke ni????

  68. cik kedondong :

    go DIGI go!

  69. Moose :

    This is really innovative. Evangelist, I like that word. It somehow has the feel of the famous Victoria’s Secret Angel!

    Now get really to walk that walk and strut. :)

  70. Nor afiqah :

    DIGI is GREAT!!very enjoy with the DIGI!!use DIGI is mean SAVE U MONEY,honestly im said that i’m really enjoy with it……DIGI will follow meeee….no matter where i go…..

  71. Sheila :


  72. Mr.Thinker@Ali :

    It looks awesome!!

  73. afifahpip :

    wow!! awesome..

  74. azmil :

    join jangan tak joinnnnn

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