Coffee with Nuffies – Michelle

Coffee with Nuffies is back!

The last time around we invited quite a few Nuffnangers to join us for coffee, but only 3 turned up as the others had last minute emergencies (e.g.: boiling soup at home, forgot to turn off the stove). But that did not stop Suresh, Hanoor and Khairil from having fun in the Nuffnang office.

Hanoor even caught some of the fun moments we had on video!

Yes, the Nuffies play hard and work hard too. :)

The next Coffee with Nuffies session will be on;

Date : 9 April 2010 (Friday)
Time : 4pm till 5pm
Venue : Nuffnang KL Office

Click above for address.

This time, we have Michelle Teh, our sweet and elegant Blogger Manager to join the Coffee with Nuffies exclusively.

Some random facts about Michelle;
– Likes karaoke and secretly wants to be an actress
– Hates country music
– A Chinese descendant, but is scared of Chinese food
– Under intense pressure by the Nuffies to get a Blackberry, but has steadfastly remained Berry-less (so far)
– Vows not to cut her hair before 2011
– Single and selectively available (especially for karaoke sessions)

You can ask Michelle how it’s like to be managing a huge number of bloggers and still find time to sing her heart out during karaoke when you see her this Friday. On top of that, the usual thing you can expect with a Coffee with Nuffies session include;

– Coffee (obviously) or any other drinks we have to offer when you drop by (sometimes we might have surprises in our fridge)
– A look around the colourful Nuffnang office along with an introduction to all the Nuffies and their roles in Nuffnang
– A “Get-Close” session with the Blogger Relations Department where you can ask all the questions you want about Nuffnang. This is the perfect chance for you to figure out how you can maximize your earnings from ads or tips on how to win contests and etc!

Drop an email to with your name and contact number if you wish to join the session this Friday! As usual, we can only accommodate a small group of bloggers, thus we might not be able to invite all the bloggers who write in to us. But worry not, as there will always be Coffee with Nuffies as our coffee machine is definitely well stocked! ;)

We await your visit this Friday! :)

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Anak Perak :

    Macam-macam alasan yer. Kucing beranak, jiran ajak main pondok-pondok la.hehe.. Next time lol, because sudah apply cuti special for the Project Alpha Season 2 Bloggers’ Launch

  2. isabellmiao :

    i want to gooo!!! but i have no idea where is the office.

    Come!! It’s in KL. Very near Dang Wangi LRT station and Medan Tuanku Monorail station

  3. Jester :

    Me am the biggest fan of Michelle!! Can I have her signature please!!!

  4. Jard :

    hehehe… i’m working. cant make it

  5. atreyu strange :

    maybe next time you should give us a two week notice so we could apply for a half day or something as most of us are working on a 9 to 5 job. hukhuk..

  6. Jayleo :

    E-mailed =D looking forward to Fri (My Bro’s bday)

  7. Serge Norguard :

    oh my.. how do i get to the office ? Wait, knowing the nuffies who is reading this; if i said such things sure kena hantam one

  8. Kelvin Tan :

    Coincidentally, the last Coffee with Nuffies session, I took leave to do some things but was canceled. >.<
    Coincidentally, this Friday, I also took leave to attend to some matters and this time it wasn't canceled.
    I should be able to make it to this session to drink coffee with Ms. Teh. XD

  9. zuraida :

    I would love to go but deadlines had been crazy lately!!!! I hope one day I can make it!

  10. bryanlyt :

    michelle so hawt i want her signature too lolol :3

  11. Marion :

    I like the idea.

  12. Joe :

    uhuhhu..cofee house.. tak paham le

  13. Stacey Anne Fredericks :

    If i’m selected as one of the blogger to this session, am i allowed to bring 1 guest along ?

    Sorry, it’s a single invite because we can’t accommodate too many visitors in our office :(

  14. Danny Foo :

    Hmm, to go or not to go. To question or not to question. To date, or not to date.

    Would there be Starbucks? *grin*

  15. +Suresh+ :

    OMG!!!Michelle looks so cute one!!!!!!
    super innocent lagi!!!!
    ahh i feel like going to the coffee with the nuffies for the 2nd time =)

  16. Tan Yee Hou :

    omg michelle looks pretty! Darn that’s one side of her that I never knew :(

  17. Kenny Sia :

    If it were not for the fact that I have to work professionally with Michelle, I’d send her flowers!

    Best blogger manager EVAR!

  18. joshuaongys :

    Jom Karaoke Michelle!! WHEEEEE

  19. ggk :

    is there free food

    Yes, there will be some finger food served. :)

  20. CY :

    sounds interesting… just read this from the emailer update..

    i might come.. kekeke.

  21. Luffy :

    so cute lah you Michelle
    but… i’m working T________T

  22. Adrian :

    Coffee with Nuffies sounds fun but alas can’t make it.
    btw, looks like a fun place to work. =)
    I really like the colour of the walls. great job!

  23. shahzere :

    sounds fun! but have to work! :P

  24. matjoe :

    how to know that we are invited? is it through email? how soon that we know that we are invited?

    Yes, you’ll get an email! :D

  25. Niem :

    Wanna to join too!!!
    But..where is ur office..?? :D

  26. Tiffanyk. :

    I’m fifteen. Is it okay if I go? :D

    Of course it’s okay!

  27. Nigel Foong :

    Emm, I wish I can go to Nuffnang office and have fun with you guys. Who ask that my hometown and my uni town is in Perak… Haiz~

  28. kareldanish :

    hi everyone, khairil here from

    i dah gi dah coffee with nuffies nie…its totally worth it…x sia2 amik half day of work to make sure i be there at nuffnang office on time…so for those yg selected for this second session, just enjoy yourself with all the nuffies…try to had a fight with Tim on his Wii guitar skills…who knows u can beat him…hehehehe…

    so guys, enjoy ur time with nuffies k…they all very sweet n nice…dont forget to leave ur footprints on the nuffnang wall of fame ya…

    khairil a.k.a dD

  29. Merrinette :

    T_T i am rushing for my mid sem assignments

  30. Fierce Blogs :

    Do we have this in Manila?

    May be in the near future? :P

  31. elLy :

    I would love to join but I’m currently in Sarawak. Pure sadness T_T

  32. Harith : going back home [kb] tomorrow nite…have fun you all..may be next time :-)

  33. rascat :

    I wish i can go XDD

  34. Kenny yap :

    weee!!sent the email.hopefully I get to come!:D its near my place!hahaha

  35. pia :

    work :(
    i’m so in to coffee uwaaaa

  36. melmonica :

    Aiyo, again on 5pm ka? Would love to go but can’t make it leh. Working till 5.30pm. You guys should make it from 5.30pm or 6pm. Give us some time to head down to your office after work cos IT SOUNDS SO MUCH OF FUN, WE DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!!

    Plus, it’s freaking near my office. Would be a bummer to miss it:(

    Hahaha, we’d love to make it a little later, but judging from previous experience, it will drag on and if we schedule it to be 6pm, the Nuffies will probably stay till midnight before we can go home

  37. JieyiPinkabell :

    omgg, i wish i could join. really want for it!! unfortunately i do not have transport at that time.

  38. wani :

    i’ll going back to my hometown on dat day..

  39. melmonica :

    Okay okay, in that case, will write in for an invite. Besides, don’t think I can go for the next coffee with nuffies already.

    Hope to see y’all this Friday:))

  40. melmonica :

    Hi Coffee Nuffie,
    Just dropped you an email.

    Okay, won’t spam on this comment space. Cheers~

  41. Mak Su :

    bestnyer!!! tapi waktu pejabatlah….. :(

  42. JD :

    Only finishing work at 445. Any chance that you guys can make it like 5 for the next round?

  43. Natasha :

    Yezzzzzzzzzz!!!!!! Finally i got the invitation…wow!!!! will be there by today at 4pm..Michelle wait for me………

  44. twilightzone :

    Adoi! It’s 4.30pm now and i just read this coffee thing!
    Next time lah, please email me 1 week ahead ok.
    Have fun!

  45. orenlili :

    Dear nuffies, sorry can’t make it. I was not feeling well. :(

  46. jipp :

    I want, I want, I want!!

  47. Jayleo :

    thanks for d invite ! =D nice meetin u guys

  48. sunmelon :

    i wonder if you can make it here (in Penang)… ;D

  49. Huai Bin :

    Hey Michelle you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind hey Mickey. Hey Michelle! !hi


  50. michellezyenn :

    Hi all! Thanks for all your kind comments hehe it was fun becoming “featured” for this session. For those who couldn’t make it this time around, do keep an eye on our next coffee with nuffies session invitation! =)

    Nice to meet all of you who took time to drop by =)

    p.s jayleo, what was it you wanted to ask me? 0.0

  51. Bernard Chung :

    Thanks for the invites to your little but orange office…
    I know la, stop making fun of me for taking monorail from Bkt Nanas…it was raining la….
    at least I have my Viking helmet…and my helmet is always feel safe with Michelle’s hand LOL

    Anyway, thanks for the invites and I appreciate it
    Wish was there till the end but i got a movie to watch at 7 that day…
    Loved ur coffee and milo from the office, must go more often!!

  52. Jayleo :

    i’ve tweeted my question to u michelle. but u didnt reply gua.. lol

  53. Hellena :

    hmmm..wish i can attend but got so many things need to do…love ya all and have fun ya!

  54. khadijah zek :

    hello nuffnang,
    I feel free to join The next Coffee with Nuffies
    I will start my semester break this MEI.
    If there any next session for this Mei,do invite me again for the next session

    TQ nuffnang

  55. suffer8zine :

    alamak terlepas pulak

  56. Bryan Hoo :

    when is the next coffee session? or maybe karaoke session?? lol

  57. wanda :

    i like this………..

  58. aida :

    i like this cofee…………

  59. Nor afiqah :

    Hai…U’re so beatifull Michelle,emmm…whatever it is I REALLY LOVE COFFEE,,,owh coffee with Nuffies hahaha…is so nice coffee with creamer/cream/milk,Wallah is so delicous~especially espresso/caffe latte an so on…muah!

  60. aidalicious :

    like coffe prince punya,love this coffe! <33

  61. aidalicious :

    yummy,make my heart melt..i want this!!

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