Join the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair and Win Awesome Prizes!


If you’re looking for a fun event to attend then you’re in luck! Gatsby Deodorant is throwing a massive Street Fair this coming April and we want you to be a part of it! Think of the games you’ve always want to play. They range from simple Throw-A-Ball to the funnier sumo wrestling in airbags wrapped around your body! Fun is heading your way this April. ;)


We’re looking for bloggers who want to have fun and win lots of attractive prizes at the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair happening on;


Want to know what’s waiting for you at the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair? You’ll be amazed!!

  • A fun and exciting time at the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair for TWO (2). Yes, you get to bring a friend along to have fun at the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair!
  • Gatsby goody bags!
  • Lots of Gatsby products to redeem from Gatsby points won from game booths!
  • Lucky draw prizes at the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair – RM15,000 worth of gadgets, electronics, mobile phones and vouchers to be given out in 2 rounds of lucky draw!

Now here are the steps to follow if you want to be a part of this cool Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair:

  1. Write a blog post with the title “I’m Going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair” and share with your readers that you’re gonna have fun on the April 17 thanks to Gatsby Deodorant and stand a chance to win lots of prizes! Your blog post must contain a link to
  2. Send an email to with your full name and blog permalink.
  3. Once you’re done, just wait for our official invitational email to the Gatsby Deodorant Fair and you’re off to have a great time on April 17!

What are you waiting for? Come join the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair now!

Date : 17th April 2010 (Sat)
Time : 10.00am
Venue : Times Square
Terms & Conditions

1. The “I’m Going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair” contest begins on 29 March (Monday) and will end on 12.00pm 14 April 2010.
2. Only the best written blog posts will be eligible for a pair of invites to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair as the number of invitations are very limited.
3. Should any blogger from the first invite list not be able to attend the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair on 17 April 2010, their invites will be given to the other bloggers who didn’t make it into the initial invitation list.
4. Judges’ decisions are final and abiding.
5. All physical prizes will be given out during the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair on 17 April 2010.
6. Nuffnang Sdn Bhd reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice.
Site Admin
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Fellxion :

    I received an email before this upon my previous post of “I’m Going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair”. But I’m not sure if I’m in the invitation list. How do I check?

  2. Hoong Fong :

    Huh? need to write again?!

  3. Sakira :

    Okay. Let me get this straight.
    The people who got invited already don’t need to do an entry right ?

    Yes, if you’ve already got an invited just show up at 10am on Apr 17 :)

  4. Jimmy :

    It is the same as the old one?right

  5. kanip :

    i have got this


    Do i need to give a confirmation on this event? I mean reply of attendence?I do received the invitation from Nuffnang and of course i will not miss this great event.

    Hey, if you’ve received the invitation, all you need to do is turn up at the event at 10am :)

  7. :

    nak tips menulis blog berkenaan event ni?.. masuklah blog saya.. huhu

  8. cik zatil :

    hope to be listed :)

  9. zac zirwan :

    hope i got this time =)

  10. Jeff :

    What is the different between this one and the previous one?
    One is with pay and one is without?

    Yes, you are right

  11. Babyhel :

    Wrote about this already.Glad to hear from you soon!Thanks nuffnang.

  12. rina :

    is it only for bloggers who were invited right? not just anyone can attend it right? i really confius..

    Yes, you have to write a blog post and submit the permalink to the email address stated

  13. susan :

    I did my post before this, and send my url to you guys but I didn’t get any reply after that :( so should I send you my post url again?

  14. yannie :

    i’ve oredi submit the en3 before but didn’t get any i’ll try to submit again..

  15. shiori :

    i got an email….title “you are invited to the gatsby deodorant street fair” is that means i’m invited to this street fair? how do i confirm it? do i have to reply this email and get the entry ticket or pass to join this fair? please i’m getting a little bit confused here……

    You are indeed invited for the Street Fair. :)

  16. haslina :

    i already done the writing. hoping to be one of the nuffnanger to be there…

  17. Chanana :

    i’ve submitted mine.. hopefully i will get the invitation ;)

  18. Little Mama™ :


  19. Bro Framestone :

    Kite jumpa di sana la ek… hope leh bolot banyak hadiah huhuhu

  20. aiin abdullah :

    hye, i’ve already done writing one and submitted to nuffnang mail. hope i’m listed to be joining in Gatsby function. here my permalink blog:

  21. stawberryprincess :

    so sad i cnt go… i from kuching…

  22. bUDaKP0Li :

    I want to start blogging with this site…..luv u nuffnang….(^_-)

  23. JaNDeMuDe :

    hye everyone…..look at this… it must be fun..take it

  24. kely ng :

    Did mine and got invited and am attending ! Thank you NN ! (:

  25. mySembang :

    how to join?

  26. [-suziey-] :

    cant wait for the day..thank you Nuffnang for inviting me..will be there on the dot :D

  27. Isabellmiao :

    i’m definitely going! ^^

  28. Vintage Achna :

    hello, if i didn’t managed to get the invited gatsby fair, so if i wanna go to this fair, and again I should write this gatsby fair entry? i can make a new one or copy back the old one?

    Hey there, you’re already invited to the Street Fair, so you don’t have to submit another post :)

  29. haslina :

    my link

  30. faztee :

    hope 2 be..

  31. Daphne :

    I cant go =( I want to. but i cant =(

  32. Vintage Achna :

    Hye Nuffnang,
    If u said that I am already invited, so how come I did not get the invitational mail?

    Can u check the invitational list? If I am one of in the invitational list, can you please mail me again the invitational mail of GATSBY STREET FAIR?

    Thank you.

    i <3 Nuffnang!

    A reminder email will be sent out to all invited bloggers by end of this week. Be sure to check the email you register with Nuffnang and also the email you used to send in your entry!

  33. Rara :

    nuffnang, invite lah i :(

  34. Vintage Achna :

    ha’ah.. kak rara meh la join skali. hihi

  35. Vintage Achna :

    Thanks Nuffnang for invited me!

    I <3 Nuffnang!

  36. Joann :

    i’m invited. but today, out of sudden the lecturer tell us that we got a replacement class on that day. from 9.30 to 12+. can i show up after 12? cause i need to provide MC if i’m absent. (tho that subject is not important.but you know, some lecturers are strict+poyo.) ==

    That will depends on what kind of invitation are you invited under. Kindly contact our helpdesk to discuss this further.

  37. haslina :

    Hai Nuffnang,
    actually i am in the 400 lists invited earlier. there are 2nd email by nuffnang which asking to do some writing..but i don’t do it because im on leave and back to kg which is no internet line there. then i think i not in the lists anymore because i did not do the writing. so i just do the writing to get get a pairs invited. i hope i can win the contest..
    i want to know actually im still in the 400 list earlier or not?

    Please write in to the helpdesk regarding this enquiry, thanks.

  38. diea :

    it’s sound interesting…hehe

  39. Nora :

    i want to go.. c yaaaa (^___^)

  40. Nick Chang :

    Hi,there.I would like to know where is the counter for Nuffnang registration on that day?
    Would Berjaya TimeSquare open early 9am???

    Yes, it’ll be open, and we’ll make sure our counter is visible where the event will be held

  41. Nick Chang :

    thanks…I have no one accompany me..I will attend alone…

  42. hana yoriee :

    yes! im coming.. =)

  43. [-suziey-] :

    just got the reminder email..thanks..btw..does kid allowed?

    We’ll advised against bringing children as the street fair is not child friendly

  44. enydiamond :

    count me in :)

  45. [-suziey-] :

    ok then..noted :)

  46. iylia :

    thanks 4 d reminder.

    do we need to stay until 5pm?

    Not necessary. You’re free to leave once the official counting for Malaysia Book of Records is over

  47. Samuel Vun :

    Here’s mine,

    Hope i’m not too late!

  48. Kairyuzai :

    if i dint get an invitation email , can i still a passerby..lolx

  49. mulyati :

    mesti mau…

  50. Adziim :

    Is it possible for Nuffnang to post a list of bloggers manage to get into the list of people invited to the Gatsby Street Fair ?
    It would be easy for bloggers because the way I see it, there’s some bloggers whose confuse with the confirmation of invitation to the event.

    That’s not possible as making the list public might create unforeseen difficulties in last minute

  51. abdullah :

    tak pernah try deodorant nie, kalau gel rambut penah ler

  52. tanya :

    dear nuffnang,
    Im really looking forward towards the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair this coming saturday! Unfortunately, i’ve got a test to sit for on the same day. Is it possible if i come after 11am and still register for it?? :)

    For queries, please refer them to our helpdesk

  53. weitaoyap :

    Who here have go to this event?

  54. nantini :

    kelengkapan diri yang menakjubkan bermula dari GATSBY

  55. wanzi :

    Gurrenti baik punya produk…………………

  56. hakimdfaridzul :

    i’ve got an email entitle “Are you ready for the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair?”. is that the official invitation from nuffnang??? confuse here!help me please~tq

    Yes, this is the official invitation

  57. En. aMin :

    Only those who are invited can go to this event?
    Public people cannot attend it?

    Public attendance is only open after 1pm with purchase of Gatsby products

  58. ilyani :

    i’m goinggggggggggggg~~~!!! :)

  59. assoyfinger67 :

    gatby ! famous product..mesti bagus punya

  60. mizzura :

    To those who attend this event..have fun ya!

    Me so sad cannot join the event T_T

  61. Nick Chang :

    really a good event!!Thanks,Nuffnang and also Gatsby!!!

  62. hidayat :

    alamakkkk…aku terlepas ….

  63. sop :

    Memang best dan happening..
    Dah lah dapat tukar kupon dgn banyak barang, terpilih cabutan bertuah lagi..
    Terima kasih Nuffnang dan Gatsby!!

  64. azni :

    enjoy gilerr join xtiviti nih. dpt byk barang gatsby

  65. aidi-safuan :

    thanx nuffnang! thanx gatsby!

  66. Hakim :

    Mmg best event ni. sure kne ade lg after this. credit to nuffnang and gatsby for the greatest ever street fair like this. dont forget check out my blog as i attached some event picture ..

  67. Shu Yi :



  68. nabil :


  69. ieja :

    best !! thanks nuffnang and gatsby … now i’m part of malaysia book of record !!

  70. Juliana Salleh :

    besx giler!!!!thank nuffnang!!! :)

  71. Liesa :

    best event…and my husband is very very lucky person got the laptop acer ferrari one 200…thanks and credit to nuffnang, gatsby and malaysia book of records…hope next year dpt anjurkan event mcm ni lagi….

  72. wanda :

    i like this product.

  73. aida :

    I want winnnnnn……………

  74. tanya :

    i had an awesome time during the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair! Nuffnang should organise more events like this! I enjoyed the games and managed to redeem a few gatsby goodies! :)
    btw, when will I know that I will be credited with the RM 50? :)

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