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  1. Puteri Bahiyah Muhammad Johan :

    Do I have to send my permalinks at this comment box or I have to email you my permalink?

  2. Joe :

    haha this movie sounds interesting! :D

  3. CAHAYA :



  4. Avelynn Teng :

  5. Stacey Anne Fredericks :

    I’ve completed a post on My Date Night ! :D
    hope to win the pair of tickets.. THANKS NUFFNANG for organizing this contest!

  6. eyriqazz :

    This is my entry :

  7. +Suresh+ :

    Here’s the permalink to my blog post:

    hope i get the tickets!!!


  8. Jack Ng :

    Here is mine !

    Thanks Nuffnang !

  9. stephy :

    yea~ i wanna watch this!!!

  10. LVC :

    Hi, where should I sent my permalink to? here?

    btw, this is my link. Hope I can get one^^

  11. Natasha :

    My Date Night is the most memorable for me, pls view

  12. kRaZy :

    Entry done =)

  13. Jimmy :

    Where should we send it? I pressume submitting here

  14. luckystrike :

    Hi Nuffnang,

    My permalink for the blog My Date Night is

    *finger crossed*

  15. cik zatil :

    nak join! :)

  16. zaihazra sulaiman :

    diz is mine!

  17. Jeff :


  18. Vun Vui Kiat :

    My Date Night.

  19. Jackie Loi :

    Here is my blog entry :D

  20. CikLilyPutih :

    hey nuffie,

    i’ve done already.
    Herewith my permalink :
    hopefully i get the ticket!

  21. Nikel :

  22. Cayenne :

    here’s my permalink:

  23. chee-v :


  24. J_Fish :

    never been on a real date before… XD How?! T————–T…

  25. JaMaR :

    I’d DONE with mine..
    hope i get the tickets!!!

    TQ Nuff!!!

  26. erina :

    posted ! :D

  27. Tan Boon Wei :

    Here is my link!

    hopefully I can get it!

  28. sha sidek :

    hi guys! done with my post!

    please do check it out and see what you think!

  29. Beatrice :

    DONE!! i hope this is the place where I’m suppose to ‘send in my permalinks’

  30. eiling :

    My Date From Hell!

  31. jolene :

  32. Joyce Lee :

    this is my link

  33. kak ina kl :

    this my permalink for this contest

  34. En. aMin :

    Hi nuffnang team,
    Thanks for all the jobs well done! I hope I can win this Contest to go with my new date…:)

  35. jing zhi :

  36. Amanda Janelle :

    Am I supposed to send in the permalink here? Well here it is Nuffnang. =)

  37. eugene :

    what the contest email?

    Thanks for the heads up, we just added the email address in :)

  38. Tallboyz :

    Just done mine;

  39. eugene :

    My Date Night permalink:

  40. Ryan Lim :

    Hope i will be the first 90 bloggers…

  41. Mohd Zaid :

    my entry… tengok lah..

  42. Muhammad Usamah :

    because im the only one here to comment…
    read my entry in my blog!!!
    about my date night!!^.^

  43. ajuera :

    Hye, i’m join..

    this is my permalinks;


  44. haslina :

    hoping to do it..

  45. eaTEN :

    here is mine! enjoy!

  46. Liki Chee :

    woah..first to post :)

  47. Corvina :

    Er, where should I send the permalinks to? Sorry if this’s a stupid question because it’s my first time to join this kind of contest.

    Our bad, we’ve updated the post with the correct email address now!

  48. Cereal :

    Here’s my link on a threesome date night:

  49. carmen :

    Here’s mine :D :D

    hopefully can get the tickets (:

  50. syeeqa ilahi :

    here’s mine

  51. Bean Moreno :

    my entry :

  52. Jimmy :

    So who submitted in the comment box need to submit again through that email?

    Yes, please submit your permalinks to the email address

  53. Juliana Salleh :

    here is it…

  54. MISS NORA :

    :) “join!!”

    my permalinks:

  55. Babyhel :

    My Date night!Done! ….

  56. MeiYi :

    Rawrr my date night (;

  57. zaihazra sulaiman :

    ramai yang tak perasan.

  58. SaM :

    here mine date.

  59. Jogger :

    Check it out…

  60. J_Fish :


  61. Puteri Nuur At-Terawis :


  62. adrian ng :

    my date night
    my url is-

  63. 031 :

  64. Farah Za'ba :

    Done. Hope I will get those tickets :)

  65. .::wanie::. :

    Done.. hope to get this !

  66. ilyani :

    omg.. still have time for this?? or you have 90 entries already? :(
    I only knew about this moments ago!

  67. ilyani :

    mine ready!!!!!!!!! XD

  68. Inka :

  69. kanip :

    macam best je citer ni…. hehehheheh

  70. Syd :

    my date night>>

  71. Caryn :

    I hope I am not too late. *fingers crossed*

    Check out my post ppl (= hope u guys like it.

  72. vivian teng :

    i dont know why when i paste the html codes in my blog..the picture did not appear..=( but , is my posts=D

  73. Lullaby :

    here is mine, thanks!

  74. Jess :

    Here is my entry!!! Hope to date my boy for the move!!

  75. Kong Loong :

    hope still on time…

    look like a nice movie.

  76. oya :

    hope can get free tickets..

  77. tifa :
    i’m done :)

  78. Caryn :

    hope i made it. this is my post

    Hope u guys like it. (=

  79. Jack Ng :

    sigh …… hope i still can get it as i was the top 10 to submit the permalink here , where there is not yet any e-mail address ……. sigh sigh !

    No worries on that, Jack. ;)

  80. Tan Yee Hou :

    omg later i write can i chup one seat first fwesh and wobb are awesome.


  81. Caryn :

    this is my date night link:

  82. Littlepeople2u :

    hope still in time to win…

  83. littlepeople2u :

    hope not too late

  84. hadiahdarijiwa :

  85. cik zatil :

    have send the link to de email last saturday,
    but juz resend here today :)

  86. Kalut :

  87. hakzai :

    hope still in right time! :-P

  88. aidura :

    Here’s mine..

    Keeping my fingers crossed!


  89. daydeck86 :

    sempat lagik ker ni ar??

  90. regine lee :

    Well, This is my entry to win a pair of tickets. :)

  91. regine lee :

    Well, This is my entry to win a pair of tickets. :)

    pls use firefox to view if internet explorer cant view. :)

  92. Larry Kum :

  93. Larry Kum :
    I hope mine is good enough~

  94. Evon K :

    feel free to check out mine =)

  95. Aileen :

    Oh my… Didn’t notice first 90 to send in entry… Hope i’m not too late~

  96. Connie Lam :

    Here’s my “My Date Night”

  97. cranberrypuddy :

    hope I ain’t too late! =) enjoy reading my perfect disastrous date night! =)


  98. falihin :

    please give me the tickets..

  99. Emma :


  100. chaa :

    yeahh , saya nak menang :)) ade peluang lagi tak ? mintak-mintak ada la =.=”

  101. chaa :


  102. Pollyserendipity :

    Been preparing this for few days…

    Hope you guys will like it!

  103. wyyv :

    Hello there, the poster isn’t appearing after I attached to my post. Could someone fix this issue?

  104. wyyv :

  105. Charlene Low :

    here’s my post :)

  106. Dyra :

    Hi there,

    here my link
    Hope i can win the tix! thanksssss ;)

  107. Sue :

    Mine done and sent to the email given. Neway, in caseeee…here’s mine,

  108. Z :

    aiya~ already late?

  109. Sarah Abd Rahim :

    OMG!! Steve Carell is hilariously funny. Can’t miss this one! =D

  110. Jimmy :

    Is a KILL SHOT! Does it sound familiar?

  111. Joe :

    most ever best date movie

  112. ieda :

    nice movie..joined too.

  113. vivian :

    still waiting patiently fot the invitations! hope i get it….~! =D

  114. enydiamond :

    nuff, please invite me for other events again n again :D

  115. Daphne :

    Does the date be necessary with bf?

    Not really, if you wish to date your parents, it’s okay too!

  116. Hong :

    it’s already over 90… given up. sob sob…

  117. yenyeechin :

    my permalink is:

  118. nemomimosh :

    me too..hope we get it,dude!

  119. Lovillea :

    10Q Nuff.. Muacssssssss

  120. jessica :

  121. Nur Amira :

    hye! i have email my permalink..but i can’t resists to put it here too..hehehe

  122. karyin :

    Here’s mine!

  123. karyin :

    I have pasted the code, but why the poster did not appear? :(

    You might not have pasted it as HTML. Try to check again if you missed anything?

  124. Light~ :


  125. teresa :

    is this still available?

    My post is here

  126. Jack Ng :

    Thank you nuffnang !

  127. xmizanx :

    click here:

    my date night….

  128. melmonica :

    No harm in trying.

    Here’s mine!

    *chanting pleasepickmepleasepickmepleasepickme

  129. ally :

    i’m done!! :D

  130. yumii :

    i watched it and it was HILARIOUS. hehe

  131. LVC :

    thanks a lot~ ive got it^^ thanks thanks thanks~~~

  132. AJ :


    my entry for the contest =)

  133. jolene :

    i thought we are supposed to send the link to the respective email?

    Yes, the link should be in the email. But then again, if people choose to share their links here, then we will approve the comment. :)

  134. AJ :

    erm my comment is awaiting moderation?

  135. J_Fish :

    do i get another email confirming that you’ve received my confirmation e-mail?

    Nope, but if you don’t confirm, you’d have gotten a revoke email

  136. Natasha :

    niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee movie…. i just came back from the cinema…thks Nuffnang, thks robb foor make all the nuffers calm down while waiting for the delay movie…

  137. Dino de Art Hair Salon :

    i patsed the code @ my blog may i knw wt is next step

    The movie contest has ended.

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