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Just in case you don’t know, we have a helpdesk section which you can access at where our dedicated staff reply inquiries from our blogging community every day (exception on weekends and public holidays) without fail.

We have gathered quite a large pool of queries since the start of Nuffnang and today, we’d like to share with you the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)!!

1. How do I earn from Nuffnang?

It’s pretty simple; all you have to do is place our the codes for our ad units into your blog. They will mark an ad space in your blog for us to sell to advertisers. When your ad space is not being used for an ad campaign, the ad unit will be minimized and just show the caption ‘Ads by Nuffnang’. It is only when an advertiser has purchased the ad space in your blog that the ad will appear; bloggers are only paid when their ad space are used by advertisers.

There are 2 types of ad campaigns from Nuffnang:

a) mCPM Campaigns

– Bloggers are paid based on the number of unique impressions an advertiser purchases from their blogs.
– Once a blog is chosen for an mCPM campaign, a new entry will be created under a ‘Buffered Earnings’ table on the Earnings page which will be updated daily according to the progress of the ads being showed to the blog’s readers.
– Once the campaign ends, it will be transferred to a new table called ‘Metered Earnings’, in which the amount will be reflected in your current earnings.
– All blogs registered under Nuffnang qualify for mCPM campaigns by default.
– Advertisers will choose which blogs they wish to advertise on based on several factors such as demographics of blog readers, desirability of ad units, membership exclusivity and writing style of the blogger.
– New bloggers to the community may take a while to be chosen for campaigns as advertisers are less confident in advertising on newly signed up blogs for mCPM campaigns.

b) CPC Campaigns
– Bloggers are paid based on the number of unique clicks registered on the ad unit showing the advertisements.
– Bloggers can opt to show CPC campaigns by selecting ‘Show Global CPC Ads’ as their Ads Preference in their Blog Manager.
– When there are no CPC campaigns, the ad unit will be minimized. When there’s an ongoing CPC campaign, the ad unit will show till the number of clicks allocated for the day has been used up. These ads will only show when your blog has not been chosen for any mCPM campaigns for that period of time.
– Earnings for CPC campaigns are updated weekly on the Earnings Page.

2. Do bloggers only earn when the ads are clicked?

No. The CPC campaign is only one of the 2 types of ads Nuffnang has to offer. All blogs are eligible for mCPM campaigns by default, but they must first satisfy the basic criteria of advertisers before they choose the right blogs for their campaigns.

3. How do you define good and bad ad placement?

– Advertisers will only advertise on ad spaces which are displayed prominently on a blog’s main page for mCPM campaigns.
– A Skyscraper ad unit should either be the first element of your sidebar or at least visible whenever your blog loads without the need to scroll down to look for it in order to qualify as good ad placement
– A Leaderboard ad unit should always be the first visible element once your blog loads. Should it not be visible, it will be considered as a bad placement.
– A Large Rectangle ad unit should either be placed right after the most recent post on your blog, or anywhere higher to qualify as good ad placement.

4. Why are my ads ‘sleeping’ in the day time and only ‘wake up’ at night time?

– Advertisers always purchase campaigns to run for a period of time.
– For example, if an advertiser purchases an mCPM campaign which will reach out to 700 unique visitors to your blog for 7 days, that means each day, your ad unit will show the ad from that advertiser to the first 100 unique visitors to your blog. As the day starts at 12.00am, the ads will be displayed starting from then on till its daily quota of 100 unique visitors has been filled, and it will stop showing after that. When the clock strikes 12.00am the next day, the routine repeats itself.
– The same applies for CPC campaigns. For example, if an advertiser buys 700 clicks for a campaign to last over a period of 14 days, 50 clicks will be allocated to all the blogs on the Nuffnang network each day. Every day the CPC ad will be displayed on all blogs which are not serving any mCPM campaigns at the moment, and once 50 clicks have been registered for that day, the ads will no longer show till a new day begins again at 12.00 am.
– To summarise, Nuffnang ads do not ‘sleep’ and ‘wake up’ but merely perform based on the allocations of a campaign and behavior of visitors to blogs.

5. Can I click on my own ads to increase my earnings?

– Advertisers spend thousands to send their messages across to interested individuals via CPC campaigns. Thus, if you’re clicking on an ad on your own blog, make sure that it’s because you’re interested to find out more about the products/services advertised.
– If there is a case of intentional repetitive clicking on CPC ads just to increase earnings, the blogger involved will be given a warning and if the act does not stop, the account will be suspended and banned indefinitely which is a common practice in all ad networks.
– As our system is programmed in a way to recognize common traits and behaviors of visitors, we have clamped down on groups of bloggers assembled for the purpose of clicking on each other’s ad units for CPC campaigns in the past.
– We strongly advise against engaging in actions such as these and should anyone be caught, severe actions will be taken.


Glitterati membership is given to all bloggers under our network who satisfy the following conditions;
– Serve Nuffnang ads in all blogs registered in the Blog Manager at all time
– All blogs registered are public blogs and suitable for all audience (i.e. do not have content warning pages)
– Does not serve ads from Nuffnang’s competitors

Sometimes, bloggers whose blogs are hosted on private domains may encounter server problems which cause their blog to be offline for a few days. This will also affect your membership status as you’d have failed to serve Nuffnang ads at all time.

Glitterati membership is an automated process. As long as you satisfy the above criteria again after your last conflicting action, our system will take up to 4 days to review your account and by then, you’ll be a Glitterati member again.

7. I have cashed out my earnings. When will it arrive?

As stated in our payment policy, Nuffnang pays its members every end of the month after 30 days (Glitterati) or 60 days (Ordinary) from their cashout request date. Upon then, the cheque will be compiled and sent to the bank for legal processing before delivered to your registered address. The processing and delivering by the bank will take about 2 weeks time.

Therefore, if you are a Glitterati member and cash out on any date this month (February) for example, Nuffnang will issue you a cheque on 31 March and you can expect it to arrive to your registered address by the end of the second week in April.

8. How do I insert Nuffnang codes into my blog? I’m using

To add our Leaderboard ad unit, look for its code in your ‘Add Ad’ page after logging into your Nuffnang account. Then, login to your account and look for your Edit HTML page. Look for the code and paste the codes of the Leaderboard ad unit right after it. Save the template and the ad unit will be working fine on your blog.

To add our Large Rectangle ad unit, please look for its code in your ‘Add Ad’ page after logging into your Nuffnang account. Then, login to your account and look for your Edit HTML page. Check the box captioned ‘Expand Widget’. Then look for the codes </b:if> and </b:loop> which come after one another. Paste the codes of our Large Rectangle ad unit in between them and save the changes. You should then see our Large Rectangle ad unit at the end of your most recent blog post. As there will be more than one pair of those codes, try pasting the Large Rectangle codes between each of them to see if it works.

For the Skyscraper ad unit, you can use the ‘Add Gadget’ function in your Layout tab. Select the HTML/Javascript option and paste our codes into it. It should work fine in your blog as an alternative suggested from our tutorial.

If you’re using other blog platforms, you can refer to the ‘Add Ad’ page where tutorials to insert our codes are available for consultation.

9. I own a forum and I wish to have Nuffnang ads in it. Can I insert Nuffnang ads in it?

Nuffnang is a blog advertising community. As such, we excel in selling ad spaces on blogs to advertisers. While non blog sites are also allowed to join our community to benefit from our various programmes such as parties, contests, movies and etc, please take note that most of our advertisers advertise solely on blogs. As such if a non blog site joins us, chances are that the non blog site might not be able to earn much from advertising revenue. If this point is taken into consideration and non blog sites still wish to join our community, we will welcome them with open arms.


Our analytics tool tracks visitors to your blog each hour. It displays the traffic to your blog for each individual hour, and the figures will be tallied up for the total number of visits. Every day at midnight, our server will perform a scan of all blogs on our network. During the period of time, all the statistics for the previous day’s traffic will be temporarily removed from your ‘Analytics’ page for this process to take place. The process usually takes 2 to 3 hours. Once it is completed, the statistics will be restored and viewable again.

We hope that these FAQs will help shed some light on how Nuffnang works for those who’re too shy to write in to us. Feel free to share this on your blog too if you wish to let all your friends know how Nuffnang works. ;)

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
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