Nuffnang Charity Project – Thank You For All Your Support!

A few days ago, we sent out a call for help on behalf of Nuffnanger Azmaniza bt Mohamad Kamal, who urgently needed to raise funds for her son Ammar Danish’s surgery. As we mentioned in this post,, Baby Ammar suffers from Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) since birth, and he needs surgery to close the hole in his heart.


In the short span of just 3 days since we blogged about it, we’ve managed to raise RM 3,359 from Nuffnangers for Baby Ammar! We’re also happy to announce a bit of good news which Azmaniza relayed to us: Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) has agreed to waive part of the fees for Baby Ammar’s surgery, and Azmaniza has also been carrying out some fund-raising efforts of her own. As such, in addition to the funds that Azmaniza already has, the amount that has been raised so far will be enough to cover the amount needed for Baby Ammar’s surgery.

Azmaniza is very grateful to all of you out there who’ve contributed generously to this cause, be it by spreading the word or by donations. Here’s a short message from Azmaniza herself:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nuffnang and all Nuffnangers for their contributions, efforts and continuous support to help my lil Ammar. It means a lot to us! Great job Nuffnangers!! Thank you again and May God bless all of you!!!”

Because Azmaniza already has sufficient funds to foot the bill for the surgery, we’re ending this fund-raising effort today (8 February 2010). Once again, thank you for your generous contributions. We’re really proud of all of you for coming together as a community for a good cause!

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Joanne Tee :

    I hope Baby Anmar will get well soon and the hole in his heart will recover quickly .
    Bless you.

  2. aifaa :

    may baby amar be safe :)

  3. JeM :

    Baby Ammar!
    Get well soon!
    God bless you!

  4. Azhar :

    Thanks..for the info..guys from lowyat oso give a good respons even my thread they’ve put under important topic. Will copy this information so that they know the latest news.


  5. Hernee Nazir :

    get well soon Ammar..

  6. Hazzy :

    great job

  7. Roseli A. Bakar :

    Malaysians are kind-hearted :)

  8. Bay :

    I was planning to write a post in my blog today to join the Charity Project. Gosh. I am one step late. Really sorry I couldn’t contribute myself to Baby Anmar. May he have a smooth surgery and a quick recovery after this. Sorry that I couldn’t be in much help here. Take care everyone. And good job Nuffnang. With such projects going on. Many people who are in need could get help much efficiently. God bless those who joined the project and Nuffnang.

    Take care Baby Anmar. :)

  9. suliana :

    alhamdulillah.. semoga pembedahan itu berjaya..

  10. Zaid :

    semoga adik ammar terus sihat lepas ni.. amin..

  11. atreyu strange :

    Baby Ammar deserves this. May you grow up with a good heart; physically and emotionally.

  12. eliss :

    good job nuffnang!

    hope lil ammar will get well soon!!

  13. husnazainal :

    get well soon baby ammar..!

  14. Luckystrike :

    Yeah~!!!all d best & good luck to baby Ammar…hope to c him with a great smile again~!!!

  15. zihnun fatin :

    I pray for Baby Ammar to get well soon..he deserves to have a happy life..

  16. jard :

    heeeee.. so glad to hear this.. ehehe

  17. bean moreno :

    yeay!!!bagus la…at least we help even just a small part…

  18. @iMaN :

    Salam…really great and marvellous job for all supporters…
    hope that these charity project will be successful…
    and baby Ammar will get well soon…Wassalam.

  19. @iMaN :

    Salam…really great and marvellous job for all supporters…
    hope that these charity project will be successful…
    and baby Ammar will get well soon…Wassalam.

    »♫ ÇḾÃ₦ Ã§Ψ®Ã₣ ♫«

  20. nono :

    yeay! we rock! ;)

  21. nono :

    oh i hope baby ammar will get well soon! :)) amin

  22. mask :

    Semoga adik ammar cepat sembuh dan sentiasa keadaan yg sihat sihat hendaknye.
    May Allah bless you adik ammar.

  23. mrdzy :

    insyallah,lil ammar will end his suffer after surgery~

  24. dasuki :


  25. dillazag :

    good to hear.
    get well soon baby amar.
    i was just about to join in – seems i am a post too late.
    just goes to show how kind hearted the Malaysian community really is. :)

  26. Mama Adam :

    me too, really really really hope that everything is going well…
    really tak tahan when looking at the picture of how he was and how he is now…

  27. Little Mama™ :

    get well soon baby ammar!!

  28. shyneze :

    Good news.

  29. chung :

    Good luck to you Baby Ammar!!!
    And get well soon!!!

    I hope Nuffnang can keep us update with Baby Ammar condition~

  30. aneerza :

    get well adeq ammar

  31. TianChad :

    Gratz to hear that =D =D

  32. intananash :

    go..go adik amar…
    get well soon…

  33. syakinahsaffarudin :

    may Allah give a bless to a very adorable baby ammar…
    i really wanna help..but how is the way for me to help him?

  34. matjoe :

    Alhamdulillah. moga cepat recover yer ammar. bleh gusti2 dgn mama n abah

  35. UmmiKhayra :

    get well soon baby ammar.. Semoga diberkati olehNya…

  36. zuhaini :

    alhamdulillah. Glad to hear the great news! Hopefully Baby Ammar will be able to play, laugh and learn actively after the operation.. :)

  37. tifa :

    Really hepi lorr. Hope everything will be okay . Let’s pray for him.

  38. milimilo :

    hope baby ammar will just be fine.. =)

  39. Sanjay :

    though i did not contribute any sum of money , which im sorry , but i still hope lil ammar will be fine D:

  40. aidawahab :


  41. Faarihin :

    Alhamdulillah.. semoga adik ammar cepat sembuh.. (^__^)

  42. the travel junkie lady :

    Dear baby Amar,
    hope u’ll get well soon. amin!

    may God bless to those who have helped *wish i read about this sooner. [sigh]*

    and to nuffnang,
    this is one great effort. keep it up! :)

  43. Kak anie :

    Hope everything goes well for baby Ammar…lets us pray for his speedy recovery…

  44. Lobam :

    Kasihannya…Saya letakkan anak saya jika berada di tempat Amar. Pasti xkering air mata.

  45. farra_eng :

    alhamdulilah…get well soon ammar amin

  46. hurleyz :

    Dear baby Amar,

    Hope the surgery is a great success and you may live a great life like everyone else. =)

  47. yaya :

    Semoga d’permudahkan segalanyer utk baby amar u must strong k…amin

  48. shiori :

    get well soon…..amar

  49. yun :

    get well soon…

  50. mieto :

    sembuh dgn cepat~~

  51. Vintage Achna :

    Hope Baby Ammar save in the operation theatre and get well soon! May Allah bless you, Baby Ammar!

  52. MommaMia :

    get well soon baby ammar!!

  53. Alice Phua :

    Hope the surgery is smooth-sailing and get well soon, Baby Ammar!

  54. zaradgreat :

    alhamdulillah. get well soon cutie baby!
    love & hugs for baby ammar!

  55. arfah :

    get well soon ammar!!!! Aminn.

  56. ahfat7 :


  57. papabear :

    What a happy news and that shows a blogging community can do a lot of good things if all the effort is channeled to good use… Bravo Nuffnang and Nuffnangers!

  58. Shahroll Photo :

    hope Baby Ammar getting well ya.. :)

  59. Seri :

    every child is a diamond to his/her parents. what nuffnang did is a great effort or what i should say a start towards charity. may god bless you cute baby ammar.

  60. ROCKprincess :

    hope baby ammar will get well soon…
    permission to link this in my blog…

  61. hajarcunn :

    wahh.great!baby ammar cepat sembuh k!:))

  62. Along :

    Praying that Ammar gets the operation he needs and everything goes smooth sailing!! Insya’allah…take care Ammar. Be a strong boy.

  63. intan shafiqah :

    Alhamdulillah =)

  64. hanis :

    get well soon adik ammar..
    perhaps, we can continue to help other baby in need?
    i’m sure all nuffnangers doesn’t mind at all to contribute..

  65. azira hafiza :

    get well soon :)
    good job!
    two thumbs up :)

  66. mamawawa :

    semoga Allah selamatkan dan lindungi baby Ammar

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