The Celcom Blackberry Storm 2

Just in case you have not heard, storms do not happen often and that is why the Celcom BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 is just as rare!


The ever generous Celcom are giving away TWO (2) Celcom BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 to Nuffnangers! This would be an excellent gift in the coming Year of the Tiger, wouldn’t it?

All you would need to do is to blog about why you want to own a BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 and why Celcom would be the best Storm-tastic place to get a BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520! Once you’re done, just send in an email to with your full name and your blog post’s permalink and you might just end up winning a brand new Blackberry Storm 2 from Celcom!!

For those who are looking for bonus pointers on how to write the blog post, be sure to check out the BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 event at Chinoz KLCC on 5th February 2010 (which is today!!) Take pictures and make sure to include them in your blog posts for extra brownie points!!

The contest starts today (5th February 2010) and will end on 25th February 2010!

The Celcom Blackberry Storm 2 is here. Are you part of the storm yet?

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Kancilbiru :!~~ but i cannot make it to the event today…:(

  2. redfingger :

    nak g la ptg nie..;-)
    usha2 ape yg patut..

  3. Hazwan Hakim :

    ada contest lg..besh la nuffnang ni…always having contest

  4. NGPriest :

    I would make it, but i’m stuck in Brisbane, Australia
    Will be sending some reps to visit Chinoz KLCC today

  5. chingy :

    Woahhhh! T___T *Brainstorm*

  6. Cammy Mi-chan :

    OMG OMG OMG~~~ are you serious that they giving out the BB Storm?! I just can’t believe that I have seen my dream phone here….
    Gotta write a blog for this!

  7. RaMa2UnGu :

    Wow..lawo la tipon tu…pergghhh…tapi tak dapat la nak g sanun..lenkali la kot..hohoho

  8. Mr.Bintang :

    Ala… x g KLCC pun x pe kan? saya kat perlis nun… tp rugi lah pula sebab x de bonus point.. :P hihi.. tp rasa cam susah skit contest ni.. nak join ke x erk? hohoho..

  9. qist! :

    wowwww!! i love this contest!! dreaming on having my own BB in my hand??
    dat’s great..
    cn i enter this? contest?
    this is my first time anyway…

  10. Abdullah Hafiz bin Hussin :


  11. vivian teng :

    i wanted the pone..=D

  12. luq :

    finish it..with video too!
    check it out

  13. Nor Ramli :

    BEST!!! but can’t go to klcc now… T_T

  14. aus :

    kalau sempat aku nak datang..

  15. delour :

    i wish im in KLCC now=(

  16. si hitam maness :

    i wanna join this for sure,but klcc?duh…im in jb…=(

  17. tifa :

    i nak masuk. Hadiah yang masyuk

  18. blue :


    buat n3 dalam bahasa boleh tak?

  19. aienull :

    can i write in bahasa melayu?

    Yes, you can!

  20. ohmywtf :

    My entry!

  21. sWeEtDaRLinG :

    huk huk huk.. not today… arrrgghhh why today?? :(

  22. cikemi :

    haih.. event…. eh u guys tak buat event ikot location kah? such as utara area / selatan area..

    sedey wo.. nak join tp jauh la plak

  23. sendra :

    adakah ini bermakna,orang yang tak datang event di KLCC tu dan takde gambar kat sana,peluang menang tipis kahh??hurmm.

  24. aifaa :

    kalau nak masuk contest ni and tulis blog tapi xpegi klcc tu blh?coz i duduk kedah.huu :(

  25. aC :

    and i haaaaddd to be back in Sabah when the event is on. dang.

  26. redfingger :

    manusia giler ramai kat chinoz 2 tadi..
    sumer nak dapat kan bb nie…;-)

  27. ween :

    sounds GREAT! how I wish, Nuffnang will expand their event to somewhere besides KL. If it does happens in Malacca,I will surely be there :)

  28. joegrimjow :

    i will join it
    so many contest

  29. Jee Sheng :

    done…. :D
    thanks Nuffnang!

  30. kelly :

    Done mine! Fingers crossed! :)

  31. zaradgreat :

    bb storm looks sooooooo cool!

  32. shahroll photo :

    cool smart phone!!.. i want it! :P

  33. winter gurl :

    i will join it . wink wink

  34. anNe :

    my first time (:
    hope i get it….

  35. audio :

    Awesome! I luv the design! XD

  36. Daphne :

    i want it too!! =)

  37. Freda :

    done :)

  38. faradiba : check mine

  39. gnesop :

    Aku nak phone Blackberry Storm 9520!

    Link entry:

  40. IvAn G :

    done…..blackberry storm 2

  41. IvAn G :


    blackberry storm 2

  42. ery :

    wow… awesome…
    but it had been expired =(

    The contest is ongoing! It is not expired yet!

  43. Nur_Misuari :

    really really SMARTphone!!
    harap tuah menyebelahi aku..hehehe.. :D

  44. wanie :

    i want too…smart phone….i love bb

  45. Caroline :

    OMG~~~new contest again!! i wish i could get tht blackberry!! it look so COOL~><
    but i have no idea what to write==""

    wish you guys good luck~^^

  46. shiori :

    huhuhu…cannot make it to klcc….coz kerja…maaa… so how?

  47. Grace Low :

  48. henry^munkey :

    My blog post:

    When will Celcom announce the winners ar?

    The contest is not over yet!

  49. Starz :

    Satu lagi kejayaan besar dalam bidang teknologi oleh CELCOM.. Yeah!

  50. azman :

    good try for CELCOM…..

  51. shiori :

    huhhu…blackberry le pulok

  52. intanizani :

    we dont have to put the permalink here right?
    just send to the above email,right?


    Yes, just send to the email

  53. mem :

    good job…celcom..muahhh:D

  54. arfah :


  55. payad :

    test. i cant remember if i email my link to nuffnang.sigh sigh. so here it goes

  56. payad :

    okeh..for blackberry contest pulak:

    oh..and happy CNY everyone!~ have agreat holiday!!!!~~

  57. Shimmers999 :

    done!! posted my blog post!!

  58. Nigel Foong :

    Here’s my entry:
    Good luck everyone! :)

  59. zana :

    my 1st trial join contest from nufnang

    here the link :
    in love with the bb storm 9520

  60. intanurulfateha :

    .i want dat bb!

  61. qusyairezwan :

    check out my post~!

  62. adni :

    wohhhhh…besttttt…nakk jugakkkkkkkkkkk………….

  63. farah :



  64. sha sidek :

    hope I’m not too late and hope you guys like it. here we go

    please let me win it… haha

  65. sha sidek :

    btw, do I have to put the title “why i want this phone” as the title of this post or I can put whatever title i want?

  66. zohan :

    can i submit my entry on the 25th of february? is 25th of feb the closing date? or must i submit on the 24th?

  67. Robb :

    The contest ends on 25th Feb.

  68. Joyce :

    first post for this kind of contest,
    please support support..

  69. Lil Ms Thong :

    woot… done mine~ ^^ i wan i wan~

  70. si hitam maness :

    finally post my entry on this!=)

  71. fatin fatihah~ :

    i join it!!!!yeah~

  72. hurleyz :

    My Entry

    Please nang if you like it, thanks!

  73. Joey.K :

    my entry

    nang it if you like it… =)


  74. aC :

    done with my blog post. Missed the event as I wasnt in KL at that time, hmph!

  75. Azhar :

    Last minute participation…


  76. Jimmy :

    Is the deadline 25 Feb 11.59 or it is over already?

    You can still submit your entry now!

  77. rohaizad :

    This is my permalink:

    Thanks :)

  78. Mr Gin :

    Here’s my post!!

  79. annonymous :

    has the contest ended? can i still submit? if yes, when will the winner be announce?

    It’s ending this weekend! Hurry!

  80. Zaffyra :

    Please consider. I hope it’s not over yet.

  81. Tany :

    It’s ending this weekend? Does that mean it’s extended till Sunday or is it ending today on 25th still? Cuz I still wanna submit, but I don’t have enough time today :(

  82. bettY Yone :

    hello:) i’ve sent an email but forgot to leave a comment here..count me in this contest;) check it out!


    happy judging! thanx:)

  83. BB storm lover :

  84. Zaffyra :

    when will you announce the results?

    We’re still finalising the results but everyone will be notified by email about the winners

  85. Dylan :

    My ad for celcom here:

  86. daydeck86 :

    please extend 1 day plz…… :(

  87. daydeck86 :

    akhirnya sempat jugak aku buat

  88. eyriqazz :

    Finally, submitted mine a few minutes before dateline :

  89. :

    OMG, i missed this contest, storm2 run away from me, but strom3 is coming…. hahaha (ah Q’s thoughts)

  90. Kancilbiru :

    Submitted mine…err on Wednesday actually…check it out here..->

    hope i will win something…*wink*..

  91. si hitam manis :


    ok…now i got a loooOOOOtttt of competitors….
    now i don’t need cupids around them with luck angels though….-_-!

  92. Bella :

    I emailed the details earlier (fuh! managed to send before 12am 26th feb.. lol) but just wanna share my link here:

  93. annonymous :

    WOW! Everyone is very excited now! can’t wait for the winners to be announce, does nuffnang announce the winner publicly or only through the winning individual?

    The winners will be contacted and all participants will be informed when the winners have been selected

  94. Zaffyra :

    Have they announced the winners yet? Cause it’s been a long time and I hadn’t got any e-mail from nuffnang notifying me about the contest. :/

    Nope, the winners have not been announced. Just be patient, Celcom will definitely not back down from their words.

  95. annonymous :

    We are still waiting for the winner announcement from Celcom! Can’t wait! XD
    Any idea when? Anyway, HAPPY APRILFOOL DAY! :D

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