Win an LG Chocolate Phone Just Because You Like It Longer

LG Chocolate is back and longer!! Yeap, you heard right, not bigger but LONGER. LG’s new Chocolate phone (BL40) is the latest innovation in the LG Chocolate series. It’s a refreshing break from standard mobile phone designs with its uniquely long shape that allows for a 4-inch widescreen. Complete with a 5.0 Mega Pixel camera this fully touch screen phone with multi touch function features LG’s proprietary S-Class UI that offers the best in finger-friendly 3D graphics, intuitive responsiveness and easy accessibility. To make things even better, as a privilege of LG’s association with Twentieth Century Fox, the new LG Chocolate phones comes embedded with special content from James Cameron’s epic action movie AVATAR. What better way to utilize LG Chocolate’s amazing 4-inch widescreen with crystal clear HD resolution to give users a cinematic experience all in a grip. Featuring a stretched 21:9 ratio HD panoramic display, LG brings a better user experience when browsing web pages, checking emails or viewing videos on the cinema-like screen.

LG BL40 - Nuffnang Blog Post 150110 (Final)_html_m26029407

LG BL40 - Nuffnang Blog Post 150110 (Final)_html_7beb9bda

The seductive new LG Chocolate is more than just a phone, it is also labeled by fashion experts as the ‘Supermodel’ of Phones. World-renowned fashion magazines like Vogue, GQ, ELLE and Esquire have unanimously proclaimed the new LG Chocolate phone as a breathtakingly sleek supermodel. Its elegant design is enough to rule the runway on its own. It is described by GQ’s Dylan Jones as “Glossy, sleek and thin like a supermodel.”

The LG Chocolate BL40 also comes with a stylish Twenty8Twelve’s limited-edition designer case designed by the fashionista and actress Sienna Miller and her designer sister Savanna. This designer case comes free with every purchase of an LG Chocolate BL40 at the LG Concept Store.

Want to be the proud owner of this ‘Supermodel’ phone? We have a treat for you Nuffnangers out there!! Just write a blog entry about ‘Why I Like It Longer’ and the Top 3 most creative posts will win an LG Chocolate phone (BL40) worth RM2,199 each. It can be your personal experience, a story you came up with or relevant issues relating to the theme of this contest and at the end of your post please attach the image below.


So get your creative juices flowing!! And send your completed blog entry permalink to by 14th of February 2010.

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  1. Jamar :

    i ‘ ll do it!!!

  2. Jackie Loi :


  3. gagaukon :

    i know who is going to win this. few of creative blogger is in my mind now, but i still want to give this a shot. :)

  4. ween :

    OMG, this is so interesting. sounds GREAT! I’m gonna try my luck on this :)

  5. cathy :

    LG is awesome.

  6. shahroll photo :

    Hello Nuffnang!!!
    can`t wait for longgggggg this entry! i will make it this posting.. yeahh i wanna the phone.. :)

  7. cintaqaseh :

    wow…it’s very intereting..must try it!!

  8. Dak Wan :

    Yeah! Truly nice phone, will compete!

  9. myfr3ak :

    Ohhh! I wanna the gadget! Elegant and Nice! I’ll will try!

  10. Lynx88 :

    With a title like that… HAHAHAHAHA *corrupted mind*
    Now i feel like eating chocolates! yummy.
    Might join!

  11. jantan terhangat :

    Wow Seem Absolutely Beauty!

  12. emi :

    wah contest baru..hp baru…

  13. joshuaongys :


  14. zaidi5483 :

    this phone really attractive….i will take part

  15. iylia :

    wow, interesting!

  16. tifa :

    Best best ..i’ll try

  17. Niniefairuz :

    awesome! must win this!

  18. taufulou :

    wow..! another contest~ so need a new phone now~

  19. h4ni3 :


    wrote my entry

  20. Liyanaa. :

    OMG i wantt it so badly.

    gila lahh :P

  21. Nurul Nazurah :

    wow!…I’ll try it!

  22. Abdullah Hafiz bin Hussin :


  23. Allyssa :

    I’ve done my blog.. i’ve done!!!! hopefully i will got the supermodel LG chocolate!! It makes me melt whenever i see it! *melted*!

  24. izzah :

    wahhhhh super cool!

  25. zaid :

    whoooaaa…. handpon lagi maaa…. yahoooo

  26. Roslan :

    wuuhuuuu huuu superb! i wanna it now!

  27. farhal :

    i will get it!!!

  28. rynn :

    i was just about to post something about this phone~~
    nuffnang so fast~~

  29. chokilala :

    Can we write in language other than English?

  30. Rara :

    huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i nak joinnnnnn tapi blog entri in malay mesti KURANG harapan untuk menang kan? T____________________T

    Itu tidak benar, saudari Rara. Semua entri asalkan menepati kriteria peraduan akan diterima dan dihakimi dengan adil dan saksama

  31. Lovely Emy :

    try try try. will try.. :)

  32. Azhar : would be nice for my birthday gift…..yeahhh..will join

  33. kakchik :

    Wow! This is one very interesting contest! And it’s the mobile phone that I’ve been drooling so long. I want to try this. My blog entry will be coming soon.

  34. widda_me :

    i want it!!
    but i cant write in english well

  35. afiq :

    malay can ahh? aahha!

  36. CikLilyPutih :

    i want it..
    must do the entry

  37. Little Mama™ :

    ini mesti masuk!

  38. Ang Siow Ting :

    ‘Why I Like It Longer’. I like the it longer because of the cool captures effects, and it was a cool new handphone.

  39. Jean :

    can I post it in Chinese??

    Yes, you can

  40. ajie :

    best ni.. nak masuk le

  41. mira zin :

    interesting.gotta blog my reasons asap! :)

  42. aChloe :

    i sense obscenity XD

    You are thinking too much

  43. EeSoon :

    haha.. this is cute! I like the title.
    squeezing creative juice now~~

  44. Kelly anne nunis :

    wow O____O!
    this is amazing!is there any age limits? ~ ^ tnx!

    No, there isn’t

  45. icy :

    wahhh!! i want it..!! ;)

  46. naman :

    wow….i wanna try my luck!!!

  47. My-PHP-Master :

    Can it be in Bahasa Malaysia?

  48. Nadia :

    Whatever happened, I really want this gorgeous phone to be mine. Enjoy reading!

  49. Loh Hon Mun :

    Woots! LG!

  50. lemon :


  51. Kenny Sia :

    With a contest name like “Why I Like It Longer” and a call to action to “get your creative juices flowing”, I seriously doubt I’m capable of thinking something clean.

  52. dreamydolls :

    hahaha… why i like it longer….LOlx…. this is hard wei… must think properly before start writin.. other wise.. misunderstanding le.. hahahaha

  53. irahehe :

    waaa….the post must be in english?

  54. Mr.Bintang :

    wow.. nak join lah.. tp entri tu sure in english.. adeh.. not well la in english.. hohohoho..

    Tidak semestinya! Post anda boleh ditulis dalam Bahasa Melayu juga

  55. ANOR :

    I’ve submitted my entry. Do visit my blog,; WHYILIKEITLONGER – LG CONTEST

  56. Joey.K :

    I’ve submitted mine.
    Can’t stop looking at the phone. *drool*

    pay me a visit. *wink*

  57. Fariza :

    Done :)

  58. Nur Athirah Abdullah :

    done it!

  59. orked :

    me tooo!!just try my luck….

  60. cloudfly :

    really?i wish to have a new handphone !!!

  61. Cas :

    This is interesting. I might just give it a shot.

  62. has :

    jelita sungguh hp nih ;)

  63. khaisim :

    LOLOL at Kenny Sia hahahaa

  64. Mr K :

    How about bahasa rojak?


  65. JohnJenin :


  66. Jeff :

    Hope my long post
    Will get me a long phone
    Long is the new short!

  67. Sze Yee :

    OMG. It’s so nice! I WANT IT!!

  68. ronikenz :

    i’ve submitted my entry either! Visit my blog peeps!!!!!! (:

  69. Victor Bay :

    done with my post!! :)


    Wish me luck guys!!!

  70. shuhada :

    wahhh! have to join this for the real looongggg phone!

  71. ryan :

    check out my blog!!!

  72. CathyC :

    I’ve just submitted my entry. :D Nice long sexy phone! Me likey.

  73. vOon :

    wondering if somehow misleading abit will be disqualify anot..hahaha :p

  74. rynn :

    can i enter 2 entries?


  75. Fana :

    i want to try this

    handphone tu lawa

    boleh tulis dlm BM?


  76. miss lee xy :

    drop by and have a look bloggers “D

    we jus love everything which is long.

    the girls say, longer the better.

    wish me luck! :D

  77. aidi-safuan :

    already sent!

  78. Miss DeSS :

    realllllyyy WANT it!!!!>_<

  79. thetraveljunkielady :

    done my part :)

  80. mie :

    wow! if only i’m the

  81. John :

    the “it” refers to?

    Of course the phone!

  82. kakchik :

    hi there nuffnangers.
    i’ve done my blog entry yesterday.
    please take a look and give comments.
    here’s the link
    thank you.

  83. Caroline :

    wao~~~i hope i can get tht LG~!!!
    but how to submit my entry?? to where~~==”

  84. Daphne :

    hey! I’ve done mine!

    do i have to summit it somewhere?

  85. aizuddin :

    i will try my best..insyaAllah

  86. Miss DeSS :

    i did it!!!!

    link to my BLOG…
    link directly to the entry

    ENJOY…wink wink >_<

  87. Kak aNIe :


    Hope I’ll win the BL40…wanted it so much!!

  88. Caroline :

    i done my post

    good luck everyone^^

  89. joysan :

    cool competition!!!! i love i love chocolate long!!!!

  90. Lily :

    bahasa rojak malay-english also boleh eks…hmmm must give this one a trylah then…

  91. myra_zoe :

    saya dah join contest nie…
    hope a lot on this contest…

  92. Jack Ng :

    hi hi , here is mine =)

  93. Luffy :

    this is my first nuffnang contest that i will join
    in BM ok right?

  94. Cipan :

    why i like it longer??longer more pawahhhh

  95. mazuki selangor2u :

    but this tooooo lonnnnnnnnnng….LOL

  96. Simon Har :

    Here’s mine:
    Wish me luck and hope Nuffnang will give me a chance to win it!

  97. yanmie :

    wow….must try!

  98. kRaZy :

    can i ask how many entries are we allowed to submit?

    One. Should you submit more than one, only the first submitted entry will be used

  99. Nor Ramli :

    I love L O N G————————————————————because….. shhhhh…!!

  100. Nor Ramli :

    Wait for my post!

  101. syin :

    ramai dah yg join nmpknya…hahaha…harapan utk menang memang tipis gila..hehe..
    LG terbaekk….

  102. wawaa :


  103. juice :

    nak join jgk…bertanding dlm kategori bahasa melayu…

  104. Dd :

    uhh… kena creative ni baru dapat… i will write in malay.

  105. tinakhamis :

    wow….sooo nniiiceeeeeeee!!!!!!!!i wanna get it to… wait…searching for an idea to make an entry…LG!!!!!!!!wait for mee!!!ur are so sexy!!

  106. farra8979 :

    sti x de harapan nk menang nih….

  107. xiao mei :

    first time joining
    dn noe i did it the right way or not…
    but is worth trying…

  108. Vic :

    Hi! This is my contest post for the Chocolate!

  109. MiSsD :

    Yeay!! I’ve posted my entry. Lalalla…dream big guyss for we’ll never know our LUCK. *wink*

  110. Aj :

    i’ll get this one besides my iphone

  111. juice :

    just enter da contest

  112. zirwan :

    submit the entry by email u the permalink only rite?
    dun hv to submit it at this coment rite?

    Correct. The right place to submit is the email

  113. Jane :

    who wouldn’t want it to be longer lol*

  114. Hazry Izuan bin Hasan :

    Dalam pertanian dan juga penternakan, istilah “panjang” juga memainkan peranan yang penting. Untuk mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut silalah lawati laman blog saya. sekian, terima kasih.

  115. blue :


    i ll try …


  116. Jinwei :

    send the email edi ;) , *cross finger* feel free to view my blog x)!

  117. Roslan :

    can i change a little bit on the title? juz put extra words on ‘Why I Like It Longer’ afterwards?
    juz curious..

    Yes, you can

  118. ohmywtf :

    i want, i want, i want!! :-)

  119. apeqchan :

    nak join jugak contest nie
    da lame aim phone nie

  120. Noorhasmira :

    rasa nak cubalah masuk contest nih..

  121. cdah :

    wah.. another contest..
    nak join nk join

  122. denaihati :

    I’ll join the contest..

  123. Luffy :


  124. rynn :

    try my best d~
    go go chocolate!

  125. rynn :

    is it ok to edit my post after i emailed the link?


  126. Lynnette :

    Done. XD

  127. muhammad safarin :

    yeah…cepat2..biar ramai yang masuk bagi memeriahkan lagi contest niey…

  128. Aaron :


    This is like the damn awesome phone!!!!!

  129. fiffy syafiqa hazirah :

    i feel like i wanna join this contest! hahahaaa

  130. angeldream :

    sounds cool


  131. Ivan Tang :

    DONE ^_^

  132. ola oly :

    cool gadget….trying to get 1 for myself…hehe~but mybe not now…still studying…thats y use nuff 2 earn some cash..hopefully can get cash ASAP! hihik~

  133. Melz :

    Esok Aku Akan buat entry terbaik !

    hehe Tunggu ~~

  134. Queeniera :

    What an awesome contest!
    Nuffnang is kinda know how to make me smile

  135. joijoi80 :

    ni..first time nak mencuba… macam maner nak link nya.. sila beri tunjuk ajar..

    terima kasih-thank you-

  136. Edward :


    *winks like crazy!

  137. sendra :

    long is sexy..i meant it.

  138. kimsha :

    hi there…can i post it here?
    just try my luck…

  139. kimsha :

    sorry for the error….

  140. kimsha :

    how to post it here?i can’t post it….please help me…thank you

    You don’t have to post it here. Just send the permalink of your blog post to the email address in the post.

  141. fiffy syafiqa hazirah :

    ok. this is my post about it. =)

    this i my first time joining nuffnang contest, i try the best!

  142. usop :

    nice handfon…

  143. hengyan :

    posted my entry in chinese=)

    just try my best=p

  144. sillyjoanna :

    omg! just want i needed after my phone got stolen ='( i will try to enter and hope for the best =D

  145. the travel junkie lady :

    just forget about any other things; BL40 makes me dream LONGer than usual. i’ve been dreaming of BL40 day in and day out.

    i even forgot to put my link in here ;p

  146. Michelle M :

    Ugh, I need some inspiration!

  147. joijoi80 :

    how to permalink that email. I can’t understand thats concept

  148. supia :

    Will late entry be bias? How bout plagiarism? I am worried that idea might be copied.

    As long as your entry is sent in before the closing date then it will be accepted.

  149. ajie :

    done… hehehe..

  150. Rara :

    weeewitttt i pun dah join jugak :P tammo tiru-tiru idea tau. tak baik. haha

  151. lea lyanna :

    drool eyes :P

  152. Khairi :

    Mine is here!

  153. dianna :

    hye. about the entry. why i like IT longer.
    what we suppose to talk about? the hp or something random?

    It is entirely up to you

  154. will :


  155. Mr.Bintang :

    Done! :P

  156. Melz :

    Enjoy Mine !

    hope u guys like it huhu

  157. yatie :

    done mine

  158. aieoreo :

    ~never try then you never know!~

  159. Kong Loong :

    Here is LOOOOOOONG related story to this phone.

  160. G_bums :

    mesti menang ni….

  161. Jfook :

    Have a look!
    Gonna be interesting!

  162. juice :

    have a little problem with permalink. i cant send my entry link through ur permalink so i send it by my yahoo mail. u still accept my entry right? if not please do inform me so i will try it again.

    You are supposed to send in using your email

  163. F I T :

    guys.. why are you sending the permalink here? make sure you send the permalink to the nuffnang email address given at the top article. if not, you aren’t qualifie to take part this contest! okay?

  164. farah :

    I try my best…..:p

  165. paij188 :

    here’s mine!

  166. EeSoon :

    I already done mine few days ago and have sent my link to How do we know whether oury entry is received or not? will you send email to notify those who participate?

    No emails will be sent out for received entries. In fact, if you sent it to the wrong email address, your email will be bounced and you’ll receive the notification

  167. ayai :

    you open it, you read it, and u’ll feel it..


  168. kimsha :

    ok…thanks for helping….

  169. Faarihin :

    wah.. saya baru dapat tahu melalui email tentang peraduan ini. Mula-mula rasa macam tak ada harapan aje nak masuk, tapi apabila saya teliti setiap komen-komen di atas, boleh post entri contest ini dalam BM, maka saya pun rasa nak mencuba untuk menyertai peraduan ini.. Tapi macam tak ada idea la pula.. Hehehe.. Apa-apa pun, terima kasih pihak Nuffnang, hadiah itu memang best.. (^__^)

  170. miss keroppi :

    wah,,beznye..nak join jugak!!

  171. rizputra7 :

    DONE : )

  172. Weijia92 :

    View mine too (=

  173. Isabell :

    I did mine too! XD

  174. Kheirul :


  175. Angeline :

    This was a first time i join Nuffnang contest…just try my best.

  176. juice :


  177. Jane :

    =) this is my entry

  178. Fana :

    sudah siap entri itu.

  179. saiful :

    wow..i want

  180. mem :

    piiiwittt..cun gila

  181. BED :

    i want..i want…i want……

  182. Raihan Mardhiah :


    The post supposed to be in Bahasa or English? Or we can mixed them up ?

    Do read the replies we share with other bloggers in the comments as well. ;)

  183. ummi shairah :

    i wrote my entry too! do read ;)

  184. ummi shairah :

    ohh, will it make any difference if i post the link here? i mean, would you really read and regard the post as one of the essays? lols

    No, it doesn’t make a difference

  185. Sakira :

    I’ll try. Won’t be good enough as other writers though since I’m still a new blogger.

  186. binikedek :

    cool contest!!!

  187. Tallboyz :

    Wow! Got so many peoples submitted!

    Below is my blogpost;

    Hope you guys will like it.


  188. ola oly :

    want 1…may I?

  189. stephy-nie :


  190. APTX-4869 :

    here’s mine…

  191. Adam :

    Cool Gadgets here. Must get one later!

  192. Adam :


  193. ruff :


  194. duan :

    cmner nk masuk??

  195. kambingbujang :

    its take me longer time to finish this entry. wait for my juicy entry.. huhuh

  196. Kujie :

    Kak Jie dah buat – entri yang panjannnnnnnnnnnnnng!

    Klik sini > mengapa saya suka yang lebih panjang

    Hopefully I could win the big prize.

  197. shimmers999 :

    alrighty then! i’ve submitted!! hope to have better luck this time as i didn’t get to win the MAS trip…

  198. mo0ney : to participate?

  199. vOon :

    yay!! I’m done with my post

  200. hiedy :

    wah!!!best nyer…mengidam hp ni sejak mula2 kuar iklan kat tv…kire love at first sight ni!!!!

  201. rahim :

    i know there’s gonna be a lot of lots of creative content out there.
    it looks like my chance is 1 over million to win this. but hey, there’s no harm in trying right?

  202. BED :

    I’ve done….

  203. byzura razali :

    i wanna that slim hp..

  204. joijoi80 :

    Saya dah send..harap2nya betul caranya..

  205. schult :

    my case nuffy didn’t noticed them by email :D

  206. Calvin Liew :

    Just post mine on my blog!

  207. aChloe :

    done with my entry..

  208. Su Ting :

  209. Nur_Misuari :

    This was my 1st time joining contest from Nuffnang!
    Tapi tak kisah ah janji aku tetap nak libatkan diri jugak..Hehee.. :)

    Ni entry dr aku…

  210. SherylLynn :

    Here’s my entry!! It’s a one in a million chance but I’ve tried eh? Would like to see some constructive criticism.. ^^

  211. Nur_Misuari :

    This was my 1st time joining contest from Nuffnang!
    Tapi tak kisah ah janji aku tetap nak libatkan diri jugak..Hehee.. :)

    Ni entry dr aku…

  212. Diyana :

    This is mine.

  213. juice :

    thanks for answering my question, it just when i click ur permalink an outlook express appear so i thought i have to send my entries through that…so i guess u recieved my entries, thanks once again.

  214. Rara :

    nuffnang, need to know a.s.a.p =)

    i send permalink using my gmail tapi i sign in my nuffnang account using my yahoo mail.
    is it okay with you? or i need to send permalink guna email yang i sign in to nuffnang?
    please do check, thankyou very much.

    your co-operation much much appreciate :D

    Send in your entry using the email address that you register with us.

  215. Nur Athirah Abdullah :

  216. gnesop :

    2nd entry:

  217. Rachel Ng :

    I also wanna win this!!! I’ve seen so many creative ones. very competitive!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hahahahaha

  218. Zaid :

    please take a look… thanks..

  219. sygckit :

    Yes! Check this out k?

  220. Nur_Misuari :

    This was my 1st time joining contest from Nuffnang.. :)
    Here my entry..

  221. Kujie :

    Nak tanya – about ‘Why I Like It Longer’ … perlukah title entri menggunakan ‘Why I Like It Longer’ atau hanya entri mengenai ‘Why I Like It Longer’ , title entri boleh letak lain?

    The title of the entry must be ‘Why I Like It Longer’

  222. yanmie :

    oredi email

  223. ly cera2 :

    i lurve chocolate……i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  224. ly cera2 :

    i want that handphone…..i lurveeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i llluuurrrvvvveeeee ccchhhooocccooolllaattteee***********

  225. fikah :


  226. Koh Kim Foong :

    hoping for some first timer luck :)

  227. UmmiKhayra :

    Here’s my entry…

  228. UmmiKhayra :

    Here’s my entry

  229. Yi Xuan :

    Whoooopdeedoo! Done! =D

  230. ♥CIK SHA♥ :

    done!!!enjoy reading my entry…(^_^)

    wish me luck!!!

  231. bard :

    here is my entry..

  232. Jee Sheng :

    done :D

  233. Irene Cheen :

  234. Roslan :

    this is my permalink for the contest

    enjoy my post all fellow nuffnanger.. =)

  235. Dunia Emas :

    Here i m……..

  236. Jen :

    i’il Joins

  237. zuhaini :

    did it! :)

  238. MiSS DeSS :

    for those who miss it or too lazy to scroll up to check out old post/comments u can simply click here for my ENTRY:…


  239. illmie :

    can I write the post in french?..or some other language than you guys don’t understand?..haha real question is when will we know the result?

    The results will be announced probably about a month after the contest ends.

  240. shahroll photo :

    hello guys!!
    glad to visit my posting at

    thanx for view!!:)

  241. HoongFong :

    this is sooooo cool..i need a new PHONE ASAP. i think i should try ^^

  242. afiq :

    my entri is like campur2.. malay-english. ahahha i hope it’s okay to do that.:P

  243. NurQaseh :

    wah cun nyer hp nih…

  244. Angeline :

    good luck all blogger

  245. ShirleyL :

    Just did an entry for it !

    Do visit :) & HELLO EVERYONE

  246. Shiba Hisham :

    posted….. here is my entry :)

  247. shadow :

    Can i write in chinese ???? If can i wil try it after my exam…haha^^

  248. Diha :

    Let’s check out mine!~

  249. d ina pengantin :

    wow… i’ll get u… hik3…

  250. shahroll photo :

    hello all!!

    this my link for this contest tq~ :)

  251. zolkeplee :

    try my luck..

  252. AMY :


  253. aimi :

    i’m done!!!!!enjoy my post!!

  254. Miss Marquis :

    i want this
    i want this
    i want this

  255. Teh Tarik Drinker :

    hi guys!

    just in case nuff missed my email

  256. zuhaini :

    did it! here’s mine:

    i sent the mail.. :)

  257. shikin :

  258. Mak Su :


    this is my posting,

    Thank you :)

  259. touya :

    Hadiah itu nanti , nak kena ambil sendiri atau akan dihantar ?

    The winner will be required to collect the prize from the Nuffnang KL office.

  260. Bay :

    Wao.. so many people are joining this competition.. hee.. :) good luck everyone.. do visit my blog to view my post.. :D

    thanks again to Nuffnang and LG!!

  261. anne :

    Yeay!!! Done it ;))

  262. kulanz :

    Sempat lagi join kan..
    Ni entri saya:
    Dah hantar email juga

  263. Grace :


  264. Zaza :

    Check it out, Simple and easy to answer. Hope to hear from you soon.

  265. kulanz :

    My post

  266. ieyda :

    wish i could have it someday…

  267. Jenn Chia :

    this is so cool. Period.

  268. aprilius20 :

    Come to papa, chockie~:D

  269. supia :

    Check out my post. I am confident at winning.

  270. Michelle M :

    OMG! I finally done my ‘Longer’ post, haha:) Come read,and tell me you love it:P

  271. norshakeela :

  272. alimaz :

    i want it….i love it…..

  273. khairul ridhuan mkr :

    see here.

  274. Fareez :

    like it

  275. majid :
    the best entry about this choclate

  276. hudaomar :

    really want to win BADLY!!!!!!!!!!

  277. matjoe :

    so many freaking entry. i wonder how the judges will judge. mcm semak karangan SPM laa pulak. good luck everyone, cant think of any idea for now but fred not coz the contest end on valentine. ahaha, just like the assignment in Uni, always submit at the end of a dateline :P

  278. :

    here is my

  279. WHwei :

    Erm, this sound interesting! I don’t mind if I don’t win… ‘Cause I do this for fun!!! >.<

  280. Joyce Lee :

    hi all..

    this is it!!

    i want it sooooooooo badly too!!

  281. Riza :

    Longer the better…

  282. Mr.Ooi :

    i like it…

  283. oRiDo™ :

    I’m in..

    feel free to use widget animation for this contest..

  284. mizz sharon :

    DONE =)

    Check out how I did mine =)

  285. ShinLoo :

    this is my post

  286. khaisim :

    Hello :D

    Have sent in my entry already!

    Thanks Nuffnang and LG!

  287. hazliza :

    gud luck guys!!!!

  288. Rajee :

    its awesome the cool features of it makes everyone to own one…….

  289. mem :


  290. knowanne :

    free hp, sapa tak nak.

  291. Melz :

    Remade sikit Entry nie

    hak² Enjoy Read Guys

    Regard ,


  292. aprilius20 :

    Oh noo~ forgot to add the photo at the bottom of the post. Please tell me I can edit my post -panics- Still a long way to go to the deadline, after all;)

  293. pelangiisya :

  294. Cece :

    yeah.. i have tried it out… hope i can get it…

  295. sWeEtDaRLinG :

    pls read my entry

  296. Fareez :

    I like it longer.

    Checkout my blog.

    Got long page but not LG Chocolate. :))

  297. rahma :

    hello there nuffnagers… done mine. don’t forget to click on my post ya ^-^v

  298. Nur Athirah Abdullah :

    i looove a new phone.. mine is broken to pieces.

  299. Ginny :

    yeah… i’m gonna get one LG chocolate for myself this Chinese New Year. XD

  300. Hazwan Hakim :

    So interesting, I know already sad..still can the participant right?

  301. mira :

    beshhnyyaaaa…need idea plezzz!!!!..heheh

  302. Hazwan Hakim :

    settle from me..hehe..

  303. Lenna :

  304. nono :

    Hello Nuffnang!

    Be good to me okayh! :P Heeeee

  305. aaina :

    i juz lurf dis phone so so much!!!
    grab it before m too late..wehuuuuu~

    p/s: 1st time masuk competition.suka terlebih. =.=’

  306. qist! :

    cool hp..
    slim n slender..

    nak boleh tak? heee…

  307. :

    Fall in love already ….

  308. Hweii Chiee :

    Hey guys !

    I was raring to take part in this Nuffnang comopetition..
    and it’s my first time.

    Hope this post is LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG enough !!!!

    = 100000% more <3

    Hope I will get a chance to own sucha lovely (:

    hugs xx

    Hweii Chiee

    [ ]

  309. Hweii Chiee :

    * competition

  310. PutraMalaya :

    I KNOW YOU WANT ME!!!wooot3 O_o

  311. aiin abdullah :

    hye nuffnagers,i’m done make an entry of the contest.
    Lets view.

  312. John :

    OMG so many ppl are joining this contest.

  313. Aus :

  314. mem :

    i want this phone…please hlp me…need idea

    thanks! =)

  315. Sy :

    This is an awesome phone that I really hope i can blog about… but nuffnanger from other countries can blog mah ? i mean from philipines or singapore, provided that we can make our way down to KL Office to get e phone if we win ?

  316. ARC :

  317. epoll :

    yessss…i like….thanks nuff…

  318. theeggyolks :

    Just did mine. *animation included

  319. kakngah :

    wish me luck guys!

  320. Zulhilmi Hassan :

    Hello nuffnang,

    Is it essential for a contestant to be registered with nuffnang to join this contest?

    I tried to sign up but failed.

    Any t & c ?

    It’s okay If I don’t publish my blog link here, right. The instruction is the contestants need to email the blog link. That’s it, right ?


    Yes, you have to be a registered Nuffnang member to take part. If you have difficulty signing up, do write in to our helpdesk to seek assistance

  321. Cj :

    Wow! must participate and win something lah! Not sure if I have enough juices for this one!

  322. yuzzy :

    My post.

  323. Syazleen :

  324. chingy :

    Finally! :P

  325. nono :

    This is my permalink for “Why I Like It Longer” Contest..


  326. J'z :

    Here is mine =D

  327. tinta : it

  328. wonderfuljoo :

    i did mine, hope its okay. =)

  329. Cayenne Lim :

    here comes mine

  330. sepet :

    saya dah bagi email but tak tahu pihak nuffnang dah terima atau tak..

  331. zana :

    fuh…really smart…..

  332. pol :

    i nk try….mungkin menang sapa tahukan…

  333. iena eliena :

    iena nk join

  334. tinta :


  335. timolimosupremo :

    did mine :) seriously hope it might win

  336. araleling :

    Hie, I want to participate too :)

    Thank you :D

  337. ila :

    i want it…..

  338. jolene :

    finally did mine.. kalau tak menang pun takpe, join the fun…

  339. junecc :

    Yay!!I submitted my entry at last.

  340. Shaqirah Shaan :

    This is my entry. :))

  341. adni :

    done!!! yeeeyyyy!!!…tak saba nyerrrr……

  342. Bonie :

    This one is the longer.. Try it yourself…

  343. chrono :

    first time joining contest ^^

  344. Hazirah al-Barakbah :

    i’m in too!


  345. Starz :

    LG Chocolate is our favourite..!

  346. sito :

    Here’s mine. =)

  347. Eevee :

    at last!!!

  348. alif :

    fuyooo…..i love….thanks nuff…..muahhhhhhhh:)

  349. kak ina kl :

    im done posting my entry..
    here the permalink
    i already send to the email
    thank you

  350. mhagnoth :


  351. Azlin :

    The longer the better

  352. Stilldestiny :

    Here is my entry.

  353. Odesha :

    I done mine! finally!! it took me so long to finish XD
    wish everyone GOOD LUCK !!

  354. magsob :

    why aaaa…i’ll find out..

  355. Dandu :

    Saya nak… saya nak… LG chocolate phone…=D

  356. wahida :

    omg, very nice design ever!!i like..

  357. AJ :

    Waww! cool gadget…! so impressive. :-)

  358. nesma shahu :

    superb gorgeous!! I want I want I want!!

  359. zaza :

    smart phone ni..

  360. John :

  361. matjoe :

    finally manage to get this done.

  362. tapaks :

    my entry.. :p

  363. mem :

    i hope i win:D hahahahah

  364. noraini :

    Selamat Tahun Baru Pada semua Blogger…:)

  365. ablogaway :

    Hi, I’ve posted mine at:


  366. Alice Phua :

    Have just submitted mine via email.

  367. kuarpintu :

    i have email it to nuffnang..this is my entry..

  368. hydir :

    Saya join juga .. still not to late :) “Why I like it Longer – in Video and also in HD!

  369. hitomi :

    Here is Mine *kinda late but not too late*

  370. aienull :


  371. Cindy Fong :

    Finally got time to do the post.

  372. Precious :

    I emailed my entry … Now, how do I know for sure if Nuffnang received it or not? So far, I haven’t got any confirmation regarding it … Pls advice. TQ!

  373. drasoureen :

    i’m not very good with IT’s stuff…. so i got some question.
    1. do i have to sent the entry through my email??
    2. i use yahoo, do i have to attach and place the file at the end of the entry? because i don’t know how to place it there i just know how to attach it…
    3. is there any age restriction???
    4. i saw that everyone wrote their entry through their blog… do i need to do the same… only, i don’t have a blog.
    5. how many are of the phone are given as prize?

  374. aphids :


  375. june :

    at last i done mine..

    insyaallah ada rezeki..kau milik ku juga…

  376. hairihassan :

    i hope i can win this new LG Chocolate *wink*

  377. stereomanic :

    Yeah, the mass produced thoughts of LG chocolate here we are.
    click mine for sexy girls. i swear there are girls here….
    okay i lied.

  378. Fion :

    This is my entry..hopefully you can read until the end. Thanks ^^

  379. Fion :

    This is my entry..finally get it done. Really sorry if the story is too lengthy, but I really hope you can read it until the end..thanks..^^

  380. Fion :

    This is my entry..finally get it done..Really sorry if the story is too lengthy but I really hope you can read it until the end..thanks..^^

    p/s: Sorry, I take back the other two comments at 3.54 am and 3.57 am that I’ve sent. This is the actual link.

  381. kambingbujang :

    another 1 day to go,

    here is my entry

  382. Dylan :

    I’m done with my blog entry!
    Check out the PG-13 post on ‘Why I Like It Longer’

  383. Aini :

    Finally, I manage to finish it… yippee!!!

  384. tushar :

    i don’t want it …i deserve it…

  385. Seeyinlove :

    I just finish mine! Guess i’m the last contestant :D
    my entry:
    thank you!

  386. Seizhin :

    Erm… Let’s see.

  387. FuFu :

    i’ll do it!!!

  388. FuFu :

    i’ve done the blog!!!

  389. FuFu :

    here’s mine

  390. hiedy :

    hopefully still sempat…neway..happy chinese new year to evryone..!!!!

    this is my entry..check it out!!!

  391. oyenks :

    i like its widescreennnnnnnn!!!
    awesome! :D

  392. ikin aziz :

    after so much headache…finally got this…

  393. Fion :

    Here is my entry…

  394. oRiDo™ :

    did the winners has been release??
    who is the winner?

  395. Cipan :

    My entry NUFFNANG..

  396. unlisted_one :

    i already send my entry via email last week, but here it is..


  397. LVC :

    Hi, how will we know if we win? will you contact us through email? or we have to check it here, in the nuffnang website?


  398. Robb :

    We’ll be contacting you through email

  399. Robb :

    For any enquiries regarding contests, please write in to the helpdesk

  400. worldpure :

    Hi, i was so late to check my view my nuffnang contests…^.^

  401. mimi :

    give me that …..oh absolutely i want…..i wanna…i wanna touch u…LG chocolate phone…i wanna touch our phone too…

  402. F I T :

    when is the announcement of the winner?

  403. Su Ting :

    Has anyone won it?

    Emails have been sent out to all participants with the contest results.

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