Join Astro B.yond Bloggers Night and Win Yourself a 32” HDTV from LG


Just in case you didn’t already know, Astro recently launched Astro B.yond, a new entertainment experience starting with the first High Definition broadcast in Malaysia. Home entertainment will never be the same with Astro B.yond. Don’t trust me, see it yourself as Astro invites you to Astro B.yond Bloggers Night.

Date : 13 January 2010 (Wednesday)
Time : 7:30pm till 10.30pm
Venue : Modesto’s, Desa Sri Hartamas

Expect a fun filled night along with a brand new viewing experience like never before as Astro B.yond will enhance your visual and audio senses. Refreshments will be provided for and we have a total of 3 units of Astro B.yond set comprising 32” LG High Definition TV, Astro B.yond box, new remote control and new outdoor dish to give out along with free subscription to Astro B.yond channels! Will you be a proud owner of one? You’ll only find out if you are attending the Astro B.yond Bloggers Night.


Make yourself available on 13 Jan and you might just be the lucky ones watching the World Cup 2010 in High Definition Broadcast by Astro B.yond in a spanking new 32” HDTV courtesy of LG.

We’re looking for 100 bloggers to attend this exclusive event with us and if you wish to be one of them, kindly email to with your full name and blog URL. We only have limited spaces for attendees, priority will be given to Nuffnang Glitterati bloggers.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Joshualaw :


  2. cikYana :

    i want to attend it

    13th January is my 25th birthday

    i want to be one of them

    thank you

  3. ::Ida:: :

    Wish i could go if im not soo farrr in Penang.. huhuhu

  4. aidi-safuan :

    already sent the email!

  5. Huai Bin :

    Modesto’s with dinner provided? I’ll be there! :)

    Free flow drinks right? Yay!

  6. Azizul :

    This is better be good. super duper nice. HDTV tu…
    i want.

  7. Jimmy Teh :

    Can I bring a friend a long?

  8. Abdullah Hafiz bin Hussin :

    definitely i will come…

  9. Dylan :

    i wanna go! but how?

  10. adrian :

    i want to go

  11. TianChad :

    I wanna go =D

  12. afiq :

    adoii why whywhy!!! 13 january…..why!!

  13. haslina :


  14. Kaito :

    Suer i will be there…already sent the email….yeah!!

  15. Jonathan Kuek :

    Hope I got the invitation. Wish to see you guys there. Ciaaaaoz

  16. eryn :

    saya pun mahu jugaaa

  17. ~Reena~ :

    Mail sent!

  18. Allison :

    sounds like a lot of fun.. too bad im not in kl! aiks.

  19. farra-eng :

    waaahh cool tv

  20. Lil Ms Thong :

    erm… sorry ha. but is the date correct ah? :X

    You’re right. There was a typo in the year. It should be 2010 instead. Thanks for letting us know.

  21. Roslan :


  22. sepul :

    cool hdtv.huh.i wish i could go there..i want it too..

  23. azizan4444 :


  24. zuera :

    already send the email :)

  25. Syazana :

    i really wanna’s gonna be a lot of fun!

  26. edwin :

    Just sent the mail just now.

    Hopefully I can get my 1st invitation from nuffnang.

    Thank you.

  27. Jimmy Teh :

    Send Email already! Hope can bring LCD back home lolz

  28. sWeEtDaRLinG :

    emailed to you! thanks!

  29. jutawanmuda :

    Happy new year 2010.
    I like HDTV tu………..

  30. tifa :

    Just sent the email without blog entry about Astro B.yond ??


  31. msiu :

    yaahh i wanna go tooo…

  32. CikLilyPutih :

    sent the email already.
    hopefully i can get the invitation

  33. Hazwan Hakim :

    Macam sibuk je masa itu…

  34. daydeck86 :

    mencuba nasib kalau dapat ok gaks….

  35. John :

    every time is kl kl one. sarawak never have.

  36. azuan :

    i wanted too..but it too far lol..

  37. Abdullah Hafiz Bin Hussin :

    sent the mail already

  38. khaisim :

    ooooo~ nice. I’ve sent the mail :D

  39. zaid :

    already send … thanks Nuffnang and Astro B.yond

  40. farysa :

    wanna go there!

  41. Miu :

    sent!!! :D

  42. Wan Ssei :

    plz pick me! pick me! Im Glitterati mber! ^^

    send the mail ald..

  43. sweetdarling :

    abang nuff, i really want to go.. please view my special dedicated here

  44. edwin :

    Already sent the mail..
    Hope to get the invitation soon :)

  45. izzahfarhana :

    confirm time ni kuiz bertubi2 ahaks.

  46. Hweeen :

    i want i want if only i can be there but i am in penang.
    why all this event always held so far from me??

  47. luna_e :

    Erm…hari kerja…susah la nk terjah kl…kalau weeken mesti bole terjah sane…huhu

  48. sHaH :

    wana attend but i have my class..
    too bad..

  49. Najib KUASADUA :

    Interesting contest and prize…Should join this contest. Happy new year 2010!!

  50. Jinwei :

    Sent! o, and Happy New Year People! ;)

  51. wendypua :

    Already Sent A Email
    I Wan To Attend The Event !!

  52. Syozai :

    i wanna go =)

  53. Ewin :


  54. Kaiser :

    free food + HDTV? cool! ;D

    Sent in my mail, I’m gonna attend this thing ;D

  55. Aelfi :

    I wish!too bad im in penang right now!

  56. Sue :

    i wanted to go too , but im shy . anyway i’ve sent the email . LOL

  57. shahroll photo :

    i wanna go!! pliz98!.. hueheu

  58. mira zin :

    already sent the email!hope i will get the invite!

  59. KayZ :

    sent the email already. hope i can get the invitation.

  60. Kong Loong :

    i want to join…

  61. mohdisa :

    wa, i want attend to. but very far from me. wo

  62. mazuki selangor2u :

    nice…huh pergh…

  63. juice :

    wah cool…

  64. Victoria :

    Yup! Sent! Jom pergi! XD

  65. vivian :

    i want to join!!! pls *wink wink*
    –email sent–

  66. JMR :


  67. azida alzahari :

    email sent! ^^

  68. Ariff Mokhtar :

    dh send dh ;) hope dpt ;)

  69. zmshar :

    Indahnya dunia ini..

  70. evelyn :

    email sent! :)

  71. @iMaN :

    great info…hope that I can be there participating the event.

  72. Shereen :

    I wanted to attend it!

  73. Pauline Tan :

    I want to attend. Can i bring a friend who is non blogger?

    That is very unlikely but we’ll need to check as the day draws nearer.

  74. Mervyn Tham :

    I wanna go !
    Would be wonderful to get this as first invite of the year..=)

  75. Xiaopei :

    Have no transport >_<

  76. azrin :

    RSVP sent

    azrin @

    and yes.. my Geeks Corner is coming back;..

  77. Naz :

    i want i want!!

    email sent =))

  78. zaid :

    hye nuffnang, dapat tak email saya tempoh hari..


  79. Kancilbiru :

    email sent!~~

  80. mas bayu :

    greetings nuffnang, ya might as well try

  81. Huai Bin :

    Don’t be shy Sue, come come let’s all meet up at this Astro B.yond Bloggers Night! =D

  82. Shidi :

    WOO!!!! But I already have the Byond…. :D

  83. sheri :

    Hello nuffnang! Please include me =.=! thans

  84. KSAboy :

    damn… all the good stuff during my exams <_<||

  85. Alice Phua :

    Have just sent the email.

  86. Norizwan :

    eee. this my favorite. I want to…

  87. Ladynoe :

    Alamaak, i probably give birth la during that day.

  88. eyriqazz :

    Thanks Nuffnang and Astro for inviting me…I will come and write my best entry on the event…

  89. Jeremy J :

    Email sent! Hope Lady Luck will shine on me…

  90. CHONG WEE :


  91. Chong wee :

    Just sent the email.

    Hopefully will get my 1st ever invitation from Nuffnang..

    Really hope to get it!!

  92. Mai Tomyam :

    I just sent the email today. Hope to be able to see you all gals & guys out there.

  93. Khairi :


    I’ve sent you an email. Please count me in. Thanks.

  94. helmi :

    Bila result nak kuar yer..


    Invites have been sent out early today. Check your email! If you’re not invited, don’t worry, we’ll send out a second batch of invites for bloggers who don’t confirm their attendance on Friday noon

  95. abi :

    Email Sent! I want!!!! :)

  96. sWeEtDaRLinG :

    huhuhuh.. i haven’t received the email… hopefully u choose me for 2nd batch..

  97. Nor Ramli :

    I sent.
    I sent.
    I sent.
    I sent.
    I sent.
    I sent.
    I sent.
    I sent.

    I wish I will get the Astro B.yond set, 32” LG High Definition TV, Astro B.yond box, new remote control and new outdoor dish to give out along and the best thing are FREE subscription to Astro B.yond channels!!!!

    Best! I hope this is my new year gift. The best gift ever to start my 2010

  98. Nor Ramli :


    I was late to join this… :(

    “Invites have been sent out early today. Check your email! If you’re not invited, don’t worry, we’ll send out a second batch of invites for bloggers who don’t confirm their attendance on Friday noon”

    But, I hope I will get for second batch invitation. :D

  99. CikLilyPutih :

    I got it the invitation!
    Thks Nuffnang…

    Ermm tak sabar nak pegilah but nak pakai baju aper ek?

  100. Little Mama™ :

    this looks fun but i cannot join ;(

  101. Kancilbiru :

    Hey Nuffnang,

    I got the invitation.. Thank you… Lap u!~~

  102. Tammy Khoo :

    Wow I wish I could be there are I am contemplating to get it. The hall is LG42″ tv and My room a Phillip 32″ LCD and built for HD.

    I am already 70% of changing but contemplating on it with the additional RM20 to the bill (wish I hope they will not raise it in any time at all or ever).

    Let me know how good is it.

    Sign off Tammy Khoo, Penang Island.

  103. zaila :

    do we have to be an Astro customer to join in this contest??

    No, you don’t have to

  104. zaila :

    owh, already email!! wish to get the invitations also;)

  105. Jean :

    Got the invitation! So happy!
    One thing, I don’t have transport to go over, anyone stay nearby Wangsa Maju??

  106. Jeremy J :

    Wishes on a bright star that “I” would be chosen for the 2nd batch…

  107. daydeck86 :

    i also get invitation from NUFFNANG

    friends how to play Murder Mystery Games arrrr??

  108. Emeryn :

    I’ve RSVP to this event too. I wonder when will we know if we have been confirmed to this event.

    Email invitation will be sent out constantly to bloggers who RSVP. That email will require an email confirmation of their attendance by a certain time frame. Should they not confirm their attendance, the invite will be revoked and passed to another blogger.

  109. cikmin :

    email sent :)

  110. izuan rahman :

    too far from my studying place lah! huhu,how sad.

  111. sWeEtDaRLinG :


    i stay at Wangsa Maju, care to go with me?

  112. chesterchaz :

    got the invitation and already confirmed..

    THANKS NUFFIE.. hehe

  113. Mai Tomyam :

    Hi, Mai Tomyam would like to cover this great event and hope to get the invitation soon.

  114. Yuzz :

    I would love to go…

  115. jiejah :

    i followwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ;-))

  116. Philippe :

    Email sent. :) wait for reply.

  117. ween :

    omg. I have just heard about this :(
    I have sent an email and hopefully it will be considered.

  118. Mandy :

    wow…sounds great

  119. msiu :

    already send email…huuhuh

  120. zila :

    already send my email..
    i wonder if new blogger like me can attend..guhuhu..

  121. aidura :

    Thanks Nuff!

    I hope will make new friends there..see u bloggers!

  122. vivian khoo :

    Hopefully I’ll be invited=)

  123. iswatie :

    already sent the email last 5th Jan but till now still didnt receive any invitation…*sob**sob**sob*

  124. Pauline Tan :

    I did not get invitation yet. Am I invited. pls confirm. Thanks

  125. Pauline Tan :

    i already send email but no reply.

    Only invited bloggers will be sent an email.

  126. shahroll photo :

    Thank you Nuffnang on which I have been invited in this ceremony. As the sole reward good Nuffnang, I will give you the best for posting the ceremony will be held on this Wednesday. Thank you

  127. William Ng :

    I hope that I will get an invite to attend and cover this event. Thanks Nuffnang.

  128. toughcookie :

    hope i haven’t missed the boat. just sent out the email :)

  129. Evelyn C :

    sob sob~ didn’t get an invitation. :(

  130. emi :

    I want to know if the second batch has been selected or not?

    Yes, they have been selected.

  131. Mai Tomyam :

    I hv not recd the invite yet. so sad. still hoping.

  132. AdDD :

    Just noticed about it… ruginye…
    Are we have another chance for this?
    i’ve send and email already and just noticed its was to late…

  133. eiman23x :

    great! have seen HDTV record by my friend on sport.. really amazing..

  134. William :

    I was wondering if I’m still eligible to be chosen? I’ve just came back from abroad.

  135. Rizuan :

    wah..menarik ni..

    1st time nak join aktiviti bersama bloggers lain…hehe

  136. bspotgurl :

    Bestnye.. but in KL?

  137. usop :

    bagus dan menarik ni :)

  138. viceversa02 :

    menarik..hopefully dapat join..

  139. Evelyn C :

    I got the invitation! yay!

  140. shahroll photo :

    nuffnang hello!
    throughout the night I was organizing and editing content to make
    this post the BEST for you! thank you.

    Glad to visit my link

  141. saimatkong :

    woo it was a great event! =)

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