DiGi Internet brings you the Pimp My Day Challenge

Dateline to form your team is now extended to 12pm Wednesday 6th January 2010. Last chance, so hurry up!

We are sure the DiGi Pimp My Broadband campaign did leave quite an impression among all of us. After all, DiGi is always in tune with the current issues faced by bloggers who use the Internet a lot. Well, the good people from DiGi is back and this time, they’re going to pimp your day!


On the 9th of January 2010 will be a day you’ll never forget as DiGi brings you the DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge! It will be an on ground challenge where the winners will win 4 personalized laptops, external hard drives, routers, modems, headphones, thumb drives and many more!

The DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge is an on ground challenge which will require you to work in teams of 4 where you’ll be given clues and tasks to complete inside a shopping complex. The tasks will require you to search for information on ground and online at the same time. It will not be very difficult, but you’ll definitely need to work your brains a little to complete the tasks.

The first 3 teams that complete all the tasks will win themselves;

1st prize – Personalized laptop + Speaker + Modem + Headphones
2nd prize – Router + External hard drive + Headphones + Modem
3rd prize – Modem + External hard drive

That’s right! The 4 bloggers from the winning team will each win a brand new laptop along with other prizes! The same goes for the second and third prize! Isn’t this great?

The event will take place on;

Date: 9th January, 2009
Time: 4pm till late (there will be a night ‘partyyyyy’ as well)
Venue : Mardi Gras @ 1 Utama

Each team will be required to bring along the following items in order to complete their tasks;
– Laptop
– Camera (Video compatible)
– 3G Phone
– Cables (to transfer files)

As the DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge is an exclusive challenge we only have spaces for a total of 20 teams. Now if you want to be one of the 20 exclusive teams of bloggers taking part in this DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge, you’ll have to complete the following;

1. Team up! Find yourself 3 other Nuffnangers to take part in this challenge.
2. Send an email to with the name of your team (make it as creative as possible), all 4 bloggers’ full name, email addresses and blog URLs.
3. In the same email, you’ll also be required to submit a video and/or photo of your team’s ‘War Cry’ telling why you wanna take part in “DiGi Internet Pimp My Day” in it. You can refer to the Nuffies team example below.

Nuffie team

Submit your email by 12pm 5 January 2010 as we’ll be selecting the best 20 teams to join the DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge on 9 January! Start teaming up right now. Look for your other 3 teammates and send in your emails to us before the deadline is here!

P.S. Let us know if you don’t have a team. We’ll team you up with other Nuffnangers!

P.P.S. The good people from DiGi are giving out a Mystery Prize for the team that comes up with the best video of their War Cry. So for you video makers out there, you know what to do. ;)

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. zaid :

    macam best je… sapa nak jadi team aku…

  2. CikLilyPutih :

    who waana team up with me?? if you don’t enough member, count me in..

  3. Adrian Foo :


  4. Michelle :

    Wow. COol.. Let’s get started! =D

  5. Khian :

    Anyone wants to team up?? :)

  6. Kelvin Tan :

    Gosh, wonder where to find or who to get. :P

  7. Huai Bin :

    Jestina is that your elephant?

  8. rabiatul adawiyah :


  9. Nikel :

    i wan go…my gang who got go ya

  10. Jin Yen :

    This is interesting.. Ahhhh.. But no friends that’s a nuffnang blogger.. T.T

  11. Mommy Lyna :

    im looking for my team

    :) hopefully i got one!

  12. msiu :

    wow this is cool… perhaps i shud find my mates now!huhuu

  13. Victoriz3d :

    Hey Nuffie~ I like to clarify on the 3rd ‘Condition’..

    3. In the same email, you’ll also be required to submit a video and/or photo of your team’s ‘War Cry’ telling why you wanna take part in “DiGi Internet Pimp My Day” in it. You can refer to the Nuffies team example below.

    Is the war cry video/pic up to our own creativity ? Where do we state our reasons to join this event? in the email? or in the pic/video?

    It would be in the pic/video itself

  14. KSAboy :

    I so wanna do this!! Sigh… exams… =(

  15. Philippe :

    haha! For sure! I will follow you! :)

    *looking for teammates now…

  16. Little Mama™ :

    waaah, macam best je ni!

  17. Nicole aka MsxeRoZ :

    Each team will be required to bring along the following items in order to complete their tasks;
    – Laptop
    – Camera (Video compatible)
    – 3G Phone
    – Cables (to transfer files)

    Im using Digi services and i dont think DIGI have 3G services yet. So to complete the task we need the 3G phone or 3G phone with 3G services?

  18. Michelle :

    how will the entry be judge? creativity of video/photo?
    creativity of team’s war-cry? others?

  19. Nicole aka MsxeRoZ :

    lols. sorry, just found out that DIGI has launched the 3G services. *shy*

    Sorry ya

  20. Robin :

    anyone wanna team up?

  21. rabiatul adawiyah :

    i dont have a team yet.. anybody want to join my group..?? need two more nuffnangers.. i have laptop and cables (to transfer files)only.. Anyones have Camera with Video compatible and 3G Phone with super duper battery?? hehe.. my hp battery always week while 3G-ing.. do comment my blog.. im very sure you will be have fun and good time!!

  22. Azhar :

    wahh..nice..robb do we need to bring along our own internet broadband??

  23. Jensen :

    *wave wave* teammates needed.

  24. Zues :

    Aww it sounds fun, too bad I am back in hometown:(

  25. coco :

    i also wan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*-*~

  26. ayong_qiela :

    i wish i can join! macam menarikkkk!

  27. khaisim :

    woooot! sounds fun!!!!!!! :D

  28. Lovely Emy :

    I want to join. but have no team yet.. :(

  29. Iylia :

    mcm best je..

    i wish i can join this event

  30. marki :

    I need a team! ..teaaammm.. >;D

  31. Shiau Lee :

    I also dun have team yet….. what should i do now???

  32. Cynthia Kay :

    Mamma Mia..nice. I am in Penang. LOL

  33. pinky berry :

    i wanna join too..sounds exciting…anyone…pls choose me to be your team member….

  34. farysa :

    besh besh
    spe nk team dgn farysa?
    jom la
    xd geng

  35. lagenda4046 :

    All talk is not enough for member team! PADAHAL diam2 je dah cukup team member hahahaha …menarik hadiah tu…

  36. bedy :

    nuff lambat ar skit hehehe… tp best la sbb free kan hehehe

  37. Doku :

    Interested! i need a team! anyone interested?

  38. Cyrus :

    sounds intresting..but no team :(

  39. sWeEtDaRLinG :

    seeking for group, i have all the requirement:

    – HP Laptop
    – Camera Nikon (Video compatible)
    – 3G Phone – N97
    – Cables (to transfer files) camera & phone

  40. sWeEtDaRLinG :

    i’m opening my group.. pls refer here if would like to join me

  41. Robb :

    Just write in to us and we’ll pair you up with other bloggers who don’t have a team yet. :)

  42. Victoriz3d :

    Nuffie! Thanks for the reply previously.. According to the 3rd ‘condition’ we’re required to submit the video/pic in the same email. But how? As video will definitely exceed 10mb which is the limit for attachment. Alternative would be posting the link of the video to youtube?

    And ar.. will my team break the rule if we get an extra friend/5th person to be the cameraman?

    Thx again for the speedy reply. =)

    If it’s a video, just give us the Youtube link. Of course, that means you need to upload it to Youtube first.

  43. sAM :

    The event will take place on;

    Date: 9th January, 2009 – 2010, you mean?

    Time: 4pm till late (there will be a night ‘partyyyyy’ as well)
    Venue : Mardi Gras @ 1 Utama

  44. ash-sharie :

    wow… besh.. agak besh…

  45. sasha :

    i want i want :D

  46. Azhar :

    Haiyooo..still short of 2 people lorrr..interested add your name in the comment,will inform later who will be in my team…

  47. Roslan :

    anyone nak join..aku takde team..haha..kalo solo sng skit..susah nk cari kawan2 sekepale trus ni

  48. Elziera :

    I really want to join this. So interesting!

  49. Lullaby :

    anyone wana be in a team with me? =)

  50. seniaku :

    wow…. hye everyone out there! i am still single, who wants to join my team?
    i am good in design too. better hurry to tell me yaaa…

    misi pencarian sudah bermula.

  51. mazuki selangor2u :

    menarik jugak ni tapi xde team lagi nie…..

  52. Azhar :

    Yeahhhhhh..1 more to go…mehh..mehh..drop by my blog..Lookin for our Last member…So far Got THE SPECIALIST,THE TRACKER,THE ANCHOR and Lastly 1 more person to make our team perfect that is THE ROCK…hurry,,hurry….

  53. Michelle :

    Nuffie! you haven’t answer my question =(

    How will the entry be judge? creativity of video/photo?
    creativity of team’s war-cry? others?

    And is it okay if we had another extra person following us, to take photos/video of us if we ever do get to enter the treasure hunt?

    Well, for enquiries, the official place to do so is through our helpdesk. Nevertheless we do assist once in awhile if we can through comments.

    Yes, creativity of war cry whether it’s image/video is the judgment criteria. And yes, you can have someone to follow you along to take photos/videos of yourself during the treasure hunt.

  54. KeLViN :

    seems nice

  55. whose :

    aku pasni tercampak ke Lahad Latu…sapa la nak join aku..hak2..

  56. Rara :

    yes for sureeeeeeeeeeeee I WANT TO JOIN THISSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

  57. Liyanaa. :

    ofczzzz i want to join this one. perfecttt! ;) please accept our teammm HAHAHAHA

  58. Melz :

    NAK JOIN!! miahahaha

  59. Abdullah Hafiz Bin Hussin :

    will submit tomorrow!!!wait for me…my team enough already ma…

  60. Miss Coki :

    When it comes to a contest like this……

    Poor us the Sarawak/Sabah bloggers….

    Wish all the Nuffnangers best of luck.


  61. Michelle :

    Okay got it and thanks for answering. Also, will send through help desk if i have any enquiries in future. I didn’t know about it. Sorry.

  62. Aimi :

    jom tubuhkan team.:P

  63. audrey :

    hey, just wondering, when will the 20 groups that get in be announced?
    Like which date, since the closing date for the submission is 5th jan.

    Please take note for queries, kindly use our helpdesk. We may not be able to assist promptly from the comment section.

    They will be informed via email

  64. Victoria :

    hi there nuffnang!

    was wondering if new nuffnangers are allowed to participate in this competition?? =D

    thankssss nuffnang!! looking forward to your prompt reply! =)

    Please take note for queries, kindly use our helpdesk. We may not be able to assist promptly from the comment section.

    Yes, new Nuffnangers are allowed to join

  65. fatul :

    this is cooooooooooooooooooooooooll..

  66. zida :

    mak aih.. haha. cam best2..
    tp cemane ek nak cari members??

  67. kk :

    Yang mana satula aku nak join team nie.Sume minta masuk team masing2 nih.huhuhu

  68. Bay :

    excuse me..

    for the requirements eg. laptop, camera, cables, etc.. each member must have one? or 1 team must have at least one?

    1 team must have at least 1

  69. Bay :

    sorry.. an add-on.. what cable are you seeking? LAN? USB?

    It’s for your own camera to transfer the photos over

  70. eyriqazz :

    We are still short of 1 team member.Reply it here if u r interested to join our team:

  71. Joe :

    awesome ;)

  72. Abdullah Hafiz bin Hussin :

    DONE!!!complete my team already!!!hope get invitation…

  73. Spectre :

    My team is still short of *one* member . Can we still submit our entry?

  74. rabiatul adawiyah :


    Im already team up, ruby, naim, zaid and alice..

    please visit my blog at

    We are The Gagalicious Team!!

    Hahahahaha.. Sound funny but i like.. :D

  75. Bay :

    sorry to bother again..

    my brother is a new blogger.. does that affect the chances of our group during the selection of the entry teams?? sorry for the inconvenience.. thank you very much..

    No, that does not affect the chances.

  76. Tallboyz :

    Just formed a team

    We are Pimpky!
    Pimpky! Pimpky! Pimp My Day!
    Pimpku! Pimpky! All The Way!

  77. Bay :

    done with the team, the photos..

    Now for the reason. :)

    Let’s hope our team got chosen.

    Good luck to the rest.
    Hope to see you people soon. Cheers!

    Thanks again Nuffnang and DIGI.

  78. Loh Hon Mun :

    Woohoo! that’s my team…


  79. dreamydolls :

    argghhh… too bad i’m not here la.. FLYIng.. isshh isshh~

  80. sWeEtDaRLinG :

    abang nuff,

    i submit my entry already…

  81. Louis :

    We submitted the email just last night – here’s the short blog post!


  82. w3ndee :

    yea! hopefully Dg-4fours will be chosen!
    good luck to all nuffnangers who submitted the entry! :)

  83. eyriqazz :

    Submitted ours too a few minutes before dateline.Digi,We Will Follow You :

    Wish we can get an invitation as we really enjoy being and play games with Digi.

  84. Jinwei :

    omg nuffnang, just sent the email, :( are we late? Pls give us a chance cause we are confuse with the 12pm, is it afternoon or night? OMG! nuffnang, pls let us in if there’s still space :(

  85. Melz :

    Adui i have to Remake my Entry >.<

  86. Jinwei :

    omg, die loh, forgotten to write the “why to join”, sry for spam nuffnang digi inbox, will send 1 more time :)

  87. Little Mama™ :

    please accept our team, La Dolce Momma (sent 4 minutes before 12pm 5th Jan).. nasib baik extended til 6th

  88. Mommy Lyna :

    Sent the email already. Please3x lemme know if there is anything insufficient. Thanks!

  89. Little Mama™ :

    check ours ;)

  90. Nazz :

    Ala sudah lewat la pulak

  91. sWeEtDaRLinG :

    i have new video… re-submit to nuffnang, hopefully abang nuff accept the submission.. and yeaaay see you there!

  92. Azhar :

    Watch Out D’STAR (Digi STAR) will rock the contest..Sent us the Inviation now because we’re really in the mood to ROCK the contest…

  93. kak ina kl :

    hai..anak-anak nak join tak tak ada ganglah..

  94. Bay :

    =) for those who are going for the event! Our team hope to see you there.. :D

    Good luck for the rest! hee.. :)

    DiGi and Nuffnang!!
    We will follow you!!

  95. Abdullah Hafiz bin Hussin :

    kak ina – akak lambatla cakap…saya dah submit dah…hahah

    – bean moreno –

  96. eyriqazz :

    Yey,receive the invitation already.Thanks Digi and Nuffnang for inviting us…We will follow you…D’STAR will do the best!!

  97. atreyu strange :

    I’m late AGAIN??? This is getting hilarious. I didn’t even notice the extension when I thought I’ve already missed out on the first dateline. Sheesh.

  98. Jinwei :

    Re-submit the email again, cause forgotten the emails :/, ohman

  99. Azhar :

    YESSS….Thanks NUFFNANG…got the invitation..million thanks…

  100. hBz :

    who want team with me? i suppot laptop and 3g phone.miahaah

  101. khaisim :


    we didn’t get the invites. sigh.


  102. Azhar :

    khaisim ada check spam email tak???

  103. khaisim :

    ooo got the phone call d =D THANKS! <3 <3 <3 x99999999

  104. ARC :

    c ya 2mrow!!!~~

  105. Angeline :

    I hope I can go, but too bad I can’t. :(

  106. gua :

    me aso no team de

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