What Corby color are you?

Dear Nuffnangers,

2009 has almost come to an end, and we’re sure some of you are already wondering how to start the new year off with a bang. Fret not, Samsung is offering 75 Nuffnangers the chance to kick off the new year at the Samsung Color Me Corby Carnival! The Carnival will be held at Sunway Extreme Park on the 16th of January 2010.


Just in case you don’t know, Corby is Samsung’s latest offering, featuring an eye-catching, compact design available in four vibrant colours.

What I will be looking forward at Samsung Corby Carnival, you ask? Well, you’ll be grouped into 4 different groups to take part in different games and activities, where each group will be competing with one another. Talking about the activities, you can’t deny the excitement for paintball don’t you? That is not all; we have more activities to keep you excited, and that’s for you to join us at the Carnival Day to find out!

The winning group will be walking away a Samsung Corby mobile phone each, while the first runner ups will win a cash prize in total of RM3,000.00. Even if you don’t win, do not despair as all Carnival attendees will receive a goody bag with attractive merchandise and a team T-shirt to be worn on that day itself.

Sounds exciting? To win yourself an invite to the Samsung Corby Carnival, just follow the simple steps below:

  • Write a blog post titled “Colour Me Corby” and share with your readers how colorful your life is (literally, or not)

  • Take a picture of yourself themed with one of the colors of Samsung Corby.

  • Submit your details, permalink and upload your photo at the Submit Page (

For more information about the Samsung Corby Carnival and the fabulous Samsung Corby mobile phone, log on to

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  1. Nizaa :

    can i write in malay?

    Yes, of course!

  2. Abdullah Hafiz bin Hussin :

    submited already…hope can get the invitation and win CORBY

  3. blackangelz :

    hua..cant believe dis..keep admire dis hp after seen it at my fair lady..haiz =.=”
    Really want 1..hehehe

  4. farra-eng :

    wahhhh good luck all (^.^)

  5. Aimi Liyana :

    cool~!! i will try this.. :)

  6. Jean :

    wow..I wanna take part..Can I write my post in Chinese? Or must be English post?

    You can write in Chinese

  7. Jimmy Teh :

    THis gonna be Fun Shooting People headshot lol!

  8. Sta :

    I wish, there is contest that the prize of winning is not going to some place.. HArd for me to go there.. Melepas

  9. zaidi5483 :

    real counter strikes…lol…

  10. blackiz :

    submitted…hahaha i want the invitation

  11. Abdullah Hafiz bin Hussin :

    did we have to pay for this event

    There has never been a single event by Nuffnang that bloggers have to pay to take part. This is no exception.

  12. zati :

    I’ve join also :)

  13. kit :

    done~ hope for invitation!!

  14. CikLilyPutih :

    i’ll try

  15. Jimmy :

    When will it be announce who are invited to this shooting madness=]

    About 1 week before the event.

  16. Mohd Afiq :

    wow bestnya contest ni..mesti power samsung corby ni kan…

  17. rabiatul adawiyah :

    awesome.! will join.. yeehaaaa… :D

  18. Kelvin Tan :

    75 Nuffnangers but groups of 4?
    Where does the extra come from?

    That’s gonna be a surprise. :P

  19. Alrin Lee :

    erm… cant miss out the change… haha….
    blog-ing mode on!!!!
    and wish ur all a early Merry Christmas…

  20. Rebecca Goh :

    When is the closing date for this?

    Check out the microsite for more details. ;)

  21. khaisim :



    Hope I get the invite and win something from the event xD

    Thanks Nuffnang!!!!


  22. fatul :

    paintball.. cool

  23. vvens :

    wuuu! this is fun. i wanna join the carnival :3 paint ball!!!!

  24. Joshualaw :

    Look AWESOME!!! ;)

  25. nur nadia :

    when is the deadline contest? and when is the event?

    Check the microsite. ;)

  26. nur nadia :

    so wanna join!!!!!! Im willing to fight for this phone!!!! In the game of course la.. not literally

  27. EZNA :

    if i’m going to submit more than 1 photos, do i have to fill in Step 4 form. After all just the same entry….

    It’s not necessary.

  28. rabiatul adawiyah :

    im done.. pick me.. pick me.!. pick me!

  29. Jacquelyn :

    I want paintballlllllll *excited*

  30. ada :

    awesome!! i will try ;)

  31. eyriqazz :

    Submitted mine.Check it out :

  32. coerlly :

    i sent ! wish me luck ! :)

  33. Jonathan Kuek :

    HI there nuffies,
    Quick question: Can I submit entry more than once? With different URL of course. Probably have 2 different ideas to join this. Thanks! =D

    From 2 different blogs, yes. 2 different posts from same blog, no.

  34. Victoriz3d :

    Weeeeee.. I submitted too! I want in! xD

  35. Doku :

    sounds done it :D

  36. Abdullah Hafiz :

    it’s my first time playing this game…hope get the invitation like in KDU…and hope can be one of the CORBY winners

  37. Victoriz3d :

    Oh by the way, say I submitted, is it possible if I update it b4 the deadline? =0

    It would be wise to update 1 week before the deadline and not too close to deadline.

  38. joegrimjow :

    can i join even i studying at uk now?
    please tell me i can….

    Will you be able to attend the event day? If yes, then by all means do join!

  39. Azree :

    hey hey, just added my participation poster. Wait and see it in the Gallery page, hehe

    I love you Nuffnang, im so passionate of entering this contest because i missed my New Moon Nuffnang Premier Screening before. haish. but whatever it takes. pick me okay. Good day everyone!!

  40. Jensen :

    Yea yea… I have submitted mine… Hope can get in for the event. =)

  41. Mandy :

    I hope I could get it and if i do, see you guys there! ^^

  42. nur nadia :

    If I updated by blog on this entry , do i have to resubmit the permalink and new photo?

    It’s not necessary.

  43. Camera Shy :

    Hie.. can I know if I’m the blog master, do I have to post only my own picture? Can I take other people picture but I myself will blog about the person?

    You’ll have to post your own picture.

  44. CiLilyPutih :

    submit already. Hopefully i’ll get the invitation tau. plz plz plz.

  45. Jimmy Teh :

    Already submitted Hope can go to the event =]

  46. Jimmy Teh :

    Gallery of samsung corby is the people that are chosen? Didnt saw mine anywhere. Just curios lo

    Gallery is updated daily manually. All valid entries’ images will be shown and not only those chosen for event. Be patient. ;)

  47. Azhar :

    Check it out..dun know got hope or not but anyway just give a try…wish me luck guys..

  48. chiligirl-shirley :

    yeah!!! i just started to know more about NUffnang!!! wow…will join all the activities here!!! haha!! very excited for that!!! hope i have chance to be invited too!!! after my final i will check out more about Nuffnang!!! hehe….

  49. tifa :

    i’ve submitted mine….

  50. Michelle :

    if we do get the tickets, does it come in a pair or for only the blogger themselves?

  51. razi :

    i did mine! feel free urself in giving comment!

    wish me luck too!

  52. Victoriz3d :

    Hey erm.. say if my friend and I got the chance to be the 75 people. Is it possible to request that we be in the same team? I don’t mind begging for it cause it could be..

    Scenario 1: Emotionally painful if we’re separated (BF-GF/ BFF)
    Scenario 2: Its gonna be so darn bloody cruel to beat him and get the phone myself
    Scenario 3: It sucks to be beaten by my BF/GF. We’re like cloud and wind.. cannot be separated

    Please be kind enough to read this and consider it Nuffnang!!! Thank you so much! ^^

    We will consider this but chances are it will not be implemented to be fair to others.

  53. eyriqazz :

    I submitted mine on 13/12/09 but my picture did not show in the Gallery.Just curious too.

    Just be patient. ;)

  54. lea lyanna :

    wow. I’m trying my luck!

  55. ada :

    wanna try my luck ;)

  56. Jimmy Teh :

    All be Patient! Patient is the Key of success!

  57. Jonathan Kuek :

    Haha finally. I’ve completed it.

  58. engtaukia :

    i need this !!! i missed out paintball last time.. aiya..
    but nuffnang gonna get this blast.. woohoO~

  59. 5+2 :

    when is the closing date for this blog submission? am i too late?

  60. seedah :

    already submitted.. hehe
    i want to win.. haha

  61. Jacquelyn :

    Aiks. There are double entries of mine under the gallery section. I submitted twice because the name I submitted for the first time is not the one as per I/C. Other than that, all particulars are the same.

    I hope I’m not disqualified for this? ><

  62. 5+2 :


  63. fiona :

    I submitted mine but did not receive any email :(

    As long as you don’t get a bounce email, your submission is accepted. :)

  64. mira zin :

    have submitted mine!gosh i am excited to participate this event!please pick me!

  65. CWKen :

    when’s the due date?

    Check on the microsite

  66. thezaila :

    when is closing date…? did i just miss it.. :(

    It’s still running!

  67. Cayenne Lim :

    check out mine =)

  68. orend3vil'89 :

    for the first time, i join nuff contest and i already submitted it..
    yuhhuuu..i can’t wait for it XD

  69. thezaila :

    ghee gosh.. at last.. i manage to post mine… fushhh legaaaa…

  70. Joshualaw :

    I would like to know, can we edit the picture of us with corby color? I mean can i put the color on the background itself and decorate it?

    Yes, you can!

  71. Joshualaw :

    ok, Thanks! =)

  72. Joyce Lee :

    i have submitted too :P

  73. atreyu strange :

    Just checking here, the post as per the URL below qualifies right? I just don’t want to go against the rule or anything..

  74. Yee Kean :

    May I know whether the lucky winners have been announced???=)

    Yes, the winners have all been sent an email. Check your email!!

  75. shahroll photo :

    nuffnang hello! I received your invitation to the ceremony SAMSUNG Corby was! thanks to nuffnang team!

  76. mira zin :

    i recieved the invitation!thanks!cant wait to meet up with the other bloggers!and win the corby hopefully! :)

    btw,what kind of clothes should we wear this saturday?

  77. Jimmy :

    Unfair Decision I experience at Samsung Corby Event

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