Win a Family Trip for 4 to Disneyland Hong Kong with Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out

Yeap, Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out is back!

Friso Gold is proud to bring you the event that every parenting blogger is looking forward to on 2ndJanuary 2010 at Kizsports & Gym, 1 Utama! In case you’ve forgotten, you can check back our previous Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out here.

Once again, Friso Gold is going to send one lucky family to Disneyland Hong Kong. If you wish to win your family a trip to Disneyland Hong Kong, we suggest that you read on. To get yourself invited to this exciting Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out, all you have to do is to participate in the Friso Gold Immunity Challenge.


Just upload a photo of your children and arm them with the proper defense through our widget. Then download the photo and write a blog post with the theme “Curious Kids Need to be Tough Inside” and tell us how you can help boost your child’s immune system.


Once you’re done with the blog post, just submit your permalink and details through the contest form here and you’re all set to go! You’ll be in the running to win your family a trip to Disneyland Hong Kong, Toys ‘R’ Us cash vouchers for your children or a cash prize worth up to RM1,000!

For more information, click here.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Tony Wan :

    lol……….a cute contest :D

  2. Nikel :

    i have no child, can i join it?

  3. shahroll photo :

    nice trip.. hahaha!! i want it!! wacchhhaa..

  4. Kylie L :

    i don’t have kids =X

  5. rabiatul adawiyah :

    Hrmm.. i wish i have a children.. Didn’t married yet.. Cannot participate.. Hukhukhuk.. ;(

  6. zaid :

    WOW 1k to be won… niceee… nak join gak lah… yahooo

  7. Mr K :

    “Just upload a photo of your children”

    How if i dont have child but i got the creativity?

  8. sah90 :

    But I don’t have a child..
    Single. Not married yet..

  9. farra8979 :

    owh no…

    still dont have children… so, cannot join this contest! (T_T)

  10. Kheirul :

    This is what I’m waiting for….

    Just wait for my creative entry once again….
    looking to win again……

  11. Jimmy Teh :

    Too young to have babies! Still can participate? lol

  12. Sayapunyer :

    this contest is only for married person.
    Single nor engaged cannot join.

    for single who want to join this contest you can ask your parents to do this
    for you..

    like me, my parents are bloggers and one of them are nuffnanger
    so I can ask them to join this contest ^.^

  13. tarmizi :

    good contest

  14. kosong :

    i will try…

  15. Johny Tim :

    o..o..o cannot join,don’t have child yet..
    Visit Johny Tim Blog

  16. chan :

    for the blog post with the theme “Curious Kids Need to be Tough Inside”, is it necessary to be written in English? Is Chinese blot post accepted?

    Yes, it is accepted.

  17. Rashlyzz :

    Me dont have kids…too bad!! ;(
    Betw, I’m new in nuffnang, anybody can help me explore this??
    pleaseeeeee.. ;D

  18. anasfadilah :

    i want to upload my baby pics here, it is .jpg , but the uploader wont upload my pic saying it is in valid file format,and must in jpeg,jpg

    why i cant upload my pics?

    do help.thanks

  19. Nizaa :

    owh..i don’t have a child yet..uisshh need to ‘beranak’ cepat2 la..hahaha

  20. Little Mama :

    waaah… i must join this!!

  21. Little Mama :

    i’m picking some pictures already.. we can create many pictures right and put in one blog entry?

  22. chiligirl-shirley :

    don’t have children yet!!!!
    the Hk disney trip so attractive!!!!
    i want i want!!! :)

  23. Harry Gan :

    Oh yeah finally a contest just for families!XD

  24. nuyin2u :

    can i write the entry in bahasa malaysia?

    Yes, you can!

  25. Jennifer Chai :

    when is the dateline?

    Do check the microsite, Jennifer. ;)

  26. eyriqazz :

    Submitted mine :

    Hope I can get an invite so as i can learn a great tips on parenting

  27. zati :

    not married yet..waaa..

  28. Little Mama™ :

    me already created my entry.. hope to get the invite ;)

  29. Mommy Lyna :

    i am in!

    *hope to get the invite*

  30. Harry Gan :

    Submitted mine and got the invites! Visit and have a look! ^^

  31. kambingbujang :

    just submitted my post.

    hope can join family day at one utama

  32. anggun :

    i submitted my post and i got the invitation by phone. is it confirm? coz i did not receive the email yet…

    Yes, it is confirmed. The email will be sent out later. :)

  33. Kheirul :

    I’ve submitted mine a few days ago…..

    Hope to get the invitation

  34. Byzura Razali :

    I’ve submitted mine!

    Hope to get this invitation!

  35. zahira :

    I’m done.
    *hope to get the invite too*

  36. kambingbujang :

    am my post being accepted. just curios????

    You’ll need to click on the link sent to your email to activate your post. Once you’ve done that, you’re done. :)

  37. karen :

    i think i clicked on the link to activate my post but not sure. are you able to check that is in? thanks!

  38. Byzura Razali :

    Hi Nuffnang,

    I’ve submitted mine few day ago.

    Really hope get the invitation.

  39. BabyIbu :

    My entri..hope to get the invitation..

  40. iswatie :

    Done with the entry:

    Nuffnang..please invite..cant wait to go back there…

  41. Rashlyzz :

    I’m married but no kids yet..cannot join this competition.So sad..

  42. C.N. Pong :

    I have got the invitation but please do check my entry again.

  43. Azizul :

    I’ve submitted mine too,

  44. Juan :

    just submitted mine as well…

  45. Kheirul :

    Thanks Nuffnang & Friso
    Got the invitation already….

    See everybody there..!!!!

  46. Kyra :

    i’ve submitted mine:)

  47. mummy moon :

    I have summit my entry, hope I am invited for the Friso Gold family day!

  48. Byzura Razali :

    I got the invitation already.

    Thanks a lot to Nuffnang & Friso!

  49. chinnee :

    I tried many times to submit my blog post online but I keep on getting this:
    “Please enter a valid blog post permalink”

    Can I submit it thru here? My posting is at
    Anyone can help?

  50. chinnee :

    Finally I got it submitted (only after changing the structure of my permalink)…*phiew*

  51. mummy Alisha :

    I am done the entry,
    please check at

    Thanks Nuffnang and Frisio :)

  52. Azizul :

    yehaa, got the invitation that sound something like this:

    “Hi parents! You and your family (2 adults and 2 children) are officially invited to the Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out happening on;
    Date : 2 January 2010 Time : 10am till 2pm Venue : Kizsports & Gym, 1 Utama (Old Wing)”

    and another email with this gentle reminder

    “Kindly take note that all attendees for this event are required to wear socks in line to ensure the hygiene level of the venue is at top notch. After all, it is important for our kids to be in a place where hygiene is well maintained, isn’t it?”

    thanks nuffnang and see you there

  53. mummy Alisha :

    hope I am invited for the Friso Gold family day out ….

  54. kambingbujang :



  55. nannie :


    do u still have any invitation slot..
    just came back from my 60days confinement and miss the entry and the contest and I would love and wants to join tha family day. do spare 1 invitation to me please
    do email me if there is as my kids will be happy to join the event…


    At this eleventh hour, it is impossible. But do look forward for next parenting event. ;)

  56. Kheirul :

    Thank you very much Nuffnang & Friso…
    the event was so successful. Not to forget congrats to all the winners…

    oh ya… how to submit the post event review..???

    Be patient, we’ll be sending out the emails soon. :)

  57. Azizul :

    amboi cik kheirul, tak sabar2 nk menang 1k. kalau menang 1k, voucher rm100 toy r us tu kasik reader leh tak?

  58. mummy moon :

    When is the dateline for summit the post event entry and how we can summit our post event entry?

    Mummy and daddy semua tunggu sekejap ye. Kita tengah buat arrangement for post event contest. :)

  59. Azizul :

    i’ve posted my short and simple entry regard to the event.

    my daughter is so happy that day. tq Nuffnang and Friso

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