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UPDATE: We have the results of the HP Future Is… blogging contest and the Blog-A-Trend contest already! The winners are as below:

HP Future Is… blogging contest

1. Vivien Sam (
2. Serge Norguard (
3. Alice Phua Choon Yen (

Blog-A-Trend contest

1. (
2. (
3. (

Congratulations to all the winners!

Dear Nuffnangers,

Check out the Blog-A-Trend Contest here!


HP will be having an exclusive party themed: Future Is.- The Online Community talks about the future of things, Malaysia is one of four countries in the region to kick start this event.

In addition to various invited celebrities, five of our Nuffnangers have been selected to feature in a panel discussion at the event to speak on future trends. They are the bloggers from:, and

Jointly presented by HP and Microsoft, we are inviting another 25 Nuffnangers to be a part of this exclusive event! For the 25 Nuffnangers that are invited to attend, three (3) of you with the best post-event blog post about the Future Is. event will win yourselves a unit of HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje Limited Edition notebook PC each!


Nice? We’ll announce instructions on how to submit your blog posts at the event!

Event details are as follows:

Date: Wednesday, 9 December 2009
Time: 7.00pm – 10.00pm
Venue: Rootz Club, Rooftop, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Refreshments will be served!

So, to our dearest Nuffnangers, if you’re interested to be a part of this futuristic event, then leave your most creative comment starting with “My HP Future Is ____________________”. The 25 best comments will win the commentator an exclusive invite to the event and be in the running for that 1 of 3 HP Minis worth RM1599 each!”

Start commenting now!

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Jonathan Kuek :

    My HP Future is to blog like Star Trek’s James T. Kirk recording his Captain’s Log on the USS Enterpreise. “Captains Log,December 9 2009. Attending the HP Future Is party courtesy of Nuffnang”

  2. FeeQ :

    My HP Future Is Hp Pavilion DM1 which is slim & easy for me to carry, bring & organize my event, meeting & project.

  3. Jack Ng :

    My HP Future will be Smart , Fast , Stylish and enviroment friendly .
    Smart in programs , software and hardware , fast in performance , stylish in design , made of enviroment friendly technology as in material and batter saving .

  4. Kelvin Tan :

    My HP Future Is inspired by dreams, painted with rainbows. Coated with candy, adorned with hope. Filled with love, brimming with joy. Captured with serenity, piled with smiles. With neverending peace and an everlasting feeling of comfort. :)

  5. kimhaur :

    alil bit hard for me….><

  6. Angel :

    My HP Future Is more than a HANDFUL of POSSIBILITIES.

  7. Lizzie :

    My HP Future Is the Highest Potential anticipation worldwide.

  8. S-e-a-n :

    My HP Future Is winning a HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje Limited Edition notebook PC, as I could forecast that Nuffnang would kind enough to award me the HP Mini notebook!!! :) The reason of obtaining myself a HP Mini laptop would be related to Future Is, it is a futuristic laptop designed with high technology, high efficiency and high speed, plus the artistic outlook of the notebook is superb ‘chio’!!! In the future time, everything is connected to speed, efficient and effective. Otherwise, you would be disqualified by the society. With the HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje Limited Edition notebook, definitely I would able to multi-task my works, sort of projects, documents, blogging and especially log in to my most visited website, Nuffnang. Human have to keep look ahead and searching for improvements instead of staying in a point without making a further step. Likewise, preference and demand on notebook would change accordingly to time, nowadays consumers tend to look for gadgets which are small, compact yet powerful performance that easy carry to everywhere. I’m cannot wait longer anymore to own a HP Mini notebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta say thanks first to Nuffnang. :)

  9. liang :

    My HP Future Is uniquely awesome Hyper Power Machine that is unbeatable by other machine!

  10. Mr K :

    My HP Future Is all about everything that gives all of the mind that beyond to our unthinkable imagination. Flexible, fantastic design and more than just an extraordinary of everything.

  11. DaHLia :

    wow…great opportunity for bloggers!!!

    Tq for HP and Nuffnang!

  12. Serge Norguard :

    “My HP Future Is made of over easy like an omelet with a dash of simplicity!”

  13. Jimmy Teh :

    My HP Future Is the ideal,innovative and innovation that can go beyond the truth and to have something extraordinary that can stand out among other

  14. Samantha Chow :

    My HP Future is bright with the latest technology and functions for almost everything I need!

  15. fatul :

    My HP Future is by having stuffs from HP, the printer, the laptop and all sorts of gadjets from HP and then use them wisely and widely in my blogging life to become a good and well known blogger.. not just that, i will also fill my room, my house with stuffs from HP and be known as the “HP man”..

  16. oya-shi :

    My HP Future Is Making Life Easier.

  17. Joshualaw :

    Why all happen on December? T.T

  18. vvens :

    My HP Future is Freaking Unique, Twenty-one century, Up-to-date, Revolutionary and Edgy. Get the initials right! :3

  19. JD :

    My HP Future is to have a cleaner and greener Earth, the place we all called home. Things are getting more and more bizarre around the world. Tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc…it’s almost appearing on the newspaper everyday. There’s an old saying where it says “Lightning never strikes the same place twice”, but I don’t think it’s valid anymore. Ferocious storm and lightning is happening more often. We don’t even have a proper monsoon season anymore. Whether it’s November to March where it’s supposed to be the North East Monsoon, or the May to September South West Monsoon…it’s all jumble up. I am sure it’s a sign that the Earth is telling us. As the human race, we should fight for a greener and cleaner Earth, or we might cease to exist in the near future.

  20. Dylan :

    My HP Future Is in Nuffnang’s hands now.

  21. Alamfanacinta :

    My HP Future Is beyond our thoughts and will bring you to other side of the world to exlpore everything in very classy yet modern ways with style…

  22. Colin :

    can wait to send in my entries hehe….sorry guys and gals i have been very very bisy these days so dint update my blog…will try to update something tomorrow…

  23. Yann :

    Wooo!! HP support!! :D:D:D

  24. Yann :

    My HP Future is HP Micro Mini which size is as BIG as handphone! :D

  25. Law Yik Yang :

    My HP future is gonna be darn exciting and HaPpening with Nuffnang giving the Nuffnangers opportunities like this, great stuff!

  26. Afra Yuri :

    My HP Future Is the epitome of my future generation where most of them will be highly IT intelligence and technology savvy. I want to highlight them on balancing their unique ability and tolerate the limitations. Future is vague if you don’t have a vision

  27. soon seng :

    My HP Future is the use of mobile telecommunication and social networking platforms to remove the physical and intellectual distance between two people. It is the increasing proliferation of news feeds and blogs, of information portals and forums, where an abundance of knowledge is literally at our fingertips.

    My HP Future is the advent of technology being used to further improve our lives, and enhance our standards of living. It is an era where we no longer wait for opportunities, but instead, we create them.

    My HP Future is the promise of greater things to come, and of possibilities that can only be imagined.

    My HP Future is Now.

  28. Dyra :

    “My HP Future is inspired from the present love & joy, link with the unthinkable functions, and then forever… lock as the most untouchable history”

  29. Ching Soo Khoon :

    My HP Future Is gonna be awesome as I could carry the small and portable netbook around and blogging from every corners of the world, especially during Nuffnang’s event! It’ll make my blogging life easier as i can then update my blog even when I’m away from my desktop at home. A dream comes true to me as there’ll be no more hiatus during the holidays! :)

  30. Jimmy Teh :

    My HP Future Is to be as successful as Hewlett-Packard today.They started just from a garage in their early years.In addition,the first successful product that they invented is just a precision audio oscillator.But today,look at where are they today,they are the LARGEST technology organization in the world! HP has shown me that we need to start somewhere before we could be somebody.Nothing comes automatically .
    Furthermore they have grown from just a small electronic manufacturer to a major manufacturer for a wide variety of products and also services .
    I wish to be like them not in the size of the company but the way they are good in whatever they does.
    Thats is my HP future!

  31. zebetee :

    my hp future is incredible and sensible which make me feel so insane to just love it ,by the way it is.incredible when i see the features, sensible because my hp future understand what i need and make me perfectly nice everyday.

  32. taufulou :

    My HP Future is follwing through my life wishing it to be evolve and implant in my body

  33. Jeff :

    My HP future is living in a fashionable technology where finger tips is my access to everything or at least packed into a single device. Soon I can remotely date,shop,talk,or even travel with just a snap or tap on the cool transparent glass thingy. Soon GPS is no longer work on screen, it will have a directional arrow pointing right below my feet where to go. Soon I need not type or navigate my mouse or type in my keyboard. Now that’s what I call the future of awesome technology.

  34. Khairi :

    WoW! Cool HP mini got batik carved skin some more huhu. I can blog anywhere handsomely with it!

    Here it goes.

    My HP future is a lappy that can take over my works so that I can just breath, eat and play. Wow, what a life.

  35. Seonpcs :

    My HP Future Is where the error in the printed paper can be rectified without need to print the whole thing again and computer never outdated

  36. Muhammad Usamah :

    My HP Future Is that we will never be satisfied to our techonology even we have Einstein helping us!

  37. Muhammad Usamah :

    im the 1st comment?
    wow…im so awesome!

  38. kentzai :

    My HP Future is to help behind my back!

  39. Sheng Wang :

    My HP Future Is to explore my deepest creativity without the doubt of technology and in style.

  40. Voon Pui San :

    My HP Future Is a world of nano technology where everything is reliable, worth-able and powerful.

  41. oya-shi :

    My HP Future Is Making Life Easier

  42. Jennifer Chai :

    to be fuss-free and live an enjoyable life!

  43. Rebecca Goh :

    My HP Future is also our future and my everything!

  44. CWKen :

    shoots, clash with storm riders screening leh =.=

  45. rabiatul adawiyah :

    My HP Future is when it comes with feminine style, easy to carry, not too heavy, comes with their own software and last but not least is when their have they own design. So awesome and all girls next door will be jealous at me. HP is well known laptop and notebook, so everybody wanna grab and had no compromise.

  46. Ngan :

    My HP Future is my wisdom to use today, my future is my wisdom yet to experience. Be in the present because that is where life resides.

  47. Lawrence Goh Teik Ong :

    My HP Future is when Mobility is everywhere. The availability to be doing everything and anything anywhere, may it be in the city or even the deepest jungle. With a handheld sized notebook that has a long lasting battery life and self sustaining via solar, and satellite connectivity, we are able to do anything that we dreamt impossible in the past.

  48. najmie :

    My HP Future Is Being Free To Be Creative Where Ever and When Ever I Want Without Any Problems, Thanks To HP! (^^,)

  49. HEMY :

    I’m going to the storm warriors screen premiere…how???

  50. Tian Chad :

    My HP Future is the population of netizen will increase exponentially and dare to speak out his/her thought through technologies nowadays(eg. blogging). We shouldn’t neglect the opinions from the netizen as their opinions is getting more influential.

    Now I hope I can brighten up my day by getting invited to this event, and get a chance to win a laptop~! =)

  51. Cassie Moo :

    My HP Future is nothing more than HP and myself of course. Why? Well, because:

    1) My laptop is totally broken & I need a new one, HP? The best!
    2) I can’t blog if I don’t have a laptop
    3) I deserve it
    4) HP Future is for cool people like me(haha)
    5) I’m gonna treat it nicely unlike my previous one(I swear)
    6) HP and I compliments each other(LOL)
    7) I really need that HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje Limited Edition notebook PC!(It’s LIMITED EDITION people!!)
    8) Please, I WANT that mini-lappie!!!
    9) Nuffnang is the best.
    10) HP is the best too.

  52. Alice Phua :

    My HP Future is one where I don’t need to go out to office to work anymore, instead, I can merely rely on passive income coming from my advertisements from my blogs. And of course, to give a boost to my income, I will kickstart my own online shop selling baby items and give paid product/book reviews. To contribute something back to society, I envision a blog donation-cum-advertising network where I will engage companies with bloggers and blog readers. Every valid click received through a donation banner in one’s blog results in a donation from the advertising company where the proceeds go to charitable organizations who sign up for this programme.

  53. Wei Guan :

    My HP Future is where I make millions of bucks and then, conquer the world!

  54. Bernard Chung :

    My HP Future is the ability to bridge the gap between the poor and rich, the short and tall, the urban and the rural. The future we lay on forward would the pavement stones for our next achievement in bringing the best of the technology closer to each home regardless of race or hierarchy. The technology is the one that will determined our progress in the future. The future is all about creating a community which links information and excitement faster and closer than ever after.

    The future lies in the hands of us. Step into the next level of entertaining and highly adventurous knowledge. Experience what we missed and together, the future is nothing but an exciting experience for HP Future user.

    Let’s get them out, shall we?

  55. leang :

    My HP Future is Happening@Present (H.P)

  56. Kylie L :

    My HP Future is when my 50 years old father knows how to use a HP laptop!!!

  57. Alrin Lee :

    My HP future is featuring with the excellent design on performance, entertainment and gaming in one hand… and also the one-stop dashboard that lets me easily to watch video, view photos, listen to music and much more…

  58. Natalie :

    My HP Future is to be able to bring the old school gadgets back to life, with a touch of technology!

  59. linzai :

    “My HP Future Is a virtual monitor with a 360 degree view of screen (like the one in “GAMER” movie)
    A very high speed processor and High quality 3D sound effect
    Unique and high technology invention always the characteristic of HP

  60. Chia Wei :

    My HP Future Is where all electronic devices are simple to use without any frustration, and are all synchronized and compatible with each other.
    I also imagine that everyone will be connected with one another – (almost) physically, emotionally, electronically and all other -allys.
    And as always, we hope for world peace, don’t we? :)
    Wait, that’s not all, add a clean green environment as well…
    Last but perhaps most importantly, fast fast fast unthrottled stable internet connection everywhere!

  61. Laen :

    My Hp Future is Orbiting the Earth.

    PS: I can’t see any commenting on this post, script error? >< lol…

  62. mira zin :

    my hp future is all about being light,flexible and portable.less is more,so it’s easier for me to go with the flow.

  63. aidi-safuan :

    My HP future is when I be the best blogger in Malaysia using HP products!

  64. atreyustrange :

    My HP future is simple: Simple technology that suits the simple-minded people like me and the rest of the world!

    Why complicate the technology that is suppose to simplify life for us? *winks*

  65. axiao :

    My HP Future is 2 seconds ahead of me. It’s how I think and process information received before getting it out through my mouth, on my face or my body language or even as I typed here. It is how I wanted my future with HP to be like. Complex, yet understandable. Vast, yet defined. Human intelligence, surpassing all technology.

  66. kuE :

    My HP future is actually unwritten! But of course I required the one that could easily follow me wherever I go without a fuss, so that I could blog, upload pics, facebooking, tweeting from anywhere and anytime around the globe ;)

  67. Maxloon120 :

    My HP Future Is ..
    stylish but simple HP notebook which will capture other attention and notice me more, HP Future will not be not just about the the function but about the latest looks. Cool man!! XD

  68. gregorule :

    My HP Future Is… to be able to incorporate technology with our daily live, making easier and more simple. most important of all, it should be green, so that we can enjoy what technology has to offer in the future!

  69. Saffa :

    My HP Future is like;
    ‘maggie’, the saviour during the difficulties,
    ‘Astro’, Macam-macam ada,
    ‘Loreal’, because you’re worth it,
    ‘Garnier’, Take Care. =)

  70. Rose :

    My HP Future is lightweight as possible, cost-saving in energy and technology beyond imagination.

  71. Jean :

    My HP Future Is having a chance to join the HP Future Is event and win the HP mini!!

  72. Byzura Razali :

    My HP Future is to win this super cute, slim, stylish & exclusive HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje Limited Edition as this is my 2009 wish list, to have my own HP Mini Lappy.I really hope that Nuffnang will give this precious invitation, blog about it & get a chance to win!

  73. Puteri Norazwin :

    My HP Future Is stylish, slim, smart and important for me to always update my blog.

  74. Janicemickey :

    My HP future is

    H elpful
    P owerful

    F antastic
    U ltimate
    T hin
    U ndeniable
    R evolutionary
    E xtreme

  75. kit :

    My HP future is the future of fantasy and fascinating HP technology.

  76. maysnow :

    My HP world is one where there are no boundaries or limitations to where science can take us. Information technology will be easily accessible to people from all walks of life, from all around the globe.
    Connected together, with the innovations provided by HP science, we will explore new frontiers and create new technological advancements for the betterment of life, society and the environment.
    It is where the evolution of humankind and technology is intertwined together for a better and sustainable future for every single living thing, on this beautiful planet we call – home.

    The future is… with HP.

  77. SaraChan :

    “My HP Future Is a HP community from diversity online sharing minds in the name of technology, One HP per person could be achieved. Basic futuristic is always start from a PC then upgrading for being interconnected either socialize or for business means. Communication is a must while HP is the medium of interaction. ONE HP ONLINE COMMUNITY, One Malaysia! ”

  78. sofia :

    My HP future is not only as a laptop, but also suitable for every student to bring to their class. Its something like smart book, where student no need to bring any paper or book to their class. Just only with this HP, everything is inside. Students can record their lectures, can do their assignment anywhere cause everything is inside it. We when students really use their times, we can produce the good quality of students.

  79. etty :

    My HP future is makes my life easy and happy. thats it!

  80. iena :

    My HP future is very my best friend…

  81. yatie :

    my HP future is like my new ‘baby’. can make me happy,always be side me when i’m sad and always together when i feel lonely.

  82. sWeEtDaRLinG :

    My HP Future Is must a easy to use, friendly, durable, and comprehensibility because i know nothing about the technology and only know how to use the laptop and that is why i need the HP to help me!

  83. Eric Yong Shang Ming :

    My HP Future Is Actually an entire reverse.

    The truth is this….

    The Future is HP!

  84. mrsazi :

    My HP Future Is just about everything to me!

  85. faez :

    My HP Future is my wish list if can get.. :)

  86. superheroes' mom :

    My HP Future is super stylish, super fast, super innovative, super cost effective, super reliable and super hi-tech. My HP Future is for everyone in the super family, for all ages and walks of life. HP Future is Super Fantastic!!

  87. mama suri :

    my HP future is my Heart and my Pals bringing me into Future hope…

  88. iena :

    My HP future is something that will help me be someone more interesting, informative, stylish and be able to give the best in future.

  89. tifa :

    MY HP future become one of future gadget and it must be light and handful , so it is easy for me to bring it everywhere .The design must have a modern look, stylish and with innovative design so that everyone that see my hp future will envy of me and of course they want to have one like mine. The future technology via HP can connect me to the other world of mine,of course to the cyberworld..mY hp future inspire us to make future technology a reality.

  90. Lizawati Halit :

    HP future is my bestfriend, my boyfriend, my officemate, my sleeping partner and my hero. You will accompany me every where i go and anytime i need you. You are cool, you are light, you are trendy and you are my fashion partner too. I love you HP.

  91. khairnaj :

    MY HP future is HP mini because it really HIGHLY POWER and HIGHLY PERFORMANCE with small size but for me as a student in media and do some multimedia and design its really make me happy to use it beside with the light weight i really bring it to everywhere and anywhere.

  92. Ami Schaheera :

    My HP future will be carrying a stylish & light netbook to the front rows of designer fashion shows, documenting each and every look via & notepad whilst taking photos of any look that catches my eyes. You know that’s not impossible at all being that fashion blogger has been put at front rows of New York, London & Paris Fashion Week this year. Fashion bloggers are stylish and with this HP, technology savvy too.

  93. jinyen :

    My HP Future is of something that’s inovative yet not lack of being stylish where G is the word and Green is the theme.

  94. Tata Azha :

    My Future HP is My Home Partner, alway be my side when i’m happy or sad.

    The Character of My Future HP are
    1. Helpful – it can help me wherenever i need it, since my work is really depend on it,
    2. Playful – it can give me full of fun, when im tired doing my job, or when i’m sad it will cheer me up.
    3. Fabulous – it really have a fabulous design, that can make everyone fall in love with it.
    4. Unique and Thin – it’s unique, eventhough it’s slim, done underestimate with it’s capability
    7. Reliable – I really need a reliable HP which i can trust on IT!!
    8. Extraordinary – It’s X.O !!!! Dun UNDERESTIMATE… MY Future HP .. Home Partner ;)

  95. ain :

    My HP Future is my lovely gadget that easy to carry, stylish, fast that I can do my responsibility as a blogger at anywhere and anytime. It also will connect me to all around the world with 1 click..

  96. Bernard Chung :


  97. najihah :

    My HP Future Is a life fills with great people, great education, great entertainment. The MOST IMPORTANT part is GREAT GADJET BY OWNING A NEW HP LAPTOP!!

  98. adibah :

    My HP future is irresistable.. convinced by the experience from the past..!

  99. kzai choo :

    My HP future is light and small, stylish and colourful,with a modern look and innovative. It should also be able to attract me on the first eye i see’s it…Like the hunter’s ability, it should be performing in high agility and gives me advance response… Yet, it shoulf also be strengthfull to allow me to enjoy my entertainments, such as gaming and watching video… My HP future should also produce sounds as if the mothernature is calling upon…And It should be able to grant me my wish to allowing me to input using only the screen…Yet my HP future is also environment friendly where solar energy is used as its main energy…And my HP future should not be that fragile as notebooks nowadays are…

  100. yumi :

    My HP Future Is having everything in really sweet pink and white where i will be living happily in my little own world + it must be super enviromental friendly to save us all~

  101. Abdullah Hafiz bin Hussin :

    My HP Future Is if i can do all my works inside one pc and finish it within a minutes without wasting a long time.For example i do graphics design and also writing blog i hate wasting my time waiting for rendering image and also publish my entry.If that can be overcome that is my HP future.

  102. Jansen :

    My HP future is ;
    connectivity – allows me to stay connected anytime and anywhere
    high performance – allows me to multitasking
    portable – that i can carry it along to travel
    stylish – futuristic design with a little sense of art. i love graffiti.
    reliability – use it with peace that i will not cause any problems

  103. Ibu Emir :

    My HP future is where I could see the HP symbol everywhere and anywhere. Wake up in the morning, HP iPac handheld helping me to inform a day reminder and diary, before going off to work, HP Total Care is there to enhance my digital life. At the office, the sophisticated precision crafted with powerful speeds, yes i am talking about HP Envy helping me dealing with my work and not to forget HP scanner to show proof of my hardwork and before I am off to bed, HP Total Care is still there managing my day!!

  104. Nur Ainnadjla Bt Mohd Baharudin :

    My HP Future Is at my fingertips where i write everything comes from my heart and mind to be shared with peoples the things that will be the memories in our life.

  105. isaac :

    “My HP Future Is futuristic with lots of kick ass AI features. 3D visualization is the thing!”

  106. sri yanti bt ahmad :

    My HP Future Is simplifying my life as it gives the comfort in my mind.the design itself makes me feel so cool and i will regret if i woudn’t have one.HP,you rise & shine each of my days brightly and beautifully…

  107. taca :

    my HP future is able to connect to the world anytime anywhere without fuss and i know this can become a reality with a slim, stylish and supercool HP Mini..totally cool for a supergurl like me!

  108. mya :

    my HP future is simple, friendly user and cute!

  109. zuraida :

    My HP future is the best I can be with my HP mini as it sores me to new heights of fashion, coolness and fabulosity!

  110. Jonathan Kuek :

    There isn’t dress code for this party right?

    No there isn’t

  111. Lane Ho :

    My HP future is carrying a HP mini freely when I am working with my clients and I am walking with a light weight and slim HP mini in all the appointments for my dream – wedding planning business. HP mini will incorporate all the power tools and specifications that I am required in daily tasks.

  112. Khairi :

    Wahaha. I got it!

    Will come direct from my office. See uolsss…

  113. Mohd Azwan :

    My HP Future Is working at HP comapany with HP machine. Not Dell !!!

  114. sabahking :

    My HP future is that it is more user friendly, faster speed, high performance and hope that it can better than my NEC versa A2200 laptop now !! If I want to change a new laptop I will consider to choose HP as my future laptop .

  115. muhammad-hafiz :

    My HP future is, to always stay be as a youth, although getting older, with HP awesomeness gadgets and also a fun + energetic community of bloggers and advertisers which is Nuffnang Malaysia and Nuffnang Innit. My life always updated with good and awesome news by Nuffnang, and by joining this daamn cool community, I will succeed my life in future with flying colors, included with friends and experiences I’ve got from Nuffnang Malaysia and Nuffnang Innit =D

  116. Julius Phua :

    my HP future is endless, productive, energetic and creative….
    With a HP Mini, I can browse, blog, emails and entertain my self on the go, best of all, life’s good to keep up with the news from the Internet media – Nuffnang and etc.

  117. zaidi5483 :

    My HP Future Is to reach to the top of the hill of succesful. With the HP everyhting is under my control. The world is on my finger. Nowday, whoever fast and committed will be the winner. HP will help me a lots. Thanks Nuffnang.

  118. Ng Kar Shie :

    My HP Future is going to be GREAT!
    Dawn: I hate heavy laptop! i need to bring it to college everyday!
    Jass: (is holding hp mini walking in front Dawn)
    Dawn: hey! your laptop is really pretty! is hp! wow! is really nice! compare with my NEC! my laptop is really outdated!
    Jass: yeah! My HP Pavilion DM1 is 11.6-inch, Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics chip paired with a Intel Celeron Dual-Core SU2300, 2GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive! how cool! listen up! is only RM1599!
    Dawn: Cool! is CHEAP! i love the white one! i will get one soon!

  119. aprilius20 :

    My HP Future Is “for the better, but rather gloomy. Because although I graced this world I forgot to pen my memoirs.”

  120. Mrs Imran :

    i think u get my blog address wrongly (the url is fine) but the one that you type is wrong

    the correct link is not

    Hey thanks for the alert, it has been rectified :)

  121. adiosamigos :

    very nice the hp laptop..i like to buy this laptop..

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