Win Up to RM10,000 Cash Prizes from Mister Potato Just by Being Creative

In case you didn’t catch our earlier blog post that Mister Potato is giving out attractive cash prizes to Nuffnangers, here’s a reminder!

Mister Potato is having a Grand Fiesta to crown their No. 1 Man in the Mister Potato Empire next month and Nuffnangers are invited to attend the Grand Fiesta as well as take part to be their No. 1 Man.

The prizes are very attractive as Mister Potato will be giving out a total of RM20,000 in cash prizes to the winners! Nuffnangers stand a chance to win the following prizes just by blogging creatively;

Grand Prize – RM5,000 Cash Prize
First Runner Up – RM3,000 Cash Prize
Second Runner Up – RM2,000 Cash Prize

Winning the prizes is surprisingly simple as well! Just be creative and share your tales of trying to be the No. 1 Man in the Mister Potato Empire in your blog post. Of course, pictures and write-ups are necessary, but if you’re to think out of the box, you’ll definitely be noticed and stand more chance to win the cash prizes!


Dila from shared how she loves munching on Mister Potato chips in an animation definitely got the judges’ attention. Check out her post here.

Yin San from went on a rampage with his creative masterpieces as he shared his journey from being a Potato peeler to the top man in Mister Potato Empire. Check out his blog post here. He even made a flash video on what he would do to bad chips! Check it out below.

These are just the tip of the iceberg! We’re sure many more Nuffnangers out there are as creative as Dila and Yin San. Thus, we’re inviting all of you Da Vincis of the cyberspace to come show us how creative you are. Impress us and the good people from Mister Potato and you’ll be rewarded handsomely!

To take part;

1. Blog about the #1 Mister Potato Contest and title it ‘No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009’.
2. Tell us why you do not compromise the quality in your potato chips.
3. Send an email to with your Full Name, IC number, and permalink of your written post.

Hurry, as the closing date is on 11:59pm, 21 November 2009!!

For more information, check out here.

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  1. Dila Jamalia :

    OMG! Its me! :D si budak makan mister potato dalam bilik bersepah yang background gila tak lawa ada beg plastik sampah besar warna hitam =.=”

  2. Dila Jamalia :

    anyway, thx yeah. really appreciate it.

  3. jqafsksulaiman :

    wah jom kita pakat makan mister potatoes ramai..
    cikgu memang suka makan mister potatoes…
    ranggup dan best…

  4. Kelvin Tan :

    Man, that’s hard to beat. But I’ll still give it a try. Waiting for better inspiration juices to flow. >.<

  5. kak anie :

    Dilla…you look cute here…hehehe…

  6. jipp :

    ohhh, i think i wanna join this.. seems interesting.. RM 20,000? I’ll get my pocket ready.. :-P

  7. Pei Shan :

    Ehh… If i blog about this in Chinese, it can be accepted?
    Erm… I would like 2 take part in this but it need Potato Chips?^^

  8. yus :

    wahhh mcm mana nk lawan dila ni…kalo buat mister potato sbgai umpan ikan boleh x?hehehhee
    tgu masuk lam blog nt..umpan mister potato dalam blog pancing….

  9. HEMY :

    I’ve joined this contest!!!!! Here :

    Hope I could at least win something

  10. ebiz4life :

    Dilla. tu bilik ke stor makcik cleaner? teheheh

  11. TerrickCEF :

    banyak comel :|

  12. HazwanHakim :

    benda ni da abis lum??leh join lg ker?

  13. chiechek :

    hey plz come to visit my blog…this is my entry for this contest…plz feel free to leave some comment to me…especially for the video….

  14. Dylan :

    great job for theeggyolks!

  15. aien~s corner :

    haha.. klaka n comel la… haha

  16. Jimmy Teh :

    This is my post do check it out

  17. theeggyolks :

    thanks Dylan! Wish me luck :D

  18. nazlieza :

    dilla mmg comel

  19. tarmizi :

    Dilla very cute bila makan Mister Potato…

  20. si lampu neon :

    WOW mr potatoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  21. Leen :

    Is a very funny & interesting game !

  22. lionteen :

    how to vote the picture at mister potato website?

  23. phatgurl :

    Dear Nuffnangers… please vote for us at the photo gallery > TITIE by clicking at the thumbnail image. thanksss~!!!

  24. phatgurl :

    to vote for the pic, just go to > The #1 Mister Potato Contest > Photo Gallery

    don’t forget to vote for me – TITIE. thanks~!

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