Catch Adidas Action 3 Roadshow with Bloggers from Project Alpha

Adidas is going to launch their new deodorant called Action 3 and will be kicking it off with a massive roadshow at Mid Valley Megamall from Sept 2 till Sept 6. It would be a roadshow like no other where they’re giving out lots of prizes to participants in their games. There’s no doubt that fun is aplenty to go around on that day.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there as the bloggers from Project Alpha is going to be at the roadshow!


Project Alpha is the first Online TV Show unveiling the real faces behind Malaysia’s Top Bloggers. The show will take audience into various sneak peeks of bloggers’ lives, who they are, how they live, what makes them tick and where they derive their inspiration to capture the attention and interests of millions of online readers on a daily basis. The show will also try to uncover their darkest secrets which they keep hidden from their readers.

The first season of Project Alpha will feature Sixthseal, Redmummy, Beautiful Nara, Fourfeetnine, Kennysia, Nicolekiss and Budiey. Set to go live on and radio station website ( daily for 7 weeks, from September 18th, 2009 onwards, it will cover the lives of these top bloggers in depth.

So be sure to catch the Adidas Action 3 Roadshow at Midvalley to catch your Project Alpha Season 1 Bloggers and the games and excitement from Adidas Action 3. Who knows? You might be filmed into an episode of Project Alpha?

That’s not all as you’re entitled to a Mystery Gift from the Adidas Action 3 roadshow if you can give them the password – DryMax System . Go claim your mystery gift from the redemption counter at the roadshows starting on 2 September!!

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. TianChad :

    This is interesting =D
    Blogger also can be in the TV Show wei~

  2. Nikel :

    okok…catch it…

  3. dreamydolls :

    will drop by and kepoh kepoh..

  4. jezz :

    wow..!!! budiey & mummyred pon ader.!!

  5. whose :

    i will be there…

  6. h4ni3 :

    this is an honour to all bloggers

  7. Serge Norguard :

    roflmao on this event

  8. irfan :

    omggg,, my friend there! bang naraaa.ahahaha sayee adik ohbulan.hahaha

  9. zuraida :

    oh i will surely drop by after office hours coz I am at MV! ahahahahah!

  10. Joshualaw :

    Might be filmed into an episode of Project Alpha? This sounds cool! Can have the chance to meet with the Project Alpha Season 1 Top Bloggers somemore~ ;)

  11. taufulou :

    cool…will drop by~

  12. kenwooi :

    top bloggers from msia? hmm..

  13. dD :

    i will be there…

  14. cikgusaiful :

    1Malaysia, Malaysia Boleh!

  15. stephy-nie :

    wow. this is cool! celebrity bloggers! will tune in to hitz!

  16. tzeing :

    i’ll be there… :)

  17. akazuma :

    wow. thats great!

  18. Tim :

    Good Jobs…!

  19. Fan Of Anime :

    this thing is cool… interesting…

  20. tED| :

    hidup beatiful nara!! hik hik hik.. itu je web yang aku selalu layan dr yg lain2 :)

  21. Sheri :

    nice :))

  22. Amir Izwan :

    Boleh la kita tgk mcm mana rupa sebenar blogger2 tempatan ni in real life ;)

  23. Dylan :

    i will be there! hope nthg cmes in the way..

  24. Ris :

    Setuju tu Amir. Ko datang ke?
    See U there.

  25. unwanted :

    nasib baik admin Ohbulan, M tak join sekali.
    klu tak baru gempak..ha3

  26. nicholexh :

    it’s really a very good opportunity to meet with those famous bloggers!
    i will be there~ :D

  27. ana :

    when will it be held in KK, Sbh?
    i want the mystery gift!

  28. Tony :

    Haha… Cool…I will be there for YOU

  29. mazuki selangor2u :

    cool…malaysia boleh

  30. Dylan :

    this is the first time in a very loooooooooonnnnnnnnggggggggg time that i’ve been to events such as this. furthermore, its a place where i can easily access. i take public transport ya’ know. events held in PJ area such as 1U and theCurve, i cant really go there. :(
    so yeah! i’ll be going to this roadshow in MV! wooohhooo!!!

  31. Zon Artis :


  32. nadri :

    cool mam!!!!!!!!!!!!! make it at the curve

  33. mysm :

    waah..blogger pon dah boleh jadi cam selebriti sekarang ni yek..
    goodluck for all the contestants

  34. TintaCyber :


  35. wanmus :

    its really great

  36. filem wayang : sudah bagus ni

  37. Tiffany Khoo Mei Ling :

    AHAH. It’s over.

  38. faCOMOT :

    ha..aa…its overrrrr!!!

  39. jbgeliz :

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  40. Danita Bardell :

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