The Inaugural Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards starts now! Nominate your favourite bloggers!

Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards
Dear Nuffnangers,

In conjunction with our second anniversary, Nuffnang and our title sponsor, Pringles, is proud to present the first ever Asia Pacific Blog Awards, held in Uniquely Singapore.

The blog awards is held to recognize the excellence of renowned bloggers from the Asia-Pacific region.

Honouring the best of the blogosphere, we will be running one month of open nominations and one month of voting.

This will eventually culminate in a GRAND Gala Dinner in Singapore.

400 bloggers and guests from all over the region will be transported and accomodated at our expense.

They will walk the red carpet being for once, at the other end of the camera, entertained by a celebrity host + top local and regional acts, dining with class and enjoying what Singapore has to offer in a full day exclusive programme!

Visit to find out more and nominate your favourite bloggers!

The inaugural Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards starts now!

This is the crucial first step of nominating your favourite bloggers in Asia-Pacific. You can nominate any blogger as long as they originate from this region, click here for the full list of Asia Pacific countries.

You may nominate the same blogger for multiple categories. Each category will have 5 finalists, handpicked by a distinguished panel and revealed on 23rd of September 2009. is putting the power in your hands to tell us who deserves to be nominated for these 12 categories:

Best Blog Shop

Best Food Blog
Best Fashion Blog
Best Parenting Blog
Best Travel Blog
Best Geek Blog
Best Celebrity Blog
Best Entertainment Blog
Best Original Blog Design
Most Influential Blog
Best Hidden Gem
Region’s Best Blog (Not open for nomination)
Nominate Now!
Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Serge Norguard :

    hahahahahaha, there goes my life. Well you guys have received my enquiry XD

  2. tanyeehou :

    Funky stuffs whoots!

  3. bryanlyt :

    i can foresee…
    my blog ain’t gonna get anything also lol~

  4. Margaret :

    I wanna win the blogshop category! Please support me at

    Please please please vote for me when voting open….thanks!!

  5. saimatkong :

    lol, I don’t which category is suitable for my blog.

  6. Jackie Loi :

    I WAN GO D EVENT!!!! =D

  7. LingLing :

    wow!!this seems to be an interesting events.

    wish i could get nominated =)

  8. yanasaja :

    freakinn hell…none of the above is for me. But i decide i want to win BEST HIDDEN GEM.So please vote.World Peace.Hahahaha

  9. dD :

    hope i also can go there…
    is my blog design now is nice enough to be nominated for the Best Original Blog Design???
    who will nominate it for me?

  10. mazuki selangor2u :

    cool….can i be one of them?? hahaha

  11. josephthescissorshand :

    they should like give me the geek blog man . :p

  12. DanielCtw :

    Weird category none?

  13. Lissa :

    all project alpha bloggers deserve for the nomination!!

    including jojo struys, she can be under celebrity blogger!

  14. poisonkagero :

    Please nominate me for Best Hidden Gem!!! =)

  15. Serge Norguard :

    question : country of origin = place where blogger is born or currently residing (origin of where the blog started) ?

    Could you clarify this statement :

    “Foreign bloggers invited to the blog awards would receive an
    exclusive 3D2N Uniquely Singapore experience inclusive of
    transportation and accommodation.”

    Is your definition of “Foreign” mean anyone outside of Singapore ?

    At the same time could you explain about the newsletter that was given stating

    3D 2N + SGD$1000 to the person who nominates the most individual
    blogger ? Kindly list down the criteria and so on

    Kindly direct all quiries to . My colleague will get back to you in due time.

  16. Sheri :

    1 of my dream come true to be in this extreme wonderous event lol :)

  17. Zues :

    Nice event! I am sure it will be a grand event as bloggers from different countries will gather up and party together^^ I wanna go! I wanna go….

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