We’re Addicted to Olay Game

As some of you might have known, the working life in Nuffnang is fairly fun and relaxing. That literally means we’re allowed to Facebook, chat on MSN or do our own things as long as our assigned work are done.

Recently, quite a number of our female colleagues in the Nuffnang office have been caught playing online game during office hours by Boss Stewie himself. Thankfully, when they were playing the game, it was during lunch time. In fact, we think that the game has started to consume their minds- you can hear them typing, talking and day- dreaming about the triple vitamins only. Puzzled by their involvement in the game, the male colleagues started to check out the online game as well.

It turned out to be an online game by Olay called, Finding Fairness, a contest giving out fantastic prizes to participants.


A quick look at the prizes made us understood why our female colleagues were playing it whenever they could.


iPhones, cameras and free facial products from Olay definitely have the attraction to glue our female colleagues to the game. Truth to be told, even the guys are interested in the iPhone as well. We did a quick check on the site and find out if I could win the iPhone and whether if the games are nice to play.

Surprisingly, there are no terms and conditions that state a man can’t win the prizes. Hurray for gender equality!! Upon further exploration on the website, we found out that there are a variety of games available for you to play and accumulate your high score.

Some are simple puzzle game;


While some requires a little bit more effort for the extra scores.


If you think this contest by Olay is great, you’ll be in for a surprise if you’re a Nuffnanger.

Olay is having an exclusive contest for Nuffnangers who take part in their online game. All you need to do is;

1. Play the online game here and take a final screenshot of your score.
2. Write a blog post titled “I’m Addicted to Olay Game” and post the screenshot in the blog post.
3. Tag 5 of your friends in the post and challenge them to beat your score.
4. Send in an email to with the permalink of your blog post.

Want to know what you can win from this exclusive contest?

Grand prize: ½ a year’s supply of Natural White products & RM400 Cash!!
1st runner up: ½ a year’s supply of Natural White products & RM300 Cash!
2nd runner up: ½ a year’s supply of Natural White products & RM200 Cash!!
10 Consolation prizes: 1 full set of Natural White products

Winners will be contacted via email after the campaign ends on 31 August 2009.

The prizes are definitely attractive and we definitely don’t blame our female colleagues from playing the game during lunch hours. A few of our male colleagues who saw the prize list are quietly going back to their workstations and I’m not sure if they’re trying their luck in the game but if you wish to win an iPhone, a camera or (prizes for Nuffnangers), be sure to try out the Olay Online Game.

Terms and Conditions
1. Exclusive Contest is only open for Nuffnang bloggers to participate.
2. Participants are required to do the following to participate
– Play the online game at and take a final screenshot of their scores.
– Write a blog post titled “I’m Addicted to Olay Game” and post the screenshot in the blog post
– Tag 5 of their friends in the post and challenge them to beat the blogger’s score.
– Send an email to with the permalink of their blog posts.
3. Should participants fail to complete any one of the criteria listed in 2), their entries will be rejected.
4. Contest ends on 7 September 2009. Entries sent in after 11.59pm, 6 September 2009 will not be accepted.
5. Judges’ decision is final and there shall be no dispute over their decision.
6. Winners of the exclusive contest will be contacted by representative from Nuffnang via phone and/or email within 3 days after the judges made their decision

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. ahlost :

    Wow.. Will try to play it during tea break later :D

  2. kentzai :

    nak main~

  3. cathj :

    Oh-ow… I told my ‘games addicted friends’ I am not interested on any games at FB… but looking at this *gulp*…. tempting!!!! Not only because of the prizes… but the girlish design…. o.O

  4. lilacfla :


  5. ain :

    saya pun nak main..

  6. Ecl!5oNz :

    do we have to register in the game?

  7. jolene :

    how to tag friends? just put their name there?

  8. Simon Seow :

    The shift manager just sits behind me. How to play?? LOL

  9. vOon :

    omg…gals mmg sure play wan

  10. xalongx :

    ahaha, i’m so into it!

  11. yeongboon :

    hey gals!

    well, getting addicted to some games like GUYS, who usually spend most of their time in an Internet Cafe…..
    anyway, pls do not become like one of them…having some fun of course it’s a must, but then skipping meal it’s not a wise move ppl…

    so pls do eat, and have fun at the same time! =)


  12. StevenBoy :

    ya… need to know how to tag friends too…>.

    Tagging is putting the names of your friend in the end of your post and linking it to their blog. :)

  13. Joshualaw :

    Why there is no similar game for guys one? I wan to win iphone and camera~ Do one for guys!!! Lols~

  14. hongaun :

    With the IPhone to win, I think a lot of guys will play this too lol.

    Remember to eat and sleep!

  15. kar :

    Dear male employees of Nuffnang

    lol. I’m addicted myself!!

  16. Mohsen :

    It’s fun!
    let me play too!

  17. Sarah :

    Hehe.. Thank God I work at home..

  18. Purple :

    hi everyone…
    Remember to eat…
    Play the game after you eat !!

    all the best…


  19. M I A :

    Cool game (;
    gonna give it a try!

  20. Jeffro :

    To the female staff of nuffnang,

    OI.. MAKAN lor.. otherwise, malnutrition, vitamins also wun help u.. xD
    haha.. apart from that, GOOD LUCK in winning stuffs.. :)

    Best Regards,

  21. Rudy :

    Ohh so this is the game la. hahaha.. tapau can solve the problem la. :p

  22. Apple Foodees :

    Great way to get my hand on the iPhone!

  23. vivienne :

    look! look! =D

  24. Col :

    Playing…nice game.. =)

  25. bahijah :

    hurmm.. interesting. Definitely trying it.

  26. Huii :

    please eat during lunch hours.

    but i will try this game later . teehee :D

  27. Siao麻雀 :

    ask:can i use chinese to participate?

    Yes you may

  28. wani :

    OMG….I never love to play any of OL game such in FB, but tis one..really2 looks attractive..should try @ home..not in da office..ahahaha

  29. aegis-dogz :

    no lunch = die / lack of nutrition
    if die / lack nutrition, win those prizes = no use oso laaaaahhh

  30. aleyn :

    To the female staff of nuffnang,
    Please eat your lunch..

    p/s: I’m going to play the game to0o.. Hahahaha..

  31. hayley :

    Its really very addictive!! i can spend hours playing that and try to break the scores.. too bad the boss is in today haiz..

  32. kaylizard :

    tadi dah main sekejap, pastu kena stop. sebab bos panggil. waktu rehat pun kena kacau..T_T

  33. hana :

    hello every body…men2 juga…u better take ur meals..
    then, u’ll have energy to win…hehe…
    best of luck yea..=)

  34. lonelytribe85 :

    Haha… chill up… Perkara biasa kalau dh “Addicted”. Haha… Yang penting happy. Don’t stress up your mind.

  35. skol :

    Lets stop playing for a minute. Good game to play, increase your knowledge and helps your beuty. But too much gaming will lead to many problems, so girls, don’t start new syndrome. Hehe

  36. styLo :


  37. Jean :

    Done the post..
    and I’m really addicted to the games larr…XD
    my score always so to win??>.

  38. cintaAnna :

    hai! i dah register…tapi bila nak daftar masuk kenapa tak boleh?????plssssss help meeee…

  39. StevenBoy :

    Done the post.
    My link :

  40. Joey :

    Hey to all the FEMALE COLLEAGUES in the Nuffnang office, I was asked to remind you ladies to NOT skipped your meals although I know how addictive the Olay Online Game may be :D After all, HEALTH comes first (: Cheers!

  41. SamSeiko :

    Seriously this prize will surely attract all genders to play!!

  42. jw :


  43. John :

    I played the game for a few times already. But I haven’t blog bout it yet. Haha. It’s quite challenging I think. Erm… female colleague in Nuffnang office, your boss ask you don’t play the game too much (this line seems stupid). lol

  44. penjejak :

    The probability to win is too small…but better try who’s know your luck….ahahahaa…

  45. Nizaa :

    Seriously, i’m already addicted to it.. hahahaha

  46. nurhayati :

    i’m addicted now!!

  47. tsun :

    I’m a bit confuse on ‘take a final screenshot on ur score’ is it I need to print screen my total score? because the camera inside the game cannot take photo of the total score. Thx much.

  48. tsun :

    again, another question it we only can tag nuffnangers’ blog when we tag our friend??

    It’s not necessary to be a Nuffnanger’s blog. ;)

  49. theeggyolks :

    Hi… We’ve just blog on this

  50. Tian Chad :

    Hope I am not late to post about this

  51. steven :

    May I know roughly when will nuffnang announce the olay blog contest results?

    We’re still waiting for the client to revert. Please be patient. :)

  52. TianChad :

    Is it possible for us to read all the winning post? I am interested =)

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