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  1. kenwooi :

    cool =D
    ghosts of past girlfriends.. haha.. how creative =D

  2. Everything Malaysia :

    another great event!
    But is it possible Penang will have movie screening like what held in KL?

  3. YapThomas - The Ultimat3 » Blog Archive » I Can Relate to Ghosts of Girlfriends Past :

    […] […]

  4. Jeff :
    looking forward for the movie..

  5. cookiedonut :

    love the storyline… can’t wait for it’s release ^^

  6. Tian Chad :

    Im so gonna watch this movie IF Nuffnang give me the passes! ^@^~

  7. Jessie Chia :

    woot~~ done!!!

  8. Jeffro :

    This might just be the sort of movie for me! Heheheh XD

  9. Richie :

    this is nice :)

  10. mira zin :

    did mine!can’t wait to watch the movie.

  11. Yoga :

    The title it self sounds it will be great as the title..huhuhu!!!

  12. AaronLee :

    wooooot. good good good. :)

  13. Sabrina :

    Yeahh, I suggest Penang should also be more involved. There are many Penang bloggers here but not really involved in gatherings and such to begin with.

  14. 031 :

    very nice…
    wanna go for it..

  15. zuhaini :

    did it! :) hope i get free tickets! :)

  16. siti :

    emmm…..i think its a good movies + funny. TGV Jusco tebrau must be full booked…..needs to watch somewhere else…..

  17. blackie007 :

    It’s done!
    I hope I get the invites! :)

  18. ♥Fairy♥ :

    I done it.. Although I am a Singaporean living in Sg xD Have fun Nuffnangers (^o*,)v

  19. marccus :

    Haha, a lot people like this movie ar XD

  20. Cik Yaya :

    done mine! yeay :p

  21. Cweelee :

    done mine at

  22. Jeremy :

    weee done done=)

  23. Ee Vonn :

    Jenifer Garner is so pretty! :) I wanna watch it but sadly I’m in Melbourne now!

  24. blur de wo :

    wow~ looks like very funny~ just can’t wait it!

  25. ohmelayu | melayuboleh :

    cool. Looks like i should go and watch!

  26. JOY :

    Tempted to watch liao xP

  27. Joyce Lee :

    hope i still gets it… really wanna go..

    have a look at my post @

  28. eyeman :

    want to watch it now!!! :D

  29. EugeNew :


    I wish I were
    … the first 10 write-ins
    … able to get the limited edition merchandises

    My post :

  30. anime life :

    hoho. cool. I believe many people like this film.

  31. Jasmi Abdul Latif :

    yes…count me in. i’m wanna be the first to see the movie.

    visit me :

  32. Cik Yaya :

    Thanks Nuffnangs!

  33. Esther :

    I’ve watched the trailer so many times and I wish I could go. I totally want to watch this movie!!! But, I’ll be having my exams and postings to other places. =( Looks like I’d have to wait.

  34. inbliss :

    nice.. will see it!

  35. abrablog :

    hoho..i hope i can watch it with her. Might be she will happy!

  36. ieha :

    seems nice…must seee it

  37. fara :

    i luv matthew mc..hhahaha

    cant really pronouce his last name
    wtf lah..he’s cute

  38. kenson :

    i think it will be very nice…

  39. ieqa4409 :

    i wanna watch dis movie…
    but don’t have any idea to post in my blog yet..

    i wanna go 2…!!!

  40. chai :

    i wanna watch this movie because i never watch this movie.

  41. Joshualaw :

    I can’t wait to watch this!!! I want premiere screening! Lol~

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