Nuffnang Goes Kame Hame Ha!

Date : 10th Mac 2009 (Tue)
Time : 9.30pm
Venue : GSC One Utama
Hall : 9
Terms & Conditions

1. Only open for Nuffnang Glitterati bloggers.
2. Kame Hame Ha pictures posted in blog post should be original and not plagiarized from any other sources.
3. There is no closing date for this mini contest. Late entries with high creativity value will be given a chance to attend the Premiere Screening if it’s deemed fit by the judges.
4. Should the blog post written for this mini contest be removed, the participation will be declared void.
5. Invitations will be sent out via email on 6th of March which would require bloggers to reply for confirmation of attendance. If an invitation sent out is not confirmed by 8th of March, it will be declared void and passed to the next blogger in line.


Interesting trailer, isn’t it?

As many have already been anticipating the release of Dragonball Evolution, Nuffnang is proud to bring you the Premiere Screening of Dragonball Evolution courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Malaysia!


4 steps to secure a pair of invites to the Premiere Screening of Dragonball Evolution

1. Take a picture of yourself or a friend in a Kame Hame Ha pose like the picture below. You are free to edit the image if you wish to.


2. Write a blog post in your blog with the title ‘I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution’ with the picture taken in step 1 displayed.

3. Copy and paste the following codes at the end of your entry..

..which will show this image linking to this post.

4. Send in an email to with your full name and the permalink of your blog post.

Prizes and Premiums!
We’re giving away limited edition premiums and prizes from the movie such as a Dragonballs, watches, duffle bags, 3D postcards and many more to creative bloggers coming up with The Most Impressive Kame Hame Ha, The Funniest Kame Hame Ha & The Most Natural Kame Hame Ha. In addition, the first 50 bloggers who write in will also receive a Dragonball Evolution poster!


As we only have 200 tickets to give out, priority will be given to blog posts which are creative and those who sent in first. Hurry, and start blogging now!

Below are some Screensavers or Wallpapers from the upcoming movie. If you wish to download them, just click on the images respectively.


dragonball_01_640×640.jpg dragonball_05_640×640.jpg
dragonball_06_640×640.jpg dragonball_02_640×640.jpg


dragonball_04_scrn_640×480.jpg dragonball_01_scrn_640×480.jpg
dragonball_02_scrn_640×480.jpg dragonball_03_scrn_640×480.jpg
Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Rachel :

    Very very interesting. :)

  2. email2me :

    This movie is not to be miss! Kame …. Hame …. Ha !!!!

  3. YM :

    Wokuie, I’m kame hame lame ha ha ha…. :P

  4. Tchuen :

    haha,nice movie>

  5. Aaron :

    Wheeeee! =]

    Would love to go! =3

  6. debra fong :


  7. kit :

    yaya, nice movie…will not be miss it..~~

  8. vvens :

    i want i want i want!!

  9. cookiedonut :

    love the trailer!~

  10. Edwin T :

    Too bad to me for not able to watch this movie at the first hand as I will not be in the country during the period. Will catch up once coming back!

  11. Emily :


  12. Zahid :

    Cool.. I very like Dragon Ball. Especially Goku… :)

  13. SOGOH :

    interesting movie…:)

  14. elle :

    why not a nuffnang premier of Malaysia first 3D animated cartoon GENG: Pengembaraan Bermula, good storylinelah guys.

  15. n!ccO :

    cRacKin’ mAn..!!
    mY chiLdhOOd HerO..haS becUme My tEenagE HerO!!aHa!
    i ToTaLLy diGgin’ iT!!:)

  16. art :

    nice movie but the…. i hope asian will remaking this movie…..

  17. EV@yenniedoll :

    wow, what a nice contest

  18. bryanlyt :

    niceeeee~~ but again, no transport T___T
    i’ll try to find transport anyway =S

  19. andrew :


  20. andrew :

    Happy Valentines Day to all!! =D

  21. "I" the writer :

    Will positively enter!

  22. Aronil :

    i would take part in the contest but i’m still disappointed by the trailer :(

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  24. Sean Ong :

    awesome!!!!!!!! i want!!!!!!!

  25. xjion89 :

    Omg, they actually make this movie!(^^)

  26. Weng :

    I wanna watch Dragonball!!!

  27. joshuaongys :


  28. AlvinC :

    Mine’s up mine’s up !!!
    Dragonball Devolution !!! ROFL

  29. Marco :

    Even I am Glitterati member, but I don’t think I am able to join the preview due to day time career commitment. Anyway, I will blog about it because Dragon Ball Z is my childhood favourite.

  30. maRCus :

    like the comic better, the movie kinda >_

  31. DanielCtw :

    LoL…. This is nice,
    Will try to do a kame hame ha pose….

  32. mazuki selangor2u :

    nice…look like interesting movie

  33. TheFreedomzWriters :

    Hrm.can say in comic is already an interesting for us while we still in need to say la.In reality man.of course dun miss it.hehe

  34. lina :

    OMG! We so want to watch this!!!!! We, I mean, me, hubby and son. Digging for Dragonball action figures and DVD now. Yeah!

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  36. awanlahon :

    i love you BUlma…kakakka…memang best la citer nie…ada ekor

  37. 031 :

    its a nice movie..

  38. Ann Ashvinee :

    Cool…so start some photoshoots…act as Goku….Here goes Kame Hame Ha!!!…

  39. cwee :

    i’ve sent…..KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

  40. terrytsang :

    i am looking forward to it, yeah!

  41. misztake :

    i’m so excited now!!

  42. kelvin :

    i dont want to miss…i want to watch………….

  43. Zues :

    Kame-kame-Hahahaha,,,, Here I come!!!

  44. Serge Norguard :


  45. kimhaur :
    photo will be upload tomorow night….soon.
    (now still working no camera ah….)

  46. kaizer :

    go go go kuuuuu,super saiya level 5

  47. Huai Bin :

    It’s probably my best work to date:—sixthsealcom-style.html

    I went back to the SAME PLACE three (3) times to get the video right. Zippo lighter fluid, methanol spirits and finally, GASOLINE!

    Oh, ignition!

  48. Caffery :

    One of the most-wanted movie for year 2009!

  49. aLvin :

    haha…. ITS FUN MEN

  50. breadpitt :

    post about it d…..sugar kamehameha;-)

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  52. alex :


  53. Raymond :

    Yeah,I had joined,Kame Hame Ha!

  54. Nikube :

    cool.. real dragonballz..

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  56. julian :

    My dog is into DragonBallZ :)

  57. hitomi :

    Aha aha got…tarak Kame…COme eh ada…mau??

    Oh i am crapping heee…never mind. See you guys then^^

    :::::: ::::::

  58. Wafa' lindo :

    ape kata,
    nuffnang buat benda ni juga untuk
    Geng : Pengembaraan Bermula??

  59. maverick :

    cool movie!! i wanna go wacth too :O

  60. Linus Chung :

    What is this kame Hame Ha?

    My dog has got it bad and thinks he’s Goku!

  61. Ryehana :

    menarik! tapi aku xde model lah utk wat pose kame hame haa ni..
    hampesss… (mcm xsempat je dah…)

  62. jing jing :

    just done mine =} …
    Cross fingers and hope I’m natural and funny enough
    to impress the judges…


  63. mie :

    kamen hame ha…..
    really like the movie

  64. alex :

    i am goku

  65. auhsoj14 :

    dude…i watched this trailer and yeah! The movie is awesome. For those who still didn’t yet watch this movie trailer, watch out at my youtube channel megaenter10ment or just log on to my blog,….I’m kinda providing latest updates on various kind of movies, posters, trailers, movie’s synopsis, and a list of year 2009’s movies.

  66. Yaggya :

    Would love to watch the movie. :)

  67. Tim :

    yeah….i like this movie.

  68. Linus Chung :

    check my dog being goku at

  69. harimau : nice movie..i dont skip to get there..hehe

  70. yap :

    it really nice…
    hope i can go watch it…
    support this movie…

  71. rizal :

    kame…kame…haaa…yeehaaaa….dont miss it…

  72. mejastudy* :

    goku goku goku. my hero. and my idol.. haha

  73. leeyi :

    Wow! it was a nice movie!

  74. Sleepyfriday :

    I’ve read all its comics and am at lost for words now! Need to watch the movie!!!!!!!! When it starts, I’ll kame hame haaaa there instantly!

  75. brave :

    Cool.. Must watch movie.. KAme Ha me HAAA….lol…Love Dragon Ball

  76. keyden :

    anyone want to kame hame ha together????

  77. DD :

    Wahhhh …. interesting ..

  78. shinichi_ichijo :


  79. jing jing@ryejoe :

    so nice to know Nuffnang are so understanding
    to deliver prizes to them who stay outside klang valley…

    Still cross fingers and hopes to be one of the winner ~

    gambate everyone =] !

  80. cwee :

    one more week counting down…

  81. Samuel :

    finally i’m done with mine =) been rather busy lately =S

  82. Tian Chad :

    Finally I have done too :)

  83. halfiez :

    Here’s mine..i also just finished the kame hame ha!!!

  84. syaheeda :

    cool!! :D

  85. Kuzco :


  86. VanitySierra :

    Haha.. Mines up too!!
    I’m in costume x)

  87. DEBOT :


  88. elLy :

    WOW! COOL!!! LUV the trailer…=DD

  89. Azwan :

    Wow…Son Goku in Live Action


  90. alli :

    haha..even better if it’s the Jap version :p

  91. Marco :

    I have got the invitation for the premiere screening. Ha Ha!

  92. kimkim :

    tq nuffnang giving ticket ….but the information email doesnt noted need to comfirm by reply…?

  93. Weng :

    do I still need to send an email to confirm the attendance??

  94. Jensen :

    Yeah me too, do we need to reply? but there don’t have email for us to reply.

  95. Robb :

    There isn’t a need to reply. If you cannot make it for the screening, just drop a ticket in our helpdesk section. :)

  96. wan :

    good promo..

  97. Caffery :

    Wish those who will attending the Premiere Screening, enjoy the movie! ^^

  98. ryejoe :

    who’s the winner?
    where to see the result…
    so curious…..

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