Friendship for the Win


In collaboration with Kakiis, Nuffnang is proud to announce ‘A Moment with Your Kakiis’ Contest! Share your creative videos featuring your best pals in the video contest and you might just walk home as the owner of the ever slim Macbook Air.


Show us pictures of you and your buddies and stand a chance to win Sony Skinny T Camera! Detailed information on how to join can be found here.


That’s not all, as all participants for video and photo contests also stand a chance to be invited to the exclusive ‘Kakiis Nite Out‘ with even more goodies and prizes to bring home. Think Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP and more!


So Nuffnangers, let’s wait no more and start recording your videos or taking picture with your friends. People say that ‘Friendship can overcome any Hardship’ so we’re pretty sure this contest is not a problem for you and your friends.

Terms and Conditions Apply

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. CLF :

    Interesting, but my friend raised the question, how to equally divide the prize? Coz the prize is only allocated for 1 person per entry isn’t it?

  2. ahKOK :

    one question….. any language also nevermind? cos usually will be in our local dialect…. or mandarin if we video record

  3. Lee Ann :

    Interesting !
    Will with my friend about it .

  4. Lee Ann :

    COOL ! :D

  5. Lee Ann :

    *will talk with my friend about it .
    Teehee .

  6. Aly :

    What exactly is Kakiis ? So i just post a photo of a good friend of mine and i having a blast ?

  7. Sean Ong :

    Very true CLF. Mine asked the same questions too.. Guessed we just had to see the prizes and get the cash and divide it equally. Lol. But I hope to win! Gonna post up my pics and video soon.

  8. peanut :

    how about those studying oversea, can take part in the contest? what if they are not there during the price giving day if they win?

  9. Lynn :

    Eh, when they say

    ‘Dig up an old picture’

    do they mean only one picture? Is more photos allowed?

  10. sean Lon :

    Wohoo!!!!!!! i submitted my entry already! vote 4 me lah! :) I wanna win!

  11. Serge Norguard :

    done and done

  12. ladykiki :

    wowww.. hebat!!!

  13. Shelyn :

    uploaded several pictures, since they said photoS. DONEEE!

  14. Fiq Online :

    Hebat hadiah!

  15. Will :

    Uh oh. The entry with the most votes win? You know what’s going to happen…

  16. Phuah Zheng Dhong :

    me too! I’ve already posted my picture entry in my blog! Go and have a look! XD
    Here are my details Nuffnang, just in case you need to contact me if i win! Haha, muka tebal la me. Tak tahu malu. =P

    Full name: Phuah Zheng Dhong
    Blog URL:
    Direct Link to Blog Entry:

    TQ TQ TQ! I hope I win! I hope me win! I hope myself win! HAHAHA! I’m so tempted in the prizes!

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