Nuffnang and Friso Brings You ‘Family Day Out’!


If you somehow missed the cheerful skinner we have on, we are proud to present ‘Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out‘ , the first Nuffnang parenting bloggers gathering courtesy of Friso!

It’s going to be an event like no other as parenting bloggers from Malaysia will gather together to have a ‘Family Day Out’ experience with their children and socializing with other bloggers as well. Among the top parenting bloggers who will be having a Family Day Out with us includes Chan Lilian all the way from Penang and the ever red Mira from

Among the activities that parenting bloggers can look forward to for this event are fun time to bond with their children, talks on nutrition and parenting experiences, magic show and lots of prizes to be won!

Time : 10.00am – 2.00pm

Date : 29th of November 2008

Venue : Kizsports & Gym, One Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing)

Pax available : 120 bloggers


All you have to do is to reserve an invitation for your family to Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out and the followings;

  • Write a blog post with the title ‘Friso Brings My Family Out‘ and write about why Family Day is important for your children.
  • Then, write in an email to with your full name and the permalink of your written blog post.

The first 120 bloggers who writes in will be invited to attend Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out along with their spouse and children aged 1 to 8 years old. And to make things more exciting, we’re even throwing in a big incentive for parenting bloggers to write as creative as they can to attend this event. The best creative blog post written will be rewarded with a dream vacation of a 3 Days 2 Nights trip to Disneyland Hong Kong for 2 Adults and 2 Children fully sponsored by Friso!

Invitations will be sent out every week to the bloggers who wrote in to attend this event. You’ll be enquired on the number of attendees from your family. Closing date for submission of blog posts will be on the 26th of November 2008. The winner for the best creative blog post written will be announced on the day of the event.

But wait, that’s not all. There are lots of other prizes for your family that you can win. Among them are;

  • 10 x RM100 MPH voucher
  • and we’re also rewarding parenting bloggers who write the best post event blog post with a 32” LCD TV from Sony!

So hurry, start writing now and reserve your family a spot in the first Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out! Who knows, your blog post might just win your family a trip to Disneyland!

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  1. andrew :

    wahh!! interesting!! Have fun to those who are going!! =D Like we say, Nuffnang is full of surprises!! LOL =D

  2. bryanlyt :

    wow! a trip to disneyland! niceeeee~~ D: D: D:

  3. Mr.Right :

    No children cnt join la? is it?

  4. lankapo :

    finally, a spot for me haha.

    going to win the LCD TV yaihaaa

  5. shaxx :

    cool! going to put my thinking cap on for this one!

  6. keyden :

    not get married n dont have a baby yet…cant join mehh..

  7. ahKOK :

    wahsai~ cool man 3 days 2 nites disney

  8. kyoll :

    hahah.. this one really for me…. wait for my post

  9. envee :

    thinking to get married now … very attracting deal … wish best luck to whom that have a small family …

  10. ahlost :

    Disneyland ?? I wantttt !!

  11. curryegg :

    Oh my..
    can I steal my nieces and pretend I’m the mama?

  12. Chongwee :

    wow.. great prize

  13. EV@yenniedoll :

    hmm, not children can join? xD

  14. saimatkong :

    no children how to join? =)

  15. EV@yenniedoll :

    i mean no children

  16. michaelkon :

    oh mi gosh!!i want de want de!!!

  17. ku E :

    so do you think i could join-in with my megat? hehee… :~)

  18. Melissa Lee :

    waahhh im not even married, what more having children. LOL i’m only 18 =(

    But the prizes are so tempting!! =p

  19. lankapo :

    ha haha bloggers with no children and not married

    hurry hurry still got time maa

  20. Richie :

    huiyoooo.. i dont want the prizes.. i just want FRISO!! hehe

  21. Ajami Hashim :

    my post! read it here:

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  23. ruionkoh :

    Looking for a wife and a kid aged 1-8.

  24. kyoll :

    I’m done…
    Just read my post at

    Just perfect for me… me & my wife + two kids.. it was just perfect for HKDL

  25. Reiko :

    Too bad my son just aged 2 months!!!
    *Faster grow up la son!!! Mummy wanna go Disneyland!!! XD*

  26. thyesiang :

    This is not a place u comment about urself but about the event or neither ask people to visit ur blog.But this is a good chance to do so,because you may get prizes ,is that my plasma TV?

  27. tivitune :

    wow. looks good. Maybe i can try and win that plasma TV.

  28. shaxx :

    rileks la thyesiang… people are excited laa… hahaha

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  30. thexderz :

    i want the TV

  31. Z0E :

    gee, I wish I had a kid now.

  32. noorizam shah :

    wahhhh gila kentang. tawaran hadiah best giler!

    best best

  33. clarisseteagen :

    Why is everything on the same day???/

    Human Rights Camp.
    One in A million

    NOw even nuffy has joined the group :)

  34. lina :

    wah, besh besh… I’m joining. Wait for me!!!!!

  35. BabyIbu : 6 bulan leh join tak ni? huhu..

  36. watsupyo888 :

    if unable to go for the event on the day, can still participate in this event??

  37. nuarliesya4879 :

    wahhhh… i nak lah tv plasma..then i juga nak holiday family trip ke Disneyland tu..hadiah nyer amat menarik tu

  38. haslina :

    Nnang..full of suprise..i will joining..insyallah

  39. shaxx :

    Anxiously waiting for the feedback from Nuffnang for

    Has anyone got their invitation yet?

  40. Kujie :

    huhuhu………..semua anak above 8thn!

  41. kyoll :

    yeah.. I would like to ask the same question…
    Has anyone got their invitation yet from Nuffnang???
    me not yet..

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  43. FamilyFirst :

    I just submitted my post this morning and whoa … 5 mins ago got the invitation wor! Cayalah Nuffnang!

  44. kyoll :

    Tq very much Nuffnang…
    I’ve received my invitation…

    looking forward to see everybody there

  45. Petrina :

    Great prizes, and the outing falls on my daughter’s birthday. Just that I’m not staying in KL… so, can’t join.

  46. lina :

    see you guys there! Received my invite oredi :)

  47. shaxx :

    I have got my invite too! :D

  48. Friso Brings My Family Out | Show ME the MONEY :

    […] conjunction with Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out, Nuffnang wants to know why Family day is important to my daughter. If I can, I want to spend […]

  49. lankapo :

    just send my entry, hopefully I can get the invitation to Disneyland terus haha.
    thanks shaxx for the review

  50. babynadhrah :

    We wanna go to Disneyland!!

    Yeayy, got the invite!!

  51. Yee Yoke Ching :

    Just blog for Friso Brings You ‘Family Day Out’!‏ Wish my baby can win a trip to Disneyland or any prize for her 1st Birthday!

  52. iswatie :


    Our mummy already post the entry yesterday.
    Check it out at

    Thank you for Nuffnang & Friso for invitation. Me & my brother cant wait to have fun kat Kizsport on 29th Nov 08.

    N pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee, we want to go to Disneyland.

    Hani & Ichlas

  53. Zuzie :

    Just wondering..thou the due date is yet coming..
    does the invitation still vacant?

  54. NiKuBe :

    wow, hadiah lumayan untuk dimenangi..

    sama-sama kita berkongsi :)

  55. Joe :

    Wish me win…hehe..

  56. Jane Chew :

    Sent in the entry last nite. Here is the post!

    This is an interesting campaign. Thanks for organizing it.

    It is also quite smart for getting the bloggers to advocate the sponsor.


  57. kyoll :

    looking fwd to see everybody there….

  58. kelvin :

    yeah..wish me win too :P

    thanks NUFFNANG !

  59. Khai :

    Itu macam susu anak saya minum je :-) T.Kasih

  60. Eugene Wong :

    tomorrow is the event day loh!

  61. AliF :

    wah..baguslah nuffnang nie…

  62. lina :

    congrats to! U guys deserved the grand prize! :)
    Nuffnang – more parenting bloggers meet in the future please!!!!

  63. kyoll :

    Thank you Nuffnang and Friso…

    Thank you to all bloggers as well… nice to meet all of you just now….
    Don’t worry we will buy HK fridge magnet to give away soon…

  64. lankapo :

    yup, would like to see more family blogger gathering by Nuffnang. Hopefully more sponsor will team up with you guys and I for sure will turn up hehe

    I will tuntut your FM hehe


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  66. shaxx :

    Yes Nuffnang! More Please and Kyoll, I want that FM too… LOL!

  67. Susan Marcens :

    This is what I was looking for. Thanks.

  68. Olga Durava :

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!

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    It would be much better if you have provided some more information.

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