Getting Costumes for Party

Now that our Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween is coming up, I bet some people are wondering where to get their costumes.

I mean, not everyone have a lioness costume in their wardrobe like Ringo.

Buying a custom made costume will most likely cost you a leg and an arm.Let’s think about renting. The last time I checked there weren’t any good costume shops in the Klang Valley. Well, this fact changed when we found out about Fun Costumes Shop by Absolut Pitch who are specialist in props and costume designs. These guys have no problem producing cool fancy costumes for your event or for rent.

Be it if you want to be an Alien,


or even Ironman.


But as the season of Halloween is near, I trust many of you might be searching left, right, center for a Halloween costume. Now wouldn’t it be nice if you’re wearing this to a Halloween party?


I bet you might be the best dressed in your party if you do so.

Fun Costume Shop is located at;
1.02 First Floor Wisma D’Cor,
Jalan SS17/1A,
Subang Jaya,

You can contact their office number at 03-56352459 or Kid at 012-6057587 if you have any enquiries. If you need a map, you can consult one here. Alternatively, you can also drop them an email at .

Prepare yourself for a Halloween photo galore as the people from Fun Costume Shop and Absolut Pitch will also be responsible for dressing up some of the Nuffnang staffs and a few bloggers such as Kenny Sia and Ringo. No worries, none of us will be eligible for the best dressed prizes, but we do hope your costume can be as scary as ours this Halloween!!

Want to see more cool costumes? Check them out below.





Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. chee hong :

    not really accurate of it’s whereabouts …there’s also a costume shop near somewhere near Souled Out ….

  2. Aster :

    thanks for the address :D
    but, can i not be scary ? x]

  3. kenwooi :

    Haha cool! I like the Alien costume, but wouldn’t that be heavy? The headless lady costume looks scary! =P

  4. electronicfly :

    I called them before, but they don’t have the costume I want.. =(

  5. iman :

    do u reckon they have any hobbit costumes?

  6. ruionkoh :

    when only will the list be out X.x

  7. bryanlyt :

    waasehh i like the last costume! ahahah! but can i just wear a simple one? as in just a few accessories masks n so on? O.o

  8. Soon Seng :

    Wow, the Ironman and Alien suit looks terribly impressive…

  9. asstha :

    I’ve rented with them before… It’s you just go straight right after the traffic light pass subang parade on your right. After the turning which leads back to SS15 (left) you’ll see the petrol station. It’s on the first floor. But I think the costume shop in Hartamas looks more posh compared to this shop although their prices definately slightly higher. Hope this helps. Cheers.

  10. Daniel :

    Wow…Nice recommend….Ya is quite hard to think about it~~ Thx XD

  11. racoon :

    Can’t the invitation list be released earlier so we can better prepare ourselves?

  12. klubbkidd :

    yeah. it would be good if we know we invited or not so we can start preparing. me wanna win a phone!

  13. Aster :

    it would be great if we get the invitations like 2 weeks before the event :(
    don’t really dare getting a costume first before its confirmed :/

  14. Robb :

    Well guys, I’m sure for everyone who posted within 1 week after we announced the party are invited. You can start getting your costumes if you fall into that category. After the 1 week duration, it might get a little difficult, but we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

    Official Invitation Emails will be sent out 7 or 5 days before the event. :)

  15. Crazyfool :

    that one so cool… head break haha

  16. L :

    Hmm, i wanna dress up as Shrek!

  17. Serge Norguard :

    i’ve seen enough ironman and alien costumes… but…. if anyone of you can do this ::

    I will respect you.

    Hmm, speaking of which.. i need to find facepaint

  18. Cheesie :



  19. john :

    I’m searching for the soul of halooween,the famous jack o lantern.Where can i get it near selayang

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  21. azrinblog2u :

    i like alien..huhuhuh :D

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    […] don’t forget that Nuffnang has published about renting Halloween costume. Oh! TGI Friday is also celebrating pocong, langsuir and pontianak. So, what are you going to be […]

  23. gazzali :

    I like the alien…scary….

  24. mira zin : maya karin’s pontianak harum sundal malam is in the “halloween celebrities” theme?

  25. klubbkidd :

    i hope people will be creative and not just rent or borrow the usual suspects costume. wanna see creativity of everyone in action.

  26. klubbkidd :

    PS – hope people realise this is halloween – not a masquerade party or a cosplay event

  27. Anne Marie Cheong :

    see u guys at the party… anyways the Fun costume shop by absolut pitch is awesome. I jus got my costume from them yesterday.
    they hv great consultation and determined to make u look drop DEAD gorgeous, friendly and dedicated service to the customers needs. 2 thumbs up for u guys… and thanks absolut pitch. ^^V

  28. eyma :

    wahhhh….i so scared..

  29. Ruth Sabina :

    Hi, I would like to know if i can buy cartoon character costumes and nice santa claus mask from you???
    Thank you

  30. Gabriel :

    hey guys, just a head’s up for people still checking this post… we’ve moved to KL Plaza across from Pavilion. You can get more info here:

  31. Dorthy Hall :

    A classmate recommended me to check out this page, great post, fascinating read… keep up the nice work!

  32. James Justis :

    Like Shrek movies, awesome animation film.

  33. Jamie Sizemore :

    Hello, I also like the Shrek movies, very good animation!

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