Challenge the Nuffnang Team In Counter-Strike at the WCG (Guys & Girls Included)

Challenge the Nuffnang Team and fellow Nuffnangers in Counter-Strike

Yes, Nuffnang is bringing you a World Cyber Games experience this year.


Thanks to Samsung, on the 16th of August 2008, there are going to be 8 teams of Nuffnang Bloggers pitched against each other in an elimination basis tournament for Counterstrike!!

Each team will consist of 5 bloggers . At least 1 member from each team MUST be female. That’s right boys, we have to include the ladies’ this time.

All you have to do to participate is:

1) Write a blog entry with the title “My Favourite Computer Game of All Time”

2) Send it to us at

3) Visit our WCG microsite by clicking here or on the images.

4) Look for a sexy girl in green to click on for the registration form.


5) You can register your team in five with all their blog entries, or if you don’t have a team, you could register individually and we’ll put you in a team randomly with other bloggers to make a team.

Nuffnang will be sending one team to participate in this tournament as well.The winning blogger team from this tournament will walk home with a cash prize of RM1,500 to be shared among the team and a Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-P2 (2GB) each.

Hurry and register yourself now!

We’ll be closing the registration on 11.59pm 10th of August 2008. We’ll then pick the 8 blogger teams based on their enthusiasm to participate based on the entries made.

The details for the Nuffnang Cyber Games are as follows;

Tournament Game : Counterstrike v1.6
Date : 16th of August 2008
Time : 10am till 6pm
Venue: Samsung Booth, Hall 2 & 3, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

Win Some Prizes from Samsung

For the bloggers who don’t play Counter-Strike, you can still stand a chance to win some prizes. We’re running a World Cyber Games Blog Contest for bloggers to write a blog post about “My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time“. It can be Starcraft, Warcraft 3, Halo, Counterstrike, Diner Dash or any other computer games that you want to write about.

Once you’ve written the blog post, kindly send in an email to us at with the permalink of your blog post with your full name, contact number and IC number. Your details are compulsory and will be kept private for our references purposes only.

The following prizes will be given out to the winners of the respective categories;

The Funniest Entry
32″ LCD TV

The Most Creative Entry
Digital Still Camera NV24HD

Samsung Favourite Entry
Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-S5

Deadline for submissions of entries for World Cyber Games Blog Contest would be on 11.59pm 14th of August 2008.

In addition to that, check out Samsung World Cyber Game microsite for their online mini games section. Be among the scorers and you might walk away with the following prizes!

1st prize – Mobile Phone i550
2nd prize – Digital Still Camera i8
3rd prize – Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-P2 (2GB)
4th prize – Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-T10 (2GB)
5th prize – MP3 Player YP-U3 (2GB)

Prizes for the Nuffnang Cyber Games tournament and World Cyber Games Blog Contest will be given out on 16th of August 2008 at the World Cyber Games (refer to venue above) after the Nuffnang Cyber Games tournament ends. So hurry, start registering your team, squeezing your creative juices to write your blog posts and shoot your way to win prizes in their mini games!


Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. tom :


    Fire in the hole!!!!!!!

  2. liza :


  3. CincauHangus :

    why not call of duty?!?!?!?

  4. bryanlyt :

    gosh! i wanna join! who needs a team?? or who wanna include me in his team, please contact me!! there’s a contact form in my blog… cheers! =D

  5. cheahwey :

    Can the same post be eligible to win two different categories?

  6. Kitx101 :

    go go go…

    but 5 ppl is quite a lot…

  7. Mark :

    OMG! I used to play CS at WCG! Miss CS and my team so much XD

  8. Horny Ang Moh :

    Wah laueeeeeh!!!! Now got game some more!!! I believed this is the first in M’sia if not the world that a ads co. got org pc game for blogger!!!!!I think I better give it a try! Hemmmm!!!! Problem is I only know how to shoot water ‘gun’!!! Keep it up! Nuffnang ROCK!!!

  9. Danny Foo :

    Come come…whoever was ex-CS players, ex-clan players and ex-WCG players… let’s form a team. :P

  10. maRCus :

    woooooohhooooooooo!!! finally, WCG!! cant wait for it n cant wait to get started.. blardy excited wei.. come la, 8 teams of 5 right? means 40 ppl. got place wan.. haha! but where can we find a girl who plays cs? woot! haha

    im game for it. bryan, can team up if nobody wants us. haha.

    CS ah wei…!!! :-D

    (you have NO idea how excited i am now)

    *clap clap clap*

  11. xjion89 :

    oooo, so many prizes to be won. But, I know nothing about CS. Too bad.(>

  12. joshuaongys :

    GO GO GO!!

  13. RachelHeah :

    gg wei. :)

  14. Steven :

    I wonder if the blog post for the contest must be “My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time”? or it can be anything as long as the content is relevant?

  15. J. Colette Ting :

    Ah, just when I wanted to cut down on CS. Anyone needs a sniper? *waves hands frantically* *pick me!* *pick me!*

  16. chee hong :

    cincauhangus : nice one

    Why not COD ?!

    Nvm ,its back to old school stuff , version 1.6 !

  17. Ben :

    Looking for team!! Mail me at

  18. Debra Fong :

    Another brilliant event woi


  19. Jeff :

    WOOHOO!!! this is definitely a fantastic chance! Wootza!

  20. wenzi :

    i want to play… :D:D

  21. King :

    Yea I’m looking for a team, based in OUG. Will travel to Cheras to Subang SS15 is fine for training. Email me at or sms at 017-2728033.
    I play to win !
    we can have a Lan Party as well.

  22. zL :

    CS a? very long did not play already ler….
    play rainbow six can a? =.=

    but the price so attractive ler~

  23. zam :

    Long time no play this game! Love to play this game.

  24. shon chong :

    woo cover me! go go go .. this gonna be fun man..!!

  25. Mark :

    Anyone from Penang wanna give it a go?

  26. cindy :

    Any team need a girl?? Im ready to be include…^_*
    Pls email me at
    thousand thanks…

  27. Danny Foo :

    I remember well we’ve had all-girl CS teams before. Only not that many.

    Anyone in KL/PJ wanna team up…?

  28. tigger :

    i want to play!!!

    no teams!

    any one want to join me!

    come visit me @

    in need of a team!! from PJ!subang

  29. joshuatly :

    i do play cs, but i dont think i reach the level to participate in competition…
    if i go, i can say sure lose loh! Haha.
    but i will take part in the blog post!
    I wanna the new monitor…!

  30. wenzi :

    Mark: i am from PENANG!!

  31. ~J0hN @nG~ :


  32. Seizhin :

    Another interesting event from the Nuffnang, although I’m unable to join the event I always applause your event planners who are able to think of such creative events all the time.

  33. nakajima :

    salam. yehaaaa!!

    skrg ni nakajima ada kt top scorer kt online mini game. yes yes!

    sapa2 nk buat team sila e-mail saya.


  34. Ryan Lii :

    wow…Cs sial…who needs a player??? call me 0129411858 if u need a player

  35. Shinxz :


    let’s team up babeh~~

    msn: shinobikit[at]

  36. danieltan :

    Looking for a female to play in our cs team!
    Add me in MSN or email me @
    thanks :)

  37. peeliboy :

    yes….unfortunately…PMR and SPM coming…study rather..

  38. peeliboy :

    study rather….
    PMR & SPM is coming!!!

  39. odezz :

    fuhh.. go! go! go!.. enemy down!

    hahahha syiok la. but mid valley? too far.. i like cs very much. but still can joint the contest “My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time”

  40. Spectre :

    Must start training ASAP-lah & brush on CS skill

  41. RollsRoyce :

    I only played CS Flash =) and hoping the other CS teams for WCG will have some good times.
    ALthough, i do hope everyone can participate if the winner is from other states and couldn’t attend the WCG venue. But anyway, good luck.

  42. hurleyz :

    hey people! I’m looking for the last member to join my team. So far most of my team members are self-proclaimed legends. Hahaha! Just enroll urself in my blog =P

  43. penangdude :

    Is WAR time!!!
    buy ur sniper and grenade!!
    Lets Bang and Bom!!!
    i have a little video to share too… log in to my site and see

  44. nakajima :

    anyone need more player?

    buzz NAKAJIMA…i’m in KL

  45. irvine :

    fire in the hole!!

  46. Amiene Rev :

    oH… My… I would like to join, but the date.. the date is unlucky for me since I have an official programme (might be so, so I cannot join: fear to dissapointing others if I need to cancel it last minute).
    I won some tournament in counterstrike 1.3, counterstrike 1.6… first place and runner up.. (team).
    One female in a group! I like that idea… Counter-Strike Spirit! Teamwork! Scrification! Loyal!
    but so.. so… sad, I cant join it… that day… T.T

  47. joseph :

    i plan to join. i’m in kl area. any1 need another team mate?.

    well. i’m not a WCG level player

    i’m so so i guess..

    i’m very interested to join.

    can send a message in my blog which is

    or add my msn

  48. atan :


  49. Crazyfool :

    wow.. i should join earlier!

  50. Kaifu :

    When can we know which team is being chosen for the tourney?

  51. Badruzamani Azmi :

    I just like Red Alert – Command & Conqure Series.

  52. bryanlyt :

    yea… how/when can we know whether we are chosen to play on the 16th??? and how do we know if we won the most creative/funniest/best entry sorta thingy??

    wat if i didnt get chosen to play in CS team on that day but MAYBE i got any of the 3 categories of prizes?? n im not in mid valley…. =_____=””””

    okayy sry…. maybe im abit too perasan….. ROFL lolol wtf! ahhahahah! xD

  53. danieltan :

    They will send an email to you if you are selected to play on the 16th. They already send to me as for the samsung post competition, im not sure :S

  54. jensenchan :

    I didn’t receive email from them I guess Im not selected for the CS. T.T

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  58. irvine :

    see you guys there =) bang bang!

  59. tim thinks that*** :

    […] (This is an entry for this). […]

  60. | Reading: My Favourite Computer Game of All Time :

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  61. joshuatly :

    heys, how is the cs result and the blog post result?
    Kindly keep me updated ya cos im not from KL so cant attend the event, so sad, miss another nuffnang event…

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