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Everyone loves gifts, especially if they’re given by people who mean a lot to you such as your family and friends. However, picking a prefect gift is often a tedious if not a frustrating task! From finding the time to get stuck in traffic just to get to a shopping mall to spending time and more fuel of locating a parking space and spend even more time and energy walking and scouring shopping malls to queuing up to pay for it and not to mention when you find out that the perfect gift is out of stock after all that effort!

All these hassle are eliminated with the existence of, an online shopping portal with thousands of products. All you have to do is just browse online for the items that you would need and check out your shopping cart. To top that, you can even courier the item to your friend’s address right away!

Nuffnang is proud to hold a Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest where Nuffnangers stand a chance to win RealMart e-vouchers to experience an online shopping at our expense! All you have to do is just blog about what you would give a fellow Nuffnanger and in the most creative way and tell us why.

For example, Darius Chin would like to give Su Ann an iron because he feels that “she can straighten him out” or “Yee Hou would like to give Robb a vacuum cleaner because Robb sucks like one.”


The contest runs for 3 weeks from 16th July till 6th August 2008 and 3 bloggers with the most creative blog entry will win:

First prize : RealMart e-voucher valued at RM1,500

Second prize : RealMart e-voucher valued at RM1,000

Third prize : RealMart e-voucher valued at RM500

For detailed instructions on how to take part in this contest, kindly visit the microsite here

Real Mart

If you do win the contest, you could redeem the e-voucher for the exact item that you blogged about and really give it to the fellow Nuffnanger and materialize your blog posting as a joke! So hurry now and take part in the Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest!

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  1. sue me :

    awesomeness..will definately sucks like a vacuum cleaner??sounds so wrong LOL

  2. Charlie :

    thats so cool. nuffnang should organise this during christmas so that we can save some moolah on christmas presents. LOL

  3. wenzi :

    ^_^ XD lets start game ^_^

  4. Jeff :

    wootz! Another contest! Let’s rumble!

  5. wenzi :

    yea hor.. christmas :D goood

  6. RachelHeah :

    ooh. this is interesting.
    bring it on. :)

  7. ah KOK :

    cool…….lets try haha

  8. kuE :

    Charlie: this is what we called christmas in july! or like when i was active in some online quilting group, we used to swap christmas in july quilt blocks. that means by the time actual christmas, we could sew the blocks together and use the quilt by then ;)

  9. xjion89 :

    the competition is quite interesting.
    Gifts, gifts, gifts, gifts………..

  10. kenwooi :

    Must give to a fellow Nuffnunger? Can I give to someone who is not a blogger? =P

  11. P E A C H :

    ooh! sounds cool.
    prolly would join.

  12. cheezzzz :

    let’s do thiss~ I could use a new digicam.. heheh

  13. GnomeFan :

    i wonder if ANYONE would wanna send me one gift..LOL

  14. viruspadu :

    yes true, lets start the game, yeahhhhh

  15. Ping Ping :

    will anyone join and er….write me as the gift receiver??? Seems more berbaloi like that. XD

  16. jolene :

    sounds interesting.. let me read the terms

  17. maRCus :

    time to put on the thinking cap!! lol

    Robb sucks like one… teehee!


  18. along :

    ooh, is it gifts for fellow bloggers only??
    IS IT?

  19. Robb :

    :'( YeeHou flame me in front of so many people…

  20. emmnazady :

    wow…..big money

  21. Mohsen Miskam :

    awesome…nice one :)

  22. kritz :

    so… are we suppose to ‘give’ to someone randomly, someone we know, someone everyone knows, or the people of nuffnang?

  23. Horny Ang Moh :

    Whoa! I love gifts! Well! Actually I meant to say I loveeeeeee to receives gifts! But giving aways gifts is another story!!!He! He! But in this case I have to give aways gifts in order to receive gift! Hemmmmmmmm!!! Let me check out the store first! Any suitable gift for me to give??? After all I am a very ‘horny’ blogger! Oh! Anybody want to have a gift from a ‘horny’ blogger??? Drop me a line….OK! Wish everybody a very nice day & best gifts giving!

  24. yuhhui :

    Awesome! I could do with some love. =) is there such gift called love? Lolx.

  25. Creative Mom :

    Why do I always have to be at the giving end? Would love to recieve for a change. :D

  26. pinkpau :

    robb sucks like a vacuum cleaner?!?!?!?!

    that is some seriously l33t skillz i need to learn…..

  27. Princess Redbloodsnow :

    Hahahaha…robb sucks like a vacumn cleaner??? kahkahkah
    so funny loh


    this contest sound interesting
    but i get kinda confuis here…did we have to buy
    sumthing inside that real mart store for diz nuffnanger as a gift
    in the even to join the contest???
    or we just simply pick sumthing inside there as a gift idea but not purchasing it of coz.
    i want to join..but seems confuse of it…

  28. Robb :

    You’re not required to purchase anything from Realmart to participate. Just assume that you’re buying your friend that item. Just link it to the Realmart item page. :)

  29. enny :

    cool, i’ll choose a gift item to my angel, for her upcoming birthday in October.

  30. kenwooi :

    “If you do win the contest, you could redeem the e-voucher for the exact item that you blogged about and really give it to the fellow Nuffnanger”

    Does it mean that we HAVE to give it to another fellow Nuffnanger? Can anyone enlighten me?

  31. nicholas.chay :

    Kenwooi: You dont really have to if you dont want to but it’d be nice :)

  32. kritz :

    One more question … can I send multiple posts? >.>

  33. Jarek from poland :


  34. joshuatly :

    Oh! I had already posted up my post!
    Please check it out!

  35. Sihan :

    After registering, Nuffnang didn’t send any mail or any indication that they ady received my registration. Can someone share your experience?

    Btw, i just posted my entry

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  37. titan :

    i just did my entry today. Hope they will see and approve it.

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