Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging @ Modesto’s

When the sun is down.. the animals go wild no matter where they are. In the forest, mountains, swamps and even.. in Kuala Lumpur city.

This is apparent when you see….


A Gorilla walking on the street!!!

Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging took place at Modesto’s Desa Sri Hartamas last Saturday where hundreds of bloggers dressed full in animal themed clothes and costume attended. It was the first ‘Live’ Blogging event in Southeast Asia where bloggers get to party and blog at the same time courtesy of Maxis Broadband.

As soon as the registration table is ready, we spotted an eager horse registering himself with a Batgirl.


As more and more bloggers came in, they miss no opportunity to take pictures and pose with their fantastic costumes. Among them were our beautiful Ringo who came as a lioness who looks more pretty than ferocious in nature.


Of course, when there’s such a pretty lioness around, apparently the lion would be happily giggling when he takes photos, right?


Kenny the Pooh showed up. Instead of carrying a jar of honey, he’s carrying his camera.


Apparently Ol’ Mac Donald fell asleep and his cows slipped passed the fence to join the party!


Wait… his chicken too?


And apparently, there wasn’t enough security check during the event when a terrorist came in. Run for it!!


Bugs!!! Well, there’s nothing freaky about bugs if you ask me. You’d agree after seeing these two lovely ladybugs.


Peter Parker or better known as Spiderman didn’t miss the chance to party and to take pictures for the Daily Bugle during the event as well.


Does this count as a lion? Yes it does! Lion dance is a lion.


The animals that were in the party were crazy. You will never find them behaving that way anywhere else! Tell me where would you find a squid, leopard, panda, gorilla, monkey and a ladybug taking a picture together?


A hunter came in the party but instead of shooting any animals, she was shot by the camera while she posed with other animals.


In no time, the jungle was getting full and people, I mean animals were all taking turns to snap photos with each other.


Some of the animals wasted no time and started blogging right on spot for a chance to win the Sony PSP.


Of course this would not be possible without Maxis Broadband USB modem in their wild skins as displayed by our Nuffies.


Once all the animals have entered the jungle in Modesto’s, Tim ROARED!!!!! I mean gave his opening speech to thank everyone who came and hope that all the animals would have wild and fun time that night.


Liang the emcee asked the penguins to break the ice. Wait, there weren’t any penguins around actually. The ice breaking games kicked off with Liang the emcee asking for specific types of animals to give him hugs and win prizes.

He was eager to hug the pretty zebra who came forward for her prize.


Then, he accidentally called out gorillas and the hairy ones rushed to him for hugs!


He was definitely happy when he called out the rabbits. Almost all of them were girls.


Then it was hunting time, where bloggers were asked to look for animal figurines scattered all over the place.


The winning ladybug received a Large Panda Plushie with a Leopard Print Pouch and also a bite on the microphone offered by Liang.


After that, the feast of a thousand beast begun. Animals behaved at their best while lining up for the delicious meal prepared for them.


Now, tell me who won’t be happy eating pastas with caesar salad, mash potatoes and boneless chicken thighs with gravy?


Kenny was requested to participate in another wild game where he had to picked up random papers which would dictate what animal he would be, what was he going to do and why is he doing that.


He got, “I’m a cat who is crying because I gained weight”.


More games followed as the night continues as lots of attractive prizes were given out. Finally it was the time to choose the King and the Queen of the Jungle. The finalists have been shortlisted and they were..


Su Ann the ladybug, Suet Li the ostrich, Jolyn the Lioness for the Queen of the Jungle Title.

Shad the Terrorist Elephant, Tocklet the Cow, Frankie the Only Male Rabbit.

They were required to fish for votes from the audience by posing and dancing.

If you think a cow can only moo, you are dead wrong. It can fling its udders!


Now, that’s a fierce lioness. Ngaum!


As the votes from the public were being tallied, a slideshow of blog posts generated prior to the event was showed on the projector showcasing some of the best creative animal images, worst recognizable image and also animal at the oddest place.


Prize Giving was next and Ren won the best creative animal blog post with his animation.


Hsu Jen won the Worst Recognizable Animal Blog Post with her Liger.


And Shad the Elephant Terrorist won the Animal at Oddest Place award for featuring his exotic pets, porcupine and tapir in his house.


The King of the Jungle is crowned and it was none other than Tock, the Cow!!! The lucky cow will be collecting his new Dell XPS M1330 laptop from Maxis office in KLCC.


All the way from Penang, Jolyn Goh grabbed the Queen of the Jungle title along with the Dell XPS M1330 laptop with her ferocious outlook and outfit. ROAR!


When the King and the Queen of the Jungle were asked to take a photo together, the Queen of the Jungle seems to be very attracted towards the King. And by that I mean deliciously attracted to him. No wonder the Cow King seemed to be very afraid.


Soon Seng won the best ‘live’ blog post and walked home with a new Sony PSP for his blogging effort. Now who says blogging doesn’t pay?


As the party came to an end, Tim thanked everyone once again for showing support for the party.


However, for some, the party was not over yet as evidently, Kenny the Pooh started dancing around.


Ringo was dragged into dancing as well by Kenny the Pooh.


The Nuffnang team took a family photo at the end of the event and we would like to thank everyone for showing support towards the event. Without all of your participation, it will not be possible to hold such a grand event. Thank you.


A million thanks to KID CHAN STUDIO and Shaolintiger for providing their services to the event. If you wish to view and use the pictures taken during Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging, you can click here and here.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Defiant85 :

    Thanks Nuffnang for the splendid night!

  2. Sumuk :

    Aww so sowi for missing half the fun.. I was sooo tired i had to leave.. fowgive me…

  3. Will :

    It was a GREAT GREAT night and Awesome!

  4. Kenny Choo :

    A great party….keep it coming…ROAR!

  5. Ren :

    thx again to nuffnang for the prizes

    now i only notice i got a typo on tat animation >

  6. sammy :

    i heart nuffnang!
    even though my stuffed turtoise was busted, i still wuv eww~

    kudos to the nuffnang team for the awesome event, can’t wait for the next one!

  7. Ping Ping : i got clear group picture with robb…

  8. vven :

    yay! it was fun! :)

  9. kuE :

    it was a very good one indeed… and robb, do you know that i came all the wayyyyy… from kuale (as in kuala kangsar)? ;)

  10. Jayce :

    Woo… Nice… I wish that I can make it on that day. :D

  11. Ren :

    lucky fixed in time..
    now better

  12. Mayz :

    Great party!
    I may not have partied like a wild animal… but i thoroughly enjoyed watching everything!
    Kudos Nuffnangers!

  13. electronicfly :

    woo, 2 casualties it seems from that night. Sammy’s tortoise and my butterfly.

    So sad… but compensated by the fun-ness!

  14. WongLihYen :

    Prize is good…..although I did not win any.=p

    Food is fantastic tooo….Go go go,Nuff..

  15. debra fong :

    until today, I still have no idea how can a Tapir be a pet.

    but kudos to Nuffnang!
    : D

  16. ah KOK :

    nuffnang why never come to penang ….up to penang next time! for any event! can ah? hehe…..

  17. princessladyjane :

    me picture not in here… :(

    anyways, really had fun that night…. thanks alot nuffnang for organising such wonderful event!!!

    and thanks to Robb for agreeing to let me go… :D

  18. Fahmishah :

    nice event.

  19. Jen :

    Thank you Nuffnang for recognising my talent in producing remarkably hideous drawings ;) Though IMHO, best dressed male ought to have gone to someone who put in a bit more effort into a costume, aside from just renting a suit. But the party was still wicked all the same. Nicely done, Nuffnang!

  20. alex :

    yea, poor shad wore a socks on his nose the whole night. Give him some credit :)

    Great party. :) wished there were free flow of vodka instead….

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  22. pinkporkchop :

    it looks a lot of fun through the pictures! :)

  23. Jolyn :

    it is alot of fun… thanks Nuffang for the prize…
    i simply adore my new laptop~~ 10s again… =)

  24. Michael Dot :

    Lol i want the ape outfit, it looks better than human-being

  25. jophilsuperman :

    the ladies nuffies are all pretty hot :)

  26. hanifmz :

    that’s was funny !! hahha ! good job guys !
    all girls were cute ! hehhe

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  28. jimmy :

    Wish that I join Nuffnang earlier haha can become an animal instead

  29. sepet :

    ohmygod..thats was happening event..!

    me jealous here with the cute girls there..!


  30. Joe :

    HOt girl :P

  31. Qiefly :

    wowwww!!!!!!!!… this party i wish i can join to … :P

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