Nuffnang Exclusive Private Screening – Hancock

Have you ever wondered how superheroes live in the real world?

You will soon be able to do so with Hancock.

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There are heroes… there are superheroes… and then there’s Hancock. With great power comes great responsibility – everyone knows that – everyone, that is, but Hancock. Edgy, conflicted, sarcastic, and misunderstood, Hancock’s well-intentioned heroics might get the job done and save countless lives, but always seem to leave jaw-dropping damage in their wake. The public has finally had enough – as grateful as they are to have their local hero, the good citizens of Los Angeles are wondering what they ever did to deserve this guy.


As another part of our Community Initiatives, Nuffnang is proud to present an exclusive Nuffnanger private screening of the movie – Hancock. Details of the private screening are as followed;

  • Date – Monday, 7th of July 2008
  • Time – 9.30pm
  • Venue – Cathay Cineplexes Damansara, The Curve
  • No. of seats available – 200

All you have to do to get a free ticket is write a blog entry titled ‘Not Your Average Super Hero’ and write about any super hero in reality would be. For examples you can talk about Superman getting sued for trespassing or Iron Man getting petitions from environmentalist for damaging the ozone layer. Your blog post should also contain a link to this blog post. You may also use the pictures available from this blog post if you wish to.

After that, send an email to with the permalink to your blog post. The first 50 Nuffnangers to write in will be able to bring a guest. 160 of the 200 tickets are reserved for Nuffnang Glitterati.

Here’s a sneak peek of the movie Hancock.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. blink4blog :


  2. Heavencloud7 :

    Yay, done the blog and sent my entry =D Hope to get the 2 free tickets x)

  3. SJ :

    with the permalink… LoL :D

  4. chongwee :

    i wan the entry ticket too

  5. Lynette :

    hey, this movie sounds interesting. i really wanna meet all the nuffnangers as well.

    just got a perfect idea of a story about a super-hero stuck in a real-life situation. kinda hilarious actually.

    wonder if a glitterati will get higher chances of being picked. greedy, greedy…

  6. baby :

    why is the screening on a working day?

  7. Joyce Tedoen :

    Most of the premier-shows are on week/working days. Like Thursday. No idea why.

    Anyway, my first attempt in nuffnang related event. Wish me luck. :D

  8. lisan :

    haha. awesome.

  9. michy :

    Woohoo! For once i’ll be around man. :D

  10. baby :

    this is my 1st atttempt too

  11. cindy :

    I’m going back to my hometown exactly on that date! =(

  12. Jeff :

    I’ve done my part! I hope I get a ticket!!! Yeepie~!
    *boink boink*

  13. Mike :

    Work until 8:30pm that day.
    Just nice to catch the movie.

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  15. jack0 :

    yeah.. free movie :p

  16. Mike :

    WoW! Blogger movie nite!

  17. wa'ah :

    wah. must try!
    idea. please come to me. aish

  18. ~J0hN @nG~ :

    oh man i wish i live in kl. (again!!) haiz…

  19. mr.weng :

    T_____T omg, i wanna go, but no inspiration la to think of a good post.. XD

  20. rumiko :

    can’t wait ^^ x

  21. JayChua :

    Wohoo… The curve is near my place. hehe. =)

  22. sarahliane :

    Sent!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  23. anderson :

    How we know we will or not receive the movie ticket? Any deadline for this?

  24. zenghoong :

    phew, cracked my brain and finally did it… hope i am the top 50!

  25. Weng :

    please pick me! >.

  26. rynne :

    free movie

  27. zenghoong :

    yea anderson, I also would want to know how we know we get picked?? Everytime I sign in my email, I cross my fingers and hope nuffnang sends me a message!!

  28. Mike :

    When will announce the winner?

  29. kidkiller87 :

    I will definately watch this movie, i like this type of movie haha !!
    Do u think this movie almost the same with iron man ? Can fly here fly there, but this 1 more geng, can fly without any weapon..=.=”

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    […] all for my superhera…. Nuffnang, give me the FREE movie tickets […]

  31. Sean :

    iwannawatch! iwannawatch!

    can’t wait for the movie to be released!

    on a similar note, i must say that ironman was very, very good – i gotta get me one of them armours… :-/

  32. ashii :

    Will Smith is just great! He is a versatile actor. Hancock is going to a be great hit just like any other Will Smith movie!! I am sure everybody has been missing Will Smith after I am Legend.
    Hancock is going to be rocking!I am going to watch it for sure!!
    Got to read and see a lot of inside stuff on
    Have a look at it!

  33. Noorizam Shah :

    i want a free ticket! cool!

  34. Kenny Ng :

    Too bad I’m not in Malaysia, if not I will like to join this event. Sigh… Always miss out nuffnang’s events.

  35. iamthewitch :

    Can Nuffnang PLEASE organize some events for us Penangites? Pity pity… :(

  36. electronicfly :

    8, 10 and 11th July: FINALS.

    Bleh. have to fork out my own money to watch d. :(

    have fun nuffnangers!

  37. kornykornelius :

    why the movie event always have to set during weekdays… T_T|||

  38. seowqj :

    How many seats are still available?

  39. enny :

    hurray…..i want to watch Will Smith’s movie.

  40. Jeff :

    Can anyone tell me, has anyone receive any emails to state whether or not you guys/girls have gotten a ticket to Hancock??

  41. Not Your Average Super Hero | :

    […] Nuffnang is providing 200 FREE Seats (super awesome!) at Cathay Cineplexes on 7 July … and i do hope i am one of the first 200 who writes in time to get two free tickets hehe […]

  42. daren :

    Yay!!! Posted!! Hope i get to be in the Top 50, cos i dont see that many link backs on this post! :)

  43. Justin :

    Wow the Coolest Super hero!

  44. Horny Ang Moh :

    Wah! Look like a very good movie! So please after watching post it up! I meant the review of the movie. Have a very nice day everyone!

  45. Zaidi :

    Will Smith now become super-hero……I want 2 tickets…..

  46. shahrir :

    Good idea. Would try to make it if I do get the ticket.

  47. shahrir :

    Of course, why won’t I attend if the tickets are free………..

  48. Ben :

    If I do get the tickets, I hope I have transport. XD

  49. alvin cheng :

    I have submitted weeks ago as well, but not yet obtain reply from Nuffnang, but obtain their advertisement regarding this in my email today. I guess there are already more than 50 submission. Anyone already got reply from Nuffnang.

    Do drop by my not average superhero and leave a foot print.

  50. Carol :

    Ugh ………am a baby in blog…..have 2 miss out on this….ugh!!!!!

  51. Heavencloud7 :

    @jeff & alvin cheng: So far nothing, and yeah just got email from nuffnang advertising about this event. Quite late it came o_o

  52. Louiss :

    I just wrote about them and wish to get 2 tickets for this, I wanna date a girl out. lolx

  53. Louiss :

    Will you guys also have screen show for “You dont mess with Zohan” too? I wanna join too, I 100% guarantee this movies will make you lol. Adam also look like will smith,super hero and even can catch bullet somemore, hahaha..

  54. Jon :

    hmm… not a good idea! flight ticket provided? NO! so not worth for ppl out of kl 2 try…

  55. Wanie :

    wow.. lets meet and watch movie again lol.. :D

  56. Amy :

    hrm hope I am not too late to get the tickets =p

  57. Chriss :

    I wrote mine. About Aquaman. Tell me what you think. :)

  58. mie :

    i like this movie

  59. chee hong :


    i did my post WAY long ago…..but my blog link changed!!!

    ARGH!!! hope my last minute effort pays off ! : (

  60. Aston :

    Well,… goo to hear that it’s will smith!

  61. kenwooi :

    i just read this today O.o

  62. Dheepan :

    I wrote about the Hulk! Heh heh. Hope can win and meet other bloggers. Would love to make new friends. :)

  63. Low Tee Juan :

    Aye… I’ve done my part too~!! XD

  64. Misherru :

    Im waiting n waiting n waiting for my tickets.

  65. Vinod :

    I’ve done mine. Hope it’s good enough to win me some tickets. Can’t hardly wait.

  66. Cloud :

    I am posting..Hope could get.

  67. Alex :

    Done it! Yes!

  68. Vinod :

    Has the results been released yet? Dying to get my hand on them tickets!

  69. zenghoong :

    The screening is 8 days from now. When will the results be announced?? can’t wait!

  70. bett :

    Awwwww…i want the free tickets. haiz~ but it’s too late for me. I just check my mail box. X.x anyway, i am looking forward to the next event. ^^

  71. zenghoong :

    results are out!!!

  72. kevin mcavoy :

    iron man

  73. Taufik SM :

    very nice movie…. must watch this blockbuster movie….

  74. Weng :

    Yay! got two tickets!

  75. Jaz :

    Been watch this movie it certainly is different than usual superhero, even is a litle bit short on duration but still wort to watch…

  76. Review of Hancook & Soundtrack :

    […] Nuffnang again for the Private Screening. Didn’t bring camera so no cam-whoring […]

  77. Chrissy Ruffing :

    Tangled is my new favorite movie. Hands down.

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