Nuffnang Unveils Top Secret Project

Nuffnang is currently launching a Top Secret Project codenamed ‘Project Trafford’. We are looking for 40 bloggers who are willing to participate actively in this secret project.


Here are some details that you need to observe if you intend to be one of them;

  • Participating bloggers must be available and able to communicate actively via emails starting from the end of May 2008 till end of June 2008.
  • Participating bloggers must be able to work together in team and respond promptly to their team leaders.
  • Participating bloggers will be paid/rewarded handsomely.

If you think you satisfy the above criteria, please do write in to with your details such as name and contact number. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Applications for Project Traffod has been closed. For those shortlisted, kindly reply before 2pm on Thursday 29/5/08 as a test on how promptly will you be able to communicate via email.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Soon Seng :

    Haha.. this is just the thing I need to fill up my holiday time.. *crosses fingers, hoping to be shortlisted*

  2. joe ee. :

    i’m currently “working ” in a team…the criteria is not a problem..i want in….what next..

  3. kianbung :

    hmm.. interesting. imma sign up!

  4. Benghan :

    I am interested! Email sent.

  5. Catherine Loo Jhia Lin :

    i wan to join!!!

  6. Yee Juinn :

    Hi, am I too late to join? My brother works for Nuffnang too. So I decided to join

  7. Maggie :

    I’m interested! Trafford sounds just good to me, because I’m a fan of Manchester United X)

  8. Marc :

    Is it only opened to Nuffnang Malaysia?

  9. Mayz :

    Trafford? Old Trafford????? Curiousity can really kill the cat!

  10. mandy :

    do we need to meet Face-to-Face kinda thing?
    or only via emails?.

  11. rajendraale :

    okey i am interested it but how to work in there will u email me
    i want to join it.
    i didn’t have ic no
    can i join this?

  12. terrytsang :

    wow, sounds good and interesting!
    i wish to join, cheers!

  13. Carol :

    have you chosen the bloggers yet??

  14. Michelle Ng :

    Hie Robb,

    I’ve got a few questions in mind:
    When is the dateline?
    When will the shortlisted candidates be notified?

    Thanks! :)

  15. Robb :

    Project Traffod is still open for application. Once it is closed, I will edit the blog post to notify it has been closed.

  16. dominiquelbhe :

    hi.. Is there an age requirement for this project?

  17. Avril :

    Hi :) Email sent!

  18. Mark Chan :

    Yo yo wish to join ya SeCreT PrOjEcT

    Status : Free For You ^_^

    Yoyo Hope to Join Ya top SecreT project ^_^

    Thanks and Regards,
    Mark Chan

  19. lankapo :

    dun worry
    I will be the TOP secret agent :)

  20. jason :

    about wat a ? hmm let me try email and c how :D

  21. atrica :

    i wanna join too… i’ve just sent the email… :)

  22. Bryan :

    wooOt~ im one of the shortlisted ones! yay! xD

  23. Mark Chan :

    Bryan REALLY
    wow COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dEmn I did not get it.

    haha congratulation…

  24. Nathalia Luter :

    Bryan, congratulation
    I hope there’s a project for newbie that never try out >.

  25. penangdude :

    I wan go to Trafford!!! i want to join!!!
    im in UK now.. anything can help?

  26. klubbkidd :

    still waiting for info and feedback.

  27. Michael aka maikarumike :

    i didnt get it!!sad la man!

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  29. Seizhin :

    Eh how sad, the moment I know about this it’s already closed lol.

  30. kidkiller87 :

    haih..i think this is for those pro-blogger 1 lo..
    new blogger like me never have a chance to touch it..LOL

  31. Jimy Wong :

    Closed d?

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