Fish Your Way to a Dinner at JW Marriott And a Movie Premiere

In conjunction with the release for Made of Honour in Malaysia, Hong Leong Online in collaboration with Buena Vista Columbia Tristar is having an exquisite 8 course dinner at JW Marriott KL which features various wedding themed performances and the movie premiere of Made of Honour right after the dinner.

Details of the event as followed;

Date : Thursday, 12th June 2008
Venue: JW Marriott KL Ballroom
Attire : Formal, Suit, Evening Gown
Time : 7.00 pm (sharp)

MOH Keyart - Online

The people at Hong Leong Online were nice enough to offer Nuffnangers 40 invitations to the grand event! Each invitation grants access for two and is inclusive of the Premiere Screening of Made of Honour.

As in many of our events we normally receive more demand than we have to supply. So in order to find a fair way to distribute the tickets, all a blogger has to do is:

1) Play the current Hong Leong fishing game located here.

2) Post a screen shot of your result on your blog with the title of the entry as “Fishing My Way To Made Of Honour”.

3) Then send an email to with the permanent link to your particular blog post and kindly include your contact number as well.


40 Nuffnangers with the highest score for the game will win an exclusive invitation for two each to the exquisite dinner and the Premiere of Made of Honour organized by Hong Leong Online. 30 of these invitations are exclusively reserved for Glitterati members.


The deadline for request of invitations is on the 4th of June 2008. The list of winners will be disclosed in Nuffnang’s blog by the 11th of June 2008. See you at the dinner Nuffnangers!

Application for invitations to this event has been closed.

Top 40 Nuffnang Scorers of FlipFlopFlippy


No Name Score
1 Joshua Ong 19950
2 Aaron Ho 19800
3 Jane Soo 19750
4 Pam Song 19500
5 Hwei Ming Choo 19350
6 Ginny Yap 19350
7 Nadia Tan 19050
8 Amy Lai 18900
9 Kate Lee 18450
10 Wilsor Cool 18150
11 Kar-Yeong Teoh 17400
12 David Cheong 17250
13 Yi En Gan 17250
14 Kylie 16650
15 Ren 16350
16 Wee Lim 16350
17 Yeong Jun Jack 16350
18 Kong Yee Ming 16200
19 William Lau 16050
20 Lawrence Tan 16050
21 Deric Lim 16050
22 Kulvinder Kaur 16050
23 Debra Fong 15900
24 Victoria Fong 15900
25 Roshann Mathiahlagan 15900
26 Stephanie kok 15900
27 Steven 15750
28 Poh Aik Chong 15750
29 Nick Dorian 15600
30 Yuhhui 15450
31 Airina Lee 22950
32 Min Li 17400
33 Wan jb 17550
34 Frankie Tan 15450
35 Cheez Chee Seng 15450
36 Rei – Yi Ching 15300
37 Lavender Tan 15300
38 Sherlina Woo 15300
39 Lim Chze Hong 15000
40 Atrica 15000
Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. angeliCassie :

    eyyy i want to play i want to play…cause i want to go i want to go!but where to click?too noob di..i mean too excited di!

  2. angeliCassie :

    weeeee i found it di.i’m gonna go fish now =D

  3. satkuru :

    ooooo sounds interesting :P

  4. Sasha :

    OH HO HO HO!! Save one invite for me, Mr Rob!! =D

  5. Tiffany :

    Hello. Wow…sounds nice. Maybe I should give it a go.

  6. Michael Yip :

    FISH! Now I wanna eat Fish & Chips plak…..

    will there be lousier fishermen than me? Let’s hope there is! :D

  7. ~J0hN @nG~ :

    sadly i live in penang… arrrgghhh…. will go down to kl someday

  8. SilverIsle :

    Oh my gosh. Really envy those Nuffnangers back in Malaysia. T_T

  9. wenzi :

    too bad the psp only for Hong Leong user.. =.= I dun hav account in that..
    but i want go..

  10. davidlian :

    Darn! I wish I was in KL during that time. :( Too bad i’m off on holiday.

  11. rg3374 :


  12. Daphne :

    I’ve posted my entry! I want those invitations!! :DD

  13. danielctw :

    Trying my best now.. I see those scores I was really shocked

  14. Lavender :


  15. yongkailoon :

    I’m not good in fishing. :(

  16. -waiseng- :

    I’ve posted an entry :)

  17. copykate :

    meh. can i bring my girlfriend?


  18. zng :

    urgh. fish fish fish..! i’m starting to hate eels…!

  19. Nusrath Ali :

    oops.I am coming

  20. ReddishTea :

    whhopps~ posted my entry! time to pray??
    hopefully im in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. LadyVanity :

    aaaaa i really want to go!!!! will be posting entries… n praying hard….. lol i hope the tix will hv my name on it~ ^^

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  24. atrica :

    i’ve just posted… *crossed fingers* :)

  25. Gary Ooi :

    I also want..but now no time to play yet. Busy!

  26. SarahLiane :

    I wanna go also!!!

  27. Joe Ng :

    hoaa.. looks like i hav to skip college alot and keep on breaking some1’s record to join this cool event!

  28. dear-dally :

    Game ? Will try after my brain have full rest.
    Im exhausted from Ammogado 4-day training.

  29. atrica :

    i’m curious here… wat if other people go and curi the screenshot(higher score) from other blog ???

    how how ???

  30. Robb :

    Don’t worry Atrica, we have our own ways of detecting genuine screenshots and fake screenshots. :)

  31. atrica :

    oooohhh… icic… thanks Robb… :)

  32. jacintha :

    Hey robb,

    Just wondering are we able to send in our entries more than once? As in let’s say we acquire a higher score after sending in our old high score? Are we able to resend?


  33. Will :

    please check our blog after the deadline … because still WORKING on it in order to get higher score ^^”

  34. Ping Ping :

    Eh, maybe, just maybe mine can leh..should I join?? But I cannot go KL on the 12th of June…Hmm..and I got no partner…

  35. Robb :

    There’s no need to resend Jachinta. Simply just edit the post you sent in earlier and display your higher score. When there’s 2 or more displays of scores, we’ll take the higher score displayed in the blog post for consideration.

  36. Poh :

    interesting…hope 2 b there.. ^^

  37. Daphne :

    I just realized they’re announcing the winners the day before the dinner. Omg that’s like so late

  38. Robb :

    Daphne: We’ll send out the invitation emails before that. The announcement is just a formality and to ensure that you can double check your status in case you did not receive the email. This is also done on the day before the dinner to minimize chances of people gate crashing our event.

  39. Melissa :

    when is the due date for us to post the scores into our blogs?

  40. Melissa :

    eh sorry, i finally found it after reading the entry for the 3rd time =p

  41. Suzette :

    Aaaarrrhhhh! Just as I was fishing my score up, my boss is sending me to Singapore on the same day! Sh*t! It is so difficult to fish, and now… sob, sob, sob…

  42. Wee :

    hey, nuffnang, i was just wondering, do we have to keep our old scores there or can we just delete it and put up our new ones if we get higher that we posted.?

    anyone have any idea..?

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  44. Julian :

    Waited till the last moment to post up my highest score, and did my highest score on my last game! :) Hope to meet some of you all there (crossing fingers)

  45. atrica :

    yahoooo… i did it !!! i won i won… yay yay !!

    see u guys there ! :)

  46. airina :

    got my invitations too! weeeeeeeee……….. :)

  47. FA :


    my score so high also never get invite.

  48. atrica :

    opss… i have no evening gown to wear !! how how ??

    u gals out there wearing evening gown oso ???

  49. Kylie :

    Haihz..Same ere..Nid to go hunt for an evening dress.

    Have to wear ler since it’s the attire for the night.

  50. Simon Seow :

    Debra Fong and Victoria Fong’s score are suspiciously similar.

  51. Adrian Taylor :

    You have made great point I hope I will be able to fins related articles on your blog!

  52. miss naidoo :

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