Nuffnang Launches Nuffnang Smart Poll

Dear Nuffnangers,

When our developers at Nuffnang are not spending time improving our site’s backend, adding new internal features or fixing any small problems we encounter every now and then, they’re adding small improvements and features to Innit or developing tools for our bloggers.

One of the new tools they’ve come up with is a poll that we can all add on to our blog to learn more about our readers. All Nuffnangers have access to the poll of their own blogs but only Nuffnang Glitterati will be allowed to customize their own questions.


The new Nuffnang poll is a new state of the art tool with many new cutting-edge features.

For example, the intelligent poll learns about you every time you do a poll on an individual blog. For example, if you do a poll on Blog A and answer that you are between 19-23 years old, the same question will not appear when you visit Blog B with the questions in the poll.

Instead, your answer from Blog A will be carried and stored into Blog B’s profile to give you more information about the people who read your blog. Reducing the frequency of the same poll being answered repeatedly also reduces the sampling error of your results, giving you more accurate results.

If you wish to activate or deactivate the poll, please login to your Nuffnang account and click on the “Blog Manager” tab. If you don’t find the tab then click on “More” to see more tabs.

Alternatively if you run into any problems, you can contact us via our Helpdesk.

Have fun with the new tool everyone!

Timothy Tiah @ Nuffnang
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Annie :

    I’m trying the poll.. looks fun xD

  2. yongkailoon :

    Great new feature, keep it up Nuffnang !

  3. tom :

    me likey!

  4. dreamermagicland :

    Sounds interesting & a good feature. Am looking for this kind of feature. Thanks. :D

  5. Bryan :

    when would the poll appear?? and where?? sounds interesting thou.. xD

  6. gbyeow :

    The fact that it was activated by default without my consent and hogs half my side bar further devalues it in my perspective. While I can applaud the initiative, I don’t appreciate the intrusive nature with which it was deployed.

  7. lukxiufung :

    i dunot why, the poll break my layout. So, I disable it. nuffnang team never reply me ….

  8. oktant :


    I also have applied
    this pool to my blog.

    Its look like one of
    good tool to know our
    readers more closely.

    Thanks Nuffnang team:)

  9. Sasha :

    awesome pawsome!! HAHAHAHAHA

    Koodos Nuffy!! =)


    Whoa! Nuffnang getting gooder & gooder! I wander anyone interested in my ‘horny’ site as I have not have ads for a long long time!!! Long time NO CUM!!! He! He! Keep up the very good work nuffnang & have a very nice day everyone!!!

  11. Fahmishah :

    the poll now is on my blog…haha..thanks!

  12. Houseofcoffeebean :

    i am trying to set questions.

  13. satkuru :

    interesting, shall give it a try :D

    LOL horny ang moh :P

  14. TehFly :

    sounds so interesting. will play with it in a short while =x

  15. aronil :

    Aww shucks i missed this screening too… sigh when should we tell if we want to go for a movie screening?

  16. Felex Tan :

    It is a great future,hope it will looks more attractive and i can earn more.

  17. Eunice :

    SO fun! Except I stlil haven’t regained back my Gliterrati status! =/ Why’s that..?

    as soon as I do I’ll be personalising ;)

  18. Jaji :

    Oh, cool. Pretty interesting. Good job =P

  19. penangdude :

    i’ll Try it…hehe!

  20. Chong wee :

    wow. absolutely COOL

  21. ♥ raine :

    i’ll try this sometime soon.
    it looks pretty cool. thanks nuffnang!

  22. yongkailoon :

    This feature is a pretty interesting addition to Nuffnang, however I think if the poll box is made smaller so that it is compact I think it would be better that way. Also the poll appears under the Nuffnang skyscrapper ad, however there isn’t any gap between it so the poll is kinda like sticking to the ad.

  23. sehseh :

    It seems that my site could not load for some of my readers the poll has been activated.

  24. sehseh :

    Sorry, what I meant is that my site could not load for some of my readers after the poll has been activated.

  25. nanirose :

    it’s good.i like it.

  26. Aian :

    Nice! I’m gonna put that in my blog. XD

  27. zwan :

    where is it…dun see anything…blur as usual

  28. Ben :

    Ummm where on earth is it? I made the poll but it didn’t appear ou my blog. Is there some kind of code I’m supposed to paste?

  29. Ben :

    Okay, sorry I didn’t toggle the blog manager thing :o)

  30. mnr :

    how to i put nuffnang poll on my blog

  31. dear-dally :

    Im excited.

  32. wan yee :

    its at your blog manager..change the no to yes under polls

  33. zhengdhong :

    just added the poll widget. =)
    looks cool!
    start polling now.. hehe

  34. Mummy Angel :

    Awesome! Will try that out!

  35. ♥ C E CI LIA :

    Nuffnang seriously rock my socks laa. Keep it up(:

  36. rebelinfinite :

    I’M DUDE!

  37. rebelinfinite :

    I’M DUDE!
    tat’s reli nice=))

  38. rebelinfinite :

    I’m trying it,
    and I’m Dude. =))

  39. Felex Tan :

    So sad that i can’t add in coz i am not Nuffnang Glitterati.

  40. conan_skywalker :

    keep up man !!

  41. alonso :

    memang bagus ni.

  42. rg3374 :

    bgs2…very2 good

  43. Jaden :

    Thanks Nuffnang! Decided to use it too.

  44. piiiiii :

    er how do i edit my smart poll? i see some blogger’s poll they get to create their own questions? i duno how to…

  45. claryn :

    hey how to edit questions?? TEACH ME!!!

  46. xingyu :

    nice nice x)

  47. xingyu :

    how to use it btw.

  48. kambing :

    i don’t seem 2 be able to find the link to add/edit the poll. can any one give me the link?

  49. Have you try out XChange today? :

    […] They always believe every blog under this network should have the chance to be heard. Innit and the Smart Poll were some of their ideas in the past. Now they’re back with the Nuffnang XChange widget, an […]

  50. kid84 :

    how do we check the result after people done the survey???
    i’ve done the survey yesterday thinking i can see the result always. but today when i log into my blog i still see the question instead of the result.
    can anyone enlight me?

  51. k-rie the berglar :

    i’ve done it..hehe

  52. snowy :

    thanks for your help..i manage get to on my poll.

  53. Yunababy :

    why is the poll appear on the top of my blog?
    I want it to be at the side bar.
    Can you helpme on this?

    Kindly write in to our helpdesk for assistance

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