Nuffnang Reveals Click-Rating System

Dear Nuffnangers,

This week alone, there are 20 different campaigns running concurrently on the Nuffnang network involving thousands of blogs. That being said, some bloggers tend to get repeated ads week after week and some receive ads in a lower frequency in spite of the network ad revenue growth for the past year being 90% month after month.

The truth is many factors affect a blog’s selection in being delivered a Cost-Per-Unique Visitor ad, among many is the ad placement on the blog and whether a blog is Glitterati or not.

However, another very very important factor that advertisers look at is often the historical click-through ratio that a blogger gets for a previously run campaign on his/her blog. The more clicks and the higher the CTR that a blogger gets, the more likely that a future advertiser will choose to run a campaign on the individual blog.


The lower the clicks and the lower the CTR of an individual blog in previous campaigns, the less likely an advertiser will want to place an ad on the individual blog.That being said, prior to today, such information was not being made public and many bloggers were in the dark about how their ads perform. Hence, today we are launching a Click-Rating system that will rate how well or how badly a blog has performed in terms of CTR in the previous ad campaigns.

The click-rating ranges from 1 to 5 levels. 5 being the best, and 1 being the lowest. Each week the Click-rating will be updated based on the campaign that ran in the previous week. If there was no campaign in the previous week then there will be no change in the Click-Rating of a blog.

click rating

We hope this new system will provide bloggers with more information on the performance of their ad spaces on their blogs.

Timothy Tiah @ Nuffnang
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Jayce :

    Cool… Nice system. We can track our CTR now lo… ;)

  2. azwan :

    NN always request us to put the ads as high as possible but i found out from your new rating system that, the ads at the middle or just after the post has a hihger CTR ratings.

  3. N!ck :

    Nice!! now we know where we and our blog stands.. :)

  4. humbleandmodest :

    tq for d information….

  5. David :

    Awesome! Nuffnang keeps on surprising us and Robb!! Hahahaha so macho-fying leh, why don’t put the half-naked picture up =p

  6. :

    thanks for the email..i hope user will optimize this new feature

  7. afham :

    thanks nuff.. :D

  8. khairul :

    this is a very good way to see whether there is fraud in clicking the ads… plus, we bloggers can have a look at our blog performance.. congrats nuffnag!

  9. khairul :

    this is great as it will give us, bloggers chance to see our blog performance… congrats nuffnang!

  10. yikyang NICHOLAS :

    great!thanks nuffnang~

  11. curryegg :

    This is a great idea and will love to have it. Hope that it will work well and thank you for such a great invention!

  12. Noorizam Shah :

    good future to improve a quality clicks.

    i hope, more ads on my blogs!

  13. houseofcoffeebean :

    Its a good idea!
    But I was just found there was NO
    any starz in my account:

  14. House of Coffeebean :

    Its a good idea!!
    But I was just found there was NO
    any starz in my account:

  15. dreamermagicland :

    That’s a good idea & action to be done.

    There are ‘full-time’ or ‘professional’ bloggers that make their blogs as career. Of course, interest as well. Ad campaign will help & encourage them to update / enhance their blogs frequently.

    Click-rating can help bloggers to understand their blogs performance / viewers better.

    Personally, I’m agree to run this system. Thanks to Nuffnang.

  16. sureshjokoshy :

    It a really good info for us. Keep up the good work.

  17. GAN HOE HARK :

    hope to get rating soon!

  18. sensasi :

    awesome but scary..what if the unique visitor number increase but the click ad frequency is stil the same will the click through ratio lowered?

  19. friendly81 :


  20. Nizam :

    i need to clarified, i’m using internet office to update my blog, let said if my office member using same internet domain, is it affect my account ?

  21. House of Coffeebean :

    I had just found this changes.
    What a big surprise!!
    and I got 4 starzzz, too.
    Thank nuffnang.

  22. EdwiN :

    is his view tat high for real?

  23. halimsaleh :

    What is leaderboard and skycrapper ?
    BTW I got 3 star ..lai lai lai to

  24. ely_sya :

    great… good stuff and be smart for the future

  25. corneamelayu : also got 3 stars…hehepls do visit my blogspot and leaves some comments…

  26. Sandra :

    cool! at least now I understand the concept.. but I havent gotten any ads for quite awhile now.. sobz

  27. Horny Ang Moh :

    Aiyoh! How many click or even being Glitterati also not use for me………..IT DOESN’T PAY TO BE A ‘HORNY’ BLOGGER!!!! Me long long time no received ‘incumming’ letter from Nuffnang!:(
    He! He! But keep up the good work Nuffnang! Have a nice day!

  28. Annie :

    very nice system… nuffnang is getting better and better…

  29. alonso :

    thats a good idea!!

  30. diari alya :

    cool but it’s scary too. What will happen if I have no visitor on a certain day? My ratio will drop, right? hu hu very scaryyy….

  31. mario :

    Its a good idea to have a rating system…keep it up!

  32. Ikmal :

    an absolutely awesome application

  33. puvanan :

    That’s very nice of Nuffnang! :)
    And, thank you very much for the stars.. woohoo!
    The last time I got my stars was during my Std 5 English spelling :P

  34. cahq :

    thanks nuffnang,nice job.

  35. Shaky Fish :

    good idea bro, at least we can now track our CTR. im still waiting to make my first 1000 bucks… haha.

  36. Simon Seow :

    Hey, you got RM 150 pending. Spend me teh tarik woh.

  37. stenny :



  38. cahq :


  39. zanli :

    The rating is good..but no income yet.He he

  40. TK LIM :

    That is great!!!!!

  41. Criz Lai :

    This system is way cool! Nice work done NN team! You are getting better each day! :)

  42. Cherry :

    ooohhhh now i understand hehe
    thanks for the information =)

    btw, pls visit my blog at hehe

  43. eda :

    thats good n hot. wow, he earned more than hundred ringgit already!

  44. Pa-an :

    This is a great idea!!
    thanks nuffnang… :)

  45. shawne :

    Whoaa.. Good stuff keep up the good work!!

  46. zhengdhong :

    campaigns? what campaigns?
    so you mean advertisers look at the CTR on the Ads in our blogs anddecide whether to continue advertising on our blogs?
    hmm, anyways..i have stopped getting Ads at the moment. why is that?
    kinda noob here..haha! =)

  47. charmaine :

    i just wonder how come my CTR is still remained at zero? The fact that I knew was at least 5 different person(it’s very little, i know) will read my blog everyday, still my CTR is zero.
    any could help? I’m so blur here.

  48. sassizzy :

    This system is a great idea. It’s detailed and very helpful.
    Nuffnang, pay me pleaseeee….I would do (almost) anything! hehehe

  49. Osman :

    I just registered here.. hope can learn more~

  50. robbchew :

    Hi charmaine,

    Your CTR refers to Click Through Ratio. If there are visitors to your site but there’s no one click the ads, then your CTR’s value would be 0

  51. RedCherry :

    Oh! Thanks Nuffnang! :)

  52. KA :

    aiyak only got 2 stars … need to increase more traffic for my blog

  53. charmaine :

    Hi robbchew,

    thx a lot! icic, thx very much!
    btw, no one ads in my blog, so far. haha^^

  54. liono :

    i did not have any incoming for very very very long time ago already.whats wrong?

  55. ericzee84 :

    not bad not bad.. just start my first blog..
    got 3 stars dee…
    Thanks Nuffnang!

    visit my blog too… hehe

  56. Cherrie Lim :

    A lot of visitors have been viewing my blog recently especially from other countries but I donno why is my rating still the same. hahaha..the unique visitor is high too..

  57. Kelakargila :

    wahahaha …my blog just 3 star !

  58. wan yee :

    my nuffnang ads’ not showing on my blog. there’s just the “i serve nuffnang ads” thingie o.O

    Click me XDDD

  59. wan yee :

    how do i make the ads come back?

  60. tommy :

    what is glitterati? i used to have but how come now become to return to glitterati? seem like some good stuffs are restricted to glitterati..

    I’m Newbie to nuffnang, got to explore this!

  61. bLurr :

    when will we got our own ads campaign?? after got 5 star?? mine only have 3…uwaaa!!~

  62. morihun :

    Hi! I am new,still in the state of learning.Great system I like it. Keep up the good work. Visit my blog ok. Thanks.

  63. musmine :

    thats great…very nice for blogger…nice job..

  64. mebeFREE :

    Way 2go w de new CTR implementation. Hi time we hv dis & de tracking system is jz bravo!! & when are my sites getting paid Ads?? I am working very hard on them leh ….

  65. rafikasastras :

    Wow! It’s very surprising me…good for bloggers. Thanks.

  66. Danny Foo :

    Finally an easy way to understand how well are the ads performing and if it’s the right ad to have on the blog. Good job guys!

    Who’s idea was this? :P

  67. salaam :

    Permulaan yang bagus…

  68. rg3374 :

    Soooo great!!!!

  69. sweet jasmine :

    wow…happy that I got 4 stars….hope for more……

  70. Tharan :

    alamak…only 3 stars only.

  71. aizal :

    alamak Tharan…same goes to me…3 stars lor :)

  72. liang_mui :

    phew!! sth new to me.. now get better concept of it oledi.. thx a lot!

    aizal & Thanran… i have 3 stars tooo.. gambateh!!

  73. chongwee :

    yeah that’s great
    however, my earning never increase

  74. H.K :

    i just achieve 3 starts only…
    how to get more stars?
    anyone got idea?

  75. szakif :

    now we’ll know more about how our blogs perform. that’s cool people! and i’m looking forward to doing more of my blog. hu~ wish me all the best ya..

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  77. dYdEE :

    do hope can generate much n much income hereee…hehehe =)

  78. Michell :

    Oh i see! I got 3 stars but with these stars, i didn’t earn any money. Is it becoz i dun hav campaign on my blog? How can I get more campaign? thz

  79. Michelle woo :

    Hi, I see , I found that I got 3 stars but cannot earn any money. Is it bcoz my blog dun hav campaign? How can I get campaign? Thanks

  80. Selina :

    u can make modey good luck

  81. cremer :

    can anybody help me click that?
    jz check my CTR and i’ve got a bad result :P
    but i got 3 useless 3 stars??
    anywhere, thx nuffnang for this great system

  82. Kreative Mum :

    Sounds great. Let me look up to the stars. ;)

  83. enny :

    then, how about our member status? what does it mean?
    besides, how to increase our star?

  84. jack L :

    nuffnang is going to be a great platform for the bloggers to see how far is their blog

  85. ubey :

    tanx dude.

  86. abahfateh :

    cool… like I have to work more smarter to get higher CTR

  87. chongwee :

    seems like mine not working really well

  88. amerbourdon :

    yeah…a star was smart dude..

  89. emmnazady :

    Good info..nice

  90. bluewaterlily :

    good info
    Nuffnang is going to be a great platform for the bloggers to see how far is their blog
    but how to increase star

  91. bluewaterlily :

    great, ilove to serve nuffnang
    nuffnang is going to be a great platform for the bloggers to see how far is their blog but how to increase our star.

  92. AkiraSabine :

    Ah, IC. Apparently, mine has been the same all the time though traffic is currenly good as I blog on my travel. I wonder if I were a Gliteratti member and whether it makes a difference being one. It sounds like something exclusive to me.

  93. wamora :

    nak dapat 5 star camana? jika dapat 5 star apa faedah yg kita dapat.

    layarilah :

  94. Farid Sulaiman :

    OOhhhhhhh like that, thank you very much for the info….hope to get more info in the future. TQ

  95. Mohd Jamal Samsudin :

    Salam…dari Saya hendak bertanya adakah Nuffnang dalam website saya sudah active atau sudah register..oleh company Nuffnang.??..adahkah company Nuffnang tahu sesiapa masuk website Nuffnang di blog saya..????

  96. leo :

    well i’m quite confuse here n especially the earning part….so hope any1 can guide me in a simple way than explaining to me so in detail -.-

  97. Charles :

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  98. nesloais :

    good feature.. can track how many visits.. in addition i’m using to track visitor’s activity..

  99. NaPs :

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  104. king :

    i got 4 star but still no add…how come?…

  105. Zues :

    Mine 3 star but how come just one Advertisement appear only? the Advertisement between post and the header one wouldn’t appear. Just the side bar one appear. Can you check for me?

  106. Faeiz :

    Cool! Nuffnang always comes out with a new branded ideas~!

  107. bitsnpieces :

    i’m still new to this..

    seriously, i dont understand ….until we reach certain number of ppl..we’ll get paid? huh


  108. JC :


    I am new here..but I’ve got 3 stars!

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  109. zatty :

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  110. zool :

    Ha haha.. My blog down to 1 star rating…
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  111. kingdeego :

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  112. saintis :

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  113. canggihlaksana :

    having 3 star but useless
    maybe can i put nuff in every post?

  114. mama-ⓘⓔ :

    i heard this long time ago..
    but now only juz doing’s fun!!
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  122. janxxx :

    em..very nice solution..but how i wanna to make my blog always in good condition..
    any suggestion??

  123. janxxx :

    em…look like it a gamble…this things really work..

  124. Pink Shiba_Sakura :

    I just started to write blog, as a new comers like me, I don’t know anything about this, but am proud of myself. I got 3 stars too and within a day my membership status was Glitterati & immediately rated as 3 stars. Anyway thank you so much….Nuffnang Malaysia!

  125. nordin :

    Thank you Nuffnang Malaysia. I am also a new comer not only to Nuffnang, but in fact, in the whole Internet activities. At least now I have a clearer picture of the situation. TQ

  126. vOon :

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  127. little mama :

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    The Journey

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  136. LiquidUlar :

    Thanks for the info.. but now if only I can find a way to registed to INNIT then maybe i can get more clicks… but there is no register button anywhere.. HELP!!

  137. raymond :

    i’m just not good at pasting the code…damn,although steps are given accordingly

  138. rand0m :

    You can log in with your nuffnang account. That’s what I did.
    That’s how innit works, yes?

    And To Nuffnang, this system is great! Congrats. Heh

  139. ima halim :

    i have the same problem like LiquidUlar. what is innit actually??

  140. ubey :

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    Can i know what is the different between skyscraper and leaderboard ?
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