Nuffnang is One Year Old Today

Dear Nuffnangers,

On this day one year ago, Nuffnang started off with a four man team in a humble office in Penang. It’s hard to believe it but one year on, Nuffnang today has grown many folds in terms of bloggers, advertisers, and headcount. In just a year we have spread our wings from our office in Penang to offices in KL and Singapore with more to come.

We have many many very exciting plans in the pipeline for this year but all of us at Nuffnang would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Nuffnangers that have supported us so far.

To each and every one of you, thank you so much for your kind support. Your support is what has kept us going and we are proud to work with all of you.

We’ll be celebrating our first Birthday in our Nuffnang Pajama Party set on the 15th of March 2008. Do join us. For more details click here.

Timothy Tiah @ Nuffnang
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. danny :

    Happy birthday Nuffnang

  2. keemanxp :

    happy birthday nuffnang!

  3. kaiwah :

    Happy Birthday to Nuffnang!

    Wishing Nuffnang to continue to grow upwards and bring in more advertisers and advertisements for us, the nuffnangers :)

    Well done! Keep up the youthful entrepreneurial spirit!

  4. hauyon :

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUFFFNANG! I am glad that you actually came to be =D

  5. David :

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

  6. nadia :


  7. Jayce :

    Happy birthday, Nuffnang. :D

  8. yikyang NICHOLAS :

    happy birthday nuffnang..thanks for everything

  9. Hobart Lim Zi Ying :

    Happy Birthday Nuffnang!!
    Wish you all the best and hope that all of you keep bringing us bloggers more ads and better payouts!!

  10. tom :


    *runs around jumping like crazy freak*

    okay bye

  11. William :

    Happy Birthday Nuffie…

    Earn more so that we get more goodies.


  12. gaTO :

    Selamat hari jadi, Nuffnang!!! Hope to see you guys will continue to strive and improve better than!

  13. EdwiN :


    Just wanna wish you guys a job well done n keep it up ya =)

  14. Angel Toh :

    Happy Birthday and congrats on your success!!

  15. afham :

    happy birthday nuff.. i love u..

  16. Happy birthday Nuffnang :

    […] Nuffnang Blog These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web […]

  17. *pandaaa :

    Happy Birthday, Nuffnang! Have a great bash!

  18. minnymin :

    Happy birthday to dearest Nuffnang ^^
    keep up the good work in the future oo~~

  19. Defiant85 :

    Happy Birthday Nuffnang and I hope there’s more of these fabulous birthday celebrations to come. :)

  20. Wing Loon :

    Happy belated birthday… Nuffnang, :D

  21. deryk :

    happy birthday nuffnang …

  22. Annie :

    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday To Nuffnang….
    Happy Birthday To You

    Gambatte Gambatte Gambatte….

  23. doink :

    Happy Birthday Nuffnang !! =)

  24. Yozoranitesky :

    Happy Happy Birthday Nuffnang….better late then never hor?….hor? :p

  25. abi :

    Happy Birthday Nuffnang..awesome job soo far and looking forward to a better year ahead!! :)

  26. TBG :

    Happy Bday!! is there cake in the office today?

    Anyway, I’ve submitted my rather dolly – chipster post some time back, and understand that the deadline for submission is tomorrow. But could you please provide some form of indication when the winners and the non winners will be notified? read through the whole thing on the party and the mechanics of winning tickets to the party, but there is nothing stated about the notification dates.

    could it be that the non winners are not notified at all, and would be kept waiting till the birds come home to sleep?

    please advise. thanks

  27. Fahmishah :

    happy birthday nuffnang!

  28. klhappysurfer :

    Happy 1st Birthday, Nuffnang! Best wishes for many more to come.

  29. usws :

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUFFNANG! I may not have known you for very long but.. Ugh, there’s no ‘but’.


    p.s. Don’t leave me out of the festivities.. please? *puppy dog eyes*

  30. Ecl!5oNz :

    Happy Birthday Nuffnang… :D

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