Launching of Nuffnang’s Exclusivity Program: The Nuffnang Glitterati

Dear Nuffnangers,

Today Nuffnang has successfully established itself as the blog advertising market leader in both Malaysia and Singapore. As such we have also faced increasing pressure from many of our loyal exclusive Nuffnangers to enact an exclusive program, rewarding them for their loyalty.

We have always kept it as no secret that we often give priority to our exclusive Nuffnangers in everything from community events to even the serving of ads.

However with the establishment of the Nuffnang Glitterati, we have now crystallized these benefits as part of our community policy.

Glitterati will come into effect starting 13th January 2008.

To view the benefits of being a Nuffnang Glitterati, click here.

Timothy Tiah @ Nuffnang
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. sabrina :

    I’m a bit blur but what about Google Adsense? Is that ok?

  2. mIcheLLe :

    a big *yay* to everyone @ Nuffnang!!! :) you guys rock bwahahaha.

  3. sabrina :

    I’m a bit blur… is Google Adsense allowed?

  4. danielctw :

    something new for the faithful. This is good for the loyal ones

  5. Michelle @ Nuffnang :

    sabrina: yes, it’s okay to have google adsense. :)

  6. saimatkong :

    hey, adsense is ok then what about other’s ads like widgetbucks?
    only malaysia ads is not allowed right ? what about own ads or sponsor by a company?

  7. Timothy Tiah @ Nuffnang :

    Hi Saimatkong,

    Yes you can run your own direct ads or sponsors.

    For now we still allow Widgetbucks as well.

  8. WanNo :

    Congrats for being blog advertising market leader in both Malaysia and Singapore!… great news.. :-)

  9. cHrIstInA_YY :

    Hmm, I’m blur as well! Maybe Nuffnang should consider listing out all the ad networks that originate from South East Asia. Just my 2 cents…

  10. Jac :

    So our membership status will be updated within these 2 days eh? Hmmm…

  11. cdason :

    Erm.. what if one out of my 5 blogs hONLY SERVES Nuffnangs? Will I be eligible for the Exclusivity Program for that particular blog?? Or its a “all in one” kind of thing?

  12. joshuaongys :

    google adsense does not originates from south east asia ma… lolz so sure can wan.. yay to Gliterati!! actually, i want to ask.. why the word gliterrati.. just of of curiosity.. =)

  13. angeliCassie :

    this is cool stuff =D

    was scracthing my head thinking why am i non-exclusive..then i realised i’ve overlooked the part where it says only effective starting on 13th Jan..tee hee over-excited.

    can’t wait can’t wait!

  14. Aiman :

    This is cool ;D

  15. sue me : i hav to register to become a member of glitterati??im already a member of nuffnang..

  16. Nicholas Chay @ Nuffnang :

    It’s okay to have Ad Sense because it originates from the United States which is OUTSIDE South East Asia.

  17. Horny Ang Moh :

    Wah! This one very good! Keep ‘it’ up!!!! I just wander if I am eligible or not??? As my site sometime a bit too ‘hor ny’!!!
    U have my full support! Have a nice day!

  18. blowfly :

    i think if u have adverlets then ur not entitled =)

  19. Jayce :

    Yeah!!! is loyal exclusive Nuffnanger liao lo… :D

  20. hauyon :

    how does one become an exclusive member? o.O

  21. saimatkong :

    thanks. so is my blog valid for this then?

  22. kimberlycun :

    it’s about time! congratulations to nuffnang and nuffnang members :)

  23. Jessica :

    So let’s say I have 2 blogs registered with Nuffnang but only one blog is exclusive to Nuffnang. Is that blog considered as exclusive or because of the other blog, they’re both non-exclusive?

  24. shaun :

    How about ShoutOut? There is a small little advertising space below the chatbox, is it considered as an ad? Just wondering.

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  26. MinnYDinO :

    yeah im a loyal nuffnanger =3
    den will i be included??

  27. SilverIsle :

    I’ve learned a new word today, Glitterati. LOLz. Go Nuffnang! I wasn’t a loyal one, but I am now one. =P

  28. 733ling :

    haha… i only got nuffnang advertisement in my blog… so nothing to worry for me..

  29. apis :

    what about if we have more than 1 blog/site and some of them only display nuffnang ads and some are mixed with another ads from another rival company. still eligible?

  30. Fahmishah :

    you are great.we can remove the sucks ads from SEA ads network and get more with Nuffnang

  31. prinsezz :

    i removed my adverlets. am i eligible?

  32. Gila Babi :


    Syok loh…

    Quickly crawl my blog !!

  33. klubbkidd :

    Like I admitted before was skeptical about Nuffnang WAY back when I joined.
    But TIm and Co…. you guys have proven yourselves and I am 100% for Nuffnang.
    Forget Adsense or anything else… I just want to be Nanged!
    That’s so me… bring on the bling, baby!!!

  34. danielctw :

    As of date, which means there is still time to remove other ads from SEA before glitterati takes into effect??

  35. stenny :

    我对另一家公司有点失望,碰巧NUFFNANG搞个Nuffnang Glitterati.我决定专一对NUFFNANG了.但广告能不能多一点???哈!

  36. ShazTraz :

    If I’ve more than two blogs at the same domain eg. and, I put only Nuffnang ads at and other Malaysian ads at, will be qualified for Nuffnang Glitterati?

  37. Nelson :

    Can I request to have the list of ad networks for this program which should not show with Nuffnang??

    The terms of “ad networks that originate from South East Asia.” confused me…

  38. khairilhusni :

    hi, i like to be Nuffnang Gillerati.

    Do you mean to remove advertlets, nufflets and grabmyads?

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  40. eiko-chan :

    Just wondering, i read that the crawlers(?) will pick up our Blog within 48hours to see if we qualify for Nuffnang Glitterati?

    Then how do we know when we are part of Nuffnang Glitterati?

  41. cdason :

    em.. my question is not answered la.. maybe you guys didn’t get it.. if I had one blog with only NUffnangs ads from south east asia, does that make that particular blog exclusive?? Or I need to have all my blogs registered under Nuffnangs clean from other ads from SEA to become EXCLUSIVE?

  42. angie :

    wow. this is good!! :) *kudos* to nuffnang team! :)

  43. Michelle @ Nuffnang :

    shaztraz: you will have to have Nuffnang ads on both blogs, and the ads on both blogs must be exclusively Nuffnang ads. :)

    apis: we’re sorry but you have to have only Nuffnang ads on all your blogs in order to be eligible.

    Jessica: both your blogs have to be exclusive in order to be a Glitterati member. :)

    sue me: You do not need to apply and will automatically be included as a Nuffnang Glitterati as long as you do NOT have any ads from any other ad network that originates from South East Asia. Our crawlers will automatically include your blog in the club within 48 hours.

  44. Michelle @ Nuffnang :

    eiko-chan: we will then update your status in your account, you’ll be able to check your status after 13th January. :)

    cdason: you have to have all your blogs exclusive to be eligible for the Glitterati program. :)

  45. t-mo-t :

    i want also! i deleted da rest d…
    how come its still da same…
    or im not qualify!


  46. Azhar Ahmad :

    Thumbs up for NuffNang. I’m Glitterati now! Thanks NuffNang again n again!!! LOL

  47. Eric Lau :

    Keep it up…Nuffnang!!!

  48. aman :

    congrats nuffnang.. :D

  49. Kirksman :

    Incredibly well timed benefits program. I’m impressed. You’ve an awesome marketing team up there Nuffnang.

  50. yy :

    can i know how to calculate the band 1,2,3?
    faq from nuffnang web site don’t have this kind of information o.

  51. swordie :

    I removed all my advertlets (this should be removed right?) & grabmyads (this should be removed right?)…
    Now only have nuffnang, adsense, amazon and widgetbucks.
    Is that OK? Am I qualified now?

  52. MUZRI :

    i also last week has been remove adverlets.. just now nuffnang only in my blog.. i hope nuffnang will get many advertiser as soon.. nuffnang still the best right know.. exclusive program, Glitterati … smart program, smart choice

  53. KOKahKOK :

    hey timothy! glad to know this! cant wait to see how it works!
    Ya me too, no idea on how to dentify what is band 1 2 3?

  54. cynthia :

    Great timing too. Just when a you-know-what-rival-company was starting to annoy us :)

  55. doink :

    look forward in seeing how this works ! =)

  56. swordie :

    hey… i think its more than 48 hours?… how come still non-exclusive?… what where did i do wrong?…

  57. swordie :

    cool… i’ve been Glitteratize :D

  58. Mart Rudd :

    Two days ago my membership status is Glitterati, but now it become “Membership status : Ordinary (non-exclusive)”.. i wonder what have i done..

    is AdToll and AdBrite are from south east asia?

  59. tom :

    i don’t understand it..
    i’ve only got nuffnang ads..
    i mean nuffnang is the only paid ads in my blog..
    why no Glitterati??

  60. VistaCrew :

    So now Innit is exclusively for the Glitterati members?

  61. Rockerteers :

    m confused.I have been updated but will there be ads in the blog.Don’t see it anymore…so blur

  62. Rockerteers :

    Ok I see it now…something wrong with my page…I guess

  63. Rockerteers :

    I don’t see any ads now…what happened?or something wrong with the page????or wrong code pasted.

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  65. harogenki :

    i’m on band 8 but whats the maximun ?

  66. canely :

    hey, my blog is in chinese. and i just remove the advertlets from blog. only left the google adsense and nuffnangs. am i entitled for glitterati membership then?

    really want to hear from you soon.

  67. mei san :

    hye… how do i become a glitterati member due to my status is ordinary?

  68. chyan :

    It’s been only few days since i ign up for nuffnag, then i got g;itterati status.
    Huh? oh well.. That’s good news anyway. :)

  69. shah :

    can i add facebook widget or feedjit on my blog??
    is that ok??
    is facebook badge and feedjit include in other advertisment like nuffnang say and i will not be glitterati….help…

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