Paying for Movie Tickets – Now So Much Easier with TGV!

Hello to all movie buffs! Check out all the most happening movies at TGV Cinemas nationwide because we now;
– Accept credit cards over ticketing counters effective 10 January 2010
– Accept PayPal funds for online ticketing
– Have a fantastic Buy 1 Free 1 deal via Maxis Movies App

For moviegoers who don’t fancy carrying cash around, you’ll be jumping with joy to know that you’ll now be able to purchase tickets from all TGV ticketing counters with your credit card starting 10 January 2011! Now you can watch the latest blockbusters at your favourite cinema using your preferred credit card, and earn points at the same time too. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Pictured: TGV Wangsa Walk, photo credits to

For PayPal users, we have got great news too. Beginning January 2011, you’ll be able to buy tickets to the latest movies from TGV Cinemas online using your PayPal funds! Yes, you don’t have to withdraw them from your bank account anymore. Use them for movie night at your favorite TGV Cinemas instead! ;)

Maxis iPhone users are probably familiar with the Maxis Movies App. It’s one of the must-have apps for Maxis users because you get to book tickets to any movie at any cinema from your iPhone. Beginning January 2011, TGV Cinemas is offering a fantastic Buy 1 Free 1 deal for any movie on Tuesday, after 6pm*. That’s a lot of savings, and it also means you can have twice the number of friends going along for a movie on Tuesday evenings!

Stay tuned to TGV Cinemas via Facebook or @TGVCinemas on Twitter for latest happenings, news and more. ;)

*Terms and conditions apply.