It is time for us to announce that Nuffnang’s 8th birthday is here! We’re so grateful for your continuous support throughout the years to make us what and where we are today! Thank you all Nuffnangers :)

Every year, we will throw a themed birthday bash and have Nuffnangers and clients to celebrate the birth and success of Nuffnang. This time round, we want to do that in a classy and glamorous way.

Speaking about that, how can we not think of the iconic character, Audrey Hepburn? Her charming character and classic-and-classy femininity are so much to die for!

Hence! We’re all out for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed birthday bash this year! *sparkleseverywhere*

main-visual-MY (3)

Date: 21st March 2015

Time: 10am – 2pm

Venue: Main Room Zouk, KL

Dress code: The classic 1960s’ Look

A huge thank you to Zouk, KL for being the official venue sponsor for the Nuffnang 8irthday! Liven up your Saturday brunch hour :D

*Food served at event day is pork-free*

zouk kl image

Now, what’s there to celebrate in a Tiffany’s themed party without jewellery? That is why Garden of Dazzles is on board with us! We are so looking forward to see you all in those pretty glitters and sparkles that compliment your look, as there will be Swarovski crystal jewellery as well.

logo1 copy Garden of Dazzles

Oh, and we know you’d love taking selfies! Thanks to Fotobox, we will be having a photo booth with customised props for everyone to take pretty pictures all day long!

Fotobox Logo (JPG)


56 Degrees will be on board as well for this exclusive event to showcase their new whiskey; incorporating their brand new line of Whiskey into the tasty desserts on that day :) Do give it a try on that day itself! Important Note: There will be alcohol provided on event day.



You heard us right, we will be having desserts straight from the Foret Blanc oven and it’s for all our attendees; Cupcakes, macaroons, mini éclairs and many more sweet delights for all you attendees. Don’t forget to check out Foret Blanc’s official Facebook page for all the beautiful customized cakes and cupcakes. :)


Malaysia’s weather is pretty hot nowadays isn’t it? Why not cool down with a serving of Milkcow because they will be there ready with their lovely and cooling cup of soft serve ice-cream!

Milkcow Logo 2(2)

Do you feel thirsty after reading this? We got some Heineken and Strongbow to keep you hydrated and cool you off under the mid-day sun! Important Note: There will be alcohol provided on event day.



Here’s another exercise for you attendees! Try to spot for dresses from Rent A Dress ;) Also, they are kind enough to be giving away goodies to all who are at the event :D



To give you a little taste of what happened last year, here are some pictures to get you excited for what’s to come!

Recap 2014 images NNBB007

Are you excited already? :D

Wait, that’s not all! There’s a chance you might even walk away with exclusive awesome goodies! We will be giving awards to the:

  • Best Dressed Male
  • Best Dresses Female
  • Social Butterfly

Now comes the fun part: “I want to go!! And get all the good stuff there! But how?”

Listen up Nuffnangers! We have really limited invites, only 18 pairs of passes up for grabs this year!

So wait no longer! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Like and follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and Dayre.
  2. Share this blog post on your Facebook page and tell us: “Throughout the 8 years, your most memorable moment with Nuffnang.”
  3. Remember to hashtag #Nuffnang8irthday and #NuffnangMY before sharing the post.
  4. Tag a friend that you wish to bring along to the #Nuffnang8irthday.
  5. Fill in the FORM.
  6. Contest ends at 12 noon, 18th of March 2015 (Wednesday).

What are you waiting for?

See you there at the #Nuffnang8irthday! :D

Terms and conditions:

  1. This contest is open to Nuffnangers only.
  2. The blog post shared on Facebook must be PUBLIC.
  3. The Judge’s decision is final and binding. No correspondence shall be entertained.
  4. Passes won is non-transferable.
  5. RSVP forms will sent to winners. Failure to RSVP, passes will be forfeited.
Jack Saw
Nuffnang Community Team


Imagine standing in nothing but darkness surrounding you, the lights are off and it is pitch black. These are conditions that the visually impaired go through every day. However, this does not stop them from improving themselves as the days go by. This is proven by founder of Dialogue in The Dark (DiD) Malaysia, Stevens Chan Kum Fai, who suffered from Glaucoma and lost his visual sense of the world.  The story does not end there, he was determined to bridge the gap between the visually impaired and the sighted public; hoping the latter would further appreciate the importance of sight.

Cuti Cuti Msia Flyer D1

Dialogue in the Dark’s main purpose is to project awareness that there are no differences between “us” and “them”.  Therefore, Dialogue in the Dark has come up with a few concepts that will allow the public to experience a 45 minute journey through Mount Kinabalu, Petaling Street and Port Dickson without their sense of sight. Visitors will then be welcomed to a dining experience in complete darkness known as Cuisine in the Dark, assisted by the guides of Dialogue in the Dark. Imagine dining without the aid of your sight, you won’t be able to see it; however the food will be extra flavoursome when your other senses are heightened!

DID-FA-Cuisine in the Dark

Nuffnang Malaysia in collaboration with Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia will be giving ten(10) Nuffnangers a chance to feel what it is like to walk and dine without lights.

Venue: Dialogue in the Dark, The School Jaya One

Date: 17th October 2014 (Friday)

Time: 5.30PM – 8.00PM

Click HERE or check out their Facebook PAGE for more information  :D

Here’s what you gotta do!

1. Answer the question below:


“What other sense would you value more other than your sight and Why”

Example: “I could not imagine living my life without the sense of taste, I cannot live without my favorite Ramly burger!”


2. Leave your answer (which should not be more than 50 words) in the comment section below.

3. Remember to include your blog URL in your comment!

4. Don’t forget to hashtag #NuffnangLovin’ and #NNDialogueintheDark and remember to tag us @Nuffnang when you post up social media updates on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

5. Remember to submit your entry by 9th of October 2014 (Thursday) at 12pm.

Terms and Conditions

1. This contest is open to all Nuffnangers only.
2. Your Blog URL must be included in your comment.
3. Passes are NOT to be given away as prizes.
4. RSVP is a must when you’ve received our invitation. Failure to do so will result in invites being passed on those in the waiting list.

5. These Terms & Conditions are subject to changes at any time without prior notice.

Jack Saw
Nuffnang Community Team

1 Intro

Salam Sejahtera Nuffnangers! Did you enjoy the Nuffnang Raya Open House last Saturday (23 August 2014) held at Wanaka the Bungalow?

As you all already know, this was the first open house Nuffnang has ever organized. For those who have missed the event, here’s what went down at the happening Raya Open House!

But first, let’s get started with some pictures of Wanaka The Bungalow and the crowd!

2 location2

3 Location

We had bloggers arriving early to avoid missing all the fun and action. The saying goes, the early bird gets the worm!

4 Emcee

Meet our emcee of the day Adrian (right). He did a fantastic job on hyping up the event. *Kudos to Adrian*

We had a the tour with the UMobile representatives, showing them around the house. A specific room was set up just for UMobile activities, where orange wasn’t just a colour, but a statement!

5 UMobile room

We had huge comfy beanbags provided by Doof Industries. Oh boy! Those were the best beanbags anyone would have sat on! Let us show you how much our bloggers enjoyed the beanbags.

6 Doof Beanbag Bloggers making themselves at home on the Doof Industries beanbags while making FREE calls provided by UMobile to anyone or anywhere they desire. It is definitely one of #TheBestFree #UMobile provided that day.

The CMO of UMobile, Jasmine conducted a Q&A session with the bloggers before giving away ‘Buah Tangan’ to those who could answer question regarding UMobile.

7 UMobile speech

Moving on, we had a ‘masak-masak’ session with Kasihaleeya and Ceeranoh! These two beautiful bloggers managed to cooked up an amazing dish of ‘Lontong’ and  ‘Sambal Ikan Billis’. If you don’t trust us, trust our food bloggers who said the Lontong tasted heavenly. ;)

8 Kasihaleeya&Ceeranoh

9 Kasihaleeya food1Doesn’t it look mouthwatering?

One of the highlights of the event goes to Ambi Pur showdown! Bloggers gets into groups of three and come up with short sketches using Ambi Pur refresher as a prop. Take a look at the final poses these creative groups came up with!

10 Ambipur Final pose The next Ambi Pur Angels, anybody? ;)

 Let’s not forget the lucky draw session we had during the event. Thanks Carama by Castrol, the lucky bloggers got to enjoy Carama car service vouchers worth RM200 each. Remember to pamper your cars with lotsa love Nuffnangers!

11 Carama

20140823_201620 copy

As you know, any event will never be completed without scrumptious dessert! Humble Beginning’s Mille Crepe was there to give everyone just the right amount of sweetness we needed that day.

12 10617009_519342308196882_678537725_n copy 13 _MG_0218 copy

Pictures on-the-go? Yup, we’ve got that arranged with WOW Photobooth. Tonnes of props were prepared to make each and every picture a memory worth taking home!

14 Wowphoto

15 10598722_1491111991129006_2059958966_n copy

It’s picture time!

16 Buah TanganLook! Everyone got to bring home a ‘Buah Tangan’ specially packaged by UMobile! Thank you UMobile for this awesome goodie!

UMobile even gave away a Samsung Galaxy S5 through a lucky draw session and the lucky winner was our beauty blogger, Umi Syafiera.

S5 WinnerLook at her smile in excitement! :D

Before the event came to an end, we gathered for a mini photoshoot! Spot yourselves, Nuffnangers!

17 Group pic

18 Nuffies Group Pic*Cheeeeese*

Hey Nuffnangers! Remember UMobile promised another brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 giveaway? Well, here is your chance. Go ahead and tell us your NNRaya experience with UMobile in your blog. Remember to tag us in your social media platform with your blog post by 5th September 2014. Comment your blog post link in this blog too to ensure we sees it. Quick get started Nuffnangers!

Ambi Pur2 Anyone up for more goodies from Ambi Pur?

Easy peasy! Just share this video on your social media platforms and in your caption, tell us your experience in NNRaya and how you think AmbiPur made it even more awesome! Be sure to tag @Nuffnang (Facebook) @AmbiPur and #JomRefresh in your share caption. The best 20 caption would be walking away with AmbiPur hampers!

Nuffnang would like to sincerely thank UMobile, AmbiPur, Carama Castrol, Humble Beginnings, Doof Industries and WOW Photobooth for making this event a successful one!

Lastly, we really hope that each and every one of you enjoyed the open house like we did. We wish everybody a Selamat Hari Raya!

See you guys in our next event!

Samantha Tew
Nuffnang Community Team

So you’ve heard about #NuffnangLovin’!

We had our very first Nuffnang Lovin’ at Aloft KL Sentral’s W xyz Bar on 25th April 2014. Refer to our previous post here to find out more about Aloft KL Sentral. :)

Keep reading to find out what went on that evening.


Let’s get started with some pictures of the place and participants!

Meet Denise and Eric, our ushers of the day, at the registration table.



Upon registration, our Nuffnangers also had a chance to take pictures at the photo wall before entering W xyz Bar! Oh! Remember to have a look at our Nuffnang Lovin’ photo album on our Facebook page. Spot and tag yourselves! :)

9 copy

Right at W xyz Bar, it was The Light Fantastic welcoming and greeting us with a beautiful performance. From the short Q&A session by our Emcee of the night, Adrian, and we were told that it was actually their last performance. BUT, they’ll be back to perform again from 28th May onwards.


While waiting for the event to start, Kendrick and Christy had a friendly pool match. Guess who won the match! :P


Shortly after, we started the night by having our Nuffies do a short introduction about themselves.


To get everyone warmed up for the night, we played the Nuffnang version of speed dating. Here’s the deal, those in the outer circle, were required to keep moving in an anti-clockwise direction (right). At each stop, they would have to introduce themselves and interact with whoever was in front of them for 5 seconds.

1399427593273 copy

After that ice-breaking session, it’s dinner time! Our dinner was served canapé style; the best way to have dinner while socialising with others without focusing too much on either one.


Then, we were given an introductory and welcome speech by the GM of Aloft Hotels, Mr Paolo.





Aloft KL Sentral got Paperplane Pursuit to perform for us too! Their performance was so lively and catchy and they definitely got everyone’s attention!

Paperplane Pursuit, a band of 5 led by John O, the energetic lead singer, is a pop band based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. First gained recognition in 2010, and they are getting more popular than ever! :D Go and check them out on their Paperplane Pursuit YouTube channel.


We were also given a tour around Aloft to be “introduced” to their re:mix lounge, re:fuel, in touch, Aloha Desk, and of course, XBOX Kinect. :P




But first, #letustakeaselfie. That’s what they always say, if you can’t beat them, join them!

1383292_10152117632473520_7969327638105189658_n copy

Next stop ─ Aloft’s MAI Bar, at the roof top! It is an elongated and spacious bar, aesthetically defined by Tiki culture decorations. We became even more amazed when we saw its swimming pool and open space area for its guests to chill and socialise at the outside. At the end of the open space area, there’s a perfect spot for a bird’s-eye view of Kuala Lumpur city.

We then decided to spend some time at MAI bar since there was so much to see.

water copy

As usual, group photos are a must for us! Since the view and the lighting were a perfect match, we decided to get it done there. :)



Then, we had a Nuffies Sharing Session conducted by Janice, our Nuffnang Community Executive, Adrian, our Nuffnang Talent Executive, and Michelle, our Assistant Country Manager, back at W xyz Bar to share tips, information, and more about blogging.


Coming up… Time for more fun of course!

Nuffnangers were divided into 3 groups and each was led by a Nuffie.


Every group was given an envelope which contained a list of items that they were required to get. And the team that finishes that task first would be the ONLY team going back with prizes.

Drum roll please!






3rd place, the slowest yet steadiest! Goes to… Team 1!


And the faces of the runner up; Team 2!


And… Finally, the 1st place, the ONLY team that goes back with prizes in their hands!

Team 3!


We ended our evening with another group photo at W xyz Bar. :)


Here’s a last group shot of our Nuffies we took too! :)

From left to right: Adrian, Vanessa, Denise, Michelle, Xing Yi, Janice, Sam, and Eric.


We spotted this picture on Kendy’s blog earlier! During Nuffnang Lovin’, he was telling us about his idea of having something drawn and… here it is! Guess who is who! :D


(Credit goes to Kendylife)

We’d like to thank everyone; Aloft KL Sentral, W xyz Bar, and fellow Nuffnangers for making it happen! It was definitely an awesome night!

Do visit our Nuffnangers’ blogs too, to find out more about our very first Nuffnang Lovin’; Marou Apple Hijau, Lizz Chloe, Kendylife, Bunny, Mikayo Ito and Zhi Xin.

We’re looking forward to the next Nuffnang Lovin’ party! Where do you suggest our next Nuffnang Lovin’ to be at? :D

Sam Cheah
Nuffnang Community Team

Disclaimer: This blog post contains alcohol-brand related content.

Holla Nuffnangers! We think May may just be the most awesome month in the first half of year. Well, we started the month with a public holiday for a start, but it’s only going to get better, especially for the BOLD ones…let us break the news to you!

May is all about celebrating people who make truly BOLD choices in life, and since bold people are Made of More (like GUINNESS), they’ll be rewarded with a fine pint of the black brew! Say what? 


“Made of More” is a campaign by GUINNESS, rewarding the BOLD ones who helped make GUINNESS a premium brand that it is today. Furthermore, it’s about celebrating the quality of people who enjoy this fine black brew.

Here’s how it works:

GUINNESS is sending their trucks to tour Klang Valley all of May to give out FREE pints of GUINNESS to bold people. All you need to do is, leave work on time and come on down to the #madeofmore truck at 17:59 and you’ll be rewarded with a pint of GUINNESS black brew for free! And IF you’re feeling extra bold, bring your boss along too! Sounds too good to be true? Well… we Nuffies made a bold move to check it out last Tuesday.

So we saw the GUINNESS truck parked at Avenue K during lunch last week and “invited” our boss (Hi, Tim!) for drinks that night.


To get the free pint though, we had to get it between 6-7PM only… we left office on time at 5.30PM and head down to Avenue K!


   Once the digital clock struck 17:59, the party begun!


 We were first introduced to the idea behind the #madeofmore movement by GUINNESS.


 Then…we created quite a commotion at the truck, Instagraming away while in queue for GUINNESS! Bold passers-by got rewarded by turning up at the truck on time with us.


Here we are, with our drinks and smiles!


So, that was our bold story one fine Tuesday. Don’t miss your chance to catch the GUINNESS #madeofmore truck at their next stops!

  • Malones @ Sooka Sentral –  9th of May (Friday, 17:59 onwards 6PM – 7PM)
  • Scott Garden, Kuchai Lama – 16th of May (Friday, 17:59 onwards 6PM – 7PM)

For more exciting activities and find out how GUINNESS will reward your boldnessstay tuned to Good news are meant to be shared, so spread it with your friends! *Cheers*

Sam Cheah
Nuffnang Community Team

Howdy Nuffnangers, the DiGi WWWOW Awards is back! This year DiGi has an objective. They want to know individuals who work, live and breathe Internet! All you need to have is great ideas that fill the web with potential business ventures!

If you’ve dreamed to be a successful blog shop owner, be someone well-known after doing a Public Service Announcement (PSA), someone that is passionate about rescuing animals and shares the experience online to influence peers then we want you to be a part of this workshop! Why? Because most of you have the IDEA and DiGi wants to make your idea effectively bigger!

DiGi now present you the opportunity to meet with these extraordinary and inspiring individuals and learned their way to success (although we can’t guarantee one) But, this is the best time to discover what inspires digital entrepreneurs, what is the success factors of social media content and the aspects of social change in communities.

V1 Final_WWWOW Awards 4_Churp Churp_Call2Workshop (hi-res)

These are the cool speakers that will be at the second round workshop. Meet them to find out about their story to success!


These workshops are open to WWWOW participants and non-participants, and seats are limited. Registration will close as soon as they reach maximum numbers. So, act quickly!

Details of the upcoming workshop:

DATE              8 MAY 2014, THURSDAY
TIME               6pm to 10.30pm
VENUE                     Hall of Awesomeness, Mindvalley: A-29-12 Menara UOA Bangsar, 5, Jalan Bangsar Utama 1, 59000 Kuala Lumpur
SPEAKERS                   Grace Sai (CEO of The Hub Singapore)
Scott Eddy (Managing Director of nine9nine)
Kao Tsun (YouTuber, Kpop Cover Dancer)
Andrew Chow (Founder of IdeaMart)

Hurry! Register for the 8th May 2014 slot here:

Janice Kok
Nuffnang Community Team



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