Nuffnang’s Funky New Office

Hey Nuffnangers,

We know many of you have been to our office before. The nice and cozy office with orange walls.

Now here’s something that some of you might not know. Our team in KL has been expanding really quickly in recent months especially with our sister company ChurpChurp taking over a section of our office. We tried to squeeze “Google Garage” style but finally decided that there just wasn’t enough place.

We didn’t want to move though. We had grown to love the place we had always been in so here’s what we did: We took over the next door unit. Then we got our local version of Vin Diesel here to knock a hole through.

Then we turned what used to look like this.

Into this.

Tadaaaaah! We know, we know, it’s cool ain’t it? *smug* :D

Now, allow us to take you for a tour around the office! Here’s where some of the Tech people responsible for Nuffnang and ChurpChurp sit.

Also, remember our little ‘aquarium’ meeting room that you see each time you walk into our office?

Well we decided to have a much bigger one this time. But instead of it just being a meeting room we made it a casual hang out place with bean bags and stuffed toys.

We also painted the huge wall of the room with a special kind of paint that lets you write on it with a marker and erase it.

So tadaaah! Turned our wall into a white-board. Of course the whole point of the white-board was for us to have discussions there and draw out mind-maps and stuff. But in just a few days the kind of things we were seeing on our “white-board” were things like this illustration of some of the ChurpChurp girls who work in the office.

Or this

Or even this

But yeah in spite of all the little graffiti we do use the room a lot now for our discussions.

You know, discussions about the new things we have coming up this year like the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards.

When we’re not using the room for work, we use it to hang out. There we have a TV hooked up with Astro so that we can watch the Royal Wedding there.

Or even play our XBOX Kinect or Nintendo Wii whenever we felt like we needed to take some time off.

So that’s our short little tour of our new office. Feel free to drop by any time to hang out with us… or to play a game with us.

We’re also HIRING! We are looking for young energetic people who have a passion for social media to fill up a few positions in our office!

  1. Blogger Relations
    If you love dealing with bloggers and planning events, you will love this job!
  2. Ad Operations
    If love making sure that all campaigns run smoothly under your care, this job is for you!
  3. Web Programmer
    If you speak PHP language better than your mother tongue language, you’ll want this job!
  4. Media Sales
    If you love going out to meet clients and brainstorming with them for campaigns ideas, this is the job for you.

So if you’re young at heart, energetic and love social media, do apply to be part of our team at our Career page!

Good luck and we hope to see you at our brand new office soon!

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