Nuffnang Premiere Screening – Sucker Punch

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Abuya Hayat :

    Must watch, if not will become just a plain ‘the movie’s title’, without the punch… ngeee~

  2. faraheartbeat :

    saya harap , tayangan untuk filem lain boleh diadakan di sekitar Kuala Lumpur . eg: Berjaya Times Square & Pavillion . Hal ini kerana saya tidak mempunyai transport utk kluar dr KL .

  3. Isaac Yip :

  4. Soon Jan Fei :

  5. Rabiatul Adawiyah :

    Hi All!!

    Check out my Sucker Punch!!

    Thank you! xoxo!

  6. ain :

    have fun..

  7. Jimmy :

    Here is my blog post

  8. Isaac Tan :

    Thanks for giving me the chance to join another cool contest by Nuffnang!

    My blog entry post as below!! You must check it out!


  9. Mendy.Chan :

    *fingerscorssing* :)

  10. Mich Teng :

    Foh.. took me.. 2 hours to blog.. >.<
    And, little incident happened that made me have to write all over again.. =(
    However, we believe in girls' power!
    Girls can rock the world! ♥

    Following is my link. ~ =)

  11. Khairunnisa Dalim :

    bahasa melayu boleh?

  12. akuzle ayu :

    ok, this is mine. Hope can b chosen for the first free movie passess for 2011…;-))

  13. myvitrd :

    wah movie lagi.. cari idea dulu nak buat post apa ni..

  14. DanielCtw :

    LOL… Sucker Punch is a very cheesy title. I am looking for a very superb laugh at this movie.

    Here’s mine.

  15. Charmaine :

    Hope I won’t get punched away XD

  16. Hafiz :

  17. Jeff :

    A must not miss movie.. Hope my post is good enough

  18. manja :

    will watch this film soon =)

  19. Cik lily putih :

    Hi Nuffies,

    Here’s the link :

    hopefully i get the ticket

  20. babyyeah! :

    Hihi, just give a try. Nuffnang, pleaseeeeeeeeeee…………….. :)

    From my blog with loves :

  21. ainihussin :

    excited for this movie. will watch soon! =)

  22. nikel :

  23. Fightinggod :

    Happy sucking punching!! wooo~!!

  24. Jackie :

    here is mine :)

  25. Joanne Wong Choi Ying :

    Done my post ! here we go ! =)

  26. Syo Hiro :

    very simple and compact. TQ (:

  27. Syo Hiro :

  28. Mamü Vies :

    If my Plan A doesn’t work, I got a Plan B to cover it ;D

  29. Sheridan :

    Wow, its been awhile since I last participated, so busy with work, but for Nuffnang, I continue to blog!! Thanks for all, be it rejected or accepted!

  30. anonymousmich :

    *cross fingers* Please please please let me win the tickets! ;)

    Thank you very much!

  31. elianesuriane :

    hurm.. 1 utama is far away from my home..

    wish nuffnang will make premiere screening at midvalley or alamanda..
    its will be fun..

  32. Yin Ling :

    Hot bodies people!

  33. atie :

    hi nuff nuff!

    first time join this free ticket movie entry!

    hope i hv some luck!

  34. Suzie :

    Hai hai..^^

    Take a look at my blog post Mr. Nuffnang..:P

  35. luvia :

    hope my entry will give me luck this time =)

  36. Peter :

    new to nuffnang and first time in a nuffnang contest ! Break a leg and crossfinger <3

  37. Peter :

    first time in contest ! Love this movie !

  38. Ickes :

    I have done mine!!

    Have fun reading :-)

  39. kamariah :

    well that’s my post~

    really hope could win this~

  40. Jayren :

    Here’s my entry post .

  41. Elwyn~! :

    Helo, this is my blog post for this competition entry~!

  42. budleee :

    here is my entry..

    all the best to every one yah :)

  43. blueberry90 :

    looks interesting…wanna watch it

  44. Elaine Hooi :

    Here’s my post…

  45. Kevin tan :

    Sucker Punch on your face !!!

    Can’t wait for the Movie , is so cool!!

    check it out;

    Thanks a lot to Nuffnang and Warner Bros. Pictures for giving a chance. Thank You!

  46. Eli Leong :

    Thank You =D

  47. Ng Chee How :


  48. budleee :

    this is my entry :), i noticed it did not came up.. so putting it back :D

  49. Adif :

    Pakcik Nuffnang, pusak boleh nanggar wayang sik?
    Mun sik boleh, sik maok kawan dgn pakcik lagik.

    Bah bah… jangan lupak check blog kamek ya. Mun sik dapat pun sikpa,
    singgah jak ju!

    Tata pakcik.

  50. Luckystrike :

    This would be my try to escape. Jail-breaking…

    Finger crossed…

  51. toninkush :

  52. Xing :

    OMG! where is my post? i’ve submitted days ago. forgot to approve mine or what?

    Here’s mine, just in case my link is gone. =)

    Good luck everyone!!

  53. Camie Lam :

    Awesome trailer.. Can’t wait to see the movie..

    here’s my entry –>

  54. Abuya Hayat :

    Hye Teoh… I’m still working on the post for TuneTalk…

    So for now, enjoy this entry first…

    Sucker Punch….

  55. kianfai87 :

    Hi there! Have a nice day and good luck!

  56. Cheng Jit Ming :

    hope I’m not too late to get the invites!!!

    here’s my link..

    I want “Sucker Punch”!!!!!!! Please la Nuffnang!!!

  57. Kriskkumar :

    Please choose me. Hehehe^^

    Here’s my link

  58. Akma :

    Hi me join too…

  59. Sanjay :

    i hope u like a small post hehe ^^

  60. Flar3star :

    Hopefully u like it.

  61. Joel Wong :

    here’s my entry post. enjoy!

  62. dyat :
    Coretan yang simple je pasal citer ni..

  63. Jonathan Zeehan :

    Here is my submittions,

    Answer; I would probably set up a rebellion and having a good strategi to held up in a plan of action and go against with it!!



    i hope that am not to late to sent my entry :P

  65. Song :

  66. Song :

    By the way the link doesn’t work for me T___T
    So I put another picture which is same, but not from your link. Please don’t disqualified me. >,<

  67. khaisim :

    Here’s mine! :)

    Thanks Nuffnang!


  68. noral :

    crazy idea on Wednesday afternoon.. hihi

  69. Yvonne :

    my entry:

  70. Carmen :

    HEY HEY!!!

    Here’s my post! Finally!!

    Thank you SO MUCH!

  71. Himmat :

    Hi! :)

    Here’s my entry :):)

  72. Isabel :

    Here’s my submission ^_^

  73. am :

    here’s mine

  74. am :

    here’s mine

  75. nemomimosh :

    wowwwwwwww! menarik!

  76. christy8m :

    Hi Nuffnang Team,

    Here is my entry. Hope to hear from you. Thank you.

  77. Nana Eddy :

    my bratty post!

  78. Annyssz :

    here’s my answer i want tickets!! ngeee~

  79. Nattasha :

    Trying my luck!!

  80. coco :


  81. Angeline :


  82. Ayung :

    i’m in!
    here my link…

    hopefully i get the tickets!:D

  83. OrangeFay :

    Hi there!
    I’m trying my luck here. A first timer. :D

    HERE is my shot:

  84. Peter :

    First time :D

  85. Edwin :
    here my post !!

  86. Tiew Kai Siang :

    I know Im late…
    But hope you still can give me a chance…
    I’ve done this post with my high creativity…

    Chears! =)

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