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  1. Dimple Dee :

    i sooooooooo wanna watch this in 3D!!!! ^^ the trailer is awesome!

  2. Jimmy :

    This is my post

  3. Anak Perak :

    Blog post ini hanya perlu menceritakan tentang contest ini kan?


  4. nikel :

    drafting now

  5. andyhowtt :

    done with my post

  6. Anak Perak :

    Here my post

  7. y--square :

    Oh… mine is here:

  8. Himmat :

    Here’s my entry. Is this correct??

  9. Soon Jan Fei :

    Here’s my permalink

  10. teratakindah :

    Terbaik!!!!!! saya join contest ni!!!!

  11. Charmaine :

    I’m certainly joining! =)

  12. Jemsen :

    Here’s my entry:


  13. nikel :

    by the way, where to submit this?

    You can submit your permalink as a comment on this blog post

  14. James Tan :

    My post is as below >>


  15. oya :

    Here mine..

  16. shahroll photo :

    Panasonic 50” 3DLCD?? huarghhh! awesome! =)

  17. SneakyLily :

    Great competition, who stole those keys!!

  18. Henrytan :

    Check out my entry! =D

    Thank you!

  19. zara aluwi :

    Here’s my entry…

  20. Iriene Heng :

    here is my permalink:

    Thank you very much. :)

  21. kath :

    hoping this will be my key to win those ticx! :)

  22. Cik Su :

    interesting..saya suka mencari klu kepada misteri..tapi nak selesaikan misteri tu wajib buat blog post atau optional sj???

    If you wanna take part in the TGV quest, you can take part without blogging. If you wanna share this on your blog and win tickets to watch Tron, you just have to blog about it

  23. DaHLia :

    wahhhh cerita dia sangat menarik ni…

  24. Nian Tse :

    here go my entry :P

  25. Cik lily putih :

    Dear Nuffies,

    Here’s the link :

    Hopefully can get a ticket

  26. BernardC :

    Dear Nuffnang,

    follow the case at:

  27. mr curly :

    wowwww !!!.. menarik ni

  28. hazman aka species1980 :

    Hi there…

    This is my post :

  29. Mai :

    This is my blog post…

    Thank you =)

  30. Blur :

    ok dah siap…

  31. zenghoong :

    There you go. :)

  32. Shyneze :

    I hope i get it :)
    and here is my link:

  33. nikel :

    Here we go

    just now i didnt notice there state to leave comment here..wakaka..

  34. Bro Framestone :

    this is my case.. let me handle it :)

  35. Ikhwan Pauzi :

    bahasa jiwa bangsa! 1 malaysia untuk semua.

  36. lazaac :

    best ker citer ni..? nak tengok la kalo best.. :)

  37. seriwangi :

    Blog post seriwangi dah siap…doakan seriwangi menang kali ni…!

  38. zureena bt abu samah :

    Sudah tulis! sila ke sini

  39. Jeremy Teh :

    The thief is on the run!
    Catch them before they are gone!
    Visit my link to get more information on this issue!

  40. mohd faizal :

    i wanna watch this in 3D!!!! ^^ the trailer is awesome!

  41. kimicnol :

    da join..wish me luck ;)

  42. Myrmia Myrlodiea :

    Oh my god!!!
    I really have been waiting for this movie!!!!
    I used to love watching Tron when I was a kid!!

    thanks for this opportunity!! thank you very much!

  43. Bean Moreno :

    this is my post :

  44. Serge Norguard :

    the above will appear at 1552hrs.

  45. UtamaOptometrist :

    Tron: Legacy!!! is a must watch~ Luv it~!

  46. Ishak :

    awesome movie and good luck to all the detectives

    plz bring back the keys so that i can watch this movie.

    here is my link for this awesome contest

  47. farra-eng :

    Jom jadi penyiasat :cool:

  48. Elaine Hooi :

    Hurry and get yer details to catch the culprit who stole the keys…!!

  49. mia :

    dis is mine..again, i wrote it in malay..heheee

    dun break my heart dis time nuff…hahahaa..jokes oke..kalau ade rezeki, adalah..

    thanks nuffang.

  50. kath :

    hopefully this is the key to winnin me those ticx ;)

  51. Himmat :

    Is the screening in 2D or 3D??

    It’s in 2D

  52. Engku Aishah :

    Dear nuffnang,
    please read this . i want the tickets so badly :(
    please read (=

  53. ahm :

    alamak x leh nak join….balik kampung…next time la join…

  54. sally chow :

    i`m done..

  55. Jackie :

    I wan the TV! :D :D

  56. sally chow :

    i`m done,see here,see here^^

  57. sally chow :

    check out here,im finished^^

  58. sally chow :

  59. adam :


  60. Song :

  61. Joanne :

    Wow, interesting!

  62. Simon Seow :

    Hi. Here’s my blog post.

  63. Yeo Sue-Jane :

    Harlo…here my the link :)

  64. Metrosexual :

    Used to watch the series when I was really, really small. :)

  65. kongloong :

    Waiting to watch this..

  66. zuriey :

  67. ManjaIxora :


    here’s my link.. hohoho

    mintak2 dapat.. fuh kanan, fuh kiri.. huhuhu

  68. Su Fen :

    Here is my post:

    can’t wait to get it..:)

  69. Mohd Faiz Nazim :

    Ni post saya :

    Trimas ;)

  70. alohamolly :

    Here’s my entry:

  71. ReD :

    blog post

    bersama membantu membanteras jenayah!

  72. Glo-w :

    WOOT! cant wait for tron^^ still rmbr watching the old one ;p too bad this screening is too far away but all the best to the others!~

  73. louis :

    my entry:

    haven’t been to a screening in the longest timeeeee

  74. Tifa :

    It’s sounds great!!!!

  75. mr curly :

    siap !!!!!..kali ni mesti ong punye..hikhik

  76. Tifa :
    Here is my entry ….

  77. spectre :

    I’m in!

  78. Little Mama™ :

    count me in ;)

  79. amEErulz :

    Here’s my post:

  80. nur imirah :

    tiket free lagi..suke..

    my entry:

  81. Fareed :

    Hohoho…done it!

  82. Lightmaster :

    Count me in too!

  83. padel :

    this is Agen 006…Padel..James Padel…ehehehehe

  84. Judy :

    Here is my entry :D

  85. Phoebe Chee :

  86. Isda :

    Hi Huffnang,

    Here my permalink…


  87. Phoebe Chee :

    Check out my post!!

  88. shahroll photo :

    My humble post entry.. =D

  89. sarah :) :

    join this

  90. Nad : first time entering nuffnang contests..
    come visit :D

  91. Josh Tan :

    TRON LEGACY!!!! :D PLEASE LET ME VISIT THE GRID!!!! This is my post:

  92. jensen :

    i done mine too

  93. Ms & Mr Red Ribbon :

    After many months only viewing the trailer at cinema and Youtube,
    Here, I crossed my fingers, hope can get free ticket to watch the movie…

  94. Shahrizah binti Ismail Nasaruddin :

    Saya akan cuba buat yang terbaik….

  95. azrin87 :

    this is my blogpost – hope i’m not out of topic as im was trying to figure out how to relate best for this blogpost.. :)

  96. copykate :

    oh yesh tgv sunway pyramid is right behind my place! XD

  97. sarah :

    another disney movie!

  98. phreak-id :

    I want to watch it so much. Nuffnang!! Please let me win the ticket!!

    Case of the Stolen Keys to Tron: Legacy by TGV


  99. Chongyi :

  100. Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. :

    I really want to win the tickets really bad! Here’s my entry!

  101. the coffee lover :


  102. sylvia :

    my post is here!. (:

  103. Adira Jamal :

    Count me in yeah!

  104. Nur Amanina :

    hackers girl will find the key!

  105. Joel Wong :

    this is my entry. hope i can watch this awesome movie! =)

  106. Adem & Cats :

    i want to win !!!

  107. Izahusni :

    Check it out!!

  108. FiSh :

    here’s mine, hope to be the top 50 best entries :)

  109. nana :

    my post..

  110. Shiew Foong :

    First time try out for the contest of premiere screening by Nuffnang. Here is my entry. Thank you :)

  111. aibaks :

    nak join gak.. jap lagi aibaks datang balik utk hapdet n3 post! hehe

  112. Nana Eddy :

    Here yi, here yi… HUzzah! lols

  113. Ickes :

    Hi, everyone, this is my post, do visit and give your comment on what you think of my blog post k?

    And Nuffnang, I have one question to ask. I have followed the instruction:
    “Include the image below in your blog post with the following codes”

    But when I copied the code and incuding in my blog post, the image didn’t come out but instead a small box, written ‘poster’ came out. Do I have to do anything to ammend it or I have fulfilled the requirement edy, please reply to me ya. Thanks!

    You might have missed out some codes. Do check again?

  114. farah soraya :

    this is my entry .
    hope i can get that ticket

  115. Baboon Tan :

    It’s been quite long since my last screening with Nuffnang.

    This is my entry for Tron Legacy.

  116. Kent Sim :

    Praying that I get this. Pretty please.

  117. runwitme :

    Here’s my entry.


  118. shiema cma :


    im in….


  119. Que :

    Wanna b my partner??

    Best Women win!!

  120. Adira Jamal :

    My invitation have been revoked.
    I want to attend. So sad :(
    Is there any way to get my ticket?

  121. Khalid Amin :

    Hope i not too late.. Hehe..

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